Fate, Parallels and the Deity of Hell.

I have just spent over 2 hours watching in details almost every video available on the lynching of the Libyan leader and martyr Muammar Gaddafi.

Not that I have a particular perverted penchant for sadism or masochism, nor do I particularly enjoy gory scenes, but it is something I felt I had to do, several times in a row. A bit compulsively, I must admit. I was looking for that one detail, that one image that would make sense of it all...

And I found it.

The images were somehow not unfamiliar to me, it was as if I saw them before, like a déjà vu. Yes they were happening in Libya but they had this eerie resemblance to what happened in Iraq.

It's as if the whole film is being played again, with an uncanny tactical precision, almost scary to see the striking parallels.

Even the words used - rat hole, sewage, drain, pipe, spider hole...the superimposition of the same pictures - the naked bodies of Saddam Hussein's sons, those of Muammar Gaddafi's son for public viewing, for scrutiny.

Then the bodies of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, tortured before and after their death, bearing marks of bruises, scratches, blows, kicks, blood...also made available for public scrutiny, the last souvenir photo shot for the family album.

There is also the way of capture - the Americans bombed and caught Saddam in a "spider hole", NATO bombed Sirte and Gaddafi's ended up in a "rat hole".

Another version transpired - NATO troops captured Gaddafi for two days and interrogated/ tortured him then handed him to the tribal rebels. US troops captured Saddam Hussein, interrogated, tortured him and handed him to the Shiite militias.

It seems that Hillary Clinton in her éclair visit to Libya had given orders that Gaddafi be killed. Two days later he was lynched. Granted he did not have the "luxury" of a kangaroo court like Saddam did. There was more expediency, urgency to Gaddafi's murder. Maybe the secrets were heavier and had to be buried fast.

Images of naked bodies, stripped of their clothing, of their dignity is also another common theme betwen Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Bodies investigated, mouths, eyes, chests, lower parts...

Another common thread are the insults and the "Islamic" flavor to it. Shiite militias chanting Allah Akbar and to Hell in Saddam's case. Rebel militias chanting Allah Akbar and to Hell in Gaddafi's.

The reaction of both leaders was the same. One said "do you know what chivalry and manhood are ?!" and the other said - "do you know what right and wrong are ?!"

Then of course - the dancing, feasting around the corpse both in Saddam and Gaddafi's case, the posing for photos and the withholding of the corpse as a trophy, delaying its lawful burial.

But there is more to it.

On the surface of things, you may argue - these are normal reactions of jubilation from a people who have been "oppressed for so long under the most abject of Tyrannies". And there may be some truth in that. However this is far from the true and complete picture.

This is the meat for your own personal consumption, to give you a good clean conscience, that you've done your job of a Humanitarian Imperialist Savior for the sake of Liberty, Dignity and Freedom.

The picture is way larger than those slogans and clichés that you hold so dear to your heart and which has cost us the destruction of sovereign countries and the loss of thousands of lives.

The picture is not only about Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi as such. The picture is found elsewhere...in those little details that you keep missing or overlooking, in those little details that you refuse to acknowledge...

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi for all their ills, shared the same fate - not because they were tyrants but because they said NO to you. Yes, yes, I know they said YES occasionally, but their long term plan was a NO and you knew it. So they had to go.

These were not ailing Mubaraks of Egypt or Alis of Tunisia. Easily replaced by another clique whom you would guarantee power.

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi had to die violently because they knew all about YOUR violence and they knew how to contain it, and fight it back at you.

In their own ways, they were Resisters to you. They knew it, you knew it. Hence they had to not only be lynched but had to be denigrated, humiliated, found hiding in rat and spider holes. You did the same with Che Guevara by the way. Go consult your annals.

But the story does not end here either...because the plan is way more diabolical than just demonizing and vilifying two sovereign leaders.

The symbolism and the message are all too glaring and can't be ignored.

Beside the rat holes and the spider holes, where sovereign leader supposedly take shelter to escape your deadly air power, the fire from the sky, the wrath of the white god, of the Bush of the Obama, of the Sarkozy, of the Berlusconi, of the Cameron...the wrath of the white god from the pure heavens sending his angel of death Hillary Clinton with the order to kill - "we came, we saw, he died " she shrieked with laughter...but since you are a white god and you don't dirty your hands...you do it differently...you pave the way for it.

You pave the way not just for the killing of sovereign leaders who did not abide by your bible, but you also pave the way for the destruction of the many Sodom and Gomorahs, the Babylons of your minds...you have to see them torn to pieces, otherwise how could you justify your existence as a powerful almighty white god on earth - you the divinely inspired slayer of Goliath incarnate.

So like a god, you fawn the fire from above, thunder and lightening....the superiority of your jets against small nations...then in the final picture before the curtain closes, you give it the tour de force, the o' so necessary tour de force -- you throw a mutilated piece of meat to the barking rabid dogs, to the vultures and hyenas who will feast on it until its final breath -- to the chants of Allah Akbar and recitations from the Koran.

You are hoping to strike several birds with one ball of fire.

First, eliminate those who resist you. Second, hand them over denigrated, humiliated, stripped of power to their militias and rebels who happen to love chanting the name of Allah. And third, you prepare the grounds for more bloodshed through sectarian strife like you did when you handed over Saddam Hussein to be lynched by Shiite militias and like when you handed Gaddafi to be lynched by the tribes of Misrata.

Condi Rice, another angel of death of yours, called it - the concept of Creative Chaos.

And just like in Iraq, Libya will go through that same hell...

But the picture does not stop here either.

In order not to dirty your pure white hands, you leave the dirty job to the brown man while you watch the porn film on your smart phone and make sure clips of it go viral watched by millions. That too serves a purpose.

Look at these bearded men, look at these Muslims, look at this savagery, look at this barbarity, this is their God, this is their religion, this is their Allah.

And this is the message you are after, this is the ultimate message you want to deliver, because you as the only true white god cannot accept having associates and cannot accept any partners ascribed to you.

You are indeed the Deity of Hell.

Painting : Iraqi artist Maath Al Alousi - Heads.

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