December 12, 2007

A short inner debate on..."Fun".

I am still debating within myself, as to whether I should sit and continue...or go out and have some FUN.

A bunch of friends have asked me to join them to listen to that crappy American guitar player again.

The word FUN irritates a lot of you, I know.

The Americans are into sick fun and the Fundies into the same sick fun.

Both lead very sad lives..their sense of fun is so Abu Ghraib - Abeer like, and the sectarian shits, so Basrah,

So caught between these two extremes, am still debating...within.

Mind you, it should be a lot of fun watching this clumsy american guitar player...and make fun of him. I love's very exciting.

The Fundies in my head, have already pointed their fingers and wagged it like a dog's tail...

OK am -Abu Ghraib, Mahmoudiah, Baghdad, Basrah...- style is no fun.

The 40 plus women murdered monthly in Basrah, without counting those rotting away in American and Iranian Shia led prisons are not having fun.

I shall make up for it.

I shall join my friends to make fun out of both... The Americans - nervous, mediocre, repressed, high on death and the Iranian Shia fundies. They have so much in common.

Laughter, Pleasure, and Joy are powerful weapons - they hate as much as they hate women.

So it shall be...

I am out to have some fun and will be back later to "report back" to you.

Long live Freedom !

Painting : Iraqi artist, Jaber Alwan "Dancing Women" series.