Bahrain, Hezbollah and Iran's Common link.

Darwin had this theory of the Missing link, I have a theory of the Common Link. That's just the way it is in the Middle East, to understand what's missing, you need to understand what's linking.

As you may well know (I doubt it but let's give you the benefit), Bahrain has been going through a bit of turmoil lately. Turmoil instigated by Iran and Qatar through its Fox News channel Al-Jazeera.

Bahrain has a Shiite minority (no they are not the majority as the Western press claims) and Iran since the advent of the disaster Khomeini has always laid claims to Bahrain as one of its provinces, the 14th to be more precise.

With the fall of Baghdad, and the empowering of Iran by the USA, I had predicted, rightly so, that wherever there's a Shiite minority present, expect Iran to play the imperial sectarian card of divide and rule.

Of course I was mocked then but am here to remind you again...

Al Wefaq, the name of the Bahraini "opposition" is funded by Iran. Of course they happen to be Shiites.

And since political Shiism of the Iranian "Islamic" Republic is sectarian by nature and sectarians love to support each other like the Zionist Jews, I must say, it then comes as no surprise that Hezbollah is hosting this Bahraini "revolutionary" opposition.

Of course one can see the clear link between Iran, Hezbollah and the Wefaq of Bahrain, so what's missing from the picture ?

Aha, this is where it gets very, very nice - what's missing is Iraq. But not really, because Ahamad Chalabi ex head of the Iraqi National Congress, the then Iraqi opposition, who was funded and hosted by  Clinton in the 90's (during the sanction years where over 1 Million Iraqis perished due to the embargo) and later on embraced by the Bush administration -  was present at this Hezbollah conference on Bahrain's Human Rights.

A.Chalabi, as you may well know,  was the man who sold the idea of Iraqi WMD's to the US, and was one of the masterminds along with his Zionist buddies in the White House, for the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Chalabi in 2003, entered Baghdad on American tanks (literally), formed his own militia and a few years later fell out of favor with Rumsfeld when it transpired that he was in fact a double agent for both America and Iran. Yet, Chalabi still managed to head the Debaathification committee starting under Bremer and beyond and is part of the current Iraqi INA - Iraqi National Alliance, an Alliance of sectarian Shias all loyal to Iran.

Ahmed Chalabi, besides being one of the instigators of the War on Iraq where another 1.5 Million Iraqis were killed, and besides being a double agent, he is also a known unscrupulous crook and a wanted black listed  embezzler. Just google his name on my blog. I have made ample reference to this dog.

The other piece of the common link is non other than the Supreme Leader of Bahrain's Al-Wefaq, who happens to be Muqtada Al-SADR's Spiritual Uncle and this is what Muqtada Al-Sadr has to say about him : "if a hair on the head of our uncle AyotoAllah Sheikh Issa Ahmad Qassim is touched, then we will enter Saudi Arabia and burn everything and everybody."(source : English & Arabic)

Another piece of the common link now makes sense : Muqtada Al-Sadr visit to Qatar a few months back, where he and the Emir formed a "committee to find solutions for Bahrain and follow up on the situation " So far, the Qatari  solution has been to ante up anti Bahrain Rulers propaganda through its mouthpiece Al-Jazeera Fox   (thanks P.Pisi Editor of Uruknet for links)

A reminder : Muqtada Al-Sadr (renamed by the disgusting Alternative press as the firebrand anti imperialist Gandhi alike cleric) was/is responsible (his JAYSH AL MAHDI all Shiite militia) for one of the most hideous rampage of sectarian cleansing of Sunnis, Christians, other minorities and Palestinians in Baghdad and its provinces in collaboration with ;  the US occupying forces, plus other ALL Shiite Militias such as the Badr of Iraq Islamic Council, the Maghawir or the Wolf Brigades of the Ministry of Interior, the Chalabi militia, the Jaafari and DAWA militias.

So now that I have given you some of the common links, the threads that tie the whole jigsaw together,  I have the utmost pleasure of uploading this video, where Chalabi is giving a speech at the Hezbollah conference, filmed by Hezbollah TV, and gets a shoe on his head.

And next time you have some angry Arab piece of shit talking to you of the "revolutionary anti zionist" nature of Hezbollah, Iran and political Shiism, please shove this video in his face. Thank you.

Text of video below courtesy of Uruknet

On 5-6 October 2011 Hezbollah, together with Bahraini opposers and human rights activists, held in Beirut a conference on human rights violation in Bahrain ( Bahrain Forum for Human Rights) . The event was being carried live by Hezbollah-run Al-Manar TV.

The Lebanese newspapers As-Safir reports that the forum was presided by Youssef Rabie and sponsored by former Lebanese Prime Minister Salim Hoss (just returned from Syria, where he met Bashar Assad and expressed to him his support ) , and was attended by Arab delegations and representatives of human rights organizations from Europe and America. In the opening session of the conference, the speeches were delivered by the Bahraini lawyer Dr. Abdul Hamid Dashti(Secretary-General of the conference for support of Bahraini people,- who is suing the Bahraini regime at the International Criminal Court), Nabeel Rajab (President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights -BCHR); Sheikh Hassan Sultan (a senior member of the Bahraini Al Wefaq Party), and the Iraqi MP Ahmad Chalabi (President of "The General Conference for Supporting the People of Bahrain").

But it seems not everybody knew that Chalabi - whose lies and manipulations provided the pretext for the war and destruction of Iraq - was one of the top lecturers at the Hezbollah's conference and the main adviser and collaborator of Bahraini opposers and activists. So, when Chalabi started talking an egyptian reasercher, Ashraf Bayyumi, interrupted his speech and told him "You entered Baghdad on US tanks!" and then another man got up and said "I refuse to be part of this and we have an American stooge ('Amil) in here" and got out. Finally, someone from the audience threw a shoe and it hit Chalabi on the head. Chalabi started chanting from the podium "Down with ignorance! You are all agents of Saddam!"

As-Safir (Lebanese newspaper) described the conference as "a success by all standards".

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