December 31, 2007

Hot news from Baghdad.

I doubt you have read or seen the following in your mainstream media, but here goes...

Yesterday, the American occupation forces sealed and fortified with more men and guns the "sooooneeeeee" neighborhood of Adhamiya. Do let me know when you people will learn to pronounce correctly.

The story goes -- Huge gatherings and demonstrations took place in the Adhamyia ghetto to commemorate. Yes, huge crowds of Iraqis gathered, braving your smelly brave boys and their deadly arsenal to remember the leader and president of Iraq - Saddam Hussein - who turned this country into a jewel in less than 30 years and that you destroyed in less than 5.

In the Sayydiyah neighborhood, your smelly brave boys arrested not less than 120 people, for commemorating too. A lot of children and women were part of those arrested.

On another hopeful note, rumors circulating in Baghdad say that Al-Maliki was shot hence his urgent transfer to London. Can't confirm it but it is a piece of very good omen for 2008, if true.

Concerning the Iraqi delegation visiting Teheran next week, and amending a "few clauses" in the Algiers treaty - this is what is on the agenda- according to circulating news.

- Handing over of the Majnoon island (very rich in oil) to Iran.
- Handing over the whole of Shatt Al-Arab (and that means Basrah too) to Iran and renaming it Shatt Al-Furs (Furs means Persian in Arabic)
- Discussing how much "reparations" and "compensations" Iraq will pay to Iran for the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988)

Fancy that eh ?

Americans have not only brought an Iranian theocracy to Iraq under the cover of "democracy" but Iraqi wealth (lands, oil and money) will be pouring even more into the Iranian economy.

What more proof do you need that the current Iraqi government is serving the interests of not only America (Israel) but also Iran ?

Why does the OBVIOUS elude you so ?