December 13, 2007

Some "Fun" conclusions...

continued from last post.../

So where was I ?

Right, I went out to have some fun...

I frankly don't understand how all these people landed here.

There was a Brit woman, whose accent I could not grasp except for the "wot, wot, wot"
And then I understood one other sentence, it said "you should all be grateful like, do you see wot I mean like?."

Hmmm....Not a good start you must admit. Poor peroxide blonde woman from the Midlands. Poor, poor woman from England for she really got it from me tonight.

Talk about cold/hot English showers. Did I say showers? Wrong. The Brits don't shower, they have a bath...soak in muck about once a fortnight and they call that cleanliness and tell you "wot you on about mate?"

Well this "wot you on about" Tesco/Sainsbury/Safeway look-alike cashier (these are names of supermarkets in not so Great -Britain.), in the Middle East, playing sophisticated, got it from me tonight... You know "wot I mean like mate?"

It transpired that this Tesco/Safeway/Sainsbury's cashier was the wife of some army guy in Basrah. She was most upset, I was not "grateful like..."

I think my telling her "Fuck you and fuck your Queen, you disgusting lot", did not go down all too well...

She did eventually wash it down with about 4 pints of lager,though. Especially imported for her sort.

But I could still hear the "wot's she on about, wot the fuck is that..."

Some ugly voice in the background,

Why did she not understand that I was being very grateful ?

Why are people so lacking in subtleties ?

I was sooooo grateful for the English presence in Basrah that I had to thank her my own special, Iraqi way...

Why can't people understand "where am coming from" and have some kind of Western politically correct empathy ?

But you have not heard the rest...

There was also a guy from Germany, an Angela Gerkin (gerkins are pickled cucumbers by the way - this is for the ignoramus, below average American reader).

What was he doing here? Guess what? A horseshoe maker for their Majesties...

He told me that Bavaria was really cool so was Angela...And when push came to shove, he took the back door...After all he had a horse shoe to produce. And the Brits and Germans avoid each other like the plague...

But I bet, you are wondering about the American guitar player - right?

He was replaced by some Canuck/Canadian who sang it well...

He did wonders with "Hit the Road Jack, don't you come home no more..." Ray Charles tune.

And that is the conclusion I am leaving you with.

"Hit the Road Jack." You are not welcome here. No more, no more...

After my fun night, I was left with only one conclusion.

There is only one way, Resistance.

See, even "Fun" holds great promises.