Les Bonbons...

I don't have a sweet tooth, so candies are neither my weakness nor my vice...

I am always delightfully amused when I observe kids eyeing the shelves of a sweet shop. You can tell from their eyes that they want it all - every single candy, chocolate bar, lollipop there is...I guess the palette of colors they are presented with, their wrappings, tickles something in them -- the taste of Sweetness.

I remember when I was a kid, I had the same feelings when passing by a sweet shop or the local kiosk. My mom was adamant about not letting her girl suck on colored candies and lollipops. She would say -- You are not having any of that, it is all artificial.

As a kid, I frankly did not care what was artificial and what was real. The colored candies/bonbons fitted my universe, they were an intrinsic part of it.

And the minute she had her back turned, or whenever the occasion presented itself, I would take the little coins I had diligently saved and go and buy one of those bright pink bonbons/candies that tickled your nose with their flavor and stain your tongue for days - to the utter displeasure of my mother.

I am not quite sure why candies have been on my mind. It may have to do with listening to a classic satirical song by Jacques Brel called les Bonbons, produced in the 60's during the Vietnam era. But that clip reminded more of the anti-war clowns than anything else...

So am digging hard to find out why this sudden obsession with candies, pink ones in particular.

It is probably due to something that crucified Ahmad later on mentioned, when he said to me "I forgot to tell you that in the Southern detention camp, there were over 900kids, aged between 7 and 16. They were used as human shields should the "insurgents" attack the prison." Ahmad also said, and I believe Ahmad because everything he has recounted is corroborated, that these kids were subjected to all sort of maltreatment i.e Torture. Your brave boys were/are convinced that these kids had inside information on the Resistance.

Mind you this is not the first time I hear such stories. Seymour Hersh did blow the whistle a while back when he corroborated Ahmad's story -- that the Pentagon has videotapes of boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison. “The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking” he said.

More corroborating statements concerning the sexual torture of children at Abu Ghraib were made by the surviving prisoners themselves. The following is an excerpt from a statement provided by Kasim Mehaddi Hilas, Detainee #151108, on January 18 2004:

“I saw [name deleted] fucking a kid, his age would be about 15 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [name deleted] who was wearing the military uniform putting his dick in the little kid’s ass. I couldn’t see the face of the kid because his face wasn’t in front of the door. And a female soldier was taking pictures. The sodomizer [name deleted], I think he is [deleted] because of his accent, and he was not skinny or short, and he acted like a homosexual (gay). And that was in cell #23 as best as I remember.”

The following is another testimony of sexual torture of Iraqi children from a statement provided by Thaar Salman Dawod, Detainee #150427, on January 17, 2004:

“I saw lots of people naked for a few days getting punished in the first days of Ramadan. They came with two boys naked and they were cuffed together face to face and Grainer was beating them and a group of guards were watching and taking pictures from top and bottom and there was three female soldiers laughing at the prisoners. The prisoners, two of them, were children. I don’t know their names.”

I personally remember about a year ago, I too, saw something on youtube which was quickly removed. It was an interview with an Iraqi doctor filmed in a hospital in Baghdad. I tried finding this video again to no avail.

I remember a particular scene that will never leave my mind. A militia man, an armed Shiite, brought in a boy not older than 12 with a huge open blistered chancre/sore on his buttock. The doctor asked the boy if the sore was painful, the boy's face was blood shot red and stuttered and said yes with his eyes.. He was terrified. The doctor then said, after this particular medical consultation - " We see so many horror stories, and we know what is taking place but we dare not ask questions. The armed militia man had obviously kidnapped and detained the boy you just filmed."

Since, a few reports came out, confirming that children as young as 7 were detained and tortured and raped /sodomized by both the American forces and the Shiite militias.

The official figure is around 2000 kids, I know the figure is much higher. And I need to add that these kids as it just so happens are children belonging to Iraqi/ Arab Sunni families. The latest in the series of your brave liberation is a video that can be watched here.

I have already covered in previous posts the subjection of Iraqi children to all kinds of abuse from trafficking, to pedophile rings, to sex slavery, to drugs, to street life, to lack of every basic necessity, to orphanages that are more like torture prisons, to destitution, to poverty, to disease, to abandonment and neglect. 5 million orphans is your trophy of Liberation - civilized ladies and gentlemen.

But today I am specifically referring to Iraqi children detained and tortured by the "official" authorities - the Americans and the sectarian Iranian Shiite government.

And here I want to stress the latter. I find it imperative to stress the latter. Namely that the Americans and the puppet sectarian Iranian government with its armed militias are detaining, sodomizing and torturing Iraqi kids. They are sodomizing, raping and torturing Iraqi children. They are sodomizing, raping and torturing Iraqi childhood.

Add this to your liberating democracy of 5 million orphans, and you will get a full picture of what Iraqi childhood is all about. Not mentioning the million of Iraqi refugee kids living in tents or in neighboring countries, humiliated, insulted, lacking, with no access to schooling or medical treatment, or prostituting themselves...

This is your "Freedom and Democracy - Ladies and Gentlemen."

It started off with poisoned bonbons/candies being imported from Iran and then candies thrown from American Humvees and tanks to begging children, thrown like you throw a bone to a rabid hungry dog and ended in those little ones being raped and tortured by none other than You.

So pedophiles, child molesters, child abusers, where are your cries of indignation now ?

How come I did not read any of your politically correct, twisted, hypocritical analysis on the consequences of being butt fucked by Americans and by the "poor oppressed Shiites" at the age of 7, by your "liberators" ?

How come you did not arrange for a panel of your fucked-up pedantic child therapists to discuss the matter ?

How come you did not cry out sexual abuse ? How come you did not cry out - a raped childhood ?

How come you did not bring your other category of fucked-up disgraceful whores of academics to discuss the long term consequences of being a child in the "new Iraq" ?

Had any Arab, Muslim or Iraqi done that to any of your kids, you would have personally murdered him on the spot.

But then you have done that already, haven't you ? You have murdered the dreams, the illusions, the candy shop owner, the family, the mother, and the child...

You have raped and murdered all the innocent ones. Millions of them...

So I was telling you -- the pink candies were the best, they tickled your nose and stained your tongue and left a taste of everlasting Sweetness in your mouth...
But that was a long time ago...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Hashim Hanoon, 2006


i am speechless...May God have mercy on your soul Saddam Hussein.
Anonymous said…
We Americans deserve to have our country blown to hell for what we have allowed to happen.

Our time is coming. The natural order of things is already set into motion.

We are bankrupt financially. We are over-extended militarily. We are committing the greatest crime against humanity ever in the world with our depleted uranium munitions. We are socially destroying more than anyone in the 21st century by far and we are spiritually bankrupt by all analyses.

Monitor petrocollapse from a pro-humanitarian and logical viewpoint here if you are brave enough --> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ArkBuilders_org/
Anonymous said…
Today's post has been very difficult to read, Layla. In addition to the heartache, I am consumed with rage about the horrors that these barbarians from USA/Iran, etc., have brought to Iraqi children. It's evident that the Conventions on the Rights of the Child are applied selectively; however, if one studies the abuse of the children, paedophiles and child abusers originate from this sick land where self-gratification is the order of the day - the CRC was, most likely, created with their own abusers in mind. Bastards.

I'm not one to curse, but the children of Iraq are an exception: may the criminals who have hurt Iraqi children see the wrath of God on generations of their own children - because that is the only way that they will learn what it feels like to see the hurt and pain of a child. I don't believe they will get away with it. Damn them all.

In solidarity.
KM said…
TRULY Sickening and Disgusting. What breeding ground has been opened and left to florish that is destroying not only the physical, but the inner most parts of the mental and spiritual.

How can ANYBODY with conscience be 'proud' of Any of this? They Can Not.

..and still, as Iraq is being played out.....the talking heads of American Main Stream 'News', talks of the Russian aggression, the invasion and occupation of Georgia and the numbers killed there...being publicly blinded by what has been done to Iraq and all the lies being told about Iraq.

The 'US' has the minset of ...* what I see in me......I hate in thee *

What? Is THIS what the World needs or demands? Lying, blood thirsty, perverted 'leaders'? They abuse decency, morality and even speech itself.

* I have a degree in computer programming. Writing a program requires a flowchart that follows step by step logic....basically YES / No questioning that moves the logic forward to reach an outcome or an answer. If one was to write a computer program on 'US' logic or even the steps the US haqs taken towards Iraq..it would not work..it would NEVER work. It would not work as it is by using all the reasons for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. It would work though if theft, murder, lies, perversions, greed and so on were used....and not this bringing 'freedom, democracy and liberation.'
Anonymous said…
Ahh the hipocricy of the ME.

I love how the wealthy Arab world has utterly failed in its responsibility to protect it's poorest and most vulnerable members.

Sure, they can spit venom at the Israelis... but I guess they're too busy buying mansions and custom A380's to actually do good in the world.

And justice? Tell that to the groups of men who gang-rape women who DARE to marry for love rather than obey their domineering families and accept a match.

Oppression, hipocricy, idiocy...well done indeed. Squandering the most immense natural wealth imaginable...truly inspiring.

Sure, the West/America is far from perfect...but I don't remember seeing people lining up to emmigrate to Syria...Saudi...Iraq...

PS - what about the Palestinians? Surely with all their rhetoric of Arab solidarity the gulf states could actually put a few billion dollars towards helping others rather than building absurd buildings *cough* burj dubai *cough* or lining their own pockets. But hey, guess you can't expect much from the neuveau riche. Savages with bulging wallets can't be expected to be too prudent in their spending.
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHA I just found this blog!!! It's like an arab Ann Cultur.
Anonymous said…
anonymous 17/8/08 10:33 PM aka barbarian murderous genocidal mental castrato jewnazi psychopath...
KM said…
The first thing to do is to get 'US interests' out of the US's foreign policy handbook.

What exactly are these 'interests' and to what extent has the US gone to to see that they remain in Their control? Its obvious.

The US government is a corporate entity and you nor I have control of it. Obama & McCain are corporatists that see to it that the International corporate interests will be met or be maintained.

It is a failure at many levels and accross the board.

On a side note- Russia should not budge or move one single bit. They are in a position to block these US interests and they should...they have a right because the US is a threat.

The US was not attacked by Iraq yet look at the scene. Russia however IS being threatened openly.

If the US actually had proof that they are a leader of justice, morality, with respect and dignity, then that would be one thing, but the proof is that the US is not...either at home or overseas.
KM said…
* you nor I have NO control over it

KM said…
The Mid East has no governemnt that has attacked the US soil for 'interests'. No Mid East country has vast military equipment on our soil or an army her the way the US does in the Mid East and around the World.
onix said…
It's terrible but don't forget the perspective,the world is bigger then irak, the relation of war violence and abuse is structural.
i was coming here cus i thought it wud cheer me up. you failed that in the worst possible way.
I didnt even read through the whole, to many
"you"'s when for me the world is more like the (lucky) few against the rest for these matters.
KM said…

Iraq is a part of the World. Its 'parts' of the World that make a whole.

If one goes about overlooking part after part, then what is left? Its lost.

Perhaps the best the World has to offer is long in the past now.
Anonymous said…
Hello Layla, nice to see the nuance in your writing.
I doubt you missed much in your 'time-off'...
Hope you had a nice time. Looks like it.
When i read something you write, i rejoice.
"I weigh your dirt and I blow it away with one sacred breath, in the temple of my rendered nothingness. And I see your dirt being carried away, scattered away, cleansed by the winds..."

I am glad...
may that sacred breath never end.
Anonymous said…
To Annonymous: 17/8/08 10:33 PM

"Sure, the West/America is far from perfect...but I don't remember seeing people lining up to emmigrate to Syria...Saudi...Iraq..."


Yes, because the countries you mention are being plundered and looted by the US and the only people descending on these lands are the hoardes of barbarian soldiers, etc. If these countries were left alone to be led by democratically elected governments (and not US stooges), people may have been lining up to emigrate there. By the way, if one looks closely enough, all the plum jobs in Dubai, Qatar, etc., are mainly being occupied (pun intended) by US/Western citizens. In Iraq, USans are falling over their faces trying to put up high rise buildings, hotels, disneyland, etc. And DON'T TELL ME THAT THEY ARE DOING THIS TO BRING 'DEMOCRACY' AND A BETTER LIFE TO IRAQIS - IRAQIS DON'T NEED TO BE TAUGHT CIVILISATION. Only here (in Iraq), they'll have to get past Iraqi Resistance!
Anonymous said…
"If these countries were left alone to be led by democratically elected governments (and not US stooges), people may have been lining up to emigrate there."

PLEASE! That would be amazing, incredible, the perfect solution. I hope and pray that democracy will be brought to these lands, that freedom equality and equal rights will be reality and not just a dream.

I know the House of Saud can't wait to relinquish its power! And I'm sure the clerics are just ITCHING to allow free secular elections! Come to think of it, the democratically elected government of Iran looks like it's doing a wizz-bang job of respecting rights of its citizens, and living in peace and harmony with its neighbours. What a glorious land of opportunity!

Yes, shame on the West. We really are the source of all your troubles. 100% our fault. Mea culpa.


You people are morons. So stupid that you deserve to be run into the ground by US corporate interests. You have nobody but yourselves to blame if you can't even figure out that your own societies are as much at fault as the geopolitical wranglings of the US et al. Any nation that can produce thugs who scream ALLAHU AKBAR as they hack the head off defenceless prisoners is at least as twisted as the military industrial complex of the USA.

Honestly though, I really do wish democracy ruled the ME. Maybe then we could actually get along and learn something from each other. Oh well. It's fun to pretend.
Anonymous said…
The M.E will have to get democracy, Palestine will be liberated despite Israel, despite America - only then will there will be peace on earth.

There are religions that make it holy to harm others and destroy them however inocent they are, make it blessed to kill and steal - you can see them all like vultures in Iraq. Iran's mullas, Israels rabbis and Americas priests watch with glee any misery on earth and demand more from their dumb worshipers for their beloved satan - an example I picked up from a zionist site about one of their blood masters:

In his book The War Against the Terror Masters (St. Martin’s Press, 2002), Michael Ledeen, ex-Pentagon
consultant and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, stipulated that
Americans must "reconcile our democratic values with the necessity of imposing our will” in
order to “bring down the terror regimes, beginning with the Big Three: Iran, Iraq, and Syria.”
Having dispensed with this triad, the United States would then target Saudi Arabia.

“Stability is an unworthy American mission,” insisted Ledeen.

“We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and even in Saudi Arabia: we want things to change. The real issue is not whether, but how to destabilize. … Creative destruction is our middle name. …
Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity which menaces their
traditions … and shames them for their inability to keep pace … we must destroy them to
advance our historic mission.”

The Lord Of Lies talks, and the white zionists Idiots listen and worship him in wonder - dumb shits can go to hell.
Anonymous said…
Countries, religions, democracies, regimes, doctrines, ideologies,ethnic groups, political parties, egos, inferiority complexes, emotional disturbances,and the lack off,the suckers, the whistle blowers and the rest of, AND
Don't worry Layla, you can carry on your emotional suck-up, pretend that you care,make everyone believe that it is only YOU who is suffering, that is IF you are suffering, cause you have never responded to FALLEN LEAVES, and I donot believe for one second that you care!!!!!!!!!!!!AUCCHHHHH, must be the nail in your ITALIAN high heels!!!!!!!
And everything that is grotesque comes from your part of the world,
must be the effect of CIVILIZATIOPN CRADDLING!!!!!!!!!
And don't let me repeat myself, KEMALISM is an insight, it does not DAWN unto every single human being!!!!!
Anonymous said…
"Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity which menaces their
traditions … and shames them for their inability to keep pace … we must destroy them to
advance our historic mission.”

He's right, at least about the creativity... the golden age of the Islamic world is long past. The fact that a young, 'immoral' culture can produce such amazing things (the internet, vehicles, etc) is a constant reminder of the inadequacy of their own nations. Corruption and ignorance have cost the ME dearly...but that's how it goes.

"We must destroy them to advance our historical mission." Nah. Let them rot. Leave them to their own devices, let them see how far they'll go. Cheer on the Taliban! I'm sure they'll come up with new theories of astrophysics. Huzzah for the Ayatollah! I'm sure he'll invent a new and improved iPod any day now.

Bunch of fools. Condemning their people to nasty, brutish lives trapped by their own ignorance. The ME can rage all it wants, the world has left them behind. If it wasn't for the oil, we'd just leave them all to die...like we have the forgotten nations of Africa.

Your rage changes nothing. You have lost. Your only chance is to walk the way of peace, bury the hatchet with the israelis (although they are the ones who should make concessions, they truly are villains), embrace a secular society and so enjoy the fruits of modernity. Let there come a day where Damascus or Baghdad are once again incredible centers of knowledge and tolerance!

But so long as people like Layla... that day will not come. Put your house in order, and the West will treat you as partners. Continue along your current path of religious zealotry and astonashing corruption, and you'll get what you deserve: domination.
Anonymous said…
And REALLY, Kemalism is an insight, which YOU the miserable CUNT, will never be aware of!
Anonymous said…
And you the miserable anonymous, Layla's sucker,go get a sticker!!!
Anonymous said…
And you the miserable anonymous, Layla's sucker,go get a sticker!!!
Anonymous said…
And you the miserable anonymous, Layla's sucker,go get a sticker!!!
Anonymous said…
By the way, I am referring to you, in so many simple words, as the miserable cunt, Layla Anwar....
KM said…
"Democracy" ha..as if THAT is the answer. Pick yer criminals to run the people.
KM said…
China is the future. The days of 'the West' are over and if it was not ( has been ) for Mid East oil..'the West' would have been riding mules.
Anonymous said…
"China is the future. The days of 'the West' are over and if it was not ( has been ) for Mid East oil..'the West' would have been riding mules."

So would the Chinese.
KM said…
Russia defeated Hitler.
The uS got its ass whiped in Vietnam and has really accomplished nothing with North Korea.
Iraq had NO military to speak of yet has managed to handle the 'coalition' and is now gonna renew the oil contract it had previously established with China.
Russia repelled the US in Georgia.
KM said…
China is establishing contacts thru other means other than the end of a gun and sanctions.

The US has lost credibility and performance.
Anonymous said…
Candies are finished, so what.

We can find something else to replace them, can't we ?

Layla Anwar said…

Amen to that...
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Little Deer,

Thank you for a great comment. You are probably one of the very few ones who really knows and understands...
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…

from some of the comments on this post and the following you, you can assess for yourself the depth of denial, arrogance and deceitful...EVIL indeed.
Layla Anwar said…

from some of the comments on this post and the following you, you can assess for yourself the depth of denial, arrogance and deceitful...EVIL indeed.
Layla Anwar said…
one of the anonymouse here.

It is Hypocrisy , please learn how to spell. Thanks.
Layla Anwar said…

Good comment and a good job at exposing these satanic people...
Anonymous said…
Your poison is aimed at Shi'a. It's biased beyond belief. You are fuelling sectarian hatred, there is nothing but violence and hate in what you write. You should be ashamed of yourself. I cannot believe the The New York Times has this raving rubbish as a blog link.
Layla Anwar said…

You bad faithed, revisionist of the genocide within a grander genocide. The genocide of the Sunnis within the grander Iraqi genocide, where the population of Baghdad alone (sunni) dropped from 43% to less than 20%, thanks to the work and unleashing of the shiite militias fueled by the most abject racism and chauvinism...
And paid by Iran who coopted the majority of the backward stupid followers willing to extract vengenance for something that happened over 1000 years ago.Khadija, you ignorant retard, you have no shame and no decency and ZERO intellectual and political integrity.

I actually loathe it when people like yourself give themselves pseudo of a religious nature.

Go to hell NOW !
Anonymous said…
i couldnt have put it better myself
Anonymous said…
I have read your comments for years. You are the most vile, contemptible lying bitch that ever existed. I also see that you also make up your own responses to your blogs, just as you make up the "facts" that you write in them. Iraq definitley deserves someone better than you to write about it. You're still pissed that you lost your position of prestige when Saddam was thrown out and hung. Suffer bitch.
Anonymous said…
I hear that the collaborator Maliki is doing the Bush's bidding again. I am horrified to hear of the suffering of these Iraqi orphans. May god save them like he saved Moses and may they lead their people to the freedom. May god save them like he saved Jozef and have them rule mercifully over the evil ones.
I hope Ahmadinejad and his gang don't sell out to the evildoer Bush.
Anonymous said…
In the American Conservative Magazine ( http://www.amconmag.com/pdfissue.html?page=12&Id=AmConservative-2008aug25&s=medium#p ), there is an article about the plight of the Iraqi women and children. I wonder, how can I help? Except campaigning for the end of the Iraqi Genocide, how can I, as an Iranian opposed to the Iraqi War, help?
Layla Anwar said…
lol @ the anonymous jealous cunt.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for the link...Will check it out and forward it widely if I find it to be appropriate.

You said in your comment that you are hoping that Ahmadinejad and co will not give in to the West...

So are you saying that by helping and collaborating with the Americans and the Brits and by conducted genocide alongside these dogs, in Iraq, the Iranian government is anti-imperalist ?

Hahahaha, please don't make laugh more...
Unknown said…
Allah says in the quran The religion of islam will prevail over all other religions however much the disbelievers loathe it And the more the usa attacks the muslims the more people are coming to islam Wa raita alnas yadkhuluna fee deen allah afvaga And allah has prepared hellfire for the disbelievers whose fuel will be men and stones
ihsan what you have said is wonderful but you are a typical pakistani i might say
Sinbad said…
Sweet indeed. keep it up Layla.

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