Pink Geishas.

Oh! Pink, pinkie pink, pinkie pigs, pinkie pimps...pinkie ...
Am bloody allergic to pink.

I wrote a post over a year ago, entitled "Pink and Red Clouds". I suggest you read it again, it is an easy read. Won't take much brain work. The post dealt with the current plight of Iraqi women under a dual occupation, American-Iranian.
It spoke of the rape, imprisonment, torture, serious erosion of gender rights, daily male violence perpetrated not only by the U.S soldiers, but also by the representatives of the "new democratic" sectarian government of Iraq and its armed wings, its death squads acting upon Iranian directives.

As I said, it is an "easy" read and you can click here to refresh your memory.

In that post, I also mentioned a group of Yankee "feministas", by the name of Codepink.
A year ago they were selling pink panties and pink nail varnish to help in their "anti-war" effort. hahahahahahaha.

Now Codepink is not really known for being all that anti-war really. They are the Obama the booma crowd. Well, I said it over a year ago, but some commentator, nearly bit my head off, she/he was/is another anti-war "monger". Like how dare I criticize pinkie piggies !

Anyways, when I finished writing the above-mentioned post, I was so disgusted with pink, that a friend sent me a cute picture of a pink dolphin adding "to be reconciled with the color at least." I liked the pink dolphin, and my allergy to pink kind of eased off, however it has made a full-fledged comeback with a frightening intensity.

Guess why ? Pinkie piggies, aka Codepink the Yankee feminists, are in Tehran sucking up to Ahmadinejad in one big slurp, slurp, slurp... Another confirmation of the true nature of the "anti-war" American "left" hahahahaha and a good indicator of on whose payroll they are listed.

Not only these pink piggies Geishas are in Tehran kissing ass, but they also have the fucking audacity to compare Saddam Hussein to the current Iranian theocracy, stating :"I have been comparing the atmosphere here to that of Iraq under Saddam Hussein and here it is very different. People in Iraq were afraid to speak out against Saddam, people in Iran aren’t." - I suppose she means that people in Iran are not afraid to speak out against Saddam Hussein. American brains !

In another diary, the comparison between Saddam Hussein and Hitler is made, plus the whole fabricated lie about weapons of mass destruction used by the Iraqis, is quoted with no questioning, a lie that led to the current occupation of IRAQ not Iran. If anything it is Iran who possesses today weapons of mass destruction. American brains !

Over and above these political blunders, I need to remind the reader that this is a so-called feminist group and this group knows fully well the current condition of IRAQI women under the Shiite theocratic regime from Iran in Iraq.

These bad faithed, idiotic Yankee females, know very well that over 3'000 Iraqi women and that is the official figure have been murdered in cold blood with accusations of immorality by none other than the mullahs and their reps whom these geishas were busy visiting in their "anti-war" effort.
That the number of rapes and torture are staggering. That honor killings, something unheard of during the previous regime, is on the rise, so is burning with acid, forced veiling...and the rest.

In sum a whole backlash has been instigated by both their shitty government, country and people and by Iran and these pinkish piggies geishas have the gall to criticize the previous regime whose members and leaders were assassinated by none other than Zionist America and Iran. Not to mention the thousands of Iraqi women who have been killed, detained, raped, tortured, traumatized, suffered countless losses and grief and rendered destitute and pauperized by this DUAL OCCUPATION - USA/IRAN.

And you ask me why I think the anti-war movement sucks ?!

Have a look at their grotesque diaries online, with their tea and pistachios stories, and how they found sexy pink lingerie and pink table sets for 20$ only - enough to make you puke... Gertrude Bell comes across as a green tenderfoot, novice in comparison.

I will not even mention the fact that Pink Geishas did not even bother to dig below the tea and pistachios surface and see the gross human rights violations that are currently taking place in Iran. For that you may want to read the article by Reza Fiyouzat, an Iranian who wrote on the subject of Codepink in Iran HERE

Enough said. I, seriously ask myself, what is worse - the new misogynists that are currently ruling Iraq or these American feminists ?!

Painting : Iraqi artist, Thamer Al-Nasry.


We really should look into American women's passion, for and fixation with, pink! How ridiculous! I had a good laugh with your post although it's tragic... Hugs, M.
Anonymous said…
Saw this, Layla, and dismissed it as the usual rubbish coming out from this pink panty selling group!! Some women will go to great lengths to get themselves noticed and to bask in the momentary 'glory' on the world's stage. I believe you remember all those 'high profile' meetings in Jordan during early days of Iraq's occupation. They make not one iota of a difference in the grand scheme of things, except, perhaps, have their pictures plastered everywhere! In comparison, there's many, many women all over the world who make a significant difference, working very quietly and effectively.

Reza Fiyouzat's article says it all ...

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
P.S. - If they were genuine, they would not have expressed SURPRISE at the intellect of the people of the East - they'd have known this to be a FACT.

Publicity seekers in the cheapest sense.
Anonymous said…
I do understand your feelings about pink some cases..but if you don't get a rush of words with pink in them
take a good look into " The pinkys show" ..a show hold by the animated black and white catreporter PINKY

It is very interesting and epecially the title ... "The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?"

where you find Pinky investing the war on Iraq according to international laws...

Behind the "cat reporter" is a brave group of american girls supporting Iraq on the hardest..

Go on Layla ...flatten
all nonsens with your KALI

KM said…
Hi Layla

I first sawPink in action on a TV documentary-type program. I believe a few of them were in Japan and they claimed they were there to try to stop another US military base from opening there. the new military base was going to mean that people were going tobe forced to move and the houses demolished to make room for the base.

In the end, they did not stop the base from opening and it actually looked like Code Pink was turning their "mission" into a type of vacation there.

When I first saw of CP going to Iran, I thought, well, I guess it cant hurt...even though I strongly felt that whatever they try to do is in vain and who do they think they are.

After reading yer post here, I see that yes, they can cause harm and they are being retards, ( to say the least ).
bARABie said…
"On Iraq, Haass and Indyk warned against both a "too rapid withdrawal" that could generate renewed instability there and a "too slow withdrawal" that could leave U.S. forces tied down and "unavailable for other priority tasks, including backing (Obama's) diplomacy vis-à-vis Iran in particular with the credible threat of force.""

Layla, was reading this and thought you would be interested in my opinion on the above paragraph.

Let's see, they want to "withdraw" from Iraq so they could have the forces to provide a "credible threat of force" against the safavids BUT supposedly they can't leave IF Iraq has "renewed instability".

Can you see the double talk involved?
There is more to the above paragraph but will leave it here for now.
Anonymous said…
When I said ...//girls supporting Iraq on the hardest//..
that is offcourse to say.. against.. the occupants

and about your resemblence with the Hindu Godess in her
might..that is.. I'm just chearing that personal quality of yours.

End of clearifience

Layla Anwar said…
Hi again Merche,

I responded to you on the previous post. Am a little late with my replies - granted.
The American female passion for pink can be traced back to Barbie and Ken, the all white couple. LOL
Layla Anwar said…
Lil' Deer,

You crack me- the pink panty selling group...hahahahahahahaha
As "third world women with emerging intellects" what color panties should we be marketing ???
Layla Anwar said…

Kali the Goddess of destruction and hopefully am no Goddess....Goddesses need overdoses of flowing kundalinis and these pink Westerners give me a flat libido.
Layla Anwar said…

lol@ being the diaries, makes you want to vomit, but do protect your keyboard first.
Layla Anwar said…

Good point. So basically they are saying - nothing will be done because the stability in Iraq is dependent upon the good will of Iran.
bARABie said…
Layla, exactly!

Plus after killing over 1.2 MILLION Iraqis, they suddenly "care" about the "stability" of Iraq.

There is one thing this talk of attacking the safavids has achieved and that is to distract the public from Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, Just have to respond to this comment of yours: "As "third world women with emerging intellects" what color panties should we be marketing ???"

As 'third world women', these could be the possible scenarios:

There may be no knowledge about panties in the first place :) 'Third world' women would have to wait for their 'first world' "sisters" to come and enlighten them about the use of panties!!! After all, they only possess 'emerging intellect'.

Assuming 'third world' women do use panties, they'd be too busy trying to live and tending to their families (in Iraq, this task would be multiplied many times over because they'd be worrying about the possibility of death, too), and, therefore, have no time to think of the colour!!! A panty is a panty, after all. I also tend to think that pink would certainly not be a choice (unless they were bought for their daughters' dolls!!).

Your reference to Barbie and Ken had me hooting!!!!

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
I like Pink, the ladies mean well - but you must understand all the propaganda the Americas are subkect to makes them think that Iran is a victim and that America really is going to attack it.

However, those ladies are not dumb and a few days in Tehran should show them a bit more about how things work there, they do good and fearless work in DC and will scare the Mullas just by being Pink - and yes I like Pink the singer to :)

When you try to explain to Americans what Iran is really doing in Afghanistan and Iraq you have to go against 20 years of high level propaganda programming - the poor dumb sheep do not know that it is Iran that is doing all the killing for the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Go easy on the Pink ladies and give them time, they are not as stupid as most Americans nor as gullable but they do know how to get though all the propaganda and BS that typical Americans accept as fact.

The question to ask is how such smart and open minded people got fooled by the propaganda, if you were not Iraqi yorself and seen the IRanian mull's death squads in action you might also have been fooled by it to into thinking that Iran was a poor week country being threatened by the Big Bad Americans and their Israeli masters.

Code Pink do not have to prove anything after they screamed "War Criminal" to Condaliza rice:

Code Pink Confronts Condi Rice with Bloody Hands!!

Just understand they are under the same propaganda attack that all Americans are, their MSM is directly propraming their brains - so be patiant and wait till the Pink ladies see the Iranian mullas for what they really are - people who murdered 6 million Muslims for refusing to worshiping elderly Iranian men instead of God.
Anonymous said…
What would a lezbo like you know about either fast or slow withdrawal miss barabie? Unless we're talking about a few fingers and a dildo?
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla

CodePink is CIA controlled and funded just like the feminist movements in the early 60ties and 70ties. But I think you know that already.

Stay strong
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

That was so funny ....loooooooooooool.
Do you want Santa to get you a pink panty so you can be part of the crowd - as an emerging third world woman that is ??? loooooool
Layla Anwar said…

OK so you are in love with pinkies, and you think they are smart and can see through the Bullshit. And I tell you that they ARE, themselves BULLSHIT.
Now if you happen to fancy one of them, this I can't help can I now ? :-)
Layla Anwar said…

Please tell us more about the feminist movement in the 60's and 70's being controlled by the CIA.
I know of the american feminist "thinkers", Friedman, Goldstein, Millett...but I don't know their politics inside the US during that period.
Samson said…
Its more than 20 years of propaganda programming. I'd say about 32. I first remember hearing it before the revolution that overthrew the shah, as the propaganda here started reving up against those who would topple uncle sam's puppet.

You've got me thinking about what went on here in Denver last summer. I saw Cynthia McKinney speak. There was a lot of infighting going on, of which I was only vaguely aware, because Cynthia had appeared at the 'wrong' antiwar march. There had already been a split between the people who wanted to swear off all violence and those who wouldn't rule it out. Cynthia spoke at the more radical march with the groups that wouldn't swear off violence in advance. The march by the way was non-violent anyways in the end.

So, when she spoke here, she talked a lot about COINTELPRO, the FBI operations in the 60s and 70s that infilitrated and disrupted groups. She didn't say it outright, but the implication was that this sort of division within an antiwar movement today could be the result of the same sort of operations. The speach came across to me as a call for unity.

So, I typed COINTELPRO and FEMINIST into Google and came up with this. I know nothing about the site, so no recommendation comes with it.

Could a group like code pink that attracts support, but which manages to be constantly ineffective and sometimes dangerously wrong be because some of its leadership has been infiltrated by a covert op?

Don't know. Just know that I like people-powered groups run from the bottom instead of groups that are run by leaders for just this reason.
charity said…
I wish I could meet you, you seem like an amazing, smart, artistic lady.. I am a Reverend, a woman from America, yes, the disgusting and horrific land of monsters and idiots that you not so fondly speak of. The United States sickens me, but people are people, and we are not all ignorant, heartless fools.

It might sound stupid for me to tell you these things, but I realize that your grief and expressions are sacred. Your writing tells brilliantly, though, about life there, and how our government has assisted in the destruction of your homeland.

Much of your pain... it IS our faults. The people of America, with all of our artificial, clean sanitary culture, and our non communication, and our fear mongering. Even after we voted Bush out of office, though, the assholes just stole the election, and the other guy, John Kerry, was too much of a pussy to fight it.

We took to the streets, hundreds of thousands of us at a time, to protest this disgrace, but our government didn't even acknowledge it. It didn't even make the mainstream media. They told us all sorts of shit about Saddam Hussein that I am sure was not true, and used these lies to make us feel like millions of US were in danger. They invented a "terror alert system" that worked on a color code system that was designed to make us fearful that we would be bombed and killed by germ warfare, diseases that could be spread through the water, food, and air.

Well, after the "biggest redneck, momma's boy, moronic, infantile,retarded, hard cock for big airplanes and killing people, spent all of the money that Americans will be able to produce for the next three generations on war machines for killing innocents, and took revenge on the Arab world for a set up attack on his own people, and we searched and started to find out more and more truth, hundreds of thousands, millions of people flocked to this Nation's capital and to capital cities all over the world to protest Bush and his illegal, immoral, unjustifiable "war on terror" which is a stupid American-ish way of saying "conquest" and "slaughter."

And what the fuck good did it do you? Or those 1.2-1.5 million dead, or the 5 million babies that have no one to care for them anymore? Or for the 2 million people, woman, children, elders, that have had to flee to Jordan and Syria, and now have no sustenance or work? We could scream til our faces were blue, and Bush would just give a sneer or a stupid look and spew some rhetoric about terrorists. Our government clearly does not care about people because they are richer than can be imagined, they are corrupted and sub human.

Don't worry, though. Americans are getting what we have coming to us. Because of Bush, our country is literally bankrupt. Poor people can't get enough food, heat, clean water, medical care. It is because of our selfish ways, because we have pissed off the creator with our ego centric, immoral, artificial pursuits and ignorance and dehumanizing viewpoints. We will get ours, and we are suffering,but we must not be suffering enough, because and still, people refuse to do anything to help themselves, because we are weak here, we are spoiled and weak.

I hope my words have at least validated your suspicions, and for what it's worth, I think you are a fully talented and gifted writer. Please keep writing in just the way you do. Your strong language is a signal that your will cannot be broken..I am grievously sorry that you and your loved ones have suffered so.

Charity Shanks

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