Not Amused...

Today, I was reminded of my cousin Ahlam. I really don't like Ahlam all that much.
She irritates me. She is conceited, narcissistic to the core, vain and a snob.
Ok, she is good looking, but so what? And mind you she is not stupid, well at least I thought so, until we had this conversation not long ago.

Here was Ahlam sitting, one leg over another, sipping her tea, with perfectly manicured nails, and a head that just came out from under a hundred rollers and intensive blow dry.
You can trust Ahlam, that even if there is a nuclear bomb outside her window, she will not seek shelter before she dabs lipstick on.

So here we are, and Ahlam flicks her cigarette and says :

- ...They liberated us, enough now. They can leave.
- Excuse me? Why would they leave ?
- They did their job, did they not. So now they can leave.
- Ahlam, are you trying to tell me that over a quarter million Americans in Iraq, just crossed the seas, so they can liberate you and leave, just like that ?
- Yes of course. And she meticulously re-arranges her hair.
- And why on earth would they do that for ?
- I don't know, they said they came here for that. Now they can go.
- Oh, so you're telling me that they came from miles away for the sake of your brown eyes ?
- No, of course not, Layla...and she re-arranges her hair again, what I mean is that yalla it's enough...they can go.
- Does the word occupation exist in your dictionary ? Have you ever heard that word before ?
- Of course I have. What do you think I am stupid or something ?
- Laa' salamtech, how can you be stupid. Masha'allah, you are intelligence itself.

But to be fair to Ahlam, she is not the only one who holds this kind of discourse...
Quite a few Iraqis babble along similar lines. And yes, they are stupid too.

And some of them are now saying: "We need a very strong man, even stringent if necessary - someone who can restore order. Enough of this chaos."
Ya Salam, what gems of wisdom!

Now THAT makes me very angry.
But you voted you sons of bitches, did you not?
Those of you who voted for Allawi the CIA guy, or for the sectarian stooges from Iran and those of you who sighed relief that the "tyrant" is gone. Now you come and you want a strong stringent man who can restore order???
Ya Allah, this makes me so furious.
You are indeed a hopeless case!

But mind you,they are not the only ones. Take for instance Maliki, look at what the sectarian, Iranian, idiot had to say today.

He said: " There are Americans (referring to Levin and Clinton) who consider Iraq as one of their villages. " (article here)
The gutless, coward adds : "This is severe interference in our affairs."

Ya Puppet, ya Gawad, of course they will consider Iraq as one of their villages.
It is thanks to them that you came to power. You and Iraq are under occupation ya traitor. This is what occupation is all about. This is what 4 million Iraqis in exile and 1 million Iraqis dead are all about. Of course, they will interfere in your affairs.

Maliki is "annoyed" that the American Army is killing civilians. La Balah?
This is what occupation armies do ya Gawad. They kill civilians.
And what about your own militias and that of the big fat bastard al Sadr ? Are you not killing civilians as well ?

Kharraya a3lekom Kolkom.

Translation : Shit on all of you.

You make me sick!!!

Painting: Iraqi artist, Hayan Abdul Jabr.


Anonymous said…
3ala sawad 3younich, right? Is that what you said to her?
Layla Anwar said…
LOL - Yes that's it.
Anonymous said…
(that was me who said asked you that q about sawad 3younish, Layla)

LOL, I was imagining the whole conversation in Iraqi.

Sigh ...

Thanks for making me laugh, Layla.

Sometimes, it helps.

Anonymous said…
Laila everybody misses you in Angry Arab,anyway here what he has to say about the puppet in the Green Zone
A&Eiraqi said…
Dear Layla
The first thing attracted me to your blog is being a screem, in thr face of opression.
Oppression against women, oppression against Iraqis and of course showing how horrible the invadors and their followers are.

It's quite easy to use swearing words, it's sounds funny sometimes but it never show logic, it reflects that we don't know what to do, and we've got no more logic to argue.

I know that this world doesn't respect logic, they only respect force, still swearing doesn't represent being strong.

It's totally up to you

With love
G.Gar said…
A song dedicated to occupiers.
Layla Anwar said…
A&E Iraqi,

Hello and hope you are well.
I do not argue with occupiers and their puppets with Logic.
Killing 1 million Iraqis does not take LOGIC.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
Please do not use swearing words, it never show logic and doesn't represent being strong. Its very un-becoming of a lady especially for those of us who have fallen for you and wish for you to remain pure and have more of Ahlam's qualities in you. Afterall, she is your cousin. In the meantime you have permission to say Fuck and Fuck You to John C. Davis III, the new 20K freedom fighting recruit in the link below. But just this one time, okay?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear re: Kofi

LOL- that was a good one.
Seriously now. Thanks for the link. I read it and am boiling with anger. Seems that is the only emotion I am capable of feeling these days.
20'000 dollars CASH to go and kill more Eye Raqis.
After all these poor bastards have mortgages and bills to pay......

I supposed nice american "ladies" will be joining the mob too.

Let A&E Iraqi reflect on that one.
And maybe he will be able to give us logic and ways to be strong and win arguments in the face of a killing robotic machine.

YA ALLAH, where are You ?
Anonymous said…
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (aka the Mahatma) said: "An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind"

Some of your readers offer platitudes and say, "learn to forgive Layla, and do not be bitter."

Gerry Bremmer (aka L. Paul) said: "What is the population of Eye Raq? Well, maybe we can bring it down to 5-6 million"

Right now, the Iraqis are being blinded by bastards bigtime If the Resistance were to follow the Mahatmas' advice and that of some of your readers, Gerry Bremmer et al would have made sure entire was Iraq blind by now.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

I have written to you before and don't know if you responded or not. Today I received an email from a fellow in Australia who visited Iraq prior to the invasion. At the time, he befriended a family in Baghdad. The family has since called upon him for support. In fact, he did send them a generous amount to allow them to purchase G passports. Now they have the passports but are unable to afford the cost of transportation to flee to Syria, and have again asked this gentleman for help.

I too know this family and have been serving as an intermediary between them and the Australian chap. I think he is in the field of public health and oversees projects in other parts of the world, projects like health clinics for the poor.

At any rate, today he wrote to say he could no longer offer any assistance to the famiy in Baghdad because, as he put it, "Iraq has become a bottomless pit . . . there are many, many other needy people in the world."

I don't know what to make of his comment. Yes, there are many, many poor people in the world but in the case of Iraq, the people's blinding poverty is, to my way of thinking, largely the result of 12 years of sanctions, two wars (Iran-Iraq and Gulf War I), and most recently, the U.S. invasion and occupation. Also, Australia was an original part of the "Coalition of the Willing." It seems to me that citizens in the U.S., UK, Australia, and other coalition countries have a moral obligation to assist in any way possible the people of Iraq--from ending the war/occupation to paying reparations.

What do you think?
Layla Anwar said…
re.Kofi. That was very well said. Bravo!
Layla Anwar said…
Hi George Cappacio,

I do not recall having received any mail from you.
In any event, what can I say?
I thin you have answered your own question. And I will go further, I think the Iraqi people should DEMAND full compensation for every single thing that has been destroyed in their lives.
And even then, that will not be ENOUGH.
Who will replace our dead ones ? And what amount of money?...

Iraqis ARE NOT BEGGARS. They were NEVER beggars. They are in need TODAY because of what your so called civilized world brought upon them. So off course, if one can help, one should help.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you but I don't visit PUPPETS in their GREEN ZONE.
Salam to you.
YoUnicorn said…
Dear Layla

So many still not waking up?
I hear all kind of thought and conversation. Exactly like your cousin.. in another dimension.

I agree with your reply

Iraqis ARE NOT BEGGARS. They were NEVER beggars. They are in need TODAY because of what your so called civilized world brought upon them. So off course, if one can help, one should help.

Wisely said !!
Thank you

Paz hermana
Mucho amor

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