A long American-Iranian Film.

It is about time that our Shiites "brothers and sisters" start joining the cast of a Horror movie, show...

Having been faithful followers and disciples of their criminal, racist Iranian leaders and black turbaned gigolos, I am sure they would make an excellent cast.

An American/Iranian production. Insert a few Zionists for the screen play and the plot, a few "patriotic" shiites from Ze Lebanon, for light and sound, and you might be up for the next Cannes film festival award. Best horror film in decades. You might even get some of the "supporters" to roll the Red carpet for you, all too eager to please.

For how long can anyone believe in their own lies ? Putting mythomania aside, a mental illness, how can anyone survive on lies alone ? Surely there comes a point where Reality has to seep in, breakthrough, no ? Seems not for the foreseeable future. Not insofar as Iraq is concerned. Iraq ? Sorry that was a slip of the tongue. I meant Iran. Oops, sorry no, meant Iraq. Or is it Iran ? Did I not say IRAQ ? Oh well, you choose your camp, NOW.

A prova - prova in Arabic means a rehearsal. The latest prova was from Sayyed Muqtada Al-Driller. The Driller is still in Qum perfecting his theological studies in the art of drilling more Nawaseeb - i.e Sunnis, in particular.

The Hakeem Gang from Tehran, have already perfected the art of murder and rape, and now that they have pillaged the country's wealth alongside the scum Kurds, they are not interested in sharing their power base with the Driller.

Ditto for Maliki, the graduate from Iran, the Dawa terrorist... and God bless whomsoever took the time to translate this article from Arabic to English on al Rabita. For the English version on the "origins" of Maliki, click here and this is a must read. Seriously, you must read this article otherwise, you have no right to pronounce yourself on Iraqi matters, or any other matter that concerns Iran and the US.

So now, the Chief Driller has organized from QUM, a demonstration against the U.S presence in Iraq. Hahahahahahahaha.

Need I remind you all, that this Barbarian alongside his sectarian shiite mates were the ones who landed , helped, collaborated, cooperated with the Occupier - the American-English filth of an Occupier, in its invasion of my Beloved. Not only they facilitated, encouraged, backed and became puppets of the Occupier, they also carried some of the Occupiers dirty work -- IRREVERSIBLE structural demographic changes to Iraq's geography. Call it ETHNIC CLEANSING. Call it GENOCIDE.

The majority of the shiites of Iraq support Iran, if not directly, then through their unconditional support for their Hawza,their so-called theological center of Learning...If one flea ridden cleric, a mullah, a "sayyed", issues a fatwa, or tells them that or the other, they follow blindly...They have become and very much so -- mental, ideological, brainwashed slaves. That is a FACT.

The Hawza in Iraq is fully infiltrated on a theological-ideological level by Iran. And historically Iran has appropriated Shi'ism turning it into something that is non Arab. As if the Imam Ali, Hassan, Hussein, Fatima and Zeinab came from Shiraz and not from the Arabian peninsula. And that makes one wonder if Shi'ism can still be considered a branch Islam at all. Well at least the current type of Shi'ism. Is there any other ? Please come forward.

The current puppet government is fully infiltrated by Iran. Maliki has no less than 60 Iranian advisers working for him. The Hakeem gangsters are a direct branch of the Iranian government. And the Chief driller Al Sadr is another Iranian conducting his anti -US demonstrations from Iran.

I have spoken about full Iranian involvement in the Occupation of Iraq. Ideological, political, military, direct and indirect. Iran is a criminal nation. As criminal as the US and G.B.

If I am to list to you ALL the facets of Iranian involvement since the 90's till this very day, it will take pages and pages of blogging. Those who have followed my blog know what am talking about.

From the poison laced candies found in the markets of Baghdad made in Iran, to the expired drugs, the latest ones being the anti-cholera chlorine, from the poisonous chemicals that Iran dumped and keeps dumping in Iraq alongside the American toxins...From its support to the Zionist backed Kurds, to its arming and funding of death squads, to its direct involvement in the torture, rape and ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Arabs, to its playing a crucial role for the Americans in handing over so called Al-Qaeda insurgents (the latest in line, Iran blames Al-Qaeda in the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Mosul. When the Christians themselves shouted over and over that it is the zionist Kurds who are driving them out) to the millions of oil barrels that are smuggled to Iran free of charge, to opium fields that are covering the whole of southern Iraq with seeds from Iran, to the Muta'a prostitution rings, used for the Hawza clerics, to the fake construction deals all done with Iranian companies....And the list is too long.

So when this son of a whore called Muqtada stages a demonstration against the US presence in Iraq, of course you understand what he really is aiming for, don't you ?
No ? Then you are very thick or of very bad faith.
He is asking for an American withdrawal, so Iraq can be FULLY occupied by Iran ALONE. In other words, no power sharing, no more. Maliki is working along the same lines but is playing it slightly more diplomatically.

My hunch is and my hunches are rarely wrong, if Obama the booma wins, and he will, by a small margin, Iraq will be handed over to Iran. Thus, it makes sense that the US have been asking the dirt Israelis not to bomb Iran. Let me tell you something and hear it well from me, because I am tired of repeating myself.

Neither the US nor the scum Israel will EVER bomb Iran. They know it and Iran knows it too. They have a common enemy, a long term common enemy - The ARABS and the Sunnis in particular.

Remember the beginning of the film ? Al-Qaeda is all Sunni, "Wahabi". The Talibans are all Sunni, "Wahabis. The "Insurgents" -Resistance, in Iraq is all Sunni "Wahabi."
Guantanamo is filled with Sunnis "Wahabis" " Salafists" "Jihadists"...

The beginning of the film - don't ever forget the beginning of the film - The " War on Terror" is a war against these Sunni "Wahabists", "Salafists", "Jihadists" for the most part Arabs.

Notice the association, notice the sharing of roles, notice the development of the plot, notice the cast...Watch the horror that keeps unfolding before your very eyes...

Look at the full screen, the bigger picture. Look, look...Watch this long American-Iranian film produced in Zion.

I will tell you the rest of the plot some other time...Suffice to say for the time being that I dreamt I had a close encounter with Ahmadinejad in Basra. We met in a parking lot, whose grounds were covered in sleek oil. A parking lot filled with huge transport trucks. A parking lot next to the docks, by the port of Shatt Al-Arab, where cargo ships transport oil. It was Ahmadinejad's territory...He moved about with no body guards and no protection. He even offered me a dirty get away weekend to Paris - it's a miracle I did not turn frigid after this dream.
My interpretation: He will strike a deal with the Zionist Sarkozy and Obama will share Basra with him. And that is already being done...behind the cameras.

What a horrid nightmare that was. What a horrid nightmare that is.

A long American-Iranian horror film...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Salah Al-Gharbee.


Anonymous said…
wow. american and iranian film! i love to watch it!
Anonymous said…
I believe your hate for Shia Muslims is blinding you. And you are losing all credibility.

Israel and the US are waging a war against MUSLIMS - both Sunnis and Shias. Both Shias and Sunnis are dying in Iraq because of the invaders. More than 1,200 Shi'ite Muslims died in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict (summer 2006). And here you are hating on your Shia brothers and sisters in Islam rather than trying to unite the Muslims so they can fight their real enemies - US and Israel.

You should be ashamed of yourself. You are the reason why so many innocent people are dying in the ME.
Anonymous said…
Layla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please go back to the comment section of "All about Her" and re-read my comment re "Freudian rebuttal": the man I was praising for having succeeded in turning misfortune into wisdom and understanding of others, especially women, etc. etc. was Saddam Hussein, not Freud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freud was a complete male-chauvinistic moron vis à vis women and an ugly frightening sort of "determinist" to boot, and my point was that the President's personal story proves it.

Nobody is "doomed", hence nobody is justified, to become a bad person him/herself just because he/she was treated badly by others or by destiny earlier in life - a lesson of self-determination, fortitude and dignity he (Saddam) offered to all victims of this world, including those American crybabies who consider themselves "victims" of their government, society and culture and think that is enough to justify their crimes or their passivity.

That's all !
Anonymous said…
Would be nice to exploit this tension about "power sharing" between the two partners in crime...persuade the Americans that they no longer need Iran's help, sow doubts about Iran's trustworthiness in the long run, flatter them with the prospect of absolute power over the ME, give them (fake) guarantees of "good behavior"...and once the alliance is shattered and the Iranian collaborationist apparatus is dismantled, we would take up arms again and would then have only one front left to fight on...

Just an idea, so to keep the brain working.
Anonymous said…
anonymous said...
"Israel and the US are waging a war against MUSLIMS"


Israel and the US are waging war against EVERYONE WHO STANDS FOR UNITY - be they Muslims or whatever else.

Separatist Muslims are/were always their best friends and armed-to-the-teeth pawns against in turn Serbia, Russia, India etc. etc., wherever they need to create a divided and weak geo-political area.

For your information, Iraq under Saddam, the sharpest thorn in the US/Zionist eye, was a SECULAR country in which Islamic fundamentalism (both Shiite and Wahhabi) was severely repressed and an individual citizen's religious beliefs were a private matter.
Anonymous said…
then why dont suicide bombers go and blow up specific targets in teheran and qum ?
Anonymous said…
Miss Layla, being a poet, renames them "hunches" and "dreams"...how quaint.

But in fact they are called INSIDE INFO ;-)
Anonymous said…
KMWR--I know this comment does NOT belong with this blog entry, but, I just wanted to say that I went to youtube looking for more Munir Bashir pieces and found plenty. Very, very beautiful. I have not been able to listen to ALL the pieces, yet, but, I will go thru them slowly. One, in particular, so far, happens to appeal to me very much, Taqsim Rast. There's an aspect about the instrument and the music which is "reminiscent," a flavor, to me of Ravi Shankar concerts. Very nice respite.
bARABie said…
With a bad movie, one can return it/dump it/destory it but how does one do that to this movie????

(I posted this on the previous thread by mistake)
Sinbad said…
Agrees with Barbie how one trashes such a movie ?

Your wish is my command, whatever knowledge I have of sailing I will pass it on to thy lady.

How can I dare to say NO! She is the Queen of words and I am just an ordinary sailor.
Anonymous said…

By "No hard feelings" I was only referring to any stupid comments I made in the comments section of this blog. I was not talking about any bigger important issues.
Anonymous said…
BTW, it wasn't the money that changed my mind, it was meeting a female Iraqi refugee who's life & family was destroyed who's is as tough and unforgiving as you who changed my mind.
Anonymous said…
arigg here ` us organisms here on earth are supposed to be living balanced WITH the earth - not trying to rape her of all her goods (gold, oil, etc.) ~ we're not supposed to be using fossil fuels - all manmade b.s. sunni, christian, shiite, muslim, jew - all manmade b.s. to keep the masses controlled. peace out and just a fellow human bean - keep posting Layla, u rock on lady.
Anonymous said…
On your other blog you asked where have all the "good men" gone off to.

The answer is: some under ground and some others underground...
Anonymous said…
Muqty in Qom; Layla in Beirut.


But I've heard that they're dating each other online. When they do get together for hot-and-heavy (and I mean really heavy) intercourse, Layla better get on top. If she's under him, Fatso might crush her. At least she'll be in the arms of a bearded A-rab.

Anonymous said…
Empty-headed, dim-witted, unintelligent Jeffrey is back ... spewing only what he's best at - gutter language.

Instead of worrying about Layla, etc., how about your enrolling in kindergarten and starting some real education? It's common knowledge that standards of education are pretty low in your part of the world, but you could give it a try - may help to raise your IQ just a little, even if it's trying to read 'My Pet Goat', like your 'celebrated' leader?

In solidarity, Layla.
Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

I think Jeffrey turns his pc upside down to read Layla's blog !!!

Anonymous said…
Speaking of those few enlightened Shiites left, I think someone (you, Paola Pisi, Ladybird, Wafaa, or others) should contact Mohammed Al Sahhaf in the UAE and persuade him to join the Internet Media struggle.

I knew the invasion plunged him into a deep depression, but now it's time for him to raise his head again and put his remarkable experience in the communications field at the cause's service.

It would be a real bombshell in terms of strategy improvement and morale.
Anonymous said…
you think this war between sunni and shiia would end by now, its only been going on for the past 1000 years...

what is the solution?
Anonymous said…
That's really funny, anti-ignorance!!! Yes, it would have to be the pc upside down, just like how Bush was reading 'My Pet Goat'!!!

I've laughed heartily at your comment - thank you!
Anonymous said…
May Allah help Iraqi peoples.
Sinbad said…
Well done to a stunning performance hats off to you little dear.

The sailor seconds her motion to reply comprehensively to Jeff.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

the bad faithed one. I think I know who you are, the Hezzie "lover". Your colors never fail to shine through.
Anyways "dearie", Israel and Ze Lebanon are about to sign a long term peace treaty. Iran gave its blessings. So kindly fuck off. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…

I am sorry, I must have misunderstood you or did not read your comment properly. I get your point now. I think we do agree on that matter.
Layla Anwar said…

I think that sounds good. Any chance of your applying it, since you used the proverbial "we"?
Layla Anwar said…

Glad you found Munir Bashir. Yes he was and still is the best in Oud, he far surpasses N. Shamaa who used to be his student, even though Shamaa has become too arrogant to give credit when credit is due.
Layla Anwar said…

One does one do with this movie ?
Good question.
Change the cast, by force and end the production.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 3

Actually there was NO WAR between Shias and Sunnis in Iraq prior to the Occupation. Fact.
Layla Anwar said…

Maybe you ought to contact him and suggest he starts a blog.
Layla Anwar said…

Too funny about the pc turned upside down. Jeffrey the Jeeffa, still stinking huh ?
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Nadia Khan and thank you for visiting and your Dua'a.
Layla Anwar said…

many thanks for depressing the shit out of me.
Layla Anwar said…
American woman,

Yes I understood that no hard feelings was regarding the blog comment section and my previous reply was tailored accordingly. Bigger issues ? Each Iraqi whose life has been destroyed is a bigger issue.
As for your change of heart, did it really need to take 5 million refugees for you to come to your senses ? And this is a question I pose to every single American or Brit whose had a change of "vision", and are now crying wolf.

One last thing American woman, how forgiving would you have been had you been in the situations you encountered re.Iraqi refugees ?
Anonymous said…

Lady bird????????????????????
Did you read her blog?
In the last months lady bird has turned into a pro-sadr propagandist, and now the driller is her idol.
bARABie said…
"In the last months lady bird has turned into a pro-sadr propagandist, and now the driller is her idol."

What else does one expect from an idiot who once posted that hakim died?
Anonymous said…
Iran's death squads murdered over one million Iraqis - fact.

Iran's death squads murdered million in Afghanistan - still at it to.

Iran's death squads hate all Arabs, Palestianains especialy - if they deny it just ask them about Sabra and Shatilla and the Iraqi Palestianians - even the Israeli Zionists Rabbis are more human and kinder than the Iranian mullas.

Iran's death squads are Israeli trained and armed (Iran-Contra afair).

Iran's death squads now rule Afganistian and Iraq and they are trying to destroy Lebanon and Yemen to.

Iran will soon become a Muslim nation again - till then the Khomayne worshipers can lie as much as they want - they will go where all murderers go, stupid gits could try to read the Quran instead of murdering millions of Muslims to please their White European and American Masters.
Kosta said…
American Woman

Your tune has changed; much.
I’m heartened by your enlightenment and opening up to humanity.

If nothing else, we must all bear witness to the truth; albeit too little, too late; and that goes for me too.


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