A Downhill Crash...

Of course, you are going to crash, you may stall it for a while but ultimately it's inevitable...

Nearly 3 TRILLION spent on the "war on Terror" and you don't expect to crash ? You terrorize the whole world, and you don't expect to crash ?

Of course you will crash, and you will crash bad. Very bad.

Honestly what did you expect ? Killing thousands of innocent people, families, women, children, elderly and getting away with it ?

Absolving, redeeming, atoning with a bit of protest here and there, 10 years on, 20 years on...with a bit of hip hop, a rap song, a forum, a conference ?

Why, are other's people's lives so cheap to be redeemed with a hip hop, a song, a forum, a conference, a petition ?

Don't rap your shit...I know your shit by heart...

You are collectively guilty for the murder of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans...and today 100's of Libyans and no amount of preaching, no amount of sermons, no amount of protest songs will obliterate that fact.

You need to own up, call things by their names, get outside and over yourselves...and realize that the drug you inject daily...has taken many downhill, has crashed many...and you are standing right there at the end of the queue, at the end of the line...another Troy Davis, another sheep taken to his execution.

Your crash is not my crash...but my crashing is yours.

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