The Iraqi Holocaust-Part IV

The Holocaust continues...
Again, true to the spirit of the Holocaust Memory as commemorated by the United Nations,I am presenting you with the final series of visual exhibitions, video no.4, of the ongoing Iraqi Holocaust, a genocide that is going on till this very moment as you are watching it.
This was taken after 2003, a year that marked the turning point in the history of Iraq and of its people- the year of "Liberation."

I debated with myself for a while as to whether I should present you with a short film on mass detention camps and prisons , or a maybe a short clip on mass torture, or maybe again another one on mass destruction and mass death... I opted for this one instead.

And just like the United Nations, I would like to give you a musical recital that goes with it, except and unfortunately so, I can't afford to fly in a cantor for the occasion like the U.N has done. So I hope that the accompanying musical piece will be pleasurable to your ears.

Also, since it is not possible for me to have a book signing event to close this week's memoriam, I suggest you send instead your own signed letter to the United Nations (who only sheephishly unofficially condemned the occupation of Iraq and called it illegal after 3 years of despair and pain.)
No need for sophisticated letters, keep it really simple. Just title it :
"The ongoing Iraqi Holocaust , Rememberance and Beyond." and if you wish you can just add a few figures : 3 million Dead,3.7 milion in Mass exodus and an unknown number of injured and.....

Thank you and hope you have enjoyed and learned from this Iraqi "Shoa".

Video: "Blues 4 Baghdad" by jimparker123


Anonymous said…
truly horrifying
Tate said…
The tragedy is multiplied by the silence in the West. We in the West stand accused of tuning a blind eye on our fellow humans because of profit. I believe that there will be a judgement in this world, a balancing, a karma, a correction to this coming into view soon. It is already coming into view. Our petro-dependent civilization is driving us to profit and it has driven us over the cliff. God is not mocked. His patience is being tested to levels not seen in a long time. Like in times past, powerful empires always go down the same road as petroleum-based industrial society is going down right now. We never learn. I see utter collapse and a great sacking of Rome taking place, to last many generations. It is unstoppable. And we deserve it.
Anonymous said…
Gentle Dove and Little Deer,

I did't watch this video for it is just to hard on me, for seeing all the bad just makes my heart sadden and my spirit weak. Sorry! I did watch the video you sent me last night Gentle Dove, and sleep evaded me. It is sad to think America is doing this for freedom.

Freedom my ass this is for GREED, these peoples and their children are suffering for greed and power of the whites, just as with my people this is no less then sick....

I would like to share something wrote by, Denny's Heart Poems:

- Run With The Wind -

Today is there a longing to run free
With wild abandon to the wind
Nothing to hinder, nor to slow
The soul on the eagles wings

But oh, the burden of a heavy load is borne
Sadness for what should not be done
Calling for another dawn
To know the comfort of the Son.

Yet what love the Father sends
How soft He whispers to the heart
What words of wisdom He unfolds
For those upon His path.

Ponder long into the night
To wonder on a perfect love,
Ever searching there to find
The freedom coursing from above.

Shall the struggle be all spent
Yo weep now of the grief,
Let go the stabbing pain that twists
That pierces very deep.

Then turn, run with the Spirit's wind
Believe His love is true,
Acceptance of the sacrificial love
His power to re-new.


I would too like to share this by, Skip Heitzig;

"Bad situations are not to make us bitter - but better! God can use the good, the bad, the happy, the sad to mold us into the people He wants us to be. Focus not on what man does to us but what God will will do through us. Rest assured, what man may intend for evil, God will use for good."

Gentle Dove and Little Deer this reminds me of, Romans 8:28 in the Bible. God has set our path and we are now going in His way not ours. I am so greatful to The Great Spirit God for my sisters, Thank You, I love you guys!!!

Your Savage American Warrior

Tate said…
When a white man kills an Indian in a fair fight it is called honorable, but when an Indian kills a white man in a fair fight it is called murder. When a white Army battles Indians and wins it is called a great victory. but if they lose it is called a massacre and bigger armies are raised. If the Indian flees before the advance of such armies, when he
tries to return he finds the white men living where he lived. If he
tries to fight off such armies, he is killed and the land is taken
anyway. When an Indian is killed it is a great loss which leaves a gap in our people and a sorrow in our heart; when a white is killed, three or four others step up to take his place and there is no end of it. The white man seeks to conquer nature, to bend it to his will and to use it wastefully until it is all gone and then he simply moves on, leaving the
waste behind him and looking for new places to take. The whole white
race is a monster who is always hungry and what he eats is land.

---Chiksika, elder brother of Tecumseh.
to Tecumseh, March 19,1779.
Anonymous said…
well said that man!!
Iraqi Mojo said…
Layla Anwar said…
Savage, thank you as always for your uplifiting words.
Layla Anwar said…
directinfo, that is very spot on. Thanks for posting it.
Anonymous said…
As always, Savage, your words bring peace and an uplifting of the spirit, despite the ugliness that surrounds us.

Directinfo, what was said in 1779 still applies today. These barbarians desperately need taming.k
Anonymous said…

So right so true, the biggest problem with the rich white race is they feel they do no wrong no matter what it may cost others in life or pain. But even as it may be I do not or can not judge any race by what a few will do there is without question good and bad in all races.

And I know they will answer for what they do for it has been written. For wherever the heart is the soul will follow. All we can do is be true to the Great Spirit, God.

Thank you my brother,
Anonymous said…

I wouldn't generalize too much. That is dangerous. I am a white American. I have an adopted Chippewa Indian brother. I have lived most of my life abroad. I am me, unique from any race. I don't support my or any other race. I am a spirit first. My race, like my name or my shoe size, are just additional attributes that help describe something about me. But "me" can't be captured by any one of those categories.

Anonymous said…

Well said! We must all be open minded to all peoples and do it with respect through honor and wisdom for we can only answer for ourself. Keep walking in the circle my brother, you are good people.


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