December 29, 2007

A one way ticket -- hopefully

Al Jazeera announced that Iraqi P.M (hahaha) Al-Maliki is on his way to London for a "routine medical examination."

Roads to Iraq (via, heard on another TV channel, Al-Sharqiya, that a permission was sought from his family - "Why is he unconscious?" she rightfully asks.

I ask another question, why on the 29th of December, one day before the murder of the late President Saddam Hussein ?

Is Maliki really unconsciously ill ?
Does he want to spend New's Year's eve with Gordon Brown?
Something is being prepared in the coming days?

In any event, one sure conclusion to draw, Iraq is a public health hazard, and what Maliki the sectarian shia shit and his Dawa party sowed, they will definitely reap.

Let's just pray it shall be a one way ticket -- to Hell.