A Message...

I had an “amazing” dream last night. And am not making it up either.

I dreamt that I was in some very narrow dormitory, that looked like a corridor more than anything else. It was dark and damp. There were 4 beds lined up, one next to the other.

These beds were fully occupied by armed men. One had a sectarian Shia, the other an American, the third a Kurd and the fourth I could not tell...

A man whose face I could not see for it was covered, suddenly came out of the closet and said to me whispering with a sense of urgency
“Get out now and make no noise, we don’t them to wake up.”
I replied, whispering back, trembling. “I have nowhere to go.”

He pointed to a balcony which was equally dark. I left hurriedly and lay low on the balcony.

It was very cold out there and he kept repeating. “Keep your head down, keep your head down. Make no noise.”

I crouched there for what seemed to be an eternity. Then one of the armed men woke up. He must have heard me. He branded his gun and was about to shoot me. I shouted.
Khalid, Khalid, the shia militiaman is going to rape and kill me – help me please, help me.”

At that point, I woke up drenched in sweat, trembling...And this has become a nearly habitual state for me.

It took me hours to recover from this “dream.” I thought about it for some time since some of my dreams happen to be premonitory ones or carry some important message...

I don’t personally know of any Khalid.
But in the dream, Khalid coming out of the closet, with his face covered, and we were stuck in a tight corridor where the armed men were snoozing...reminds me of the Iraqi Resistance.

Khalid appeared to give me a safe haven by urging me to crouch down on some cold balcony i.e keep a low profile on the outside...

Khalid was keeping a low profile too. He had his face covered, and came out of the closet i.e a hiding place.

And obviously, I, as a woman, refusing this whole notion of sects, am under constant threat from these sectarian shia men. The constant threat of rape and murder...

It is as if the dream was telling me that the Resistance is in urgent hiding for the time being following some serious "cleansing" by both the sectarian Shias, Americans and Kurds and another fourth whose identity I could not tell in the dream.

It’s as if the dream is telling me, the element of surprise will be, when they come out of the closet en masse...

Let the armed men “snooze” for the time being...and let the true Iraqis protect themselves first from the sectarian Iranian and Iraqi Shias, since those seem to be light snoozers- wanting to make sure they will rule alone, single handedly...

But why the name Khalid ? I can only think of one Khalid. Khalid ibn Al-Walid, the Islamic historic figure.

I refreshed my memory and re-read who Khalid ibn Al-Walid is, and this is what I found.

“Khālid ibn al-Walīd (592-642) also known as Sayf-Allah al-Maslul (the Drawn Sword of God or Sword of Allah), was one of the two famous Arab generals of the Rashidun army during the Muslim conquests of the 7th Century).
He is noted for his military prowess, commanding the forces of Muhammad and those of his immediate successors of the Rashidun Caliphate; Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab. In having the distinction of being undefeated in over a hundred battles against the numerically superior forces of the Byzantine Roman Empire, Sassanid Persian Empire, and their allies, he is regarded as one of the finest military commanders in history. His greatest strategic achievements were his swift conquest of the Persian Empire and conquest of Roman Syria within three years from 633 to 636…”

And just as it so happens, by sheer “coincidence” someone carrying the name of “snoozer” commented on my last post by saying.

“Please try the Quran, it worked to remove the Romans and Persians out of Iraq the last time - part of why they both still hate it…”

My God! My knees feel like jelly and I have goose bumps all over...
This is yet, another one. One of the most amazing messages from the “other world.”

There is no doubt in my mind we will overcome the destroyers of Iraq in whatever guise they may appear. But we do need to remember Khalid Ibn Al-Walid from the Rashidun Army of the Prophet.

I am not sure about the timing – but Divine Victory will come – of that am certain.

In the meantime, I am to hide on some balcony, on the outside...in the coldness of Exile.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi/Iraqi Flag. 2007.


Anonymous said…
Keep a "low" profile...does that mean you were keeping a "high" one back home ?
Anonymous said…
My dear Layla,
An amzing dream indeed,mash'Allah.Thanks for sharing it.
If I may ADD to your interpretation of it: the first thing that comes to mind is that alhamdu'ALLAH you have no reason to have a fall out with GOD (as you mentioned in the comment section of your last post,although you did qualify it further along;it was in reply to "Snoozer" by the way, quite hair raising actually!!).This dream has helped to restore your faith in the undoubtful imminent Divine intervention.Praise GOD.
As for the fourth figure, it represents an Israeli (i.e zionism,the hidden agenda) in my opinion.It's typical...they're always there lurking behind the scenes in the dark, pretending they're not involved, managing to have others do their dirty work for them..Never showing their faces except when they want/need to play victims.
That's how I see it.
(I did contemplate for a second the idea that the 4th figure may symbolize the arabs, but quickly rebutted the probability as they're in a deep coma and no amount of noise could possibly wake them up!!!..alas..)
God bless you and your efforts.
Anonymous said…
In my opinion, the "fourth man" may be an Israeli Mossad agent, or a Sunni sectarian Al Qaeda terrorist, or an opportunistic tribal sheikh such as the dead and buried Abu Risha.

But then you "saw" him, you only can tell us what he looked more like.
Anonymous said…
Doesn't the name Khalid mean something like "immortal" or can't be killed?
I take heart in the idea that the true Iraqi identity is immortal and cannot be destroyed by this raging psychotic Bush initiated violence.
elisa davinca said…
I discovered your blog today while searching on google for occupation 101 - I the film published on my blog - I read your blog entry and was shattered - not that it is new to me - on the contrary but I never ever can get used to all the tragedies and the ignorance at the same time about the incidents happening in the so called arab countries - especially in the Middle East - since a long long time ... reading your Blog Headline makes me feel compassionate and full of solidarity ... I am the daugther of refugees in another context but still I didn't settled and might never do so ... sometimes I am glad for that cos I can understand all uprooted and homeless people and the loneliness they might feel some times ... if you don't mind I will add you to my blogroll ...
Anonymous said…
One other thing dear Layla.What if the message is ,in addition to all the above, for you to lay low for a while i.e in terms of taking a break for the sake of your wellbeing..going on the balcony meaning taking some distance albeit not too far,a change of some sort, just temporarily...a breather really.. I did read your reply to the comment made by AWD Fan on your previous post,and I know it's easier said than done, but it is necessary...Pls do consider it.
God bless.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear S,

You really made me laugh with this coma business... I agree with you, it is zionist jew for sure.
Distance...hmmmm...maybe. Do you know of any cheap spas? lol
Layla Anwar said…

Very good observation. Yes I thought about that too.Khalid, immortal. Thanks for reminding us.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Elisa and welcome to my blog.
YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

I am taking little distance, breaks? ... on and off... I know of a good, cheap spa here ,-))
in the other side of the world. Allawzaaaahla !!!!

Meanwhile we can change Arak for tequila ? lol

My mind is FIXED in it...
For Saddam H.
For our Beautiful Iraq
For Iraqi Resistance
For each and all Iraqis
For the sake all the chidlren of Iraq.. for the sake of the innocent ... for the sake of true
freedom.. for the sake of Mother Earth... For the sake of peace and for the sake of we, the people.
Bless you !
Lots of love
ps..nice country here.. think about it dear !
Anonymous said…
[Layla Anwar said...

Distance...hmmmm...maybe. Do you know of any cheap spas?]

Take a shower of camel piss. You can do that in your ancestral homeland, the desert of Najd. While there you can even snack of a few lizards. Iraq has cleansed itself of you for good, you piece of camel dung.

And BTW, don't flatter yourself too much; no Shia guy would come anywhere near you. For starters, you're nagsah. And a gaping hole by now. Those Saudis-- whose stinking cum has been causing you gastroenteritis and the resulting bad dreams--are there because their camel probably won't put out.
Anonymous said…
will you ever have a dream in which you are kicking some serious butt? seriously, you need to come out swinging one of these days...
Anonymous said…
"zainab", do us a favor and go and throw your useless self into the fire as a sacrifice to zarathustra.

thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
LOL @ "Zainab".

You remind me of a maid I had called Zainab. Maskinah she died from neglect. Her wonderful shia husband after Friday prayers, and a good dose of self flagellating at Ashoora, would get dead drunk and beat her up in the name of shia honor. Another oxymoron and another shroogiyah umm dagga gone...ya haram.

You know dagga, the tatoos on the chin, am sure you have a few hidden ones too..lol.

Maybe living in Amerikkka and trading in doooolllar (the way you pronounce it) has hopefully helped you get rid of them.

So my maid Zainab was known for her bad smell. Zainab al Jayfah. She had water and electricity and soap, thanks to Saddam Hussein. But she loved remaining in the filth. Even her son Abbass made to university again thanks to Saddam Hussein. But he too was never taught good hygiene. Mother&Son...

You should be thankful too.
Thanks to him you can read and write too- He did give you a chance to move away from the status of maid and shroogiyah, but sobhanAllah, you people love to revert to your scum origins.
You wallow in dirt - in the sectarian jeefah...playing with your dirty toes and picking lice nits from your hair and freely selling your asses and that of your daughters in the name of Al Hussein and Karbalah...LOL.
I can spot your likes miles away, one look and one whiff is more than sufficient.

P.S I am no Lesbos, and I know you keep missing me...Tough darling. Find yourself one of your syphilitic mullahs to service you. Am sure there are no shortages of them...
Anonymous said…
zainab umm al zuffar hehehehehehe
Anonymous said…
You're a fan of Khalid ibn Walid because he was an enemy of Imam Ali, and so are you. Of course you would dream that the resistance is lying low. I mean, that must be it right? They led your people valiantly by bombing our masjids and markets, and thought they can prance around in the Lion's Den, the Imam's land, the land of the Marytrs with American funding and Saudi spirits. But the people of Haidar, his Partisans, won't have it. In a previous post you said the Shia are not fit to rule and that they were pitiful. How is your new kingdom, Jordan? How is the Hashemite prince treating his former masters? I'm guessing living a refugee life, with your property ransacked by the Faithful, and no longer having the subsidies and comfortability afforded you by the Shia oil and singing "Oh our Baghdad of Harun al Rashid, How we lost you" is somewhat different than having maids and drinking arak. lol.
Anonymous said…
Where is Majnun Layla (JR) ?
Anonymous said…
Someone needs to take the reigns and teach these people something. It is a pathetic attempt and some of the poker faces are wearing clown masks. I thought it was intentional, now I'm not so sure. It's sad to think these people are part of the armor.
You people are like a bunch of clowns running around in a freak show.
Layla Anwar said…
biker dude,

What and who are you talking about?
biker dude is not a very nice pseudo either...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous shi't

hahahahahahahaha- pathetic comeback. Did you not know that am the hidden Imam fully revealing your filth?
I have a series of very nice pictures with the names of your mullahs and leaders sodomizing your muta'girls and small boys -your imams and leaders of the faithful shi'ts (hahahahah).
Would you like me to publish them for all to see what a filthy cancerous rotten perverted bunch you are ?
You can always beg me not to, you are good at begging :-)
Anonymous said…
A subhuman like you always would have a handy list of that in your pocket, wouldn't you? Just 'in case', of course. As for your offer, I don't really care what you post on your blog. Iraq is ours. You may do what you wish with your blog. For all your heart's desire, feel free to act out the rest of your tenure as a leader-cum-CIA-asset on your mighty blog. Because you are so fit to eRule. ;)
Anonymous said…
Layla, I am 99% sure that you are still secretly frequenting Asshead Abu Khalil's blog and dropping anonymous one-liners here and there every now and then.

Can you officially confirm ? :-)
Anonymous said…
If this was my dream, the fourth armed man would be an Armenian Jew. And I would be thrown out of the window, laying flat on concrete!
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous shi't

"Iraq is ours?" Iraq is yours is it?
The pedophiles of shi'ism and horny mullahs or the Iraq of filthy sectarian Maliki and Jaafari's sons of muta's?
Hahahahahaha- keep amusing me...
I love to laugh at your sort and your illusory thinking.

Poor retard. I can trace my family all the way back to the 12th century when your ilk were inexistent...Iraq is for true Iraqis not for sons and daughters of persian muta'as picking lice nits and sodomizing puerile boys.
You are nothing but a stinking episode that will soon vanish...like all filth eventually vanishes...:-)
Layla Anwar said…
sharp eyed,

there is still that 1% and I suggest you stick to it.
Layla Anwar said…
nur aris,

hahahahaha- this is where you and I differ !
Anonymous said…
Nur aris 'Armenian Jew' ? I didn't know there were Armenian Jews. I thought Aremnians were all Christian.
Anonymous said…
Wow, thanks, my first comment here and I get to be part of a very nice post :)

I see that none of the Shia here has denied that Iran hates the Arabic Quran. The poor idiots prefer Iran's forked tounge (Taqiyah) to the Quran - no wonder the Persian Majoos ride the Iraqi Shia so easily.

>>Iraq is ours.
No, Iraq is God's - That is something Shia must never understand else they upset their Iranian masters.

Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, you beat me to it again.
Iraqi Jew; Well, you cannot know everything.
Anonymous said…

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