An Update on my Previous Post.

I just finished watching the Youtube video from Al-Jazeera - ENGLISH --here on events in Ghazni-Afghanistan.

I noticed slight variations from the news I watched yesterday around 8pm on Al-Jazeera ARABIC.

I remember distinctly in the Arabic version, the same elderly person interviewed who features in the English video, said that --- the American troops stormed the Mosque and stomped their boots on the heads of those prostrated, then ransacked the place...he even put his hand to the back of his neck to show the exact location...

The English version does NOT report -- the stomping of soldiers boots on the heads of those prostrated in prayer. And that is a typical American practice as testified by many eventually released, innocent detainees from Kabul, Kandahar and Guantanamo...

How come ?

Imagine you are praying, in the evening or at dawn, you are prostrated in a quasi foetal position, in total surrender, at least physically, vulnerable because of your position, and someone walks in and places their boots on your neck and you can't lift your head up. You are bowing and prostrating to God and some other "human" , tells you by this act that he is in fact your God.

The image is important. You need to think about the image and what it means...

So why this discrepancy in news reporting between the English and Arabic version of the same event ?

Assuming that I heard wrong, about the nationality of the troops and they were indeed Poles and not Yankees, but why did al-Jazeera English omit to say what this elderly man fully witnessed ???

Is it because they do not wish "to hurt the sensitivities of their viewers" ?
Or is it because they are trying to cover up for these American practices ?
Especially bearing in mind the close collaboration you will be seeing in the coming months between the American admin and the "Islamic" Republic of Iran.

Such discrepancies from the same chain must be researched further and would make a good study topic in "Journalism."

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