" The Wretched of the Earth "

WARNING - This post may offend some of your "sensibilities."

What a wonderful title, a classic from F.Fanon. I do not wish to get into a critique of the book right now, but the overall idea is still very valid and applicable today. I read that the Pentagon makes it a compulsory reading in order to understand Iraq better...

But you see, I read Fanon from a different angle, from the other side of the fence.

As a matter of fact, this title has been on my mind for the past days, popping in and out and sometimes nudging me with urgency. I am not quite sure what prompted it.

Reviewing the past few days, I guess it must have been triggered by the sight of some English breed grazing around...

Some of my readers have raised a valid question in the past, they asked " How come your posts don't specifically address the English ?" I recall one of my replies - "It is because I hate them so much."

I am better acquainted with the English mind set than the American one, for historical reasons. My knowledge of the American mind set only came later on...
For me, the American mind set is nothing but the bastard child of the English and the Irish, for that matter.

I have a theory about the English and I have checked it through and through, almost like in an empirical fashion - namely that whatever the English say or do, they will remain a tacky, dull and cheap race, regardless of their class and/or status.

It is NEVER an understatement, to affirm that the English are INHERENTLY RACIST. Racism, of the most insidious, malignant kind is wired into their genes. So by correlation, they are a hopeless case and a dangerous one too.

If compared to the French, this latter is a piece of cake. With the French it is too obvious, glaringly evident. I usually blame it on some Latin temperament that finds it difficult to keep the mask for too long.

The English on the other hand are snakes. And not some beautiful cobra either, just a black, ugly, slimy viper, the ones you find laying by the river beds, feeding off garbage. Yes, the English are garbage, a garbage one cannot even recycle. So much for environmental friendly !

By now, the reader is probably wondering what on earth took place that merits such a caustic introduction. Because it is but an introduction to my least favorite subject - the English in particular and the "White race" in general.

What took place? You mean apart from the criminal, murderous occupation of my country by the American cheap whores and their forefathers, the filthy matron, the English ?
Or maybe you think this is just a side note to be easily overlooked, to be relegated to the annals of history ? No such thing in my book.

So I was saying, the sight of the English cattle grazing around triggered it all off, all over again...

It all started by the pool, seeing those white pimpled bodies floating. A wave of nausea started in the pit of my stomach and grew into a strong urge to vomit, as events unfolded...

Omar suggested we go to the pool. So we did. Three pools, one for the kids, one for the adults and another smaller one hidden behind the trees for the adults who need some peace and quiet. I sure did. So we agreed on the third one.

The minute I walked in, I noticed half a dozen of English colonizing the place. I mean COLONIZING. Of course I could tell they are from this wretched race because of their horrible accents. Omar and I were babbling on in Arabic - normal, it is our land and our language, after all. Two of the English tacky tramps stared at us with a frown and they sneered, the way the English sneer, as if I did not know how they sneered...raising their eyebrows as if to say...

We found our place by the pool, amongst the colonizers. The third one huffed the way the English huff, as if to say - this is our territory, what is an Arab doing here ? Omar and I were the only Arabs, so it seemed...

Sensing all this around me, I decided to ante up my voice and speak as loud as they did - in my land, in my language. A deliberate loud voice punctuated with English words, and a quasi-hysterical laughter, just to bug the shit out of them.

Omar understood the dynamics, he is no stupid Arab. So he played along with me...And occasionally we would throw a few debasing glances their way and giggle discreetly making sure they noticed...

After a good 20 mn of bugging them, Omar went for a swim, and I was left alone in this jungle of white predators.

The two women, the ones I had the misfortune of spotting at first, started all over again... I could see them from the corner of an eye and feel their poisonous, venomous energy darting my way. English tacky tramps, that no amount of travelling and tourism will ever change. English tacky tramps imbued with the Woolworth, Mark & Spencer's, Woman's Own, Daily Mail...mentality, that absolutely no amount of anything will ever change. But hey, am reserving a special one for White women travelling "East". Do stay tuned on that one, because I have lots to tell you...

One English bloke, and this is what they are, blokes not men, with his wife, who looked like a Yorkshire terrier, called the waiter and ordered a drink, because this is what the English do best - drink. I remember seeing them drink beer from a shoe and they considered that "fun".

Did you also notice that English people look like dogs. The wife looked like a Yorkshire terrier, he looked like Bulldog, the two tacky tramps looked like Poodles and another looked like this dog that resembles a sausage, a Basset, I think it's called. Do have fun experimenting with this, and am sure you will find veracity in my observation and the canine parallels will be all too obvious.

Anyway, I was saying the English bloke ordered a drink and at first he seemed to talk with a plum stuck up his ass. A few drinks down the line and the accent underwent transformations with "oy, iya and wot"

The Yorkshire terrier wife trying to be friendly with her "subjects", and feigning interest in her "subordinates" (I wish the English tarts will stop imitating their queen, they absolutely look fucking ridiculous) struck a conversation with the waiter.

- Wot's your nayme then ?
- Him nearly on the floor bowing, stuttering and grinning - Abdul, madam
- Wot?
- Abdul, madam.
- Abduul? That's short for wot ?
- For Abdallah, madam.
- Is that a religious nayme then. Is it liyke from your religion then ?
- Yes madam, it means Allah's servant.
- Oriyght, I see wot you mean now.

I am not sure how the conversation took a turn and the Yorkshire terrier said

- You know, we got the story of Jonas and the whayle in our book, in our religion, in Christianity.

So Christianity is YOUR religion now ? Like your exclusive religion, Mrs Yorkshire terrier ? OK so you're telling us you have exclusive monopoly over Christianity as well. Would that include the paedophile Anglican Church by any chance ?

I could not take anymore of that, could not take anymore of Abdul bowing and grinning like a lapdog for the dogs, could not see his clown face trying to make them laugh with his idiotic jokes, could not take the English tacky tramps and their Marks & Spencers bikinis, could not take the Yorkshire terrier and her Bulldog of a husband, could not take the Basset dog talking about his last Butlin's holidays to "Barbaydos" and Egypt and how this latter are "just a bunch of thieves"...
I simply could not take any of that anymore -- in my land.

I closed my eyes and shut them out and let my fantasies take over...
I imagined I was Minister of Culture and Tourism. Yes, both.

- For starters, every single Westerner, regardless, will have to wait for a minimum of 6 months before getting a visa clearance to enter the Arab world for a visit. He/she would have to go through extensive interrogation, pass a series of medical exams, biometric and digital prints, and only then will they be granted a very limited visa of 15 days only, not subject to renewal. Visa applications may be declined and no justifications will be provided. This is our prerogative. We need to combat terrorism and terrorists.

- If and when a visa is granted, the laws of this land stipulate the following.
For historical, cultural and political reasons, Westerners are only allowed to circulate in a limited radius and in spaces alloted to them. Any trespassing beyond this radius will mean immediate detainment and/ or deportation

- If for any reason, any Westerner wants to venture beyond the said radius and/or the spaces alloted to them, then he/she is to get the necessary authorization, and will have to present a valid reason to the competent authorities. He/she will be then provided with a badge and a limited pass.

- When on a tourist visa, the laws of this land are to be fully respected. This means in effect that your tits, balls, and asses are not to be fully exhibited, we have no need to see your ugliness. Mental diseases like Voyeurism and Exhibitionism are to be left "back home." You are to speak with humility and in a low voice. And you are to speak in the language of this Land. That would require you to take a crash course in basic Arabic prior to landing here.

- For historical and cultural reasons, this Ministry has allocated different categories of public facilities and amenities for whites, depending on race and origins.

-The English and the Americans will be allocated a special wing in hotels and pools. They are not to mix with the local population and they are not to enter any public space marked for non-whites only. Spaces for the English/American bunch will be marked with 3rd class. This is our way to preserve our purity and not have you pollute us further...

- The French, Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Portuguese, Dutch as well as Scandinavian and Eastern Europeans and the rest of the fucked up EU, will be allowed in spaces designed to them alone. These will bear the sign 2nd class. They may of course go to the English and American allocated spaces but they are not to enter the Arab space without prior authorization. Again for cultural and historical reasons.

- Westerners are prohibited to use public transport as well as places of worship, movies theaters and restaurants, etc...that bear the sign "No whites allowed". But we did think of you and we have devised some spaces for you. We are aware that these facilities are not as good as the ones for non-whites but you need to be grateful that we have accepted your presence to start with. During rush hours, you are exceptionally allowed to use public transportation such as buses for non-whites, but you are to sit at the back of the bus. Again, another token of our generosity.

- We are aware that these rather stringent measures may come across as a form of Apartheid, but since we know that you are very well versed in the methods of Apartheid, Segregation and Discrimination, we thought to ourselves, this will be familiar territory for you, and you may feel less estranged when here.
Hence -- We welcome you to Arab Land and do enjoy your stay.

Upon this last thought, Omar's voice woke up me from my pleasant reverie and said

- Someone ought to nuke these motherfuckers...

I smiled...

- How long since you've been back ?

- About 15 mn. I thought you were asleep, did not want to wake you.

- No, I was just pleasantly daydreaming. You must have been reading my thoughts.

- Let's leave these wretched ones, shall we ?

- Yes let's. Take me home.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Falah Al-Saeidi.


Maysaloon said…
Great post. I've been meaning to say something for ages about the demeaning insult a.k.a applying for a visa to these God-forsaken countries. They treat the applicants like so much cattle, herded through, pay your money, get insulted, get grilled and then we tell you that you can't come over to the land of milk and honey. No explanation, no appeal. Wanna apply again? Cough up for another application. You need to pay just for the privilege of speaking to us so that you may ask us to come to our country. We of course can come to you wherever you are, bomb the shit out of you and demand that you stay moderate.

Self important colonial bastards.
Anonymous said…
Brilliant, Layla! Wish I was with you during this encounter!

As for visas/visits, I think the requirements should be standard fare for the Middle East already, since these are the very requirements for visitors to 'Western' lands, particularly US/UK. These measures should, naturally, be reciprocated. Besides, it's already a well-known fact where the real terrorists originate from.

As Minister for Culture and Tourism, please don't forget intensive character profiles (security), as many enter other countries purporting to be 'teachers', 'professionals', etc., only to find out later that they are paedophiles! Don't want to contaminate our children, do we?

In solidarity.
KM said…
They (the English)believe that the Egyptians were/are the thieves? Wow, that seems to be a twist of logic coming from their minds.

The visa process is highly unfair. I may be wrong but I think Americans do not need to go thru the visa interrogation processes to go to most countries, but people from other places have to go thru it to enter countries.

Im thinking that it may have initially come from backroom political 'deals'..or once again, maybe American money bought out such types of programs. In other words, exceptionalism and special priveledges that is rooted in some other 'deal' between governments.
Kali Manitou said…
Layla, I think Your sentiments regarding the anglo-saxons are coming real close to mine... I am actually a bit past daydreams, I am even past badvibing... I do not get offended by their inferior logic, being able to understand their language I find it hilarious that they are unable to penetrate the outer skin of my cultures, languages and civilization. I am amazed by their seemingly infinite capacity of decadence which is suicidal in nature.
I can smile and talk to them, and be even pretend to be friends if needed. But I make sure that whatever little power i exercise, does not benefit them. I do not consider whitebreds equal in humanity, don't expect anything from them and keep them under suspicion indefinitely.
Their sorrow is of no importance to me as well as their honor, their happiness , desires and aspirations. I do not care about their heart as well as their soul in case they appear to have one. Their heroes are silly jokers to me AND their victories are hollow instances of impertinence in the continuum of time.
They live and die worthless lives that are no less or more important than of bugs... Just like bugs, they live and die in absolute unconciousness... Just like the 'praying mantis', they go through the motions of religion and think that it is spirituality....
Oh, well... as long as they play their part in the grand sceme of things, I accept them and their pitiful predicament. When I see one of them being entertained or truly loved by another, I walk by untouched. Just like when I see one of them being molested, attacked or worse... I don't care a bit.
I hereby ackonwledge the sentiment I feel more than any other regarding the European whites and their bastard offsprings in 4 corners of the world.

S C H A D E N F R E U D E .... fuck'm and moveOn.
Anonymous said…
Did u know that ur hero reportedly used to be friendly to his American guards, considered them like "sons" and even invited them to come back to Iraq "when he'd be back in power" and he'd have personally showed them round the country?

Would you be more anti-Western than Saddam????????????
Anonymous said…
KM said…
I believe the days of relatively easy worldwide travel that many people around the World have, will soon change. In fact, it has already began.

Its a very deep & broad matter bit who ( or What ) are these persons that determine the order of events and put in place measures that control ( or seek to control ) Earth's population ?

Think about what THEY research, develop and allow by law, and then place into our food substances and water supplies. It is not scince fiction or something that MAY take place into the future. Its now. Think about it. The bottom line is that these controlers are, as an end result, killing 'us' all.

Look at the technology developed, not just in war, but also in what comes down to population 'control'. Control over travel with bio-metric scanners, etc.

It is already in place, where nutrients that are found in food ( vitamins & minerals ) are considered illegal toxins. Why?


They DO have an 'end game' in mind and in the works. Im not believing that it will come down to an all-out nuclear exchange. I do believe that measures are in place for ways to control the masses...the populations of the World.
KM said…
" ...radically new challenges for the future "

I do not agree with all the words US president John Kennedy says here, in that he basically praises the American way,,but the words he uses to portray the power structures of what's calling the shots, I believe are spot on.


Bush is not the decider. He has the mind of a child. He has been put in place to occupy a seat of power in the US government as an instrument,,an extension for those seeking control. He, is the 'human face' to their movement. He can write Executive Orders as president. He can install people in power for domestic & foreign policies in places such as the Supreme Court, the IMF, the World Bank, ambassadors towards other countries,etc.

Layla. You, like me. believe in some form of a higher power. I know the christain bible fairly well and I know a bit on Islam and that both speak of an 'end time' to come here on this planet.

I do not believe in all of what both books say but I do believe there is something to it. Personally, ( IMO of course ) I believe they missed the mark and the books do not give the whole truths.

But, if we can imagine a World to come based on end times, what kind of persons would be in control and in seats of power to effect the World and the World's masses? What would such persons expect from us?...to go along with them or to resist them?

Im not one of these persons that run around claiming the end is coming..the end is coming. No. But we should ( especially us in the World that are currently not being openly & illegally attacked )..we should ask 'why' and 'what' is behind their motivations.

Sure. I believe many have come along on the tails of the illegal invasion onto Iraq for investment purposes,... but after that? The former Secretary of War for the US, Donald Rumsfeld worked for Monsanto and also pushed for the artificial sweetener aspartame to be introduced for human consumption.
KM said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
And what of the Western children, would you allow them to go out and play with the Arab kids or would they have to stay locked in with their parents ?
Anonymous said…
yes yes ; you are thousand and one time all right about them !
Anonymous said…
No need for nukes. Ever heard of the asteroid "Apophis" that according to NASA could impact Earth around 2036 ? Hopefully it will destroy most of this stupid mankind.
Anonymous said…
Km - try writing a book thats more accurate if they missed the mark..theres a challenge for you

Layla in on FORM! :-) Glad to see theres someone in your life. Hope he makes you happy.tell him If he doesnt I'll break his legs :-p
KM said…

You choose if you wish to follow a 'god' that uses destruction, curses and threat to worship. I do not.

IF you have read with accuracy some of the passages, you may ask questions too.

There are emany many imteresting writings but in particular, Alohim.

The ancient Hebrew were not monotheistic, They believed in many 'gods' ( Henoistic I believe is the term)..in that they chose 1 'god' from many.

Maybe its not that one should try writing a better, more acurate book, but maybe one should perhaps read and understand what is actually being said in the books from all perspectives.

Moral, ethical and gender-nuetral teachings, the books are not.
Anonymous said…
Maybe Omar will become the new Sword of the Arabs, who knows ?

Fancy Layla as "first lady" of liberated Iraq !!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…

i agree, it sure takes a hero to tame such a tigress !
Anonymous said…
Thìs Omar pisses me off. My owner loves him more than she does me. I think I'll end by scratching his eyes out. Mew !
Anonymous said…
I made a mess.
Anonymous said…
Km I doubt you're a speak aramaic or classical arabic or understand the subtlely of literary science such as rhetoric to 'dissect' those texts.

Your claims are oh so tiresome.move over for the other 2 billion other eurocentric morons who think they are modern day prophets/prophetess. Frankly *yawn* you bore me. Goodbye.
KM said…
No tumbleweed, I do not speak Aramaic nor Arabic, nor Latin.

What have I claimed? What I have said is that I do not follow Christianity nor Islam and in part for the following reasons:


No 'disection' even needed there.

What I also have said in the posts differ from you in that you attach yerself to a blind-faith and go along with whatever is written and spoken by so-called authority figures.

You however seem to seek out the flavor of the month..or perhaps it is the flavor of the day in yer quest for truth. Ohwait..you dont seek out truths. That would be too exhaustive for you nd would require some effort on yer part. The mind is a terrible thing to waste so waste away as you will.

You do pay lip-service to theologies but give forthe no backing whatsoever. You get an F Komrade.

I do find the roots of theology intriguing and interesting. Not in its surface; in that obey god and you will be rewarded,etc. But that many religions around the World have a commom theme; a common theme without ever having interacted with one another.

They all seem to look upward, into the 'heavens' as if this is where 'the creator' of us ( the human race ) is from.

" Come, let US make man in OUR image ".

Who is the US?

Was Adam created in Edin or was he PUT in Edinafter he was 'created'?

When Qayin kille Jabel, why did he ask the creator to not put him out of Edin because he was in fear of himself being killed? Who was gonna kill him?

When Qayin journeyed to the land of Nod, he tooka women to be his wife. Where did this woman from Nod come from ?

I dont expect you tumbleweed to anser such questions because you have never asked them nor even question such writings. You go with the flow and take the books at face value and dont question authority.

Maybe you bring yer own boredomto yerself. I find one such person that alwys goes with the flow to be boring and lacking in development of the self.
KM said…
By the way tumbling tumbleweed that bloweth in the wind...are you a christian or a muslim or a jew..if you can describe yerself as one?

Maybe you are none of the above.
Anonymous said…
So, Layla, you discuss Arab vs Japanese cultural patterns with Amre El Abyad over the phone ?

Interesting !
Anonymous said…
Your anti western comments are just racist. Nothing more. The hatred here is palpable. You and some others try to dehumanise westerners. This is the most important first step before allowing genocide to occur. Believe me I should know, the west has been doing it for centuries. Your hatred of us whites is understandable but is boring dull and trite at the same time. As a Sunni you have lost the most from USA "liberation" and how does that show in your anger.
Layla we are all primates and we all behave like primates. We demonise other primates as a means to steal their bananas. This is how it will always be. Maybe the white man is next for a good dose of genocide...who knows. Either way your anger is futile.
Ps what did the Irish ever fucking do to you guys....oh yea sorry forgot
Shannon airport!
fair point
Anonymous said…
Hahahahah, sounds familiar! This scene is common (especially during the summer months) in my non-Arab country, too ;)

However, just to be fair, I must point out that the 'racism' here goes both ways.

Anonymous said…

Who is it then, Amre, Omar or both ? ;-)
Anonymous said…
Arabs are among the most racist people in existence and make white people look amateurish. Just because they are not currently killing anyone en masse does not give them a free ride. I fail to see what's so special about Arab culture, at least in the last hundred years. Since then your most memorable contribution has been suicide bombers and jihadists. That's some legacy Arabs!
Anonymous said…
KMWR--Happy to see you back. Reassuring. Personal footnote. Expected laptop arrival postponed 2 more weeks. Great blog. Ya heloo! (Hope I got that right)
Anonymous said…
Omar and Amre el Abyad are one and the same person !
Anonymous said…
We're all the same cat !
Anonymous said…
It was the satanic jews
who did the real damage to England
when the UK was depleted
and vulnerable after
bearing the brunt
of two world wars.
The jews took control
and used the UK to illegally
aquire "Israel".
Westminster,once the greatest parliament ever to grace the planet,is subordinate
to those scheming jewish leeches
and their american buddies
as are the judiciary and gestapo
secret service.
Certainly the Brits who have
caught the American disease
and renounced their heritage
are snakes.
But never has any nation
in the history of humanity
given us so many fabulous
human beings...Shakespeare,
as well as all those glorious poets...the list goes on forever.
And come the Renaissance
the Brits' heritage will come rampaging to the fore
and break those satanic shackles.
What the American disease
has done is criminal...
and the blackest,ugliest,
and most slimy viper
is Jeremy Paxman,
the dark lord of Mordor
and the British Bullshit Corporation.
His doting public know him
only as the face of Newsnight,
the revered people's advocate.
But Paxman is the ultimate
Machiavellian nightmare.
As the secret protege
of Henry Kissinger,
it was Paxman who organised
the invasion of Iraq
and Paxman who is the architect
of global violence to destroy
the nations and establish
a one world fascist oligarchy.
But he will be exposed and seen
for exactly what he is,
the chief among the vipers,
lying on river beds
and feeding off garbage.
Lirun said…
satanic jews? foul brits? oh my goodness..

all of you should take up surfing.. too much tension in the air..

peace and love.. you crazy maggots..

we can btch and moan here on this lonely planet all we like but we are all just visitors.. jews arabs brits icelanders brazillians swahilis whatever - we're the same..

if you want to spend your brief time here basking in hatred then that is your legitimate and stupid choice :)
Anonymous said…
White Christians are defensless, vanity, pride, arrogance - they murder millions of Afghanis and Iraqis as if they were black or brown animals - may they all go to hell for their crimes. lies, murders, colonizations and chaos.

They are trained to go in packs, one white pretends to be nice, another pretneds to come in peace - but wait till the others ships comes and then the slaughter begins.

Whites have been at this since their white father (Cain) killed his non white brother and stole his wife - all of them lust for what God has forbiden - they will keep in killing humans by the millions for their little white gods.

It's not about being white, they did not chose their color - they chose to do white their white priests and rabbis told them to do - poor sods can rot in eternal hell.

Example, America and Australia - white man could have walked there as a free man - yet they chose to murder millions of natives, for no reason other than to reserve places in hell for murder, theft - and all the other nice things that the White rabbis and priests taought them.

The native americans and Australians are dead, murdered - they are all in heaven and all the bloody white "founders" are in hell for murder, theft - they could have listened to their holy books but instead worshiped their white, robed, satan - so let them all go to hell for the murder, and we'll pray for their victims and thanks God we are Not White.

The racisim of the Iranian mullas is no different, only they are dumb enough to worship the White people - one word from a white man and their mullas melt, white women to - no idea what they make of Obama but at least he is not Arab :)

Go to hell murderers, don't blame anyone but yourself - you'll know your place in hell by the sign "whites only", Hitler awaits your lovely white skins - and the millions of non whites you murdered will thank God they were not White and had no white pride or vanity for the white rabbis and priests to use to get you into hell.
Anonymous said…
White Christians are defensless, vanity, pride, arrogance - they murder millions of Afghanis and Iraqis as if they were black or brown animals - may they all go to hell for their crimes. lies, murders, colonizations and chaos.

They are trained to go in packs, one white pretends to be nice, another pretneds to come in peace - but wait till the others ships comes and then the slaughter begins.

Whites have been at this since their white father (Cain) killed his non white brother and stole his wife - all of them lust for what God has forbiden - they will keep in killing humans by the millions for their little white gods.

It's not about being white, they did not chose their color - they chose to do white their white priests and rabbis told them to do - poor sods can rot in eternal hell.

Example, America and Australia - white man could have walked there as a free man - yet they chose to murder millions of natives, for no reason other than to reserve places in hell for murder, theft - and all the other nice things that the White rabbis and priests taought them.

The native americans and Australians are dead, murdered - they are all in heaven and all the bloody white "founders" are in hell for murder, theft - they could have listened to their holy books but instead worshiped their white, robed, satan - so let them all go to hell for the murder, and we'll pray for their victims and thanks God we are Not White.

The racisim of the Iranian mullas is no different, only they are dumb enough to worship the White people - one word from a white man and their mullas melt, white women to - no idea what they make of Obama but at least he is not Arab :)

Go to hell murderers, don't blame anyone but yourself - you'll know your place in hell by the sign "whites only", Hitler awaits your lovely white skins - and the millions of non whites you murdered will thank God they were not White and had no white pride or vanity for the white rabbis and priests to use to get you into hell.
Anonymous said…
Amre el Abyad and Layla Anwar are in love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Omar sounds like an Arab GIGOLO through and through...
Anonymous said…
lirun, the subanimal mental castrato murderous genocidal jewnazi psychopath...
Anonymous said…
no sympathy, another subanimal mental castrato murderous genocidal jewnazi psychopath...
Anonymous said…
"It's not about being white, they did not chose their color - they chose to do white their white priests and rabbis told them to do - poor sods can rot in eternal hell."

If it's not about being white, why do you hate all white people? Not all of us follow false prophets and corrupt institutes of religion be we Christians, Jews, Shinto's, Mormons or Muslims.

People have been killing each other for eons for power, land,wealth: All people not just white people....

If we can forget about yesterday, which it seems we cannot, should I now hate all brown people because one killed my young friend's brother?

Fanaticism is what kills people, revenge is what drives them....can't we just all simmer down and let people live like there is "...no heaven or hell...." Would religious fanatics cease to exist if they knew at the end of our road all there is, is peace....eternal peace and rest.

Peace to you all, I pray (not to any particular god) the West leave the Middle East so miss spent dollars (no I'm not a Yank) can be spent to ensure all children of this earth have enough to eat, enough to drink and a soft spot to rest their heads. If we do not answer this call, to feed the world, then we have all sinned and deserve to have to come back for another life time to fix what we've messed up thus far.
Anonymous said…
911 Missing Links Film Second Edit Released


Friday, August 1, 2008

MISSING LINKS is the first movie to expose the identity of the criminals responsible for 9/11.


"Now you will discover the definitive truth about 9/11 and learn why even the most popular movies on the subject have failed to address the evidence exhaustively presented in this video. The facts will make it abundantly clear that the so-called 9/11 “Truth” movement has been infiltrated and is ultimately controlled by the same criminals who orchestrated the attacks. As they say, 'if you want to control the dissent you lead the dissent.' Culminating evidence from the FBI, CIA, NSA, US Armed Forces Intelligence sectors, Foreign Intelligence organizations, local law enforcement agencies and independent investigators, Missing Links goes where no other 9/11 video has dared to."
Anonymous said…
The White Male Christian power structure - zionists, nazis, all white - and murder one million non White humans per year for satan - lots of white people in hell, if only for winking and smileing while the slaughter goes on.

I'm not going to sing "Oh Canada!" - but I do like Canadians them much better than the southeren baptists and evengelicals and the other murder lovers in AmeriKKKa - but as long as Canada has soldiers with them they should be blown up so no more White man armies murder others for the crime of being not white.

Africa, over a million murdered each year by white man's "divide and conquer" wars, revolutions - and Tons of weapons for anyone who kills black people - no peace permited, no let up - constant murder - a constant stream of white people going to hell will ne nice to watch, black people will enjoy it as much as the white priests enjoy seeing them murdered.

Rwanda - white priests, Darfur, White Rabbis - the murders go on and get larger as the whites get more organized and the non whites get weaker, starved, frightened, more white Jews and Christians thinking their white gods will forgive them for murdering second and third class humans.

sorry about your friend's friend - that is murder, and I am talking of the murder of six million Afghanis and over a million Iraqis - one million per year and more to come.

follow the blood, all the millions of murderers are to make white man richer and with more land - and will get them nice big places in hell to - fight over who gets the best place in hell, and Hitler was not half as evil as the current bunch of white's murdering humans world wide.

white mans religion: it's not theft if the victim is not white, it is not murder if white man's army murderes six million non White humans.

worship your weapons, worship your white politcans, listen to your white news, belive your white rabbis and priests - bow to your golden zionist calf - and go invade another non white country, slaughter another non white human race - white man's on the rise and will get special places in hell for it.

white man does not do "war" - it is death squads, genocide from the comfort of your comfy arm chairs, and if you notice my fury it is becuase I watch non white news and lsiten to the victims for hours each day - the fury of God is worst.

Anonymous said…

Anonymous said…
And another...

Anonymous said…
Interestingly, I agree with you on a number of points but have concerns about your stats. If whites (we're actually kind of pink) murder a million nonwhites yearly, we'd be a predominantly white world, which I don't believe to be true.

Also be clear that...I (and most of my friends and family) don't worship white politicians, rabbis, priests, ministers or prophets; nor do they worship, black, brown, yellow, red politicians,etc...I suspect the same is true of the Middle East. Am I correct? All of the ME is not Muslim, and all of the Muslim's not all are 'evangelical" or radical or fanatic. Just like in every community there are good folks, middle of the road folks and nasty evil folks. No one has a monopoly on evil or salvation.

Truly I believe most organized religion is not about the glory of god but about the glorification of man, that's why even though raised a Lutheran I belong to no specific religious community. Humanitarian yes, religious no.

I'm proud that Canada didn't surrender to Bush so Canadian soldiers could kill or be killed in Iraq. I want Canadians to leave Afghanistan and come home where they belong and wish the Americans would just go home and be quiet for awhile.

Not sure why but apparently the Americans don't know that great civilizations aren't toppled by outside forces, they rot from the inside. They need to get their ducks in a row in their own country, perhaps then they wouldn't be so concerned with Americanizing the rest of the world.

I think I can understand the basis of your fury but obviously as I'm not living in your world or in your skin, I'll never truly 'know' or feel the pain, I can empathize, but will never (I hope) live in a world where I have to worry my daughter navigating dead bodies in the street and burying her family.

Peace to you all.
Lapsed Lutheran
Anonymous said…

Why should Iraq be Awalan(first)? Can't it be Aydan(too)?
thankgodimatheist | 08.27.08 - 9:10 am | #

I would agree with this, but first ask the Arabs to stop supporting Ahmadinajad and the Iranians while they slaughter us, and stop using the US to cover up the mass murdering Iranians who have done more harm to Iraqis than anyone else. The US destroyed our country and handed it over to Iran. The Iranians slaughtered us. Iraqi blood is not cheaper than Palestinian blood.
Al Iraq Awalan | 08.27.08 - 5:08 pm | #



YOU are the one playing the sectarian card by saying "You have Sunni's blaming Iran for the Iraq tragedy" This is clearly a statement made by an ignorant American who knows nothing about Iraq. All Iraqis, with the exception of the Iranians posing as Iraqis in the green zone, are opposed to Irans mass murder of Arab and the ethnic/sectarian cleansing of Baghdad. Its not "Sunnis" who oppose Iran, its all honorable Iraqis. Americans are too stupid to distinguish between Omar and Badr. Iraqis will never forget the Arabs who sided with Iran. Never.
Al Iraq Awalan | 08.27.08 - 5:14 pm | #
Anonymous said…
oh great, another Palestinian refugee defending Iran while it slaughters Iraqis and then complains the Arabs are not helping the Palestinians.
Al Iraq Awalan | 08.27.08 - 5:20 pm | #


Iraq did not start the war against Iran. Spare us the comic book history. Iraq defended itself and all Arabs, but Iraqis will never again care to join the Arabs who are divided into two groups, 1)American puppets who opened their land, sea, and air to the American invasion, and 2)so called anti-Zionist, anti-US, Arab revolutionaries who sold out Iraq to Iran and Ahmadinajad. They can both go to hell.
Al Iraq Awalan | 08.27.08 - 5:46 pm | #
Anonymous said…
Ah C`mon now, not all the English are that bad.
After all, they often aren`t killing each other over religious differences.
They do allow women to drive cars and vote.
They don`t hang homosexuals on Saturday mornings.
Or behead criminals after lunch.
Nor do they force religion into the brains of new-born children.
They led the fight to abolish slavery in Europe.
They even were once humble enough to choose a woman to lead them, though there are rumours that Margaret Thatcher was a product of politics and science rather than evolution and procreation.
Lirun said…
wow.. you guys are pretty angry.. sorry but i think ur mistaken.. im not actually a nazi :)

but if you want to find some im sure its not too hard..

wishing you all a great weekend.. and some love.. people with love in their lives dont spew such vile hatred filled words..

peace ;)
Anonymous said…
Great Post Layla. I can't even bring myself to make a silly comment about anything you have written.
"and will have to present a valid reason to the competent authorities"
I had something silly to say about this one, but... nah.
bARABie said…
"but Iraqis will never again care to join the Arabs who are divided into two groups"

ROFLMAO at the stupidity of the above statement!
The Iraqis ARE Arabs, so you have no choice BUT to BE an Arab!
By creating divisions within the Arab world through the Iraqi/Palestinian comparison is EXACTLY what the jewish maggots and crusaders want.
We are Arab, NOT Iraqi, Palestinian, Lebanese or any other name IMPOSED on Arabs by the jewish maggots and crusaders.
The loss of ANY Arab life through the actionsof the jewish maggots and crusaders is a great and sad loss, unless of course those "Arabs" were traitors then it would be a great relief. .
Anonymous said…
Face it barbie, you're just a dumb cunt
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Wassim,

Thanks for a great comment. You are absolutely ocrrect, many people are unaware that for any Arab to obtain a visa to the "civilized" west, receives exactly the treatment you mentioned...but hey that is ok according to them...and they can land here as they please....but it shall not be for long.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Do remember I said a maximum of 15 days stay, seeking "employment" is forbidden. And we don't need their consultants ...we've seen what they have been up to ;-)
Layla Anwar said…

hello, you are right, the americans and the rest of the hordes don't have to go through the same "process", welcome to the colonized Arab world.
Layla Anwar said…

you remind me of someone I had met ages ago in England, he was originally fromthe "Commonwealth", he shared your exact same sentiments...At first I thought you might be him, but then I remembered a lot of those from the "commonwealth" have these exact same feelings...lol
Join the club.
Layla Anwar said…

am no hero...
Layla Anwar said…

what the fuck is your business ?
Layla Anwar said…

I did ponder your question...and my reply is a flat no.
Did the western kids give two hoots about 5 million iraqi kids orphaned ?
Layla Anwar said…

I can't speak for Omar, but I have no sucth ambitions...mind you - the real good lol will come in the end.
Layla Anwar said…
wiretapper with all of its aliases,

Mind your own business.
Layla Anwar said…
irish john,

thank you for visiting my blog and your two cents comment. lol.
Layla Anwar said…

you said the racism goes both ways....hmmmm.
one is a reactive one in my opinion. I know so.
Layla Anwar said…
no sympathy,

you are the same old nazi fart that occasionally visits...and you wonder why they have become so racists against shits like you ?
Layla Anwar said…

sounds like irgun to me...do you know what irgun stands for ?
Layla Anwar said…
concerned canadian,

tell you what, I have a proposal for you, why don't you come on over and visit Baghdad, and then you sit from the comfort of your computer and preach about love and peace. How about that for real experience ?
Layla Anwar said…
little willy,

ah, what an eye opener,...
is that why the british scum have allowed the death squads to finish off gays in Iraq, and murder Iraqi women ? For your info you little ignoramus, we have female ministers in the 20's .
Keep proving what a backward lot you all are.
Layla Anwar said…

good comments from mullah tony's blog. His blog is a total waste of time. stopped visiting except yesterday - for a reminder. LOL.
Layla Anwar said…
Omar, no.2 and 3

Great comment. Thank you. I have nothing to add.
Anonymous said…

U r wrong about Barabie.

Hey Barabie

How r u? :)


I hope ur Paranoid Schizophrenia is under control.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello, and yes you got it right. Am glad you are making strides in IT, good news. So what's your take on Georgia KarlMarx ?
Layla Anwar said…

hey, you are given permission from the competent authorities to make a silly comment. Please limit it to one line. Thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
Janice the junk,

fuck off cow!
Anonymous said…
OOh that's harsh

U R well hard LOL


Keeping taking ur meds
Anonymous said…
Would like to come to Baghdad, tell you what....you get the militants to stop targeting Canadian Aid Workers (all aid workers for that matter), sponsor me and I'll be there in a flash...

Concerned Canadian
Kali Manitou said…
Names pain me. Names of places, names of people, names of events, names of races and even nouns...
They all pain me.
I probably would find something different between Urungu and each and everybody that I talk to or correspond with...
I am like a scared child holding on to the only thing I have in common with each and everybody that I talk to or correspond with...
I might hate your nationality, religion, race, language, even humanity...But as painful as it might get sometimes, I feel a unity with you that's beyond love. After all, what is love but the other side of hate.
It is not a sentiment as sentiments come and go. It is not a belief or decision, as my mind flip-flops before you can say 'AsSalaam'...
Good morning everybody! Hope all the best for Y'all. My morning tea is ready so I can read Layla's new one: 'Variations on a Verb...' with an open heart.
After all it's only nouns that pain me, not verbs.
Layla Anwar said…
janice the junk

you keep betraying your own little self...me who thought you will never visit again...hahahahaha, stupid wench. go to hell.
Layla Anwar said…

a poet in the morning ? this is a first !
Lirun said…

sounds like irgun to me...do you know what irgun stands for ?"

i dont think u do..

(a) lirun is pronounced liraan meaning my song/happiness

(b) there is nothing military about my name

its a shame.. u sound moderately intelligent and yet youre hell bent on encouraging people to hate you..

my suggestion - make sure you have no sharp implements at home - u sound very self destructive..

wishing you a ramadan kareem
Anonymous said…
If the usa could spend the billions they are spending weekly to destroy Iraq on the poor africans and the poor asians and the poor blacks in usa the world will be a safer place
the usa spends trillions on defence to kill the poor people of the world that money could be given to allevate poverty and then ther will be no wars but this is not in the physce of the Bushes
theusa was founded on killing remember the cowboys and the killing of the red indians and the slave trade by the baby snatchers and then selling in the markets of these slaves as animals
remember killing of millions of vietnamies and koreans thousands of miles away and now killing of Iraqis and afghans thousands of miles away who had no connection with 9/11 iNCIDANTANLY oSAMA COULD NOT PULL 9/11 WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF cIA

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