In the Heart of the Night...

It is awfully quiet tonight. Usually my upstairs neighbors are terribly noisy.
They are what I consider nouveaux riches peasants. Or at least they pretend to be nouveaux riches. This building has nothing of new rich to it, more like new poor.
I am grateful that they are mute tonight. I hope they stay that way - always.

So it's a silent night for a change. I have the radio on, and late at night, several stations play the mythical Egyptian Diva, Um Kulthum. They always reserve late nights for her.

Hard to listen to Um Kulthum during the day. I suppose one needs to be in a contemplative mood for El-Sett (the grand Lady). And rightly so, her voice and the lyrics that clothes her music, can only be appreciated in the stillness of the night...

"You, the absent one, where are you? The past cannot be forgotten and the rememberance lives on, so you, absent one speak to me..."

Will the absent ones speak to us? Will they remember us?
There are so many of them, in the thousands. Gone, just like that.

What a terrible punishment has been inflicted on us...For what sin? For what crime?

I will never get over this great injustice. I don't think any true Iraqi will.

And I personally will never forgive it either...until Iraq is totally liberated and until all the damage has been repaired and compensated for and the criminals tried and even then, I am not sure I will be able to forgive...

There are millions of us out there, sitting in the heart of the night, unable to sleep. The nights are getting colder and the prospects are grim...

The wounds and scars are way too deep and many. Where do you start healing? Physically, emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially, socially...?

Some of us try to draw strength from the absent,departed ones. We talk to them as if they are still around...

A foreigner, who works on a voluntary basis with Iraqi refugees called me this morning. It sounded very urgent.

"Layla,I need to meet you today, please" she said.

We agreed on a time and a place in some café.

I noticed that most Iraqi refugees don't go to cafés, as most are quite expensive. They sit on the benches just outside and buy something to drink from some street vendor. They sit and watch the rest having their drinks on the inside...and they sit on the benches for hours...looking.

Some can't even afford a street vendor, they are street vendors themselves, hardly making ends meet, just enough to pay for rent and the food is usually handed out in charity...

Am talking about educated people here, with university degrees and years of professional experience...Am taking about graduates here. Am talking about a whole middle class intelligentsia that resorts to street vending, or other menial jobs if they are lucky...whilst the rest of the majority sits at home and borrows money from relatives or friends. Borrowed money and borrowed time.

Am talking about a youth who can't afford to do anything for fun. Who stand idle in the streets gazing at others living their lives...when they too had one and were robbed of it. Am talking about mothers, fathers, sons and daughters made totally destitute, willfully destitute...

Some conveniently argue, it's because of the "violence" in Iraq.

Violence becomes some sort of an anonymous noun that just fell from the skies...just like that.

Those who put forward such arguments are the most deceitful of the whole lot. They fail to mention that this violence was/is deliberately instigated from the outside.

It makes them look good and guiltless after all "it's them who can't get along...nothing to do with us, us the respectable civilized ones...yet another proof of what a hopeless case these people are..."

Crime upon crime and injustice upon injustice for which some so-called Iraqis cheer and collaborate with. And the net is full of them.

Am not sure who is more despicable the American arrogant, psychopathic, piece of shit or the ones who pretend to be Iraqis and cheer the murderers? I think I will settle for the latter - definitely more despicable and more repugnant.

I finally met M.

"What's wrong, you sounded quite desperate" I asked.

"Layla..." and she could not finish her sentence, she broke in tears. Very unlike her as she is a very reserved person and comes across as cold and composed.

"'s very difficult, am sorry, it's very difficult. I have no one to speak to about this..."

She finally explained to me the cause of her obvious sorrow.

She is doing voluntary work with a small group of Iraqi youth, arranging for them to engage in constructive activities once a week, a question of keeping them off the streets or bring them outside their homebound prisons...These teenagers see in her a sort of a hero/savior and they have opened up to her about their failed dreams, their angst, their griefs, their losses...and she is overwhelmed and could not find anyone to confide in but me...

"How can I help you M, am not exactly in a position to do much..."

"I just need to speak to someone who will understand" she said..."I can't continue seeing this state of affairs and the indifference I encounter even among my one seems to care." she added.

"Gosh, M, did it take you two whole years to figure out that?"

Here is the savior trying to find comfort in one of the victims.
And here is the victim hoping to hear the absent ones speak to her.

And in -between her sniffing and her sighs, I overheard a conversation coming from the table next to us.

It was two medical doctors attending some conference. One was French and the other I could not tell. I recognized the French guy from his terrible English accent and he said to his colleague

"C'est terrible, very terrible, human life is so cheap in Iraq, it is worthless...I don't understand because in our countries life is so sacred..."

Yes indeed, Iraqi lives are so cheap and worthless and because you, and the majority of you, viewed them that way, you can easily continue in your indifference and carelessness...comparing and standing on your high "moral" grounds. Because you really believe you are such a moral people, don't you?

Add another injustice to the list. Or maybe this is the first injustice, the mother of all injustices and the mother of all crimes - Your perception of Iraqi lives as being so cheap and worthless - that has enabled you to continue slaughtering us for nearly 20 years now...

And the physical elimination was not enough for you, you had to also turn us into living shadows, surviving skeletons sitting on street benches, or prisoners of our cold lodgings not daring to venture out...turn us into menial workers, beggars, or prostitutes in a ruthless black market, waiting for a savior...

Do you realize the so many levels of crimes and injustices or are you still blind?

Knowing you, you will remain blind...

Since when do criminals admit to their crimes?

Shrouded in darkness, a pitch black obscurity, shrouded in a deafening silence, like this night...

With no eyes to see and no hearts to feel...And when you do, you rush to the victims for confirmation that you are actually seeing true or you place yourselves as the good samaritans taking pity on those "poor things."

The gap between us - you and I - has become irremediably vast.

I am not sure anything will bridge it anymore. If at all, it is up to you to make not one extra mile, but a million miles. And even then...

I never knew that silence, sitting in the heart of the velvety night could reveal such truths, bitter truths that no daylight or noise can attenuate or dispel...

True Iraqis need to realize that they are very much alone...that their lives are considered worthless and cheap, and that they have to rely on no one but themselves and the rememberance and presence of the Absent One.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mazen Al-Janabi.


Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

Very painful blog today. I have no words, except that I share the pain...

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Sleeping woman with white horse seems to be a leitmotif in Iraqi art...

Do you know if it has any particular symbolic meaning ?
Deni said…
I'm not sure what to say.
I'm just glad I read that as it was very real to me..
Thank you for writing, I think I'll come often here.
Anonymous said…
You must be telepathic because for quite some time I had wanted to say or ask you something about Um Kulthum. However, I could not recall her name, properly, and, so, I was reluctant to bring it up. A few years back, well BEFORE events of 9/11, I was first introduced to Um Kulthum in a video of her singing at a large concert in Egypt--it was a video presentation by someone giving a one time lecture that I attended. Up until that point, I knew nothing about her. Never heard her name, nothing. I was absolutely dazzled and stunned and, for MY purposes, I labelled her the Edith Piaf of Egypt or the Arabic speaking world, perhaps. I was/am so sorry not to have heard more from her. I would love to have been able to find some person/s who could/would have sponsored an American tour for her, or, at minimum, one sold out live presentation. But, of course, such was not to be. It is, as usual, OUR loss, and, mine, in particular. So, I'm very grateful to you for having brought up her name and I wish "they" would play her music, here, on radio, etc. I can assure you, almost no American is familiar with her except those who have immigrated for whatever reason to the US from the greater region, or, those who are scholars, researchers, etc, in this part of the world. The others have no idea what they're missing. However, I have a somewhat related musical and political note which I'll probably mention at another time when I get the information in front of me. It has to do with a new play in San Francisco which sets a MAJOR womens garment workers strike in 1909 in NYC to lyrics and tunes of Klezmer music. The reason it's set to Klezmer music is that the young WOMEN involved with the strike were mostly from Russia. And, it was the initiation of a major union in the US, the ILGWU, International Ladies Garment Workers Union. karlmarx, again!
Anonymous said…
Brother T, where are you ?
Anonymous said…
Your comment is perfect; 'Those who put forward such arguments are the most deceitful of the whole lot. They fail to mention that this violence was/is delibaretly instigated from the outside. It makes them look good and guiltless,after all''it's them who can't get along...nothing to do with us, us the respectable civilized ones....''
What excuse would they have for their greed and thirst for blood, if they did not have that? Oh, the war on terror and their uncomprehendable mission of teaching us 'democracy'!? It seems they'll be here forever or until all this region's resources are sucked dry and they own their delusion;The Promised Lands.
I cannot help but carry on hoping for the sake of all, that it dawns on them one day, some things are priceless, and money cannot buy everything, and wanting to have power over others is sick.
Anonymous said…
[Layla Anwar said...
Since when do criminals admit to their crimes?]

You're quite right speaking, as you are, from personal experience.

But rest assured, justice will be done sooner or later. You have run but you cannot hide forever. We will neither forgive nor forget.
Layla Anwar said…
Will reply to comments later as am rushed for time right now.

BUT do enjoy banging Zainab while am away...The perfect criminal hiding in north america. Will say more on "her" sort and give you a few names too...just in case ;-)
Anonymous said…
"Will reply to comments later as am rushed for time right now."

Yes, we know you are also a very busy Al-Qaidaist "murasel".

By the way, how much does Osama pay these days ?
Anonymous said…
Why didn't I just stay knitting at home...
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla.

Very sad, desolate, soul-voiding article...

Remember to go and have a look at that website

Take care.

Web Surfer
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Little Deer,

Thank you. Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Denitsa,
Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting.
Layla Anwar said…

A little history.
Um Kulthum was born in rural Egypt and started with reciting the Koran first in her teen age years.
She had a startling voice and finally made it to Cairo where the best writers, composers and poets would rush to her feet - literally.

She married twice or more, am not quite sure, and they called her the opium of the Arab World.

She died at age 75 or so, her voice was so exceptional that western scientist wanted to find out what the secret was and asked to examine her vocal chords after her death, a request that was turned down. The rumor goes that her voice was so powerful, the mics would burst.
She toured the world and sang at the Paris Olympia and I think she even went to Russia and the States but am not sure about the latter.
She was a patriotic Egyptian and at her funeral there were as many people gathered as for Gamal Abdel Nasser.
She was and is a legend, no one and I mean NO ONE has ever managed to supersede her in her singing.

Her songs still sell like hot cakes even though she has been gone for several years now. She EXCEPTIONAL and you don't even have to understand Arabic to appreciate her.
Layla Anwar said…
BROTHER T, for the sake of Crying out loud will you please come forth and talk to Droplet.
If there is an in house shrink that would greatly help too.
Layla Anwar said…
art lover,

I use all kinds of Iraqi art, the horse is not the overriding leitmotif, it just so happens that I am in a horse kind of mood.
Horses represent to me: Freedom, Grace, and Power. In other words, the Iraqi Resisting Soul.
If you check the rest of my blog, you will find different kinds of paintings. All Iraqis apart from a couple of exceptions.
Layla Anwar said…
Nur Aris,

I would be interested to know what the general feeling is in Turkey, do people think along the same line as your reflections.
It seems to me at least in the Arab East, that people are so aware of the overriding Western Hypocrisy and blood tainted hands...
Layla Anwar said…
Zainab al Jayfah al Shroogiyah,

So tell me Zanoooba, (hahahaha), Zanoooba umm al Halitosis,
are you related to the Kubba family who are hiding in the U.S or is mama or papa a jew or an iranian? Maybe more like a jew eh?
And does Astrabadi ring a bell or two. All the above are known to be offensively stenchy...

Ooops, I left out the Makkiya dumped faggot...

And a little word of advice from me to you Zanooba umm al Halitosis, don't threaten me ;-)
Layla Anwar said…

hick, ooops sorry, I just burped...
So Britney, what was it is like in the Rehab? Did you learn how to spell Osama? OK repeat after me now, O.SAM.A . Good,very good, you're making progress now...Now spell it again. That's it, you're nearly there...Very good, very good.
Tell me did you manage to stay a virgin after marriage? hahahahahaha
only in the land of Uncle O'Sama
Layla Anwar said…
gertrude bell,

Were you not the one who was spying for the mucky brits whilst working in the Iraqi museum?

Kindly stick to knitting...and the English plastic basin. Much obliged. And do remember Colonel Maud.
Anonymous said…
I may be a disgusting alcoholic slut, but at least I never betrayed the US as you betrayed Iraq.

You know perfectly well that Al-Qaeda is working with CIA, Mossad, and even IRAN, against your people, and still you are willing to propagandize for them at the GIMF.

bARABie was right all the time, you are a two-faced bitch.

YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

Thank you for this post.
painful.. yes.. sad, very sad.
What can I say ?
No one can add a word to your

The paintings are beautiful !
both. I agree with you.. for me too
horses represent
Freedom and strength and quite
accurate for Iraqi Resistance.

For britney the lost
Osama is dead britney .. update yourself *sweetie*.
Dont repeat like a parrot what your
stupid media say.. c mon wake up !

Bless you Layla !
Lots of love always
Solidarity with all and each brother and sister Iraqi
Anonymous said…
[Layla Anwar said...

So tell me Zanoooba, (hahahaha), Zanoooba umm al Halitosis,
are you related to the Kubba family who are hiding in the U.S or is mama or papa a jew or an iranian? Maybe more like a jew eh?
And does Astrabadi ring a bell or two.]

I will tell you when we meet. And meet we will. Patience girl!
Anonymous said…
Il était né sur une plage
Au bord de l'Océan Indien
Mais cet oiseau si peu sauvage
Disparut un triste matin
Chassé et tué par des hommes
De lui il ne reste plus rien
Mais on se souviendra ensemble
De ce Dodo qu'on aimait bien

Reviens-nous, mon petit Dodo
A' l'ile Maurice !
A' l'ile Maurice !
Reviens-nous, mon petit Dodo
A' l'ile Maurice bientot !

Mes chéres, mes chers, je n'ai plus d'ailes
Comment faire pour vous retrouver ?

Dodo, Dodo, nous on t'appelle
On ne t'as jamais oublié !

Il s'est caché dans un nuage
Au ciel de l'Océan Indien
Dodo l'oiseau était très sage
Et tous les enfants l'aimaient bien
Ses ailes étaient bien trop petites
Pour soulever un coeur si gros
Les hommes le capturaient trop vite
Alors il s'est caché là-haut

Reviens-nous, mon petit Dodo
A' l'ile Maurice !
A' l'ile Maurice !
Reviens-nous, mon petit Dodo
A' l'ile Maurice bientot !

Mes chères, mes chers, je n'ai plus d'ailes
Comment faire pour vous retrouver ?

Dodo, Dodo, nous on t'appelle
On ne t'a jamais oublié !

Reviens-nous mon petit Dodo
A' l'ile Maurice !
A' l'ile Maurice !
Reviens-nous mon petit Dodo
A' l'ile Maurice bientot !
Anonymous said…
Brother T, why didn't you tell me that you were a woman ?

In the dark that shrouded us, I lost my heart, self-respect and virtue to you, now what have I left ?

O accursed night...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the info on Um Kulthum. I doubt very much she ever came to the US. I knew absolutely nothing about her, previously, and, generally speaking, if there were someone performing in the US whose reputation was as significant as hers, I would certainly have known about her, had she been here. Also, at the talk (lecture) to which I went, if I recall correctly, (it's been quite a while ago) there was no mention of her having been in the US. The performances they showed on the videos all took place in Egypt, amongst a gargantuan crowd of adoring folks in the audience. It and she was a very moving experience. And, I remember, because I now knew her name and who she is/was, probably hearing about her funeral and the crowds in Egypt from a foreign news service. And, you can correct me if I'm wrong, as I recall, she was both a "patriotic" Egyptian and a great supporter of Nasser, also, deservedly so, in MY humble opinion! --karlmarx
Layla Anwar said…
droplet, hope you are cured by now...hahahahahahahaha, you've been screwed by a transvestite
Layla Anwar said…
zanooba umm al Halitosis,

We will meet for sure, when I'll be pissing on your grave.
Layla Anwar said…
Ile Maurice,

what is this, some mauritius version of a merengue?
Layla Anwar said…
britney, you're fucking hilarious.
It must take a first class idiot like yourself to quote another idiot Barabie- hahahahahahahahahaha
Am sure Barabie will be very pleased that she is quoted by a bunch of nazis genre Jarrarsuparriver and Rhuslancia. Is that a name for a truck by the way?hahahahahahahahaha
Am glad you learned the tfou business, make sure to wipe that saliva off your mouth, lest it falls into your drink. hick...ooops sorry I burped again.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Yolla,

Hello and thanks as usual,
Lots of love
Anonymous said…
It was YOU, Layla.

You have a dual personality disorder: female by day and male by night.

Corruptor of pure lily maidens, you shall pay for your crimes !
Anonymous said…
Good evening.

May I inspect this blog ?
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Anwar,

I believe you use the F word a little too frequently.

My diagnosis is: severe hysteria due to years of sexual repression in exile.

My advice is: if you are waiting to give yourself as a "prize" to some laurel-crowned leader of the resistance, you'll be waiting until doomsday; marry Iraqi Democrat NOW and give mankind a rest.

Thank you. See you on our next session.
Anonymous said…
"when I'll be pissing on your grave"

This is a typically MALE expression and behavior - which confirms my thesis :-)
Anonymous said…

I made a CLEAR accusation (=that you are part of Al-Qaeda), and you avoided giving a clear answer, either to deny or confirm, preferring instead to hide behind personal insults.

Is AMBIGUITY a distinguishing Iraqi genetic trait ???
Anonymous said…
whats with the women being on the ground? Can't you find an artist that puts them on a pedestal?
No wonder the Arab world has women in such low regard.
Reminds me of a disastrous photo I had the misfortune to see earlier...good lord. Almost hurled everything I've eaten in the last week!!
Anonymous said…

So did you see the website ?

What are your impressions ?
Anonymous said…
what is this "dodo" story all about ?


what has it got to do with iraq ?
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
I'll write about the general feeling in Turkey, maybe tomorrow, cause I'm feeling really tired. I don't like being a pessimist, but I feel all politicians are hypocrites, and most of humanity is getting there too.
I could only watch some of part 1,
Censored Images of War (part 1-9)
Take care.
Layla Anwar said…
Mr Shrink,

Fuck you too.
Layla Anwar said…

You really are too much of an idiot- typical below average, mediocre American- and you are wasting my time. Go get laid instead, maybe that will cure your obsession with Al Qaeda.
Layla Anwar said…

You don't say?! Another anally retentive Western Feminist? I think I need to puke.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Nur,

Thanks for the links. I have no stomach to watch them tonight. I've seen enough. But will do sometime later. Looking forward to your general impressions on Turkey.
I think I will seek a hermit like existence with my boyfriend in Konya.
Anonymous said…
"I think I will seek a hermit like existence with my boyfriend in Konya."

You have a boyfriend ? :-)

Does he manage to bring back some life into your cemetery of a heart ?
Layla Anwar said…
Nur Aris,

My heart is NO cemetery. If it were, I would not be writing. And you would not be responding either.
Organic is what you need to become :-)
Layla Anwar said…

I did not even bother to read your comment, it went immediately into the garbage bin. Where you EXACTLY belong. Halitosis and all...hahahaha
Anonymous said…
I am not Nur Aris !

OK, I take back the "cemetery" bit.

Does this man manage to bring back some joy into your life ?
Layla Anwar said…

I must have skipped a comment and saw your name instead of that of websurfer.
Layla Anwar said…
Web Surfer,

Why do you ask, do you have a better proposal ;-)
Anonymous said…
No "proposals", am no Sappho either ;-)

I ask because am very fond of you and would care to "see" you happy - that's all.
Layla Anwar said…
Web surfer,

With such an asexual pseudo, it's hard to tell...hahahaha
Read my other blog's latest, maybe you will relate :-)
And thanks for your good wishes.
Anonymous said…
"they have to rely on no one but themselves and the remembrance and presence of the Absent One."

How smart can you get ?
Layla Anwar said…
nobody's fool,

It's already very smart. Can you catch up?
Anonymous said…
"Can you catch up ?"

Not interested in wasting my precious energies in such a "competition".

I have to keep as fresh as a daisy for when the lions' wisdom will be more needed than the foxes' petty ruses.

Have a nice day...
Anonymous said…
Gosh, Layla,
I needed that apology! How can you even think that I would make websurfer's comment?!
Anyway, dervish life in Konya appealed to all of us at one time, it still does, if you can be at the center! The circumference, eek, too many beards and veils! Way way off the essence!
It's a really busy day with homework, housework and yardwork. Will try to connect again later.
Take care.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

So what is your feedback on iraqpatrol ?

Do you recommend it or is it better to stick to the usual uruknet, albasrah, haq news agency etc. ?

I highly value your opinion.
LostHere said…
Hello Layla

I read this morning your Uncensored... blog. You don't seem to miss one!

I am sure it was not coincidence the subject matter on "International Day to Eradicate Violence Against Women"

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
"Layla Anwar", aka Brother T, only likes docile, meek people like Little Deer.

Strong personalities make her feel uncomfortable and irritate her.

This is another typical male trait ;-)
Anonymous said…
some1 at asshead's is spreading the rumor that u got laid by our national mojo.

mind u, i don't believe it ! :-)
Anonymous said…
How long have you been away from your homeland ?
Anonymous said…
T'as pas aimé ma petite chanson ? :-(
Layla Anwar said…
Dodo, pas vraiment.
Anonymous said…
When Juno is set free, Jupiter comes down on earth, whispers an "end of a knight" tale in our ears...goodnight.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Lost Here,

You are quick. Frankly I wrote it first then saw a headline on Eradicating violence against Women.
It must be another one of those eerie concidences...
Do you think am pushed by invisible forces to write what I write?
Layla Anwar said…
nobody's fool,

I believe you should join droplet and form " a paranoid anonymous" group.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear WebSurfer,

I personally stick to Iraqirabita, and Uruknet.
I can't figure out who iraqipatrol is. I suppose they are new. No harm in checking them regularly.
Anonymous said…
'It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.'

Don't let things get out of hand. It would be a shame if my little friend decided to leave.
Anonymous said…
I didn't think this was possible but I'm beginning to think the 'unscensored' is going to surpass the original AWB.
Anonymous said…
I am NOT a feminist! Good god woman, I'd rather be called a whore.
Anonymous said…
It is not iraqipatrol, it is iraqpatrol, and they appear to have been there since 2003.

Anyways, I did not ask you to inquire who is behind it (which I couldn't care less), only to give me your qualitative judgement.

So did you find it interesting ?

And what about Haq News Agency and Albasrah ?

Thanks for the Iraqirabita advice, I shall follow it.

Web Surfer
Layla Anwar said…
I am glad that some readers here, have a higher than average IQ.
And it is a pleasure to read some of their comments.
As for the rest, it's really garbage...And blogosphere is full of garbage.
Layla Anwar said…

I do read al -Haq occasionally, and Al Basrah occasionally. I am not one of their regulars...
Regards to you.
Anonymous said…
Iraqi Shia tribes expose Iran as the theiving, murdering, invadeing, bloody colonists they are:

"The most poisonous dagger stabbed in us, the Iraqi Shi'ites, is the (Iranian) regime shamefully exploiting the Shi'ite sect to implement its evil goals," the statement said.

The Iraqi freedom fighter's just cut Iran's forked tounge off :)
Anonymous said…
"I do read al-Haq occasionally, and Al Basrah occasionally."

So do you find them interesting or not ?

And iraqpatrol ?

Again, all I am asking is your qualitative opinion ON THE WEBSITES, NOT on whatever is behind them.

My, is that so difficult ? :-)
Anonymous said…
C'est pas gentil :-(
Anonymous said…
There "was" a creature
Patient, peaceful and quiet
There "is" a legend about that creature
When it leaves a land, ruins all what's left
Layla Anwar said…
mish mish,

read the article carefully.these tribes are criticising Al Hakeem and Muqtda al Sadr ie Badr and Jaysh al Mahdi but they are SILENT about Dawa'a party and the Maliki and Jaafari clan.

It's another political tool in the shia' infighting. Now Maliki and his Dawa are trying to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis and portray themselves as the true nationalists because these shias hate to share power. It's a question of who will remain in the Green Zone.
Let them fight it out, to hell with all of them. A bunch of murderous thugs.
Layla Anwar said…
Web Surfer,

Am I obligated to reply to your questions just because you asked them.
I believe I have addressed your points...
Are you some sort of FBI websurfer or something.
Read the websites yourself and make up your own mind.
I have nothing more to add.
Layla Anwar said…

Stop writing "conneries" on this blog and "conneries" that has nothing to do with Iraq or the Iraqi people.
Maybe then I will be "gentil" with you.
Layla Anwar said…
tripping, call yourself what you wish, that is absolutely fine with me and if you say you're a whore then you are one.
another idiot visiting.
Unknown said…
Just finished your piece on your other blog "Woman Enough".Bravo!

You are something Layla :)
Anonymous said…
Am no FBI but am a broken-hearted, very angry woman - which is MUCH WORSE ;-)

Your silence gave you away, HONEY.

Now, for what it's worth, I have the absolute certainty that it is YOU out there.
Anonymous said…
"If there is no foreseen advantage in saying something, there might be an unforeseen one in not saying it."

Yes, the "unforeseen advantage" of staying alone in the world with your sorrows like an old dog with its fleas !

How self-hating can you get ?
Anonymous said…
This voluntary worker M better go back to where she came from.

There is no need for foreigners in our lives.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Curt,

And thank you !
Layla Anwar said…
with an "aspiring friend" like you who needs more enemies ?!
Anonymous said…
dear layla,
i keep up with your blog as much as possible, checking in from time to time to see what's really going on in iraq. what's with everyone all of a sudden attacking you and threatening you in these comments?
i apologize on behalf of all the ignorant westerners, of which there are PLENTY....
in solidarity,
ashamed american
Iraqi Mojo said…
"Am I obligated to reply to your questions just because you asked them. "

You dumb slut, do you know how easy it is to change ip adresses?
Dumb bitch.
Anonymous said…
"arsonist" said...
"This voluntary worker M better go back to where she came from.
There is no need for foreigners in our lives."

"arsonist", have u burned up ur own brain b4 posting this comment??

the lady's just trying 2 help the refugees, shes not occupying iraq!!

layla, how can u be so fucking patient with all these numbskulls around???
Layla Anwar said…
barabie, stew in your jealousy, you are totally incapable of producing one original line. All you do is cut and paste on your idiotic blog.
You do not even reach my shoe level.
Now go and fuck yourself which you are brilliant at doing.
Layla Anwar said…

if brother T screwed you and dropped you like a piece of tissue, that is not my problem.
That should teach you to fuck with strangers. Your comments will no longer be posted here.
Layla Anwar said…
aspiring friend,

I don't give a fuck about your aspiring friendship. You're a sick turd. Please go and flush yourself down the toilet drains NOW.
Again, your comments will no longer be published on this blog.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

If I may?
I agree with anonymous
ashamed american
26/11/07 8:56 AM

For you or for your blog if you want to publish it.. ,-))

All those empty, useless,
stupid comments from those
low, un-respectful, selfish
sheeple idiots ... blind,
disgusting creatures.
Please, they dont deserve a space
in your, my favorite blog ! Your blog !
I am so sorry .. they are still
around here in your blog and in the world.. they are parrrrrrrots, destructive trolls !!!! The kind that obviously show who they are
I am so sorry.. your words and courage, which I will always defend (Voltaire) ? are read by them.
The risk of an open and brave blog? They use less than 1.% of their brains and can not articulate more ! Besides their identity(sexual) problems, which they project with wide ignorance, they dont have anything else to say, really !!!!

Thank you dear ,-D
Take good care of yourself !
Much love
Anonymous said…
To Aspiring Friend:

Your swinging between whining and threats and whining again under different aliases is a total waste of space (Layla's) and time (both Layla's and yours).

Layla only has love for 1) martyrs, 2) children (her "little ones"), and 3) very few exceptional living adults, such as Paola Pisi.

The rest of mankind could become extinct even tomorrow that she would not give a fuck (any more).

So if you truly want to carve a niche for yourself in her heart, you need to put your personal problems (from trivial hang-ups to serious illnesses, nothing you can ever live or have lived is comparable to the hell that is now Iraq) on the side, roll up your sleeves and either go fight or stay and work for the cause of the Iraqi people in any way you find and are capable of.

Otherwise, you can bid your "aspiration" farewell to eternity as from now.

Good luck !

A salute of affection and respect to our beautiful hostess.
Anonymous said…
inti shlon beech inti?
Layla Anwar said…
Beech mithl ummak.
Layla Anwar said…
Voice of Conscience,

I love you for speaking it out.

You are absolutely correct.
I have love and respect for
1) our martyrs for they have balls and principles.
2) to "my little ones" for they represent a future however grim it may be
3) for Paola Pisi because she is a remarkable woman who cares for Iraq more than Iraqis themselves.
4) for people like yourself who can voice it.
Layla Anwar said…
My Dear Yolla,

You are a true sister, I know it!
Bless you and yours
Lots of love
and am looking forward to the mexican/lebanese mix ;-)
Anonymous said…
ashamed american (me too)

what's with everyone all of a sudden attacking you and threatening you in these comments?

truth is dangerous for thieves and liars. honest people are there enemies.

this blog is very threatening, that is why they come.

RhusLancia said…
Layla Anwar: "Am sure Barabie will be very pleased that she is quoted by a bunch of nazis genre Jarrarsuparriver and Rhuslancia."

Hi Layla! It's true that I consider bRABIDie to be the queen of the racist bigots. In fact, I strongly suspect that she works for the CIA or MOSSAD as a plant to make her "side" of things appear ridiculous. However, it's actually you I quote over at Iraqi Bloggers Central, for your help in understanding how the Iraqi "Resistance" can apparently justify such horrific attacks against innocent civilians. Thanks for helping us clear it up!
RhusLancia said…
Layla Anwar: "Is that a name for a truck by the way?"

Not quite. Rhus lancia (more commonly spelled Rhus lancea) is the scientific name for the African sumac tree.
Anonymous said…
Thank you from the heart, dear Layla. It is reciprocal :-)

By the way, don't forget:

5) yourself

Be very proud and jealous and take loving care of that broken necklace you have become; as scattered as they are, each and every bead is still a pure pearl of inestimable value.

Don't let any bead of you be lost or stolen, so the day you find another string-uniter they will all be there to re-compose the ancient jewel.

God bless you and all true Iraqis.

Your most-humble servant,
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Siempre hermana !

Soon, very soon our mexleb mix.
Si !!!!

Take good care of yourself
Bless you
Lots of love

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