Now, where did I put those WMD's?

I keep misplacing and losing things... Keys, sunglasses, agendas, purses and my poor little brains.

I even had a few vials of WMD's. Nice strong chemical stuff. Wait, I think they are in my fridge. Let me go and check...

Nope, they are not there...I scratch my poor little head and wonder where the hell did I misplace them. In my little pocket maybe? Or in my drawer with my underwear ?

I get consolation that am not the only who is absent minded.
The U.N. forgets things too.

Take for instance this piece of news.

" August 30, 2007 12:01 PM - Brian Ross/ABC

United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous chemical warfare agent, phosgene, as they were cleaning out offices at a U.N. building in New York, federal authorities tell the Blotter on

The federal authorities said the office, in a U.N. building near headquarters, was being evacuated and the White House had been notified at 10 a.m.

The vials were discovered at the headquarters of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), which led the inspections of possible chemical and biological weapons in Iraq. The items were recovered from a former Iraqi chemical weapons facility, Al Muthanna, back in 1996, but just noticed on an inventory list yesterday, according to UNMOVIC.

A WMD investigative team and hazmat units are responding to the incident, according to a law enforcement source.

The FBI New York Field Office will be disposing of these vials.

New York police and fire officials reported to the scene around 12:15 this afternoon.

The Department of Homeland Security notified the New York City police commissioner later this morning.

The United Nations said today that following the discovery of the items, "UNMOVIC chemical weapons experts sealed the packages and placed them in a safe, which was then isolated in a secured room."

Former U.N. weapons inspectors told that vials of phosgene had also been used by inspectors in Iraq to help calibrate air sampling instruments.

The former inspectors said the remaining vials were supposed to have been destroyed.

"If it is properly sealed, it should not pose much of a threat unless it is dropped," said former New York City emergency services director Jerry Hauer, an ABC News consultant.

"They need to get it out of there and put it in a safe canister," Hauer said. "It shows immense stupidity to have that kind of thing sitting around as a souvenir."

UNMOVIC said today that normally such items would have been transported directly to a laboratory, not sent to headquarters in New York, but that now they believe the items "are properly secured and pose no immediate risk or danger to the immediate public."

According to the Web site of the Centers for Disease Control, phosgene at room temperature is a poisonous, colorless gas with a suffocating odor like newly mown hay.

According to an article in Foreign Affairs, the chemical was allegedly used by Iran in the Iran-Iraq war in 1987.

Phosgene was used extensively during World War I as a "choking agent" and, according to the CDC Web site, among the chemicals used in the war, it was responsible for the large majority of deaths.

The chemical also has numerous commercial applications in the manufacture of plastics and pesticides. "

Oh, here they are! At the United Nations HQ.

Eleven years down the line and these little vials are sitting there. Eleven years down the line, a country is destroyed and these little vials are found by chance at the U.N HQ.

Eleven years down the line, and since 2003, over 1 million dead, 1 million disappeared and reported missing, and the vials are here. Oh goody good !

Eleven years down the line, mass graves, cholera, disease, unemployement, poverty, destruction, a ravaged society, 4.5 million in exile and these little vials are finally found. Hurray!

And guess what? They contain a chemical called phosgene and was used by IRAN.

I am so happy they finally found the WMD's.
But a little bird at the U.N HQ, told me they renamed them WMDF. Weapons of Mass Deception Farts.

You can fart along if you wish...

Good night and don't forget to open the windows. You never know, if their force and density are strong enough, they may cause a MFAE. A Mass Fart Atomic Explosion.
Or if we are very lucky, a MRF. A Mass Revolution of Farts.

So keep farting...

Painting : Egyptian artist, George Bahgoury.


Layla Anwar said…
According to a report I read 6 months ago, Iraq has become the 2nd most corrupt country in the world.
I mentioned in before but was scoffed. Ha!
This is the wonderful sectarian Iranian govt voted in and blessed by the US and the flags of democracy.
Every single ministry is corrupt to the core. Every single ministry is run by militias and criminals.
Next time you scoff me, I will slap you!
Read it here.
YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

I dont have any more adjetives
for the beasts, monsters, psychos !
Thank you for your post. Your sharing with us.
The history of the countries is written by their people.(Che Guevara)

I am so sorry, deeply sorry.
I am mad, SO mad.
I just want the destroyers to blow up and get what they deserve !

Peace for Iraq!
brainwashed georges GET OUT !

Lots of love for you
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Yolla,

I am really pissed off tonight. Actually am very pissed off every night.
Thanks for the Che quote. I love Che. I guess the fact that he is disgustingly handsome helps too :-)
Lots of love
YoUnicorn said…
Salaam Dear Layla

I sure feel you.
I am pissed off too, I reply in ICH with much more anger. I respect your blog very much. Sorry I dont mean to put more wood in the fire.

Yes Che was handsome and quite a freedom fighter. I have been looking for a link in youtub for you, but all the links I have found are in Spanish. I will send it anyway. Please take care !
Much love ,-D
Layla Anwar said…
Hola Chica Yolla,

This one is for you. One of my favorites.

Hasta Siempre !
YoUnicorn said…
Hola Layla

Gracias !

Going to the link right now

here is one for you
maybe you already saw it?
enjoy !

Si, hasta siempre !
Layla Anwar said…

Duh ! Of course they are stupidos, it is a known fact. Mediocrity rules ok!!!!

Enjoy the u tube I gave you. No stupid there for sure.
Anonymous said…
Layla, Do you still feel there will not be a U.S. war against Iran? God, over here it seems like they are ramping up for it in the exact same way they did with Iraq.

I hope you somehow can get a break(like you referred to in last post.)
Angel said…
Hi Layla,

How very convenient of the UN to "lose" Iranian WMD's, until AFTER Iraq was destroyed.

I hope for Iraqi's sakes, all you suffer is MRF.

At home we have already talked about the US using nukes on Iraq, and we all know they have used them before.

Iranian WMD's? Just how are the UN going to explain this away? With more lies and bullshit, of course. They are very good at that.

Stay safe.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Che looks like a monkey. There is nothing handsome about him.
G.Gar said…
But Iraq didnt ratify the non proliferation treaty. Therefore, It was not binding to him!

Also, If it had been true that Iraq had used chemical weapons then it was in self defence- which is the leagal right of every nation on earth. The U.S used not one Nuclear bomb, but two on Japan,and the international collective consciense didn't suffer much because of it, since it was in self defence. What counts here is, that Iran used it first..What about the Irani WMD???

what about Israel's nuclear bombs???

Moreover, I can see no reason why only United states, Russia and a few other countries should monopolise on Nuclear weapons? It is either a world free from mass destruction without a single exception or else it would be quite justified and rightful for every single nation on earth to acquire Nuclear bombs
Anonymous said…
I am farting in solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…

I really don't think they will be an attack on Iran and I hope am right. However much I hate what the Iranians have done to Iraq, I still would not want to see them bombed back to the middle ages. Mind you they are already in the middle ages, but that is besides the point.
Yes I need a Break with a Capital B. Am working on it, insha'Allah.
Anonymous said…
Mark Miller is over-enjoying his own farting-in-solidarity music and humming the upbeat ameronazi and zionazi mantras to the same-source tunes ...
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Angel,

During the Iraq -Iran war, chemicals agents were allegdely used.
Iraq was singled out as the only one who used chemical weapons and the rest became history.
If the U.S is really intent on attacking Iran, you will see tons of news coming out shortly, showing how Iran used all kinds of chemicals in the Iran Iraq war.

Take care
Layla Anwar said…

Good points as usual.
No one dares to mention Israel which is armed to its teeth with nuclear warheads.
The Americans want sheep in the M.E and they want the Jews to be the sheperds. It will not happen.
We will all become black sheeps.
It is only a question of time.
Layla Anwar said…
mark miller,

Do you happen to be part of the American anti war movement?
Because they are reknown for their farts in solidarity.
Anonymous said…
In case we miss this golden report:

تعرضت طائرة أميركية تقل وفدا من الكونغرس لإطلاق نار أثناء إقلاعها من مطار بغداد دون أن تصاب بأذى،

US plane carrying members of Con-men-gress was shot at.

Hope they got a good scare and urinated in their pants.


PS War on Iran? hahahahah. The US military has not engaged in a battle with a real military in some 40 years (in Vietnam it was the villagers who took up arms and became a regular army, not the other way round).

But, the US is good at starting proxy wars.
Anonymous said…
I've tried to post many times. It never goes through, but I have to try, I have to tell...

Tonight on the news they showed U.S. soldiers breaking into the home of an old woman. The poor lady was so terrified, she was weeping and wailing and saying over and over, "My God, please bring love to Iraq!"

I can't stand seeing this. I just cannot stand it anymore. Oh why didn't Iraqis get into the streets when the U.S. first invaded, get into the streets en masse with big signs saying "Go Home Americans! Go Home!" for the whole world to see. They could have routed the whole army, humiliated it into retreat.

I feel utterly helpless. What can I do.

WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!!!

I want to embrace all of you. I want to stop this, but all I can do is join in this woman's prayer and ask God to send love.


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