Posthumous Secrets & Truths.

Funny thing Death. It has this amazing power to bring out to the surface long buried secrets and truths with this cunning ability to unmask. As if Death and Reality are flip sides of the same coin.
I do not wish this to be a metaphysical contemplation. I believe we have ample opportunities for pondering on the existential meaning of Life and Death since this latter is so readily available in Iraq. Actually working overtime. I wonder if It ever takes a break or a holiday. You know like some short vacation at least. Seems not.
Since this is our/my reality - so be it.
On the subject of Death : My good friend K - who is not Arab, nor an Iraqi ,nor a Muslim said:
" Layla , I do not know what is wrong with me. I cannot erase the picture of Saddam from my mind. I do not want to overwhelm you, I know you already have enough on your plate. But is this normal? It is like something in me has been ripped apart. I can't even look at the news anymore..."
Other Anonymous individuals offered their condolences . I guess they secretly wanted to share their grief.

Some on the other hand, sent me emails calling me Saddam's whore, a fascist, a baathist ..etc...
And another person wrote to me wishing me a " Happy New Dawn". He argued that now a "new beginning" was possible for Iraq. This person whom I regarded highly, is an avid anti-war activist.
He did apologize later for the blunder but I thought it was worth mentioning because Truth has this sneaky way of always resurfacing. One simply cannot hide from it.
Speaking of the anti-war movement (see Gabriele Zamparini's excellent article) - the term sounds rather anachronistic. However,I can't seem to find another appropriate one for the moment. It will come in due time...
A good deal of the reactions I have witnessed from the above lot were very similar to what I witnessed on the lynching video that has been circulating.
Hooded men jumping and dancing around a dead corpse.
So is this what it amounts to in the end ?
With this fascistic predisposition, America will be staying in Iraq for decades.
The anti war movement can go and bury itself alive. They will be doing the Iraqi people a great favor by doing so.
As for the "experts " on the Middle East, the Arabic speaking ones, they have shown their disgraceful face . Not that they were graced before, but as I said, Death has this cunning ability of revealing hideous traits and enhancing them. Have a look around the blogs and you will see for yourself. Some nearly orgasmed at the Execution.

When it comes to Human rights organizations, they are nothing but pitiful.
Was just watching an hour long program, an interview with the "head" of Amnesty International. Not one word mentionned about the human rights abuses in Guantanamo, not one word on the lynching of the late President Saddam Hussein, not one word on the illegal American occupation of Iraq. I will not even bother citing the other agencies. Variations on the same theme.

What can I say about the executioners? They will be featuring in another gruesome video soon- at dawn again. The first one was to celebrate the first day of the muslim Feast and the second one to celebrate it's ending.
When I look at them, I try very hard to put my disgust aside and I keep imagining in a cold rational way what exactly happened.
How they deliberately kept Saddam awake a few hours before his execution and would not let him sleep.They would show him the rope every 3o mn. How they refused to even let him smoke his final cigarette. How they taunted a man about to die with insults just before he is to be hanged. How they mutilated the face of a dead man and bruised it after his death . How they danced and sang later around the cadaver. My only relief is that they did not engage in some cannibalistic, necrophiliac orgy.
Then they probably went home and drank some halal whiskey , burped and fell asleep.A bit like the anti war movement really.
The irony is that despite all this morbid charade, Saddam outwitted them. He died as a very dignified person and they appeared as the sadistic criminals that they are. Too cowardly to drive home , a military American helicopter took them back to the Green Zone.

As for the American Zionists who planned the timing , they now claim that they tried to delay it. Catching up on saving some face, the little they have left, if at all. Still trying hard to show how humane they are.Politically correct oblige.

And what does the anti war movement do ? It applauds. And what do the so called fake "arab"2 cents worth "intellectuals" do? They applaud even harder.
And who joined the applause apart from America and the valiant "left"? Israel and Iran.

Curiously, after I finished writing my post " And the Crows sang at Dawn", I received a mail from a friend, out of the blue and by total "coincidence" entitled "the Jewish Calendar in Action."
And this what the e.mail said :
" Today the 10th of Tevet (31st of December- one day after the Death of Saddam Hussein) is a day of fasting , commemorating the siege of Jerusalem by the despot Nebuchadnezzar of whom Saddam claimed to be the reincarnation...and other more secular Jews commemorate this day as a remembrance for the loss of their loved ones during the Holocaust..."
Again,curiously enough the 10th of Tevet coincided with the Iranian Shi'ias celebration of Eid al Adha and the West's celebration of New Year's Eve.
A Diabolical timing indeed.

Some of you may get offended that I am lumping IT all together . Americans, Zionists Jews, Sectarian Iranian Shia's and the anti war "left". Am glad, because this is exactly what I am doing.
Those of you-whomsoever you are- you have not faced Death face to face or by proxy, and you, who can easily sit and plan, connive, strategize, theorize, analyze, calculate, council, orate or satirize in grave moments of history. In moments when hundreds are dying daily, where life is a thing of the past, when a sovereign country is being raped along with its people ...deserve nothing less than to be lumped together as a fascistic,sadistic,racist, ignorant,despicable,evil lot.

What you fail to understand and probably will never understand, being the limited people that you are is that Saddam's Death has ultimately nothing to do with the politician or the persona.
Grieving Saddam is grieving a concept, a symbol, a wish, a hope, a vision, a sense of belonging... But since you are so limited in your understanding of anything that goes beyond facts and figures, there is absolutely no point explaining it to you.

I leave you now in your tedious hypocrisy, in your boring ignorance and in your bigoted visions. But before I sign off , I have another secret to share with you. Do keep it hush hush and don't bother googling it because you won't find it on the web (your ultimate academic reference!).
Bremmer, the suave gangster Bremmer asked one of his assistants before he left office in Baghdad :
"How many are the Iraqis today?" the Assistant replied :" Around 24 million".
"Too much" he replied " WE shall bring it down to 5 million".
And you lot are helping him in this.

Now let me go and throw up as I am feeling politically nauseating.
Good night.

Painting : Iraqi Artist, Dr. Ala Al Bashir.


Anonymous said…
Yes, these are truly precious times. The henchmens mask is unmasking the ugly face of vile, corruption and human brutality.
The truth is about to be spilled, even here in the US.
How we live on others blood, how we excel in war, how our comfort is build on others suffering.
I do not know much about Saddam, but I am strangely grateful for this grainy execution video since it revealed the gracefulness of dignity.
His prepardness to surrender to the divine elevates him and truly makes him a symbol.
I admire your posts and enjoy the clarity of your thoughts and the courage of speaking the truth.
All the best to you!
Happy 2007
Anonymous said…
I am an Iranian, who was forced to leave his country at a young age in 1983, because of the oppressive regime of that bastard Khomeini who turned my country into a shia nightmare, and because of the horrible war that was started in 1980. I never really hated Saddam even though he invaded my country, and wanted to take Khuzistan claming it as an Arab land. I am a proud Persian who does not consider himself the decendants of the mullahs and I only pride myself in the rich history and culture of Iran. From what I read , Saddam is portrayed as a persian hating arab who thought of persians as flies. I do belive Iran is heavily infested with Mullahs from the days of the Safavids, bread and nurtured by those British. I only pride myself on my culture national identity and "Aryan" Pre Arab roots. Khomeini destroyed any respect I would have had for the shia branch of Islam. Now my only respect for Islam is because of my Grand mothers who have passed away. I am proud to be Iranian yet I wish it was Khomeini Khamenayi and Rafsanjani, along with the rest of their bunch, facing those gallows and not Saddam.
Anonymous said…
Stay strong, my Sister. It isn't over until it's over.

When will bush and b-liar hang??

There can be no double standards in assessing war crimes. Hanging should also be the sentence for bush and b-liar, for:

1. causing the death of almost 700 thousands mostly civilian Iraqis during the last three years of US occupation, the destruction of all Iraqi civilian infrastructures,

2. the collapse of all civilian services,

3. triggering the departure into several hundred thousand Iraqis, fleeing Iraq and becoming refugees in foreign countries,

4. the bombings of various religious shrines,

5. the tearing of the Iraqi social fabric and the incitment of civil war,

6. the theft of Iraqi’s oil national resources,

7. the looting of cultural treasures,

8. the massacre of civilians including women and children,

9. the use of illegal weapons, such as depleted uranium and phosphorus bombs, against whole cities and the burying thousands of victims in massive graveyards,

10. the nightly raids against civilian homes and the kidnapping of people including women and children,

11. the spreading of terror, insecurity and chaos within cities,

12. the imprisonment of thousands of innocent people in massive encampments, torturing, humiliating, raping, and murdering of innocent civilian prisoners, and many other war crimes.

The invasion of Iraq, in itself, is a war crime. The invasion was based on lies and fabrications; Iraq did not have WMD, did not support terrorists, and did not pose any threat to its neighboring countries or to the Western world as claimed by the US administration.

"Freeing Iraqis" and "spreading American democracy" were the underlying falsehoods used to justify a terrorist war against Iraq. and its population. The UN Secretary Kofi Annan, in his resignation speech, called the war on Iraq an "illegal act that contravened the UN charter", thus making the war a supreme international crime. Annan also declared that Iraq under the rule of dictator Saddam was much better off than under the American democracy.

bush and b-liar waged an illegal war, with a view to stealing Iraqis natural resources including its extensive oil reserves. They, and their administrations, caused the deaths of almost a million people within a period of three years.

They had caused the destruction of a whole country. They spread terror not only in Iraq but in the entire Middle Eastern region. They legalized torture, rape, and murder of prisoners.

They kidnapped citizens of other nations and sent them to be tortured in prisons scattered around the world.

They not only terrorized and caused the deaths of citizens of other nations, they also terrorized their own citizens,

They derogated their human and civil rights through imposing draconian laws such as the Patriot Act,

They legalized surveillance and ethnic profiling, the imprisoned their own citizens, based on ethnic on religious background labeling them "foreign combatants', trying them with undisclosed evidence, terrorizing their citizens with imaginary enemies.

They sent their young men and women to fight an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan..

They dramatically curtailed all types of social services, while channelling tax dollars to the military industrial complex.

Billions of dollars from the public purse, financed by tax payers, allegedly designated to financing "postwar reconstruction" and "spreading American democracy", were channelled into the bank accounts of large corporations such as Halliburton and Bechtel.

Saddam Hussein was hanged on the orders of a US sponsored Kangaroo court. Who has the authority to hang bush, b-liar and company for their crimes?

Jazak'Allah Khair

Abdullah Mustafa
Anonymous said…
Yes, Abdulla Mustafa, everything you have said is true. I think series of books could be written about these two criminals who are far, far worse than Hitler could have ever been.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, as I often do - both these despicable men have families. How do these men face their children? Do their children KNOW the extent of evil and bloodshed their fathers have spread? Do their children know that the sins of the fathers will definitely visit on the children and that the cries of the innocent will follow them for generations? How do these men explain and justify all this to their children? Or are their children just like their fathers?

Both these men have children who could now be classified as adults. Do they not read the papers, do they not watch the news, do they not see the demonstrations all over the world where their respective fathers have been rubbished? Do they feel no remorse or SHAME? Do they not speak to their fathers, like normal families do?

Are these two families human? Wives, mothers, fathers - who are they? Between the two of them, they have destroyed Iraq, killed innocent men, women and CHILDREN in figues of hundreds of thousands; they have their hands full of the blood of Iraq's legitimate leader. They are responsible for spreading TERROR all over the world.

How DO these 'families' sleep at night? Or do they belong to the underworld, of draculas and vampires? Because they are surviving on 'drinking' of innocent blood.
Anonymous said…
Oh for fucks sake you people make me sick! Crying over a few verbal taunts the executioners stated before the hanging of Saddam.

This was their moment of freedom! This bastard had ruled the country with an iron fist, executing not only Moqtada's Father, but his Aunty too! Masha'Allah, what a Leader!!! Get a fucking grip you Sunni freaks, I am pretty sure the many that Saddam executed last moments would have been more painful, and tortoreous than your beloved sadistic leader.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous 1
Thank you. We are in it together. We either sail or sink. Best wishes to you too for 2007.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous 2

You say you are an aryan which is correct. I am a semite which is also correct. On a purely personal level, I have NO problems with Iranians at all. I don't dislike them , nor hate them.Your culture is rich with many beautiful things.
When Khomeini came to power (and I have my own theory on the how's and why's which I will not share here)
The first thing he declared was the Liberation of Jerusalem through Najaf, Kerbala and Baghdad. You must admit this was no friendly gesture towards a neighboring country in which he did seek asylum from the Shah for many years.
Moreover,Chauvinism brings about chauvinism. And the current discourse in Iran is nothing but chauvinistic . We the aryan race are superior. That makes me the "new jew". Am I supposed to be walk around and ask every single aryan if he is anti-semitic? I leave you to answer this one.
Best Regards.
Layla Anwar said…
Abdullah and Kathy.
What is there to say except that I agree with you. I am glad you commented the way you did. I assume that both of you are not from the Middle East and am glad you have been able to reach that level of understanding despite all the media brainwashing. Peace to you both.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous 3
I guess over 1 million dead in 3 years are to be blamed on Saddam as well huh ? Hey what's a few thousands here and there. Liberation running wild huh. Get a grip of reality yourself or better still, Grow up!
Anonymous said…
Listen to this confession of
slaughter and terrorism by a vet who returned to the U.S.
Anonymous said…
One more day in the Rotting USS of A

So, what does it mean? It means that Bush Widowmaker, your psychopathic president and all of his administration are war criminals. It's as simple as that. They lied to the American people, have killed and injured and traumatized thousands of American men and women doing their patriotic duty, killed at least 600,000 Iraqi civilians, destroyed Iraq's infrastructure and poisoned its environment, squandered billions and billions of our tax dollars, made a mockery of American integrity in the world, changed the course of history, tortured Iraqi prisoners, and bound us intractably to an insane situation that they have no idea how to fix because they had no plan, but greed and empire, in the first place.

What does it mean? It means that everyone in this administration should be impeached. They were lied to by their president, voted for war, and are thus complicit in the multiply betrayals of the American people unless they stand up now for the truth.
Anonymous said…
The traitors of Iraq have to look at Rumsfeld as their liberator. To me that's worse than a hanging!
Anonymous said…
anonymous said:
Anonymous said...
Oh for fucks sake you people make me sick! Crying over a few verbal taunts the executioners stated before the hanging of Saddam.

This was their moment of freedom!

You just don't get it, do you..nobody is crying over verbal taunts. Momemt of freedom my ass. Freedom to do what? Go home and turn on the electricity? Send their children to college? Pray at a mosque in Fallujah? Tell the American occupiers to go home? They exercised their freedom to act like puppets and jackasses, and you are exercising your freedom to spew anonymous bullshit on the Internet from the safety of your basement.
What do you suggest next for the freedumb loving Americans? A foray into Iran and Syria perhaps, maybe North Korea. Hmmm, maybe not North Korea, they are deathly afraid of that regime, it has real teeth. There would be more dead Americans in one day than in their entire Mid-East misadventure. How about Cuba, huh...or maybe Saudi Arabia, if you want to talk about repressive regimes.
Read a book, my friend. I suggest you start with "The Thousand Year War In the Middle East"...if you can still find it. The freedumb loving Americans have a habit of banning books like it. The freedumb loving americans are up in arms because the first Muslim ever elected to congress wants to use a Qur'aan for a photo op. In a brilliant move, he asked to use a copy once owned by Thomas Jefferson. We are not crying over verbal taunts. We are crying because the freedumb loving americans invaded a sovereign nation based on lies and hypocrisy in a continuing war to secure the world's oil for their exploitation. Iraq has five times as much oil as america. Look around you. If you are a Muslim nation and you have oil, you are a target.

May Allah grant you understanding.

Adbullah Mustafa
Anonymous said…
Keep up the good work sister.
Anonymous said…
I'm looking for a reference to the Bremer comment. Does anyone have one?

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