December 29, 2007

Addendum to my last post

Just heard it now -- seems American occupation troops are on "high alert" tonight and tomorrow and the day after -- just in case "something" takes place in memory of the 30th of December - the day that President Saddam Hussein was lynched in an American- Iranian/Shia-sectarian morbid setting.

On another note, an Iraqi delegation will be sent next week to Iran - to ratify "a few clauses" in the Algiers agreement of 1975.

What will they do? Add the whole of Basrah to Shatt al-Arab and hand it over to Iran?
and give Basrah the official title of an Iranian province ?

On yet another note but all related - Muqtada Al-Sadr sent a delegation to Kerbala today to ratify a few "local laws."

Kerbala has its own laws it seems...

Welcome to the disunited statelets of Iraq.