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I have just published on my other blog (click here) a post on the Western Marxist/Leftist discourse and its "manufacturing of consent."

Just in case you may be interested and/or can relate.



Anonymous said…
Yes, but you did not tell what is YOUR opinion on Islam as a political doctrine and its compatibility or lack thereof with secular systems.

Whilst you will obviously support this Islam-oriented Iraqi resistance movement throughout its struggle against the invaders, what AFTER their eventual victory ?

Would you really like to live in a Sunni version of what is now a Shia THEOCRACY ?

Thank you for answering and keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
"How will our Western Marxists/Leftists qualify this Resistance movement ?"

95% of them deny that such thing as a "resistance movement" (of any coloring) even exists in Iraq - as simple as that.

A few others, such as Malcom Lagauche, believe that the Resistance was pre-planned, armed and trained by Saddam and the RCC years before the invasion, and still has a Panarabist/Socialist ideology.

Actually even the most enlightened Arabophiles in the Western Left ranks seem "ill at ease" to accept/recognize non-secular freedom fighters as torch-holders of the global anti-imperialist struggle.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely brilliant analysis,mash'Allah.
Spot on..
Anonymous said…
why do you have two blogs?! Now I have to look for you in two different places on the net!
Anonymous said…
I asked you why you started another blog. then I read uncensored and my question was already answered. sorry.
of course, I am fighting the temptation to comment on this blog about what you have written on the other. out of respect, i will not do so.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said…

Hello first.
I believe I have raised some important questions in that article - namely the refusal of the western left to support Islamically colored liberation movts and from thereon, you may deduce the total refusal of the Western Left to acknowledge the fact that Saddam Hussein was a progressive leader - something the Western left as pointed out in this article had no problems doing and defending when it comes to Slobodan Milosevic.

You have chosen to ignore these issues and their political ramifications insofar as the Iraqi Resistance may be concerned.

What you have done instead and that cruelly reminds me of the period before the invasion when people would first ask me
- Are you with or against Saddam Hussein. Bombs would be falling like rain and that is all I was asked.

Now the record has changed a little but it is the same tune.
The question is now that Saddam is gone are you for an Islamic state or against.

It is as if the West have gotten rid of " one demon - Saddam " now has to face another "Islam"

Hence the way you pose your question is very telling and revealing to me.

Secondly in your question you ASSUME that Islam is MONOLITHIC and that there is only one way to apply it and only one interpretation and only Sunnism versus Shi'ism.

Kindly review the way you pose your questions and I shall answer you more specifically.
Layla Anwar said…

you don't have to go searching for the other blog.
Click on "view my profile" on this page then scroll down the info section and then click on the second blog "uncensored arab woman blues"
Layla Anwar said…
Yeah I miss JR too,
I wonder what he has to say about the article by Herman on the other blog since he is a Chomsky lover.
Layla Anwar said…

I agree with you and I think you have layed it out succintly well.
I have noticed something though, and I wonder if you have as well...

The left's support for Iran for instance- falls into the overall perception that Iran has posited itself as SHIA as opposed to Islamic. It's as if the current iranian discourse, makes a point to stress the fact that its brand of shi'ism is somehow unrelated to Islam and the Islam portrayed in the West ie..Al Qaeda, Terrorists, etc...
The same ploy has been used by Hezbollah and in people's minds and eyes. They think well ok they are muslims but not really- they are shias after all.

I think people overlook that easily but it is important to retain because that tells you as to one of the reasons the Western left has categorically refused to support the Talibans and the Iraqi Resistance.
Anonymous said…
layla , i think you are on sick puppy, compulsive liar.

you remind me of those arabs who get rich overnight here in america by bashing islam and arabs, you remind me of fouad ajami, and wafaa sultan and that other somali devil.

have you applied for your greencard? this is your greencard to make some green. i can find you a marxist left arab, who hates islam, to marry you, also can find you a zionist/crusader publisher and get you tv appearances on TBN so you can tell them how evil islam is and how you were saved by the crusaders. you can speak of the liberation, moral and cultural, the crusaders have given you.

here, you can wear your blue jeans freely at will, you will not be made out to be a hoe, actually here ppl don't differentiate, a hoe actually is respected for her sacrifice to either plz "our boys and girls" or to support her children.


something is wrong with this picture!

obviously you are a compulsive liar, fooling your readers.

are you in syria? is it easy to go back and forth? what do you have to do? i hate to ask, i hate to ask how you support your filthy lifestyle.

i hate to ask what your mother/father do.

i can imagine you being one of the torturers in abu ghraib, at least a translator, you english makes me believe you have been educated well by the drunken dictator. he spent his money well, he taught you to love your occupiers.at least you love their lifestyle, you have a love/hate relationship with them, typical of a mother/daughter relationship.
Layla Anwar said…
my name is LAYLA not Layal you idiot.

And seems you are not only an idiot but you have huge problems reading my articles and understanding. That also makes you a fucking moron.
A double whammy a moronic idiot.
Get someone to read it for you and then come and post your junk - you piece of garbage.
Anonymous said…
"Layal's Mirror" what the fuck are you on about???
A Real psycho you are..
YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

Going to the other blog

I read the idiot that thinks
*they ?* have the exclusive of languages and information.. besides
culture and morality?
facts ! facts !
Ignorant..indeed !
He has not traveled out of his little box, to see the world.
Right on with your reply !!!
Why is he/she there?
well the answer is obvious LOL
and he/she is now a psychotherapist?
OMG haha

Bless you Layla !!
Much love always
Anonymous said…
typical american! you qualify for not only a greencard, but you get free fries and coke with that.

you are so tough, i don't have the courage to use that kind of language. tell me how did you get this american attitude living 20k miles away from here.

oh i guess its the DISH, damn it reaches even the 3rd world and the backward people too huh

oh well, you are a real american mam! i will petition my local congressman and point him to your site

are you a translator for the shia/US militia?

3 of you have hatred of Islam in common, oh i meant hatred of "muslims", yes there is a difference, i forgot that only your sick interpretation of Islam is the true muslim.

save us your perversity

big word, might not be a real word, but iksuuz my enlgish, even though i live here, i am not full of it like you are!

i pity you and wish you FROM ALL MY HEART TO COME HERE! i will trade you passports if not for you having traitor written all over yours!

G.Gar said…
Salam Layla,

How do you intrepret the western left's infatuation with El-Sadr Gangsters and the criminal ultra-fanatic nation of Iran? which happens to be so trivial in terms of culture and historical contributions to human civilsation when compared to the collective achievments of Arabs especially in Iraq and Egypt?
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Amre,

Seems about Zeft has changed his name to Layla's Qais. This guy is a fucking moron.
Anyways, to answer your question, please read my reply to Observer and you will see why the left is supporting hezbollah and the sadr rapists.
But guess what? they will never support hamas.
tell me what you think.
G.Gar said…
Well, That makes perfect sense. You have induced me with a series of reflections along your lines.

Unfortunately ( or fortunately) Arabs can't read Persian, or else they would have been introduced to the fanatic sectarian rhetoric of Iranian media regarding their views of the middle east and intolerant sunni nations, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan who are doing harm to Islam with their erred doctrines and practices.

Persian natiolaim is mingled with shiisim in a way only Iranians can understand. And- unlike Arabs, who are not aware of the way Islam is integral part of Arabism- most Iranians are conscious of that relation. That in turns leads to an ienvitable envy of Arabism for it poses a project that cannot tolerate Iranian integration into the middle east, as it that will certainly mean a new Persian empire in resurrection

That also goes for the so called liberal Iranians. I remeber I fell upon a blog edited by an Iraqi- Raed Jarar and and a seemingly liberal democratic Iranian- Nicky, the guy talked to her on a post about his perception of the Islamic civilsation represented by kids playing in the narow streets of Baghdad and Cairo and by the Hamedenya market in Damascus. Her reply was shocking to me, as she started off talking about Persian architecture( Semitic Babylonian) and the unique features of shiite Islam!!!!!!

Persian culture is clearly oriental and indian rather than middle eastern. Thus leftists regard Iranian shiism as an extension of the Indian stereotyped spirituality. And don't forget that many western orientalist intellectuals regard Iran as an Indo-European nation misplaced in the middle east.
Anonymous said…

"you ASSUME that Islam is MONOLITHIC"

No, I know well that Islam as a PRIVATE relationship with the Divine can have as many facets as are the individual believers.

It is the Islamic (but also Christian, Jewish, etc.) THEOCRATIC SYSTEM which is monolithic.

On principle, I pay respect to ALL resistance movements, including the Iraqi Resistance and the Taliban, for their efforts and sacrifices in fighting the enemies of mankind, REGARDLESS of their ideological background.

However, it is a historical certainty that this conflict will have to END at some point, since nothing lasts for ever, and the heroes of this epic confrontation will have then to go back to being common men and women, lay down arms and laurel crowns and take up POLITICS - which is quite a different sort of affairs...

My question to you was and is: would you, as a declaredly progressive thinker and a WOMAN, be willing to embrace a political system in which a religion (any religion) is the LAW ?

Thank you for your kindness and patience.

Anonymous said…
JR, remember that one day you'll die...
Anonymous said…
The loud voice comes here too...
I come with a love, mine alone,
But now it can be yours.
No wind or light
Confers such blight
As love does
This burntout love of mine
Cool only in the eyes
Eyes that reck the blight
Of this love...
Nowhere the sign
Nowhere divine
For now man and woman
Stand each alone
No wind or light
Confers such blight
As love does
After this sick battle
Of tin men at war
I stood screaming
As love does
Screaming I wrestle with the dead
To search each bloody hand
For youth. Come,
Come here to me, man
And tell me if this blight
Of time and execution
Shot your seed upon this earth
Where blood feeds upon stone.
Fuck this dead man
I drag aside
He's looking in my eyes
As he gives me one love
And no wind or light
Confers such blight
As this my love encrusted
Encrusted on a stone
Where metal erased his name.
Oblivion will not come
To that red signature
Of one whose love was bought
Of one whose love was sold
Love wasted
Of such tender words
And of such strong paces
And through this world I now and all,
All who hear me out, will carry
Carry this love alone
As the last reason for living.

jocelyn braddell©
Layla Anwar said…

That is a very powerful poem - Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

Salam again,

Raed Jarrar in ze middle - finally found in Nikki the persian his eternal soul mate. Nothing wrong with that of course- Except that Raed Jarrar is part of the Iraqi parliament and happens to swing for the sectarian shias in the name of democracy of course.
In other words - a first class political opportunist fully embraced by the west. They love them that way and can't handle anything but that....
So basically just to confirm your astute observations.
Layla Anwar said…

If that law upholds me both on a personal and collective level and is in line with higher aspirations - why not ?
Anonymous said…
"why not ?"

Because the Caliphate Age was the INFANCY of the Arabo-Islamic civilization; an ideal, perfect, idyllic infancy, but still an infancy.

You are now in your historical ADULTHOOD; your SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS is greater than it was then and your NEEDS are inevitably different...

My question to you now is: "why not" keep on the secular, progressive, HUMANISTIC path opened by your Independence heroes and fought through a forest of obstacles by Saddam Hussein's government, and strive to prove that NOT all revolutions in mankind's history are doomed to be left "half-done" ?
Layla Anwar said…

Many points here

- Why do you consider secular progressive as the only barometer, only model to be followed.

- Why do you assume that secularism, did not borrow from religious thought?

- Who decides what is ideological adulthood and infancy?

- You still have not replied to the questions raised in the article.
Jewish theocracy this is what Israel is - is hailed as a secular democracy in the West. The Western left had no problems defending it. What do you have to say to that?
Layla Anwar said…

Many points here

- Why do you consider secular progressive as the only barometer, only model to be followed.

- Why do you assume that secularism, did not borrow from religious thought?

- Who decides what is ideological adulthood and infancy?

- You still have not replied to the questions raised in the article.
Jewish theocracy this is what Israel is - is hailed as a secular democracy in the West. The Western left had no problems defending it. What do you have to say to that?
Anonymous said…
- Because only secularism (pre-war Iraq style) can REALISTICALLY guarantee the purity, integrity, harmonious flourishing, and above all EQUALITY, of ALL those numberless and so beautiful "nuances of color" in religious thought.

- It does more than "borrow", it INCORPORATES it/them (see above).

- When do children enter adulthood ?
When they "untie" themselves from their mother's (or Father's) "apron strings" and become masters/mistresses of their own life (or History) ;-)

- I do NOT recognize the COLONIALIST entity called "Israel" as a State, regardless of its being a theocracy, Jewish or even a cuckoo worshipping Martian republic.
That being said, I consider Judaism as the most racist, backward, misanthropic, misogynist, violent, perverted, psychotic religious thought ever conceived of.
Layla Anwar said…

This is your view of religion - an infantile disorder taken forward into adulthood. - politically speaking.

Even though I may agree with you that it may come across that way depending on who is brandishing it.

Howeve, I do not believe that Islam is an infantile disorder in the 21st century.

I think democractic /secularist concepts can ALSO revert to "puerile" behavior when feeling "threatened" and that has nothing to do with the secularism itself but with a host of other concommitant factors...

I do not see a contradiction between Islam and secularism at all.

I do not rely on mainstream interpretations of the Text either.

I do not believe that Islam is all exclusive and does not embrace others...I do not believe Islam is misogynistic or racist.

I believe it is POSSIBLE even though it is VERY DIFFICULT to devise a conceptual framework in which muslims can find their own, without having to lose themselves into concepts like secularism , democracy etc....which are not anti ethical to Islam like some to believe. And, we have also seen how these concepts (democracy, secularism) have been used to destroy what was once a secular society like Iraq.

Then everyone is surprised when the national identity is smashed to pieces by DEMOCRACIES - why people revert to what they know best, their tribe or their sect !!!

So it is possible to reconcile both Islamic thought with "secularism" whatever this has come to mean - because definitions keep changing as you may be quite well aware.

And Islam is not a static fixed idea it too can undergo changes just as the famous secular democratic concepts have undergone major transformations and meanings with this new Iraqi enterprise.
Anonymous said…
"it is possible to reconcile both Islamic thought with secularism"

An Arabo-Islamic "Renaissance" ?

But then that's precisely what Saddam Hussein and his Party were working at - by the MEANS of Socialism.

Why not just keep on that SAFE course ?
Anonymous said…
Just to clear up a few points:

- I tremendously dislike the Western concept of secularism = "godlessness" as in Marx or Nietzsche, and no, I am not a devotee of the dead old "phallo-theist" Freud either :-)

- What I admired and deeply mourn for is your Iraqi secularism, which preserved the religious sentiment in its genuine essence, pure, free, unsullied from sectarianism, bigotry and the inevitable corruption of "worldly" power.

- I have deep respect, and more still, some mysterious, atavistic sense of "familiarity" towards Islam, which I find very much understanding of the human condition and sublimely "at peace" with Nature.

- But it should be a private matter, a matter between the individual believer and God, not any fucking business of the State, don't you think ? (pardon my French)

Take care and keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
'Layal' is a common Israeli name.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla.

Have you forgotten me ? :-(
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, sorry for being insistent, but I am beginning to wonder what I can ever have said so terrible that you chose to ignore me... :-(

We were having an interesting discussion, I just would like to know your opinion on my last two comments, so we can wrap up this "case" :-)

Thank you, stay safe and keep blogging.
Layla Anwar said…

Sorry for the misunderstanding. When you post a comment on a old thread like here, blogger does not tell me where you have posted. I actually have to go through the posts to figure it out. Hence my not replying to you.
Furthermore, I thought you made your point and I made mine and I did appreciate your last elaborated comment above. So I have no disagreements with you. Seems we are both saying the same thing.

Kindly, if you need to respond to this, kindly bring it forward to the latest post. It is easier for me. Thanks.

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