Democracy ? What Democracy ?!

No system is perfect - that is a given.

Even your democracy is far from perfect - instead of a one man rule (which does not exist by the way) you have one clique rule. I don't see how that is any different.

In the case of Iraq, depending on which geographical area you are looking at - you have one sect or one ethnicity rule.

Baghdad, the center and the South are ruled by Shias and the North is ruled by Kurds. How democratic is that bearing in mind that Iraq is (was) a multi ethnic, multi sect, pluralistic society ?!

What have the Shias or Kurds done for Iraq during those 8 years of American "liberation"?

What does Iraq look like today? What has it produced, what has it achieved, what model has it shown to other nations ?

NOTHING is the answer.

Both rules - be it the Shia rule in South, and center of Iraq or be it the Kurdish rule in the North have done nothing but rape the country in a worse way than the Americans have.

Prove me wrong and prove the opposite --- I defy you.

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