Please do not touch my...Democracy.

Do you want to hear the latest joke ? Seriously now do you ?
Al Maliki, Iranqi's PM , our visionary of the 21st century, is worried that other Arab countries will envy his democracy. I am not kidding you. He said so himself.

He used the word "fear". Arab countries fear the new democracy that has become Iranq, because other Arab countries are Dictatorships a la Saddam Hussein style .
I wish they were but unfortunately they are not. Had they been , Iraq would still be Iraq and not Iranq.

But regardless of your political leanings, you must concede that this is the best joke of the year.
I will assuage the Iranqi PM's worries.
How about I fumigate you with some incense to drive the evil eye away. Surely we don't want to be coveted by our neighbors.
Or maybe I can place a blue talisman around your neck to protect you from the jinns of envy and jealousy.
My intentions are real good. I just want to make sure that no one approaches the wonderful democracy you have constructed when your founding fathers landed in Baghdad in American helicopters and you drove in from Teheran or did you take a bus ?

People, please don't appprehend our new democracy. There is nothing to fear, we are half dead anyways.
Skeletons roaming waiting for their hour of slaughter. And surely you can't envy the 1 million corpses or even fear them unless of course your darling Muqtada Al-Shit tells you otherwise and convinces you that the dead can talk.
You never know, "Baathist" , "Saddamist", "Nationalist", "Patriotic" shadows may come to haunt you in your sleep.
Listen, I can always send you a talisman as well, to protect yourselves with it.
Just to make sure. You never know which envious, covetous spirit is lurking , waiting to grab your democracy away...

So Arabs and others, please don't fear our democracy, as long as our democracy is contained within the borders and you can stay asleep in peaceful gratitude. And when you wake up if you ever wake up that is, count your blessings you are not a democracy American/Iranqi Style.

And if per mischance, you should be envious of it, I warn you , do not touch my democracy...
It is sacred. Made of limbs , rolling heads, rotten bodies, stench and decomposition, watered with red, red blood . The color of a good wine , the same wine that our "arab revolutionaries" drink whilst intellectually masturbating.

So Al-Maliki, I would not be too worried if I were you. The Arab countries are fast asleep and they already leased their asses to the Americans (amongst others) for decades to come.
Trust me, they fear not your democracy. Unless of course you were expecting them to lease "it" to the Iranians as well.

Moreoever, I have good news for you Shah Al-Maliki , the anti-war movement in the U.S has prepared a great bouquet of flowers for you. You might have to chip in with the costs though.
And with a bit of luck they and the Israelis will be giving you a Nobel prize for peace.
But don't get too jealous if they opt for your buddy Muqtada instead - they heard that his American drills are made in Teheran and the combo thrills them.
Yalla , never mind , I have another talisman for you just in case ...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Salman Shalhoob.


Anonymous said…

I am proud of you and thankful you're my sister. No matter what the evil human type people might say, just be true to yourself. Remember what I told you that "our enemies are scared because they make us strong."

Also, Ohiyesa has told us well: "The Wise Man believes profoundly in silence - the sign of perfect equilibrium. Silence is the absolute poise or balance of body, mind and spirit. The man who preserves his selfhood ever calm and unshaken by the storms of existence - not a leaf, as it were, astire on the tree, not a ripple upon the surface of a shinning pool - his, in the mind of unlittered sage, is the ideal attutude and conduct of life. Silence is the cornerstone of character.

Silence is the absolute poise or balance of body, mind and spirit. The man who preserves his selfhood is ever calm ans unshaken by the storms of existence... What are the fruits of silence? They are self-control, true courage or endurance, patience, dignity and reverance. Silence is the cornerstone of character.

It was our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to be overcome. It's appeal is to the material part, and if allowed it's way, it will in time disturb one's spiritual balance. Therefore, children must learn the beauty of generosity. They are tought to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving."

Sad but some of your readers have never gave or got nothing but bad love. Myself if I don't like a book I put it down and pick up another to read, some people are just not smart enough to lay it down.

This happens alot to the zionist loving whites of all nations and it goes along with their greedy cold hearts. They have lost their balance therefore are disturbed.

we must forgive them for they do not know what the truth is and are afraid to come out of the darkness of their hearts. Hopefully they will get a life and just go away like yesterdays meal.

Keep up the good honest work my dear sister for we honor your word for it is real just as you are real to us. Fly high Gentle Dove fly high.

Your brother,
Anonymous said…
So if Iran is pulling the strings, who just abducted their diplomat in a Shi'a district of Baghdad? Were you humiliated in some way by an Iranian or something? Because this is pure, blind hatred, no question about it.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous...duh hello...go ask the tens of families in the Amil neighborhood in Baghdad who were set on fire alive by the Iranian militias..or you can choose to remain ignorant.. I think the latter suits you best though.
Layla Anwar said…
Bro Savage,
Will reply later ...thanks as always.
Anonymous said…
Here you are ignoramus..
Layla Anwar.
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahahahahhaha that joke was so funny i almost choked on my cornflakes
Anonymous said…
This reminds me of when Bush said those who attacked on 9/11 did so because they are jealous of our freedom. That was the stupidest thing I had heard all year and still ranks up there! I mean if he was trying to conceal the truth, he really could have done better. I fear he is just ignorant, though. Many clueless Americans parroted that, though, so I guess it served his purposes. As if the attack had nothing to do with decades of bad Middle Eastern policy and support for the racist psuedodemocracy despite blatant disregard for human life, international law and human rights. Yeah, they were jealous of our freedom and they were coming to steal it. Good luck with that.
Anonymous said…

I wouldn't get all riled up by silly little comments made by a silly ignoramous on some deep dark corner of the internets asshole. They do have blind hatred that is why they are left in a blind dark corner away from reality and away from humanity, good grief. Here is my imatation of this so called layla anwar or anbar or whatever the name is. Saddam Sadda Saddam, Arab arab arab pride, iran safavid hurting us, IRAN CHAUVINIST HURTING US. sADDAM sADDAM WE LOOVE HIM, ARAB PRIDE ARAB ARAB UNITY. That is her in short. She is a whiner who constantly blames outsiders for the god forsaken situation her country is in, not realizing that the country was an artificial creation in 1923 for the british to enjoy and when they couldnt do that they gave the sharif of mecca's son a lil piece of land and ruled it via proxy. I knwo she will respond and post about the great mesopatamian times of ancient. However she doest not want to admit that Hejazi arabs had nothing to do with that civilization. Yes it was the Assyrians and chaldeans whom Saddam was not on the best terms with, those are the ancient people of mesopatamia not hejazi Arabs, or the conquering hordes whom had a fired light in their collective arses when mohammed learned from jews and salman the farsi what tricks to use inorder to rule his mecca and median and get the clashing waring tribes to unite. But as we saw even after mohameds death they resorted to war and secterianism. Arabs have no one to blame but themeselves. They like to think of a united arab country from morroco to iraq, hoever that is a far fetched dream. I have Egyptian friends who do not like to be called Arab. I told them bluntly I think arabs are greedy selfish and have no culture, and they told me we are not Arabs and do not like to be called Arabs. That is good to hear. My over all experience with Arabs has not been good. You invitethem to a barbeque and treat them how a guest should be treated. Then when they invite you to a bbq, you find out the guy has no meat so you have to buy the meat on the way, or the guy is just thinking too much about fucking Americna girls and has no other care in the world. That is the Arab mentality! Michigan is ful of them and my experience with them has been shit all over. This is the result of a cultureless expansionism based on a dominating religion, and no deep roots. This is the Hejazi Arab legacy
Anonymous said…
Lol reminds me of my middle eastern bar hopping days when I used to beat up faggety spoiled lil midget Saudis for fun. Bro they are big time fags!!!!! They like to think they are tough shit but when a 6-3 260 pound muscle bound guy is staring them in the face all they can blabber is habbibs habbiby , lol miss those days
Layla Anwar said…
very boring...please amuse coz am yawning..and tiny pricks above..having difficulty locating them huh ? lol
Anonymous said…
ok lets cut this crap out now........its so childish....grow up
Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla i tried leaving a comment on the other thread but it has been disabled.
Thanks for replying regarding the question about al-hakim, although i was looking for more.
Hopefully Ladybird will provide something this weekend.
Anonymous said…
Its enjoyable to read, laughter is an instant vacation. That is why I read this! An "eye for an eye" leaves a room full of blind men. Will you ever learn? Also...resentment is a poison pill you take and hope the other guy dies!!!! How hilarious!
Anonymous said…
I just read her new post, its getting more and more hate filled and to say it lightly belligerent!!!!! I was laughing so hard when she stated that to them Saddam was a SAINT!!!!!!!!! oh my fucking god, she did not say that did she???? Well this proves that she is a Baathist, probably writing out of Syria or some other baathis sanctuary. She showed her true colors with that. Now it makes every sense in the world for her to spew out hatred toward anything and everything Iranian. Call us Chauvinists if we take pride in our heritage, and then label the mullahs as Aryan Schemers in disguise. I love how arabs like Saddam tried to label mullahs as Iranians!!! and at the same time using labels like Chauvinism try to downplay the Aryan heritage of Iranians. However in a real sneaky way try to present themselves as better than us. In a way projecting themselves as more fit, by embracing Naazi attitudes, and mixing it with arab nationalism. Nasser started that and Saddam took it to a another level. The whol western style dress and everything. Oh Leila the belligerent one, it dawned on me that Saddam was just an Aryan envier in disguise. He only wore the Arab garb to win the support of poor Arab farmers. He so loved the Baath parties Nazi prinicples, and so tried to present the Arabs as Aryans. At the same time labeling Iranians as Mullahs and midgets and everything us real Iranians who have always known hate about what you arabs brought to our land. Well stop hating and take back your mullahs they are your brothers and sisters, your semite brothers Saddams brother was Khomeini, both semitic mongrels that are dancing on the fires of hell in agony!!!!
Anonymous said…
Some really weird posters here, who seem to insist on spewing hatred. And then, to show their cowardice, post under the name 'anonymous' - at least Layla has the courage to show her name.
Anonymous said…
That is not her fucking name. I even doubt its a woman. If its yo name tell me what your address it your pretender, say it. A Bunch of semite dogs on thsi site that are praising a semite dog like chemical Saddam. You want my name. I will give my name. A name that made All cricket eating lizard eating Arabs shiver. IT is Babak Khoramdin, you want a piece of me come and get me I am in Tehran, a city which the dillusional bitch you call Saddam thought he can conquer in 5 days!!!! We shoved his head up his own smelly ass with that claim!
Anonymous said…
Fuck this bitch. I am a Soilder who is defending the USA against this mother fucker. These bastards are blood thirsty, they are cowards who blow up IED's and wont face a strong US soilder face to face, because they know we will shove their lil pricks up their ass so fast they wouldnt even have time to say AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!
What's a "soilder'?(Hebrew for Dickhead?) Yeah nice to see literacy takes top priority in the US military.

Anonymous (just above the "soilder")
Your name and the city you live in? Yeah its not like Tehran doesn't have thousands of people in it.Yeah that info will tell everyone exactly where you live.Your name doesn't ring any bells tbh
Loser # 2!
Anonymous said…
Wakon Tonka, unsimala my friends. Do you feel the cold north wind blow? Do you smell the scent of death in the air. Do you not see the blood on the trail you have made? Are you proud you kill woman and children for your lying prairie chicken of a leader? Freedom to what live life in greed where your money is more important then your God?

Are you proud you can verbaly tear apart another woman as your farthers did and their fathers before them? Are your backs full of the bones of a snake? Are you proud you go into anothers home to rape, burn, and steal? Are you a man of God or another man that thinks he is a god?

My friend do you not have a home of your own to go to? Do you not know your life is short here on Earth? Is your wife or girl friend in the arms or anothers arms while you are gone because they want a real man to love and be loved by? Are your children calling someone else Father because you thought it was more important to fight a war that is not yours? Do you call yourself a man or just think you are because someone told you that lie?

Are you able to think on your own my friend? Does your evil mind rest when you sleep? Are you proud what your fathers did to my people also? Are your words as good as your fathers before you?
Do you ask yourself why the world hates you? Do you have a mind?

These are just a few questions I ask myself as I read your posts.
Maybe, just maybe you should ask yourself why I don't just leave and go somewhere else I am loved.
Of course this just might be the instinctive way you were brought up.

Continue my friend for when you get done there where you don't belong, you can go back home a beat the shit out of your wife and children! I bet they cant wait for that. Yes my friend it's time to take another drink to forget your sad actions!!!

Layla Anwar said…
hahahahaha, this is too funny.I love the literacy rate in the US army and the Iranian aryan nazism remind me of the Third Reich....too funny...hahahaha
Layla Anwar said…
apart from greasy chello kebabs I don't think Iran has really contributed much.
Oh and by the way, tell Iranian women that botoxed lips and a chador don't really go all too well together...hahahaha..what a bunch of retards.
Layla Anwar said…
sorry meant siliconized..hahahaha
Anonymous said…
"Babak Khoramdin" and "layla anwar"...........u r both bigots
Anonymous said…
First and last time visitor at your website. I think we all know why Google does not index you as a news orginization. Because this is what you call news. I will paste your comments here.

apart from greasy chello kebabs I don't think Iran has really contributed much.
Oh and by the way, tell Iranian women that botoxed lips and a chador don't really go all too well together...hahahaha..what a bunch of retards.

If you call this news, then the fact that I took a shit last night is news also!
Anonymous said…
Last time I checked the Baathy party started by strong ties to Nazi idealogies, so I do not understand how you can say Aryan nazism on one hand and give your full support to a man and a cause that have their roots in Nazi idealogies. That is a big time contradiction
Anonymous said…
mr iranian y dont u start a blog called persianmanblues and give your side of the arguement there
Anonymous said…
well mr iranian , your chauvinistic pride is hurt now coz I mentioned chello kebabs and siliconzed lips.
Well whatever you dish out my way , you will have returned 100 fold on your head and this is what a racist like you fuck off and don't visit again.
Have a wonderful evening.
Layla Anwar
Anonymous said…
as for you Fred - I did not know that Baathist ideology is Nazi, unless of course you consider Michel Aflak a nazi...and I doubt you have even heard of Michel Aflak...
Anonymous said…
Iraq iran only difference is an q for an n, one nuke and your all toast!!!!
Layla Anwar said…
I have deleted the cut and paste. If people want to find out about the history of Baathism or Saddam Hussein (may he rest in peace)they can go and do their own research. I don't need your cut and paste. What you are doing is obfuscating the REAL TRUTH, THAT OF YOUR OWN MASSACRES AGAINST THE IRAQI PEOPLE.
Layla Anwar said…
and to mr iranian, what has Uruknet got to do with my blog ???????
Anonymous said…
Anna Nicole Smith just died!!! and we are here bickering about non sense!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
how can that person rest in peace? How many innocent people did he allow to live in peace?? how many? not the thousands of kurds in Halabja, nto the thousands of Shia who rose up against him, only to be allowed by the US to be massacred. Not the thousands upon thousands of Young Iranian and Iraqis who had no bitter attitude towards each other until he and Khomeini got into a slug fest using human beings as their punching gloves. Please say rest in peace to some one worthy of the wish, not a Stalin like Dictator who ruled with an Iron fest and had the cult of the leader fully implemented in Iraq, with his pictures and statues planted in every other corner of the country.
Anonymous said…
Urkunet as if you do not know!!!! Has alot to do with your blog, they give you and your blog a platform to spew out your vile venomous bigoted words, towards world populations! if its nto Iranians its Americans, and so on and so forth. If they are a legitimate news orginization, they should allow multi faceted opinions and editorials to be published, not just those of the Baath party and its sympathiziers. If they do that then please do not complain when Google discontinues to index them as a source of news! They are best relegated to the spot of a strictly opinion based web site
Layla Anwar said…
rj, again obliterating the truth.
Saddam Hussein was a Hero. How many of you can face death squarely in the eye. The biggest tyrants are the ones who polluted Iraq , the Americans, the Brits, The Australians and the Iranians . These are the real dictators. All the rest is myth.
Layla Anwar said…

Uruknet publishes headings for LA times, AP, BBC, Middle East Online, the Guardian, Irin, Times, Reuters,and many more and few bloggers they may find interest in.
So I suppose all this main stream media is Baathist too huh ?
What a silly ignorant man you are .
Anonymous said…
Nigger, what are you going to do? Bitch and moan all day on your silly blog? Why don't you blow yourself up or something cool like that? Ya know...make a statement.
Anonymous said…
"Saddam Hussein was a Hero."

LOL yeah sure I guess. =) Is it any wonder these savages are stuck in the Dark Ages?
Anonymous said…
"well mr iranian , your chauvinistic pride is hurt now coz I mentioned chello kebabs and siliconzed lips."

"coz"? is that ebonics? When I called you a nigger before it was meant as an insult but now I'm not so sure you'll take it that way.

Well whatever you dish out my way , you will have returned 100 fold on your head and this is what a racist like you fuck off and don't visit again.
Have a wonderful evening."

Whew! This guy upset you. I want to see go into foaming at the mouth Arab fascist meltdown mode.
Anonymous said…
Its funny how she likes to blame Iran for all of Iraqs problems. Get real 8 years of perpetual warfare drained both countries and wasted the young and old and everything inbetween of BOTH countries!!!!!! is that so hard to understand. How funny that you forget what Kuwait did to provoke Hussein into invading it and the rest is history. Or am I to believe the next fantasy line you throw out by saying oh Iran was actually behind the Invasion of Kuwait!!!!!!!! get real
Anonymous said…
Its is truely sad how Us Middle Eastern People, (I do not lik to group us by Ehtnicity or language. I will clump us all together, since we share alot more than our differences),feel the desire to worship one man, one king, and to group and fall behind that man whether right or wrong. Sometimes they might be right, but they are all human and in the end power and greed gets to them and due to that they commit grave mistakes and drag whole nations down with them. We like to blame the west and outsiders for every problem we have had in our countries. However we rarely look at ourselves and ask why do we allow them to take advantage of us and to use us. Whether in throwing 2 sides into war against each other like cocks in a cock fight, or planting despots and having the peopel blindly follow their will. In the end hwo is really at fault? It is our own people and our own populations. We have no one to blame but ourselves for the degregated state our countries are in. No one but ourselves
Anonymous said…
To all my Iranian brothers, ey baradar remember this poem by ferdowsi, remember it above all else

ze sheere shotor khordano soosmar,
Arab ra be anja reseedast kar, ke takhte keeyani konad arezoo
tofoo bar to ey charkh gardan tofoo
Anonymous said…
"You ask the victim to show the perpetrator compassion and you come and say lamely, "I am sorry for what my country did to yours."

Dear Anwar,
You are so right! But not only that, my friend. They let thier family members invade your nation, masacre your people, and call their own terrorists, murderers "heros". Evrywhere, you hear everyone of them, including those "anti-war saints" shouting "support our troops". But if you and I have change to hit back, they will jump up and down calling us all kinds of names: barbaric terrorists, cowards etc.. and repeat the mantras of "non-violent protest". You see , they demand the victims must be peaceful, non-violent while continuing brutally rape, murder, masacre people.
"oops! Colateral damage".

Yes, I wish they all go to hell.

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