On Nudity,

and the Geography of the Body...


Anonymous said…
Do you think we will be naked or all dressed up in Paradise ?
Anonymous said…
Mahmoud Darwish used words as his sword. If only all conflicts could be settled by intelligent discourse....

My favorite:

I long for my mother's bread
And my mother's coffee
And my mother's touch...
My childhood grows within me
Day after day
I love my life because
If I died,
I would be embarrassed by my mother's tears

Mother, take me, if I return one day
As a scarf for your lashes
And cover my bones with grass
Baptized by the purity of your heels
Tie me up
With a lock of hair
With a thread from the tail of your dress
Perhaps I will become a god
A god I would become
If I touched the bottom of your heart

Put me, if I return
As firewood to light your wood oven
And a wash line on your house's roof
Because I've lost my strength to stand
Without your daily prayer
I've grown old... Return the stars of childhood
So I can share with the young birds
The way back
To the nest of your waiting
Unknown said…

You were cited as one of the sources for this rending piece.
Anonymous said…
Oh Layla, you've touched an inner space today, more than you always do ... Thank you.

Love you.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Dumbya to Putin: "Ossetia is a COUP" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because, of course, the Pigmy of the Black House NEVER invaded free and independent countries, NEVER overthrew legitimate and popular regimes, NEVER assassinated legitimate and beloved Presidents, NEVER massacred innocent peoples on their own fucking sovereign soils, NEVER EVER !

I wish Russia was still the superpower it once was, and could answer back: "Ok, I leave Ossetia, but only if you leave Iraq !"

But then what am I dreaming about, the monstruous reality is that every government in this stupid world only care about its damned interests and could not care a fuck about others.
Anonymous said…
You seem to have deep religious feelings and yet you never call for the restoration of the Islamic caliphate.

Don't you see a contraddiction in being Muslim and secular at the same time?
KM said…
D. to B.

The hypocricy coming from the US regarding Georgia & Russia is complete insanity; talking about Russia launching a military strike and invading a sovereign nation and that the use of force by Russia has been too one-sided and extreme.

Russia can use the same verbage as the US did in that Russia is protecting it's interests, national security and apparently it's "peace-keepers" were attacked and killed by an act carried out by Georgia.

I dont agree with Russia especially on some Chechyan matters but I smell the US behind this Ossetia deal. It seems the US has once again been halted and should be forced to realize it does not rule all the People of the World.

"OK, I leave Ossetia, but only if you leave Iraq ! "

Damm Right and if the US gets into a public verbal exchange on the Iraq & Ossetia matters, the US will certainly be exposed for its Herculean Hypocricy (even more).

The US government, etc...reminds me of alot of spoiled, rich, bratty kids that Never grew beyond the years of being toddlers.
KM said…
A video of the christian fundamental extremist talking bull shit



Very nice about coming & going into this existence and leaving it. .( vulnerablitiies not nice but agree )
Anonymous said…
I see ghouls.
"there's just too much that time cannot erase"
Anonymous said…
And we are burried with a piece of cotton wool stuffed in our..... and in our....and Christians are burried with their make-up, give me a break, so what??!!!!!
you're lucky you see only ghouls, I see gremlins......
Anonymous said…
I will be burried with what I have wished for Layla, and guess what!!!!, Layla will be burried with what she has wished for me....
Wouldn't want to be in YOUR kundura, Layla.......!!!!!
Anonymous said…
And Little Deer, please go get a personality!!!!!
Anonymous said…
It's very silent here, must be because of burrial time!!!!!! Bwahahahahaah, as Layla would scream and holler......
Anonymous said…
nur u bitch, no one knows what ure talking abt.....
Layla Anwar said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Layla Anwar said…
JR you are funny...
Nur had one drink too many with Ataturk...she can't tell her ass from the hell hole in the ground...
Layla Anwar said…

will your caliphate be merciful to women ?
Besides I believe that God is secular...He said so himself.
He said "whichever you turn, you shall see My face."
Maybe He did not remember your caliphate story when He uttered his own words...
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

I don't know dearest, I have never been to paradise before...Do you think I need to dress up for the occasion ?

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