December 20, 2007

My Eid Celebration.

Thanks to all of you who sent me their Eid Greetings. They are much appreciated but please, don’t anymore.

I am not celebrating. I did not celebrate last year nor will I celebrate this year.

Some relatives called me to give me their good wishes. I said "thank you, same to you." End of conversation.

My mother nagged me to come and greet the visitors who poured in all day. I said "Am busy." End of conversation.

My brother called. “Sis, happy Eid.“ I said, “Oh, really?”

Am not celebrating. Will not celebrate. Refuse to celebrate. Make a point not to celebrate. Am on strike. Yes, am on strike.

And my strike is even more meaningful for this is the first time since “our liberation” that the sectarian Shiites from Iran, in charge of “running” the "Iraqi" government as per the directives of Teheran, Washington and Tel Aviv, decided to celebrate it the same days as the Sunnis.

How come you may ask? Last year they made it a point to celebrate it one day later. On a Saturday instead of the Friday.

Friday was reserved for their offerings of the lamb to their savage god. How can I forget that Friday ?
Now that the lamb was slaughtered according to their precise sacrificial ritual, why should their be a point of contention with the Sunnis?

After all, the Sunnis have been pacified through a massive campaign of spring cleaning. There are no more Sunnis to contend with.

So yes, by all means let us celebrate with them the same day, to show how much the surge is working. A typical, cheap ploy from the slaves of Teheran.

Let no one be fooled. There are no more Sunnis left. We are either in exile or dead.

Last year’s Eid offering is still too fresh in my mind.
It has been raw fresh in my mind throughout the whole year. And will remain raw fresh in my mind for the remaining of my living days.

The images will never leave me. They have become my emblem, my tattoo, my reference, my signposts, my direction, the before and after line...

They have become my wall, my gun and my pen...

How can I forget? How can anyone with an ounce of dignity forget?

And whilst some of you, leftists, anti-war supporters, sent me emails wishing me a “happy new dawn” and others promised “no tears“ for the Hero... My country is burning.

And while the Man, the Leader, who contributed to bringing this country out of the darkness of colonialism, tribal and sectarian backwardness was being hanged, being lynched by the Americans and those same sectarian Shiites and Kurdish thugs you keep on defending and defending the lies that you concocted for your “case”...
My country is still burning.

And you want me to celebrate?

And you ask me why I have no respect for you ?
You are not worthy of my respect.
You are as criminal as the killers you supposedly oppose.

No. The unedited images will never leave me.

I will never forget those present that Eid.

I will not forget the heads of the killing militias and their cohorts...
Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem of the Badr Brigades, Muwafak Al-Rubaie of the Dawa party, the American embedded journalists specially invited for the occasion, the Zionist Kurdish reps while "the president" Talabani was in Paris at the Georges V eating caviar, drinking champagne and watching it from his "presidential" suite, the Ambassador of Iran and last but not least Muqtada Al-Sadr and his torturer men of Jaysh Al-Mahdi.

No, I will not forget and I will not forgive.

I will not forget the Man in the black suit and the white shirt, still handsome and still dignified despite months in a damp American prison cell.
I will not forget that smile.
I will not forget the baby steps because chained at the ankles and chained at the wrists.

Him, who freed this Iraq from corruption, criminality, social injustice, underdevelopment, backwardness...
Him who called for the freedom of nations from American and Zionist tyranny.
Him who for ever called for a free Palestine till his last breath.
Him who called for the people of the world to stand up in dignity and honor and assume their rightful role and place whatever their race, creed or nationality...

And above all, I will not forget those eyes. Eyes he refused to cover...Unlike the rest of you who have not removed those veils.

I will not forget the shouts, “Muqtada ,Muqtada“ as that big fat rapist was drooling whilst tying the noose around the neck of the Man who tried to turn those sectarian Shiites and their sheep followers into human beings.

Turn them into human beings by providing them, with every single opportunity to evolve, educationally, politically, professionally, economically, socially...but they prefer to remain sheep. The sheep of their Ayatollahs and mullahs...
Sheeps of their dark clerics. Forfeiting their God given freedom and selling their souls...

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget one of the sectarian Shiite thugs, supposedly a prosecutor or some lawyer. I will not forget his traditional 3 days short beard and his shining silver ring from Qum.
The same ring that Maliki, Jaafari, Solagh, Muqtada Al –Sadr, Al- Rubaie, Al- Sistani, Al- Khameini, Ahmadinajad, Khatemi, Rafsandjani, Fadlallah, Nasrallah...that same silver ring of the freemasons from Iran.
I will not forget him being carried on the shoulders on his sheep, his supporters. Being carried with applause, while the President of the FREE Republic of Iraq was laying on a white sheet and his neck exposed for all to see.

Exposed with a gaping wound still bleeding. A gaping wound, right where the butcher pierces the knife when slaughtering the lambs for the Eid.

No. I will not forget the bruises on the face and the neck for having been kicked and danced around before and after this cowardly slaughter. This cowardly slaughter you anti-war shits watched with amusement, the same way your criminals Bush and Blair watched the slaugthers and tortures of Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.

And you tell me to be grateful for my “new democracy”?

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget how I screamed, hysterically screamed, when I saw what I saw. And I am not a Baathist, nor was Saddam Hussein my relative. But he was and is the Father of this nation. This nation that you have not ceased to rob, rape, destroy and kill...

No. I will not forget.

How can I forget the fruits of your labor?

How can I forget the ruins, the agonizing earth, the polluted waters with sewage and dead bodies, the scorched fields, the destroyed churches and minarets, the dying palm trees...the cancer patients from your depleted Uranium. The burned civilians from your white phosphorus...

No. I will not forget.

How can I forget my home? How can I forget the land of my ancestors, my grandparents, my father, my mother...How can I forget my roots? How can I forget what forged me and forged my destiny ?
How can I forget being forged in the molding, brazen fire of your hatred ?

No. I will not forget.

How can I forget the dreams you ripped away from me ? How can I forget the hopes you trampled on? How can I forget the little illusions I had left that you shattered ?
Leaving me as raw as that gaping wound...laying on that white sheet...

And you applauded and celebrated.

Leaving me as bleeding as that sacrificial lamb, tied by its hands and feet with chains.

And you applauded and celebrated.

The chains of your oppression. The chains of your tyranny. The chains of your dictatorship. The chains of your injustice.

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget the 5 million innocent little ones you turned into orphans.
I will not forget the millions of widows clad in black.
I will not forget the bodies dumped in the garbage piles and bloated until their intestines protruded from their mouths...I will not forget the dogs munching away at them.
I will not forget the screams of Abu Ghraib. I will not forget its red, brown and white tainted floors. Colored with blood, feces and semen.
I will not forget the raped, mutilated, decapitated, burned, women lying on the street corners...
I will not forget the bruises, the drill holes, the eyes gouged out, the smell of death everywhere...

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget your mass graves where over 1 million of us are sleeping quietly still wondering why...
I will not forget the prisons where 100’000 of us are still perishing...
I will not forget your detention camps where our small ones are being sodomized...
I will not forget the 4 million of us in exile, in the cold...

No. I will not forget.

I will not forget your insults, your slurs, your humiliations, your faces, your voices, your names...No. I will never forget.

There is so much more...

You have saturated me with human cries that have reached the heavens and you have remained unmoved.
You have flooded me with tears and you have remained like dry corpses.
You have filled me up with your hatred, like a bottom less recipient and you keep pouring more in...

How can I forget ?

How can I forget that you have turned my Iraq into one huge gravestone that no one visits and no one prays over?

No. I am not celebrating this Eid. Nor the one after. Nor the one after that...

My Eid celebration is when Iraq will become free again.

By the blood of the innocent that inundated this city,
By the tears that washed its pavements,
By the cries that were elevated like prayers,
By the Sacrificial Lamb on that first day of the Eid,
Iraq will be free again.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindi. "The Iraqi Flag in 2007"