To Hell with it...

I am seriously considering closing down this blog after having closed down the comment section.

I am sick and tired of receiving on a DAILY basis, emails and messages containing insults, slander, false accusations, rape and death threats.

I do understand that the topics I deal with, may be controversial for some and may provoke some occasional reactions. But this has gone way out of hand.

It started two years ago and the pressure and threats on my physical safety have been anted up to the point where I simply cannot tolerate it anymore...

I have had to deal with witnessing my country and its people being starved, bombed senseless, occupied and totally destroyed and this has been going on since the 90's and that has been "controversial" to me -- to say the least.

And despite my occasional outbursts of anger and at times raw rage, I did not go around threatening to KILL bloggers who did not share my perception of events, angst and grief.

As a matter of fact, I think I have been more than patient and tolerant, with the racists, sexists, slanderers, revisionists (of the Iraqi holocaust)and the rest of the deranged lot...

As a matter of fact, I have been too patient and too tolerant and now I say ENOUGH !

There are thousands of other bloggers around and I doubt any had to put up with the same amount of private and public insults, which don't really affect me in comparison to the rape and death threats that I have been subjected to, on a regular basis, every since my blog became known, talked about and quoted around...

And unlike the majority of the other bloggers, I did not content myself to provide links to pieces of news, but actually invested time, energy and my insides on these virtual times spitting out, at times cajoling and humoring, at times crying it out...on these virtual pages.

I do realize that the goal of this "campaign" is to shut me up and silence me for good. Some for political reasons and some out of sheer jealousy, envy, and spite. All jumping on the same bandwagon of assaults...

That tells and confirms to me that everything I have been writing rang the Truth.

So, I say -- TO HELL WITH IT ALL. I have given more than my fair share. It's been "nice knowing you" all and now the time has come to say GOODBYE.

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