An Allergy...

Do you know anything about Allergies ?

I remember a friend of mine who was highly allergic to dust and pollen.
The mere mention of the word dust, or an allusion to Spring and pollen, was enough to make her sneeze and bring on an asthma attack... The mere thought of some particle of dust or a tiny grain of pollen, would have her break out in hives...

Her immune system had a bank memory of itself. It had saved all those previous cellular images of her first reaction to these foreign bodies, at some DNA level...
And just one imaginary thought of their possible presence, and her system would fabricate a thousand anti-bodies, gear itself, backed by a formidable army and start a whole process of self defense, of survival...

Am also developing this curious symptom, very similar to my friend's. If there is a Doctor in the house, maybe you can help too.

The other day, a friend knowing my love for Cuban Salsa music, passed on the latest CD by Gloria Estefan. I am not a fan of Gloria but I like some of her remixes.

One track is called "Esperando. Cuando Cuba sea Libre."
Which in my limited understanding of Spanish means "Hoping. When Cuba will be Free"
Now when an American or an Americanized utters the word FREE, I freeze...

I freeze for a few seconds...I become immobilized, tetanized...
As if my reptilian limbic system is preparing itself for a flight/fight response...

I hyperventilate, gasp for air...
My pupils dilate, my heart palpitates like a thousand drums, my muscles tense up, my neurons work at full speed, my cortisol level antes up, my adrenaline pumps in...and my immune system calls on its soldiers for the ultimate battle...The final battle against the enemy...

I try to calm myself, take in a few deep breaths only to see my skin erupt in red patches, like a hundred little red hills made of prickly stings from a thousand wasps...covering my body...
Urticaria, I say to myself - Relax it's nothing but urticaria...

Do you think I have become allergic to the word "Free", by any chance ?

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami.


Unknown said…
Yeah. The people of the U.S. aren't free, either:;read=191193

(He meant rense, not rence.) The U.S. is imploding. It will get what it deserves, though I have no idea how long before it can do no more damage.

Yeah, I live in the U.S. I'm disgusted with our government, the Israeli government, the U.K., and all the other
war mongering 'sphincters'. What am I doing about it? Not much, sorry. Except feeding the system as little as possible.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
yes i know what u mean with this kind of allergie ,it happens to me with some faces i see in the TV i feel the heat and blood preasure coming up inside me (the negative one not the one whenn u fall in love !!) and the need for fresh air, specialy when they start to speak all their bullshit (sorry),by then i need a double paracetamol !!!
allah yisa3idnah !!!
wishing u all the best..take care
Anonymous said…
I too feel my defenses jump, my stomach tighten, my hackles rise...a conditioned response to the violence that is now associated with what used to be lovely words?
All kinds of psychology to explain it. A conditioned response, behavioral science, flight or fight? Even Pavlov's dog.
The nausea Bush's voice brings is seeping into every pontificating polititian.
They all make me ill.
I fear some words will never shake their new evil connotations.
I would say so,and I definitely would not blame you
Helico said…
No Layla ! You became not allergic to the word "Free". You became allergic to the hypocrisy with which this word is used !

P.S. : sorry for my bad english (I'm italian)
Layla Anwar said…
Thank you all for your comments.
I did mention Cuba in the post, and I was thinking now that Castro's health is not that great and he may pass away soon, what will happen to Cuba.
Songs, films and the U.S are usually geared to psychologically prepare for yet another country kissed by the
" new world order" - The kiss of death carried out in the name of Freedom.
Regards to all of you.
LostHere said…
Yes it's true Castro's health may not be so good, but we do have to face it, even Fidel is not immortal, and he certainly is not young. The question is of course, what about the Cuban revolution? Will it die with Castro? I think not! Actually I correct myself, I am sure the Cuban revolution will not die with Castro... And I tell you why I am sure, because other Nations in the Americas are becoming more independent of the US influenced oligarchy, and the solidarity between the people of these nations are the "Insurance policy" of survival to the "grand mother" of social revolutions.

I can't help myself to notice the paradox here. Oil revenues and the vision of new leaders, among them Chavez, are the root of power to the independent movements of indigenous Americans. It's because the war mongering of the western powers and the undisciplined consumerism of modern societies, the USA at the head of the list, that oil prices have brought, and will bring, economic independence to these impoverished nations... independence from the colonial rule of the USA.

Another paradox that can't escape our attention is that, the need for the USA to strategically control as much of the world oil as possible to keep Asia's power growth in check,has provoked, and will provoke, extreme wars through all of central Asia and the Arabian Countries, therefore creating a vacuum where Latinamerica has the opportunity to "sprout" a number of social transformations.

In finishing I must mention that Venezuela in particular, but all the emerging Latin American revolutions owe a great deal to the Iraqi resistance, because if the USA did not found itself bogged down as they are in Iraq, they would have dedicated a lot more resources to "damper" these new social reforms, or even Revolutions.

One more thing Layla, that pest of an allergy that you have may be alleviated if you consider the true meaning of the word and its source. Remember that often US English does not mean the same as any other country English. For example in the US FREE means (a) of not initial cost to consumer but with mayor costs to all the rest of the world. (b) As exemplified by "free trade", it means any condition that has all the benefits to the US and is corporate capital bosses, and non to the other parties (c) and that one you are experiencing first hand, free means to be able to act in any way the USA wants without regard for any international laws or even human or moral values... So you see, it's a matter of understanding the real meaning of the word.

Just one more thing Layla, Where in the world can you find so much and so beautiful art?... and all from Iraq too! It just amazes me all the time.
Anonymous said…
Arabs belong in the ovens. And your religion belongs in antiquities museums in the civilized world testament to how barbaric humans can get.

You are witnessing the birth pangs of a new de-arabized de-islamized middle east.

you had your chance to run the place, now it's time you and arab monkeys like you are exterminated and leave the region to real humans to run it.

Death to every arab death to every muslim unto the very last of you.

That's a promise.
Anonymous said…
You obviously are suffering from post (and present) traumatic stress disorder - not allergies. I suggest a visit to your GP.
Layla Anwar said…

Is it grave, how serious is it?
And more importantly can you recommend a trustworthy doctor, you may refer me to. Because so far, all those I have met seemed to be con artists and charlatans.
Thank you so much.
Layla Anwar said…
lost here,

I don't know why you keep calling yourself "lost", you seem to me very well oriented.
One of the few ones who actually has the perspicacity to see "hands off Venezuala" and links it to the Iraqi Resistance and U.S being bogged down in a quagmire of their own doing...
Most echos I receive from Latin America fail to make that link, and not only that, they also hail Ahmadinajad as the hero of anti imperialism in the Middle East.
So please do change that name of yours.
As for Cuba, I am aware that Fidel is not immortal, I just fear that after his death, Cuba will witness disintegration and everything the cubans worked for all those years.
Call it a fearful projection on my part...And I seriously wonder if Latin America will come to the Rescue as you state...
I guess you can safely say that I have grown weary of slogans, Iraq has managed to rip through all of my political ideals and illusions...A cracked mirror.

As for Iraqi art, I hold on to it, like I held on to the relics.
They express the soul of Iraq, I am hooked to Iraqi art and I know of nearly every single artist there is around.
In the distant past, I was very much into Western art - I have moved away from that, and discovered my own. And since I have not let go.
Anonymous said…
I bet the genocidal buffoon above "The Doctor" is Titus Cretinus incognito.
Layla Anwar said…
To the anonymous "crusader" above the "doctor",


Reading you, I am reminded of description of some pre medieval crusader bearing the name of Charles or Pierre, Coeur de Lion...who pillaged, plundered and raped in the name of Jesus, wearing metal armours, and decomposing underneath them in a putrid smell...
The French "coeur de lion" did not know what bathing meant. So the smell would seep through the armours spreading a nauseating cheesy odor very similar to French camembert today.
I wonder if this is how the camembert cheese saw the light of day, or was discovered, invented...

And the smell would get even more putrid and they eventually ended up smelling like big fat DEAD rats...

Now am not saying that you are French, nor that you may know what a camembert is but you remind me of them so much.- a Big Fat Dead Rat.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous above,

Good observation re.Titus the Cretinus. I immediately had the same reaction when I read his comment.
LostHere said…
Thank you Layla
I live in the USA, trust me, "I AM LOST HERE"...

You mentioned "...they also hail Ahmadinajad as the hero of anti imperialism in the Middle East."

There is the power of western propaganda for you. US press has tentacles that reaches deep into the minds of all that stop thinking of their own...
Without that drum beating about Ahmadinejad, he would just be what he is, an elected official in a country where elected officials have only a marginal power... but I guess a great many people in this world forgot about the ability we as humans have; it used to be called critical thinking, but now days I would just settle for "thinking"...

You are a wise woman Layla, holding on to relics of ancient wisdom and the art of a your nation.
Any chance you could add an approximate date to the art? It could be interesting to see the periods, considering that we have been told of how Iraqis lived in such a state of suppression (not that I buy it, of course, I do have my own memory and not amount of propaganda will erase my knowledge of the pass).

Anyway, thanks! For the art and your great prose.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dearest Layla

Your translation was perfect !
And yes PTSD is in the lives of all
Iraqis... how could it not be ?

Carajo !!! (sorry)
The suffering and the unbelievable
tragedy in Iraq is the reason.

My love,
admiration and
solidarity always !!!

YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

If I may ?

What an anon nazi/zionist...
ziopath..... son of a bush !!!!!!!!
I am an Arab too, so this is personal to me ,-D

See you can read him....
the ziopathology of
those who are programmed
to believe they are
*the chosen* haha

I am sure he does not even know
who is who in this dark game.
He is a robotic mind just repeating the programming.
He is showing us
the kind of weak damaged
mind he has.
Bark and bark LOL

Thank you Layla
Lots of love !
Anonymous said…
yolanda plz cud u translate your posts into english
Anonymous said…
if gloria estefan talks about "freedom" you should get an allergic reaction.
gusano total!!!
Layla Anwar said…
fem, what does gusano mean ?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Yolla, nice to see you around.
Am glad everyone is capable of diagnosing my current allergy.!
Bless you and lots of love
Layla Anwar said…
ermmm.... Lieutenant Columbo, aka the letter of the alphabet. And me thought you were trying to pass incognito.
Anonymous said…
layla plz stop using long words all the time
YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

Thank you dear, working here and off line some days. I give support to trauma survivors.. I will explain to you in email.
I am back.. I read all your blogs and comments. Even when I dont post, so you rest a bit of me LOL
You are my daily connection to the world, to Iraq and to the truth.
Besides your creative writing always moves my heart.
Gusano means worm
I was watching also all the Che Guevara programmes on tv.
I am sure he would be very unhappy knowing what is going on in Iraq.
I dont doubt he would be there with
the Iraqi Resistance .. fighting for Iraqis genuine right to freedom. Arriba Iraqi Resistance !
I have watched in youtub many of the videos ... Bless them !!!

About PTSD... yes my dear Layla
many symtoms are due to it.
Inidvidualy are different.
If possible give yourself little breaks.. then come back to your meaningful beautiful writing.
Please take good care of yourself !
I certainly have become allergic
to you know WHO.

Lots of love
YoUnicorn said…
Translate my post in English?
Wasnt that english? LOL or are you joking? In case you are honestly asking... or tricky ?
Ok anyway, I will explain
Some are slaves of the programming
sent by the leaders, media etc.
They dont have a real individuality, no identity and no critical thinking.
Just like a machine.
Their minds become a computer chip.
Making sense?
I can not say more

Thank you Layla !

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