Foul Play...

The Iraqi sectarian government is plagued with endemic corruption that totals around 4 Billion dollars per annum. The sectarian ministries, i.e those run by the exported thugs from Iran (M.Al.Sadr, Al Hakeem, Maliki,....) are the worst hit.

This is the government that America is upholding. This is the government we received from Iran. This is the government that the Anti-War greeted with flowers.

You can watch 2 videos from English Al Jazeera about our new "democratic" government by clicking here

Congratulations to the Iraqis with purple, green and red fingers of Liberation.
Ink, Dollars and Blood.



Anonymous said…
Today I feel like writing so I decide to reply to this topic.

War is the only thing lacking here in USA.
The corruption is RAMPANT.
Not only in our capital of Washington D.C. but in the many states as well.
I am not sure if I have ever openly talked of my exact location here before but I want now to tell you that I live in the state of Kentucky (actually we are NOT a state, we are one of only 3 or 4 "states" that are technically written as a commonwealth and NOT a state-although there is nothing "common" about the "wealth"). The reason I tell you this is because the govenor of our state of Kentucky as well as his administration is one of the most corrupt in the country, as is our senator Mitch McConell. I HATE the man, Mitch McConell is a very true blue "yes" man who kisses Bush's ass and supportsd the "war effort" while the people of Kentucky do without. Kentucky is also statistacally listed as being one of the most poverty stricken states in the country.
And our governor is a former doctor. A rich man trying to run a poor mans state is what I often say. He knows nothing of poverty as he sits high on his white horse in his governors mansion. He has done nothing for the poor people, only colaborated with "president" Bush in efforts to give tax breaks to the wealthy and out source jobs.
The "election" of a new governor will be in November of this year and the polls show that it is a very close race with the current govenor loosing by only a small margin. I am so hopeful that he will not be re-elected. He is a worthless self serving corrupt criminal and his record shows it as clearly as "president" Bush shows the same.
I will vote in the govenors election....but I do not believe the presidential vote even works anymore. They simply put into office the man whom they want. The voice of the people is not heard. As most know, the last election of "president" Bush was a rigged election and so I have lost faith in this system of rusted rails.
And nothing will change my views on this.
Revolution is the only thing left that can possibly save the nation of USA.
People here die because they contact a fatal disease and their "insurance" will not fully cover their treatment in order to survive. So they die...
If you have money you are free and you live. If you are poor you are confined and may die under any given circumstance.
Even the immigrants are lied to.
Here in the town where I live there is a meat processing plant and they use immigrant labor because they wish to pay minimum wages to the people who work there. Currently they use people from Romania. I have spoke to some of the Romanians and they told me they were told they were coming to a BIG city to work a "good" job for good pay, and the truth is, after they sign the contract and come here to work, they land in a very small town (population 3500) and they pay is minimum while the work is hard and dangerous with long hours.
Most of them shop at stores known as "dollar stores" where most items are one and two dollars. Food is substandard in nutritional value and clothing is nice but all imported. Some of the younger ones want to "look" American and so they buy the Levi's and the brand name clothing at the bigger shopping centers, but the smarter men know...the only way they can benifit from coming here to this job is to live and share rent with as many others as possible and to shop at the dollar stores only and send as much as they can squeeze from their pay back to Romania and have it transferred to Romanian currency.
Many have told me they now know they were lied to and that USA was not what they thought it would well as the fact that they want simply to go back to Romania and never come back to USA.

You know me Layla....I could go on and on....

Anyway, maybe someday something will happen and ALL of us who deserve better from this life will get what we deserve, as well as punishment for the greedy bastards like Bush and Al Maliki and the endless list of others...

I often play the state lottery, with the hope of winning the jackpot of 20 million or more...
If ever I did win the big money, I would gladly wire you enough for you and your family to be free and have a better life. I know from your blog and from my contact with you that you are a good person. And I have always said that if I won the big money I would use some of it to help some of the good people I know.
So that they could be "free" and have a better life.
Just so you know, you are on that list of good people Layla.

Stay safe dear Layla.
Take care and bless YOU.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Ike,

Many thanks for your comment. It is very touching - truly.

The thing is Ike is that in pre-occupation Iraq we had none of the stuff you describe. Even during the sanction years, where people suffered a great deal, it was BETTER than today under a so called democracy.

Prior the sanction years, we had FREE education, top notch education. Students from all over the Middle East would come and study in Iraq. Free of charge, including their logdings.

Our health care system was the most modern in the Middle Eeast. Latest technology. Our doctors were sent abroad to do their postdoctoral research. Most of them were top quality surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, cardiologists, etc...And all of that was FREE of charge.
No one paid a penny for any of the above...

And I can go and on and on...

Anyone caught with bribing was severly punished. Corruption was unknown. Drugs were non existent...

So basically, America exported to us all of its ills. The sanctions paved the way for it to germinate and the invasion made it flower.

I do hope you win your lottery.You deserve a break. And I will not say No to the share you will graciously offer me. :-)

Best to you Ike and God bless you
karlmarx said…
Right on Ike!! Ike tells it like it is. He experiences it, first hand. I hope you do win the lottery. If so, send me $5! The rest you can share with whomever you want, including Layla. I sometimes wonder IF the Lottery is also rigged. The wonders of what was Iraq, as Layla said, is, indeed, one of the 7 wonders of the world. That's one of the reasons fascism must come in and destroy it, even if for no other reason than it serves as a living example to others. While Eastern Europe under the Soviet Union may not have been paradise, it was heaven on earth compared to the shit in this country. It had many of the attributes to which Layla is referring regarding what WAS the state of Iraq.
Anonymous said…
JR is the secret child of Layla and As'ad Abu Khalil !
Layla Anwar said…
And the Messiah is born!
Oh Happy Day!
Anonymous said…
jr's jr said...
JR is the secret child of Layla and As'ad Abu Khalil !

Stop all the nonsense! You are making a repeated fool of yourself.
Easy on the booze!
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

I don't know what the answer is, and you probably don't either. No-one can please all of the people all of the time. What a mess.

I wish the clock could be turned back, so you could once more wake to the land of milk and honey.

I would have to agree, corruption is rife, and you have been sold out, up the creek without a paddle.

Mother is distraught and extremely angry, along with Aunties and Uncles. Their memories are fond ones, and cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing.They have no answers, only what if this and what if that.

You are the writer who inspires me above all others. You write with passion about a country you love, that has all but disappeared.

Who do you trust now? Will you ever be able to trust again?

My heart is with you.

Stay safe.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Angel,

Thank you for your comment because you touched a raw nerve there.
You asked the absolute 1 million dollar question. Who do you trust now and will you ever be able to trust again.

You read my thoughts.

I have a confession to make and it is not a very pretty one.
Where am at, there are quite a few Americans and Brits around.
I simply can no longer not only talk to them, but even look in their faces. I try but cannot bring myself to do it.
A wall, a very thick wall has been erected and I cannot go beyond it.

I don't want to have anything to do with them. Nothing at all.

I think you can liken me to the Jews straight out of Aushwitz. I feel exactly the same way.

I was never that way before. Not during Iran Iraq War, not during Gulf War1 not even during the sanction years...

I have been changed inside out, It will take me time to recognize who I am again.

Bless you
Angel said…
You have to trust that you will find 'you' again. Trust your instincts, your family and absolutely no-one else.

What you said re not being able to look them in the eyes, or even their faces, I completely understand. If I was you, I would hate them with a vengeance. I also could not talk to them, nor would I want to.

What really grabs me is some of them still believing they are doing the right thing. Although, I hear that opinion is slowly changing, especially from the US troops.

How would the sectarian violence be stopped now? What would motivate Iraqi's as a whole, to say 'we have had enough of this shit'? Could they ever be as 'one' again?

I fear for you Layla, for your health, for your sanity. Auswitz, indeed. The Halocaust survivors still suffer, after all these years, but I have a deep down gut feeling you are a fighter, a survivor, and will come through this in one piece.
Anonymous said…
To use Nizar Qabbani's language its "Joumhouriyat Janounstan". And it suits the powers that be to have it that way. And the little PR 'good' that they do is magnified. As someone said, its like a burglar robbing someones house but leaving some milk from your fridge for your cat.

I remember when bush/b-liar decided to bomb Afghanistan to 'the stone age' they made a pledge not to walk away from the afghan people and to rebuild their country for them and make their lives normalised. B-liar is playing statesman for his zionist puppet masters and has forgotten all about the afghans and bush is still busy trying to finish his 'goat'story to school kids.

What is the world coming to when two of the most powerful people in the world are called Dick and Bush?
Anonymous said…
Layla, you are too beautiful for this world.

Are you sure that you are not a creature of Heaven who was shot down to Earth by some US sniper while overflying Iraq ?

God bless you.
Layla Anwar said…
Angel, thank you.
If I want to be very honest, I do not believe Iraq will be one again, not in the foreseeable future...maybe in a couple of generations down the line. Perhaps, but not before. I hope am wrong and I hope that the Iraqis will finally come to their senses and leave their petty sectarianism imported from Iran.
Layla Anwar said…

salam -I am in Jumhoriyat Junoonistan already. It is best to have no lucidity in this republic of insanity. One will be spared the effects of madness.

What the West has done to Iraq and Afghanistand and Palestine is really beyond belief. Surreal.
From whichever angle I look at it, I cannot bring myself but to one conclusion. The West is still deeply criminally racist in every sense of the word. People believe racism is only about RACE and COLOR. That is one level of racism. There are many others too.
One needs to ponder on these things in greater depth.
Then, I suppose many will be joining me in Junoonistan.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Odette,

My, that is very kind of you.
I can assure you am no angel and very much imperfect.
As for being shot down by US snipers - Yes you can say that again.
Bless you too.
Anonymous said…
What happened to "Truth-About-Iraqis" ?
Alan the Red said…
Hey Layla, I just came across this song, which made me think of you.

There are women of many descriptions
In this queer world, as everyone knows,
Some are living in beautiful mansions,
And are wearing the finest of clothes
There are blue blooded queens and princesses
Who have charms made of diamonds and pearl;
But the only and thoroughbred lady
Is the Rebel Girl.


To the working class she's a precious pearl.
She brings courage, pride and joy
To the fighting Rebel Boy.
We've had girls before, but we need some more
In the Industrial Workers of the World.
For it's great to fight for freedom
With a Rebel Girl.

Yes, her hands may be hardened from labor,
And her dress may not be very fine;
But a heart in her bosom is beating
That is true to her class and her kind.
And the grafters in terror are trembling
When her spite and defiance she'll hurl;
For the only and thoroughbred lady
Is the Rebel Girl

Words and music by Joe Hill

Have you seen the places some of your articles have ended up this week, LOL Keep going; never stop.
Anonymous said…
For someone with a black hole in place of the heart, you have an awesomely lucid eye, and dare I say historical vision.

Ever thought of entering politics ?
Layla Anwar said…

I have no idea about TAI. He disapppeared. Maybe he got married to Riverbend :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Lord Dabass,

No I have not seen where they ended up. I know one was on ICH and that's it. I do not check on myself.
Layla Anwar said…

What a wonderful touching comment.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…

Evidence that Bush and bliar just followed their greed...and yet people STILL think the invasion was to do with WMDs...the world is truly populated by many donkeys


A fellow junoonistani
Anonymous said…
Hilarious - an openly racist bigot calls Westerners "racist."

Projecting much?
Layla Anwar said…
Hey you, anonymous politically correct ignoranus.

This one is for you.

Now fuck off.
Layla Anwar said…
Navcity - thanks for the link

I had a look and I believe that the BBC is a total DISGRACE.

Five years down the line they still shamefully quote the figure of 100'000 Iraqis dead when the accurate figure is 1 MILLION ++
Iraqi dead as per the latests statistics.

And you ask my why I find Westerners a racist bunch???
Anonymous said…
"I have no idea about TAI. He disappeared. Maybe he got married to Riverbend :-)"

Then tell Riverbend to keep a watchful eye on the company his "huband" keeps.

In the last few months, he had started manifesting disquieting signs of an unhealthy infatuation for the oh so "secular" and "nationalist" Butcher of Fallujah.

I would not want him to have followed the "siren's call" of a certain renegade deviant splinter faction in Syria soon to be played by the enemies of Iraq as their trump, and LAST, card before the inevitable defeat.
Anonymous said…
JR, remember that one day you'll die...
landsker said…
The way the dollar is falling, and the price of crude is rising, eventually, the american public will not be able to purchase any imports at all.
Which is when the fan and fecal matter will make an historical meeting.
Soon, 4 billion dollars will be worthless, and there will no doubt be appeals to the rest of the world for food and aid for those "desperate starving americans.".
Anonymous said…
hhhahahaha Life was marvolous under Saddam!!!!!hahahhahaha What a LIAR you are. All the evil you write about and then you defend a scumbag regime like that. A government 100 more currupt then any western government. Bribes for EVERYTHING!!!! NO free press.Just a little group of "haves" a huge group of "havenots". It's obvious which group you were a part of dear.
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Anwar,

Your name is being more and more frequently associated with that of the notorious ironic terrorist JR.

This might cause serious damages to your reputation and credibility and in the long run compel Blogger to shut your blog down.

I urge you to issue a statement denying any connection to him or support to his anti-muppet activities as soon as possible.


A Friend
Layla Anwar said…
true iraqi, I think not.

Do write again, the day you can leave your Green Zone comfort and the day the Americans and Iranian sectarians shits will stop paying for your internet connection.
Until then you are to sit like a good dog, read my blog and shut up!
Layla Anwar said…
Anti muppet movement,

hahahahaha- that was funny.
I miss JR. Every woman likes a muppet it seems.
Anonymous said…
I don't live in the Green Zone. I would never work for the current scumbag government either. I never said anyone had the "right" to enter my country and occupy it either. All I said is your portrait of Iraq before the occupation is a BIG FAT LIE. All you baathist were the first to take all your money and run to Jordan and Syria. There you sit and cry about "the good old days".
Anonymous said…
Dear Friend of Mrs. Anwar (aka Savage!)
Just cuz Laila has a soft spot for Jr., don't mean u gotta get all jealous. Its embarrassing how needy u r and how much repeated validation (read pats on the back) you need from Mrs. Anwar. Yes, its embarrassing and is a clear symptom of boozing. Take it easy on the booze and stop this nonsense!
Anonymous said…
cont. Dear Friend of Mrs. Anwar (aka Savage!)
To put it another way, its akin to having a crush on the beautiful and brilliant high school valedictorian. There is a long line of people ahead of you who are in love with her. There is no point in getting jealous if she has a soft spot for Jr. U'v gotta deal with it and stop being so needy, indeed like a muppet.
Layla Anwar said…
Fake Iraqi,

You are either too young - one very real probability or too ignorant - an equally likely probability or simply dishonest - a most likely probability.

But I promise you, if you keep reading my posts you will LEARN how the previous regime was good to your ilk - however undeserving you are.

And by the way, am no Baathist.
Do read my post, "Brothel politics." You might find yourself in it somewhere.
Layla Anwar said…
anti muppet defense attorney,

Where is the long line of those secretly in love ?
Anonymous said…
the wmd they wanted you to give up was your spirit...
Anonymous said…
Layla likes to fancy herself as a Marxist, that is follower of Groucho Marx.

It does not make much sense, to tell the truth, but then this is the age of senselessness, so let it be...
Anonymous said…
"Where is the long line of those secretly in love ?"

I'm first !
Anonymous said…
"Where is the long line of those secretly in love ?"

I'm second !
Anonymous said…
"Where is the long line of those secretly in love ?"

I'm third !
Layla Anwar said…
as long as you don't bring on Condi Lice and Tzibi Livni - am still ok with it.
Anonymous said…
"am still ok with it."

So quick to forget .. ? :-(
Layla Anwar said…
No Sir, I have not forgotten.
I just know the rest are not man enough to love.
Alan the Red said…
Who said anything about checking up? I plant things where I want them planted. I once had an Amerikkkan lawyer googling on his own name, first thing every morning, and last thing every night, to check out if I had told tales of his wife abuse. I kept that up for a whole year.

Ameikkkans can be played like a violin. They're dumb. It's their education system which makes them good at only one thing, and dumb at everything else. Haven't you noticed how I can really make them hate me? That's always their first fatal mistake.

Actually, he probably still googles on Lord Cerne Abbas every day. I actually do own him.
Anonymous said…
I may be young but I too have/had a family tree altered(butchered)because one member dared utter a bad word about certain "gentleman" named Saddam. Sorry if I take it personally.

You have a blog where you can say anything you want but you champion a man who outlaw any blog that didn't praise him...and he would know exactly who you were and everything about you. Explain that.
Layla Anwar said…
Lord Dabbass

There is a message for you in the comment section of Papier Mache from a character called Lisa.
Layla Anwar said…
Fake Iraqi,

You are of BAD FAITH. And I will tell you why now.
1) Saddam has been gone for over 4 years now. And despite all the genocide going on since 2003, ie since the invasion, despite the over 1 million iraqis dead, and 5 million exiled, you have the gall to come and mention the name of this great hero and martyr who died for Iraq and the Iraqi people.

2) If your story is true and I doubt it is because WE KNOW that people of your kind and that of your family FABRICATED so many stories like this one PRECISELY to facilitate the invasion and occupation. One of the story fabricators was Chalabi, Makiya, The Iranians from Hakeem Party, the Dawa party of which Maliki and Sadr, Jaafari and the rest of the dogs are members...AND the Communist Party who supported ALLAWI the butcher of Falluja and applauded the occupation.
So basically what am telling you is that you are a LIAR.

3) If I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your story is true. Then I can also safely assume that if what you said happened did in fact happen is precisely BECAUSE your family was a member of the above groups. And today WE KNOW who the above group REALLY IS and how they were pivotal in DESTROYING and BREAKING UP IRAQ.

4) as a consequence of the above, when you say you are a true Iraqi and that you dot not like the occupation you are a LIAR. What you are really saying is that now that the occupation happened and you do not like what you see, you don't like it anymore.
But you still manage to come and demonize Saddam Hussein.

You are a despicable thing.
I have given you enough space on this blog now you go to hell you and your treacherous family.
Anonymous said…
as an iranian i would also wish that the iranian and the american government would let the iraqi people decide about their future, because we have many things to take care of in our country but our governers like to rave with the US in every single subject, including iraq, but i also want to ask you not to be so harsh about the iranian people because we are not as bad as the americans are with you
i read your weblog and enjoeyd reading it. i would like to get in contact with you through email and chatting if its possible for you)
Anonymous said…
ahmad mazaheri ( said...

i would like to get in contact with you through email and chatting if its possible for you)


good luck
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Ahmed and thanks for visiting.
I am glad to meet an honest iranian opinion for a change.
You say that the Iranian people have not been as bad as the Americans. I am really talking about your government here. I think the Iranians have been AS bad as the Americans.
I do not chat. But you can write to me to my email address. You will find it under my profile.
Khoda Hafez
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Ahmed and thanks for visiting.
I am glad to meet an honest iranian opinion for a change.
You say that the Iranian people have not been as bad as the Americans. I am really talking about your government here. I think the Iranians have been AS bad as the Americans.
I do not chat. But you can write to me to my email address. You will find it under my profile.
Khoda Hafez
Anonymous said…
"can we all just get along" R.K.
Anonymous said…
We can't get along with trolls supporting USA evil acts in Iraq, sorry. :)
Anonymous said…
"Iraqi government is corrupt"

Everybody is corrupt except Laila. :)

Inspite of the murderous fanatics, Iraqi succeeded.

I congratulate and welcome the Iraqis to civilization. A long time ago the Iraqis started it all. Now after a long detour, they are back into it.

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