December 17, 2007

Iraq - Grandeur & Destruction. Part II

Planting the seeds of Division.

This is a continuation on my previous post . For those of you who are new to this blog, please read part I first.

As I tried to demonstrate with facts – that none can dispute – Iraq from 1958 onwards, right up to the 80’s, and despite the Iran-Iraq war, managed to build itself into a Nation State.

As I said, the bulk of this nation building was done under the rule of Saddam Hussein. Again, like it or not.

In order to understand what was later to unfold, I ask you to keep that concept of “nation state” at the back of your minds. Only then will you understand the dismemberment of Iraq as it insidiously, gradually took place and culminated in a full blown occupation in 2003.

Before tackling the sanctions years which I believe I have already covered in past writings – I would like to cover briefly the Iran-Iraq war.

This can be considered a separate chapter by itself, independently from the rest, but as I will try to demonstrate, this is not the case. The Iran war saw its continuation- by other means in today’s Iraq.

Some brief historical information:

Saddam Hussein came to power in 1968 and consolidated his role that culminated in his being the President of the Iraqi Republic in 1979.

Khomeini was exiled by the Shah and took up refuge in Nejaf/Iraq from 1964 to 1978.

A treaty was signed between the Shah of Iran and Iraq in 1975 and referred to as the Treaty of Algiers. This treaty of truce and I say truce not peace, contained as one of its main clauses, the non-interference of Iran in Iraqi affairs.

Iran had prior to this treaty, along with Israel (see my posts "Our brothers the Kurds" and "Bad Pawns") supported and armed the Kurds in Northern Iraq.

Do remember that Iran also has a sizeable Kurdish population to whom it has never given autonomy- as was the case in Iraq. Iraqi Kurds have been autonomous since the 1970’s.

I do not wish to dig into the “historical conflict” between Babylon and Cyrus the Persian king, nor do I wish to cover the Safavid period of the 15th century in which Shi’ism became the official religion of Iran. But these two are interrelated and the only reason am mentioning them is for the purpose of showing you the depth of Persian -Iranian meddling from the Babylonian times until this very day.

Khomeini was extradited from Iraq in 1978 upon the request of the Shah of Iran and was flown to France.

Exactly a year later, in 1979, Khomeini was back in Teheran leading his “Islamic” revolution.

The Shah was allowed to leave with his family and he later on wrote in his memoirs, to the effect - that the Americans and Europeans simply "dropped" him.

Furthermore, an interview with a top CIA guy in charge of the Iranian dossier during that period, when asked the question “What did you think then of the thousands of Iranians gathered under the Shah’s window?” his textual reply was :

We thought nothing of it.”

The CIA thought nothing of it. Here were thousands of Iranians demanding the demise of the Shah and the CIA who installed and supported the Shah "thought nothing of it."

Of course, one can even go further in reflection and say - if the Shiites were so oppressed in Iraq, as it was later claimed, how come Khomeini lived there for over 10 years and how come he was able to mobilize such support?

Surely he could not have done it from 1978 to 1979 from France, could he now?

And if Saddam Hussein was such a controlling, totalitarian, repressive “dictator”, was he not aware that Khomeini was planting the seeds of his overthrow ?

I do understand that Khomeini was considered charismatic but we did not have the internet then, for him to spread his charisma...And Nejaf and Teheran did not have an underground tunnel tying them together for the Khomeinist charisma to disseminate across the border that easily.

What I alluded to in my previous post, namely that the West, (Americans and Europeans) helped Khomeini accede to power is correct. I think I just may have a point there, worth seriously considering.

Khomeini from day 1 in Teheran and in parallel to the American hostage crisis, was calling for regime change in Baghdad. I repeat, from day 1.

As a matter of fact, the first time I ever heard the word “Taghia” i.e tyrant, was from Khomeini’s mouth, when he referred to Saddam Hussein.

And that word was the first word in the gigantic demonization campaign that was to follow right through the sanctions years, right through the American occupation and till this very day...

I do not want you to forget the beginning of this media propaganda campaign that started with Khomeini who was really put into power by the Americans who “thought nothing of it” and of course not forgetting the European role, namely the French and the Brits. And lo and behold, Sarkozy, Blair and now Brown are dancing to Bush’s tunes...

I would also like you to remember that Khomeini further asserted that the road to a”free”Jerusalem was through Nejaf, Kerbala and...Baghdad.

He was hoping to first start with a Shiite rebellion in the South of Iraq that would spread through and overthrow the “tyrant” that housed him for over 10 years on Iraqi territory.

The Iran-Iraq war broke out in 1980. Prior to that date, there were 260 incidents recorded on the Iraqi frontiers. 260 incidents of Iranian aggression on Khanakeen and beyond and cost the lives of hundreds of Iraqis. 260 incidents in one year, one every other day. Each one recorded and reported to the UN security council who stayed silent...

We will see, in the next chapter, the continuous silence of the U.N – from the time of those incidents right through the sanctions years till this very day...

In parallel, in the heat of the Iran-Iraq war, when Iranian missiles were raining on Basrah and Baghdad, Israel bombed the Osirak Iraqi nuclear power plant in 1981 in what it called “Operation Opera.”

In 1982 Saddam Hussein called for a ceasefire which was refused by Khomeini’s Iran.

That war that cost us over half a million of our men, and lasted from 1980 t0 1988, the longest war of attrition in contemporary history, ended in what was politically considered a “stalemate.”

During that period, and prior from the days of the Shah, Iran had been receiving logistic, technical and arms support from Israel. Remind yourselves briefly of the Iran- Contra affair, too.

And contrary to popular belief and the propaganda that has not stopped since that cursed day, Iraq’s major bulk of weaponry came from Russia, China and France.

Of course, I am aware that there are other aspects to this war I have not covered...But I ask you again, to retain the following basic facts as the foundational pillar for further chapters. The chapters of the Destruction of Iraq.

I will ask you to remember that the DAWA Party whose “prominent members“ are :

- Iraq’s "Prime Minister” Al–Maliki, who spent all of his youth in Iran.
- Muqtada Al –Sadr, father of the Jaysh Al-Mahdi, who speaks Arabic with a Persian accent and who tied the noose around our great Saddam Hussein’s neck.
- Al Jaafari, a triple national- Iranian/British/ Iraqi.
- Al Rubaie a.k.a. Karim Shahpour, originally an Iranian National with an Iraqi passport.
- A. Al-Medi – a French/ Iranian/Iraqi national.

And there are more names but suffice for the moment...

All of these represent the current puppet government. A government installed by the Americans. These people are all members of the Dawa Party. Dawa means "call or invitation-" by the way.

And guess when and where was the Dawa party born and formed? It was born during the Iran-Iraq war in Tehran.

Do remember what I said above - Khomeini’s wish was for a Shiite rebellion starting in Southern Iraq and spreading to the capital Baghdad...

I also will ask you to remember that the SCII, the Supreme Council of Islamic Iraq , which Abdel Azeez Al-Hakeem and his son Ammar rule, and who head the Badr Militias, was also born and modeled after the Supreme Islamic Iranian Council in Tehran during Khomeini’s reign.

Do you now understand how the seeds of ethnic and sectarian divisions were planted and by whom ?

To be continued...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Noureddine Ameen.