I am so disgusted with everything, I don't even feel like writing.

I am disgusted with the Americans, the Brits, the French, the Germans, the Scandinavians, the Australians, the Iranians, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews....( am not mentioning the Israelis because they have disgusted me long ago. It's a given)

Everything and everyone disgusts me.

I have run out of words. I don't even know which words to use anymore.
Have you ever felt that way? Not even knowing which words to use?
I can write tons of posts, would not make one single fucking difference.
But I promised someone that I will not stop writing, so here I am...

Nir Rosen, not that I terribly like Nir Rosen, but finally someone who is not an Iraqi came out and said it " Iraq is no more "
Well, hello, I have been saying it over and over and over , the sectarian shia Iranian militias and parties control everything. Along with the equally chauvinistic Israeli backed Kurdish pimps.

Imagine, one day, you come to the realization that your country, in the space of 4 years, simply does not exist anymore? Can you even envisage that?
It simply is not there anymore.

I have been way too polite. My upbringing taught me to respect guests, visitors, but you people don't know what polite is. You need to hear your own language spoken back at you.

Some American wanker, mental masturbator, produced a study not long ago. And the study shows that :

"The majority of Iraqis want a secular government today."

What the fuck is all that about? We had a secular government you bunch of assholes.
We had a country with a secular government that your academics "entre autre" managed to destroy.

Remember the son of a bitch Chomsky with his poor shia being oppressed ?
Remember your equally fucked up anti-war movement ?
Remember all those other wankers on blogosphere and the web, posting article after article after article on poor Iran being bombed back to the stone age?
Remember these, oh so well meaning "orientalists" who visited Iraq once and suddenly know it all and use Iraqi plight and suffering to defend Iran ?
Even Palestinian bloggers were not exempt of that mental masturbation, the masturbation of the politically correct.

Well guess what, you fuckers, I don't have a country anymore!

Are you pleased with yourselves now ? What a great job you have done! Bunch of criminals.

YOU are as responsible as the american army and the american government in the slaughter of innocent Iraqis and the total destruction of their country in the space of 4 fucking years. Just 4 years, you bastards.

You, the academics, the writers, the journalists, the anti- war shit, the political scientists of my ass, the anal-ysts...
All of you are responsible today. All of you.
All of you have the blood of 1 million Iraqis on your hands and all of you have a country in ruins on your conscience.

But you have no fucking conscience, you bunch of paid, sell out bastards. Those of you who sold it to Iran and those who sold it to Israel, and who sold it to America and England.

You are the "intellectual" whores of this world. You are the PROSTITUTES.
I spit on you and on your academic achievements and on your publications and on your press, on your prints and on your books...

I swear even hookers have more integrity than you.

So the "totalitarian " regime is gone. So the "dictatorship" is gone but you motherfuckers, tell me what happened to tyranny?

How come every single Iraqi I know, shia, sunni, martian, felt much freer under the "dictatorship" than under your fucking democracy? How come?

How come every single Iraqi I know, was free to go to work, earn a living, teach, read, dance, eat, drink, get married, walk in the streets, go to the movies, go to a restaurant, go for a drive, go shopping, paint, sing, listen to music, dress the way s/he likes, go to a hairdresser...the banal stuff that you do daily.

How come under the "totalitarian" regime every single Iraqi was free to do that and today...
And today crossing the street means a possible silencing.
Silence through death in your fucking democracy Iranian - American style.

To hell with you and your democracy and democracies.
To hell with your internet, web, blogs, media, books, newspapers, magazines...
To hell with every single thing I learnt in your universities, in your schools, in your institutions...

To hell with all of you . You sickening, despicable lot.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sabeeh Kalash.


Alan the Red said…
Hiya Layla,

We have no country. Listen this is who we are:

Please listen. We are spirits who have been thrown into prisons of flesh. We are sons of God fooled into believing that we are powerless before the false Demiurge God who created this world and all flesh. The material world was created by the evil Demiurge. He took us spirits and trapped us into to his creation of flesh known as the three dimensional universe. The prison guards are the evil angels the serve the false God who claims to be the true God. He created this prison of disease and hunger. In order to control us, he made us so that we would have to eat to live. The Demiurge could then strike us with famine and disease if we failed to worship him! He demanded we multiply so that his evil kingdom of suffering could expand. He also create in us a fear of death. This allows him to demand worship on the penalty of death.

We are here to learn to overcome hate with love. Any God that promotes war, violence, and vengeance, is a false God. Any God that demands worship by threatening followers with death is an egomaniac.

Don't let them make you angry. You are a Goddess.

And yes, delete this like you always do :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Don't fuck with me Maitreya.
And don't try to be smart, I have published your comments in the past.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I've been away for a few days. And I come back, and there's nothing to say, except that you are right. Your country is destroyed and the "west" (home of the free and the brave rah rah rah) did it to you.

And I am very ashamed to be part of what's happened to your country.

Everything you've said, especially about Saddam, I knew because I had dug for the truth long ago.

However, even if he had been the "monster" we were told to believe he was, we STILL HAD NOT RIGHT to enter your country.

We will get our dues Layla. I am very sure of that.

I'm glad somebody has told you to keep writing. For those few of us who do care as much as we are able, I thank that person. Your blog tells the truth more than any other that I have read.

The big laugh, which you pointed out, is all the talk about Bush bombing Iran. When they're "hand in glove" destroying your country! THAT, I didn't know nearly enough about. You taught me something there.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, I feel your despair. Only this morning, I woke up thinking, as I have for four years now....WHY, WHY, WHY Iraq? And similar thoughts as yours went through my mind... Yes, I thought about everything I ever believed in, which now turns out to be a big hoax, a LIE, as we are witnessing with our eyes today. All the books I've ever read, all the Church has ever taught me - it's all one BIG LIE.

I then wondered: 'Is God trying to show the depth of evil in mankind through Iraqi suffering?' But then, what kind of God would make humans suffer so much, because we've been told that He is a loving God. I feel lost, too, Layla.

In the depths of darkness and despair, please continue what you do - your writing will not only be a record for the future, but many of us on the outside hang on to it, too.

Bush bombing Iran? Rubbish. Iran is serving his purpose in Iraq. Never witnessed such depth of evil in my life, nor, I believe, in the history of mankind.

In solidarity.
Imagine, one day, you come to the realization that your country, in the space of 4 years, simply does not exist anymore? Can you even envisage that?
It simply is not there anymore.

NO one Layla can understand, imagine what it would be like until you have lived it, my heart goes out to you all, to the brothers and families, of Abeer her mother father and sister, to all the families who have lost their loved ones, family, friends, associates. To lose your Country is unimaginable to me, but I feel so totally inadequate to do anything to stop the slaughter I feel totally powerless, to stop the pain and heartache.
How can our Countries ever forget the depth of pain, we have plunged the innocent people of Iraq into, all because of the lies of our Governments.
But Layla I knew what that little despot of a man was capable of the night he was elected, I knew it and I feared it.
They murdered Sadam, but he stood tall and was more of a man, at the moment of his death, than the little thug that they call Leader of the free world,could ever conceive of being.
I dont know or understand all the History of Sadam and Iraq, but he held your secular Nation together, and I feel that most of the later thing that went wrong in Iraq, where initiated by America in its quest for power and oil.
I am sorry Layla for what the world has wrought on your people and country, I only wish that I had the words like yourself to express it.
Peace Layla
Alan the Red said…
Hiya Layla,

Allow me to tell you another of my little stories if you think I am fucking with you. I got to encounter one of those rabid Yankee preachers, an arsehole by the name of Roy Masters, who runs an outfit by the name of the foundation of human understanding. He's a Jewish "converto" whose family somehow escaped Nazi Germany and fled to Britain. He was always foaming at the mouth about how "we" need to nuke Iran. Hey, and he came up with some shit about how "we" sent Germany back to the stone-age.

Now hang on a moment Masters. "We" did nothing. You and your parents ran away from your own country, and Britain was fighting that war, alone, for several years until the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour. Hey Layla, he ended up running away from my oh so mocking, pretty blue eyes, went back to America and gave up his British citizenship.

Hey, and that arsehole think he knows all about women. He went to Alabama and married the first one he met. Hey, we've all been to Alabama, met ourselves a subbie, and had a little fun. (Google on GRITS). Hey, they're brought up to call their daddy "Sir". LOL

Hey, give me a woman who is willing to stand up for herself anytime. Then you get to understand women and you get to know that "subbies" are just "passive-aggressives" and America is full of them.

What are Americans, Layla? They are the gutless cowards who ran away from their problems in their own countries, rather than fight for freedom, plus those whose sole aim in life is to get rich quick. Oh, but they got themselves a big military, but it is still so incompetent that it allowed three planes to hit their buildings, and instead of seeing what a bunch of buffoons they are, they go out acting "'ard". And a big girl's blouse like Blair thought he could make a name for himself like Maggie Thatcher did, but the Yanks haven't ever actually won a war in the past 100 years.

And "sun-gods" are ten a penny; they have one in North Korea right now, and he has promised to visit America with vengeance. Hey, and those Koreans really are "'ard" and they don't live on ice-cream; they can live on grass. They're lean, mean, and oh so hungry, and they worship their sun-god. Hey, the tide is turning.

Hey, you're the best Layla. Don't ever let anybody tread on you. You're a Goddess.
Alan the Red said…
Hi Layla, I forgot the moral of the Roy Masters story. Hey Masters, did you become what you hated?

I'm way ahead of that arsehole, so I know that I can't save anybody. Hey read the last chapter of Daniel. The wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

Then he mentions the "abomination that maketh desolate". Hey, would he mean Christianity by any chance? :-)

Hey, but they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, as the stars, for ever and ever. Now nobody in their right mind would call Yankees "wise" and George Bush is renowned for being dumb.
Angel said…
G.Gar said…
Dear Layla,

That is no bullshit, but I have seldom seen writers who are so much free of hypocracy like yourself. You are doing a good job for Iraq by your writing, never ever stop. By the way the xpression mental masturbators made me laugh lik hell

@llittle dear, no they are not a lie, they are only lies as far as Arabs are concerned
Anonymous said…
My Dear Layla,

Ah Nausea....that only too familiar can I not relate to everything you're saying?

But what follows this utter DISGUST?
In my case anger has preceded it, frustration has brought it on, so now what? This deep, paralysing,debilitating sorrow accompanies it,but I can't let it take over.
If I do, they will have taken over not only my country, but also my soul.
If I do, they will have taken over not only my country but also my intellect, because I will have joined the ignorant and indifferent lot.
If I do, they will have taken over not only my country but also my FAITH, because I will have succumbed to their ultimate evil aim,DESPAIR.
Their evil power (and I don't mean just militarily)might allow them to take over my/our country temporarily- at an excrutiatingly high price,I know- but it stops there.(Yes I know, 'there' is already way too far, 'there' should not have been allowed to happen in the first place but alas it did.)
And how do I know that it stops there,one might ask?
Because I think of the Iraqi Resistance, I think of all those who have paid with their lives, their children's lives, their livelihood, I think of you and of all those who,like you, are doing whatever they can to spread the truth and awaken the lulled consciences,and I know...

You may shit and puke on whomever you wish (i trust your choice)
:-) ,but pls continue writing, for you, for Iraq and its honourable Resistance, for us/me, and most importantly for GOD THE ULTIMATE TRUTH.
God bless you and your efforts always.
Anonymous said…
Amre, I think I know what you mean about lies but how is it possible to have double standards? I know it's happening right now, and what applies to one does not apply to another (as you say, Arabs), but that does not make it RIGHT. We live in dark, dark times.

S, that's a very well-thought post, with much food for thought. Thank you, and you are absolutely right about everything.
Anonymous said…

Nice shoot, right between the eyes. Just don't let it make you lose the fight. Do you have the right for all the rage? Yes you do, but don't let it beat you in the ground. Us this anger towards the good of your message.

Be strong Layla, my dear sister, for when you move forward with anger your feet get kocked out from under you.

Just as a prize fighter will anger their opponent to use their own energy to beat them with. Don't take your eyes off these people, for they will strike you.

Even on your blog you have these animals that wag their tail only to bite you. They post in one name to degrade you and their own aka, then they come back to defend you with a reply in another to act as your friend and a friend to their own aka.

I will not say who one of them is because I'm sure you already know who they are and of who I speak of. Just remember turn your back to no one, and trust few.

You do have true friends here that care for you, just beware of the dog that acts overly frindly. Stay Safe Keep Your Eyes Open!!!

Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla, you've had me in stitches with your dedicated song to Sadr and Maliki in the previous blog!!! The laughter is welcome at a time when there is nothing to smile about!

By the way, it's a lovely song (Sadr and Maliki aside!) and I do like Cher! Thanks!

On another note, the chimpanzee in the Black House is citing Vietnam, and 'democracies' such as South Korea and Japan (which his country so very kindly bombed)as reasons to STAY in Iraq... 'seeing Iraqis through as they build their democracy is critical to keeping American people safe from the terrorists who want to attack us', he said. There's many dumb leaders, but this one is the fruit cake, with the cherry on top! - guess people get leaders they deserve!!!

Long live Iraqi Resistance!
Anonymous said…
Here is the latest.

Einen schönen tag allerseits,

seien sie vorsichtig.

PS Layla, ich liebuh dikh
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Daphne and welcome back,
Was wondering where you disappeared. Hope all is ok with you.
I am having bad days.
Keep doing what you are doing, even though I don't think it will change on fucking thing either on your side or mine.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Kathy,

Am glad the Cher song cracked you up. It sure did to me. She is good.
Imagine being kissed by Muqee baby or Al Maliki! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

For those who missed my dedication to chubby checkers and mr puke (muqtada al sadr and maliki) here it is again

Little Deer, concerning the Resistance. Do you know who the Resistance is fighting?
Here it is :
- Occupaton forces
- Mercenaries and contractors
- Iranian militias
- "Iraqi" police and army
- Kurdish Peshemergas
- Al Qaeda

Do you know how many fronts that is?

They have to be Superman...
Am getting a sinking feeling again.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Kangaroo,

It does sound surreal, but there is no Iraq anymore. I have a distinct feeling we will be ending up like Ex Yugoslavia. Even then, am not sure that will work....
You say you have no words, me too, Kangaroo, got no words left.
Thanks for the solidarity
Peace to you
Layla Anwar said…

And your point is? You criticize preachers, but you are always preaching to me about the Goddess, this and the Goddess that?
How does that make your ideology or beliefs any different from the others?
I believe in a Gender free Power but who manifests itself at times as a "Yin" and at times as " Yang" and is BOTH and Beyond.
Thanks for the booster anyways.:-)
Anonymous said…

Don't forget the Israeli's, who are working with their friends in the North.

Is the issue of them being supermen or is the strength for the continuing resistance the very fact that the resistance does have a vision that goes beyond the occupation?

In respect to kissing Maliki and Mr. Al-Sadr, I would rather kiss Huda Ammash or Raghad Hussain.

Although I hear that a member of the Dawa Party who is in the "parliament" and was part of their list in the first so-called "democratic elections", was quite partial to "swallowing", so he has probably already beat you to Maliki and Al-Sadr.

I wonder if he got to them before or after Ahmed Chalabi, well, we all know what they say about Chalabi, don't we.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Savage,

Thanks for the tips. Yes am aware.
Some people want to fuck around with my brains. But am too old for that shit. Won't happen, can't happen.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Iraqi Democrat,

Unfortunately I don't understand Deutsch. I just know how to say schon and danke.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

no problem on your German but this song will give you a clue.
Layla Anwar said…
And this is my song for tonight
Layla Anwar said…
Iraqi Democrat,

What is the vision of the Resistance beyond the occupation?
Wallah it all looks like a salad to me.
By the way I did mention the peshmergas of the kakas and the papas
Layla Anwar said…
Am getting hooked on this Utube business... lol
Anonymous said…
Whats the shape layla?

check out the song.
Anonymous said…
I'm giving you "the kakas and the papas"

utube is addictive, aint it!
Anonymous said…
talking of songs, I got front row tickets for Prince on 6th Sept in London. I cant think of taking anyone who deserves a break more than you. It'll give your eyes a bit of a break from Utube'ing. I'm guessing theres a slight logistical problem of you getting to london though! Anyway, its the thought that counts, and you're definately in mine. Peace

Layla Anwar said…

Thanks a bunch. Am being really spoilt rotten tonight.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear S*

Am not sure if you are Iraqi or not, but am assuming you are.
Yabbah mooo wallah serna shorbah!
I will keep on writing, amree lil lah! :-)
Bless you.
Life...!!! said…
”…hang on a moment Masters. "We" did nothing. You and your parents ran away from your own country, and Britain…”
The Balfour Declaration of 1917? And you did nothing? Today you are dismembering Iraq as per the dictates of your Zion masters.

”was fighting that war, alone
You are so shallow and ignorant. The largest volunteer army in WWII was the Indian army. That army stopped the Japs from terminating your subjugation of India and obliterating your Asian presence. Wouldn't that have been nice, the annihilation of a colonial army? You can't run from Basra fast enough. This was done on the understanding that the Brits would grant independence to India, after the war. You had no choice; they would have kicked your white ass out had you not agreed. The sad part is the operations of the Indian Army in Mesopotamia. The oppressed oppressing the oppressed

”..for several years until the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour.
Bullshit. The Americans were supplying massive amounts of arms to you. These were the shipments being hounded by the German U-Boats.
Have you ever heard of the Russians? When did they enter the War? And don’t forget the Indians. Too much for you, "pretty blue eyes" and Blond Hair" Nazi. You claimed that the you betray your ancestry.

”are just "passive-aggressives" and America is full of them."
Really? The passives are called Bush's Poodle and history has instructed us about their brutality. Softly, softly.

"What are Americans, Layla? They are the gutless cowards"
Who is retreating from Basra, in defeat? Am I happy? Watch me crying. And who is in "control" of the opium-growing regions of Afghanistan?

"they got themselves a big military",
The Saudis gave you yours.

"Yanks haven't ever actually won a war in the past 100 years.
You are so stupid.

"they can live on grass"
The Irish and Indian famine, Mr. Maitreya? That explains the size of the Brits. Never mind about the people who are powering their Science and Technology sectors. The fat has invaded their hollow cavities and it explains why you have "guts," while Americans are gutless. No more hope for Mr. Brain.

"Don't ever let anybody tread on you. You're a Goddess."
Spread some coconut ice-cream on the floor and you will be licking her every footstep.

Mr. Maitreya:
Are you hoping for an Arab woman, to do belly-dances for you? If so, may I suggest that you try one of those cube-shaped British women. She will perform, not unlike a Rubik’s cube trying to resolve itself into a solution.

You write so much trash, displaying the depth of your ignorance.
Life...!!! said…
Here is the link to the reply to your previous post.
I wish everyone would read it.
Anonymous said…
Life!, great post.

You mention Russia. I have been buying old books and learning about the real story of Russia and the "Bolshevik revolution".

The Russians didn't revolt. Oh no. A "revolution" was forced upon them, and by Russian Jews - in the same week that the Russian Jews got their "Homeland", when Balfour and other western leaders, heavily influenced by Russian Jews, GAVE Palestine to them.

The UK had NO RIGHT to give Palestine to the Russian Jews, or to anyone else for that matter.

And the Russian Jews had no right to commit the first real genocide of the 20th century - in Russia. Millions of Russians died, some brutally, and some through the "famine" inflicted on them by these same Russian Jews.

The Zionists will have Iraq divided up, just like ex-Yugoslavia was balkanised. And they will blame the Sunnis and the Ba'athists, whose leader they murdered, just as they blamed the Serbs (who did not murder Albanians except in the general mayhem of a contrived internal war) and killed their leader, Milosevic (slowly, in the kangaraoo court at the Hague), and of course the Romanovs in Russia.

They kill the leaders. This is to facilitate the destruction of the nation state (except of course for Israel, which in the end will be the only remaining "nation state" if they have their way) and bring about their destructive "revolutions".

(By the way, the US and NATO worked hand in glove with the KLA, a drug running operation sine Albanians belonged to. These people would kill their own if necessary to blame their murders on the Serbs. Moderate Albanians understood this. No mass graves were ever found, though 17 groups under the auspices of the UN went with equipment to dig them up. They left with no proof, so the Milosevic trial went on and on and on. Much as they would find if they went searching for Saddam Hussein's mass graves. We get the same old stories regurgitated - and the sheeple continue to believe them.)

Western leaders are, for reasons known only to themselves, totally under Zionist control now, and have been for most of the last century, as is the western media, so we really have to dig for truth. Some actually do, and like me, are devastated to learn that truth. But not too many I'm afraid.

An excellent read is "Controversy of Zion". Fairly hard to get. I wonder why?

Layla, I just posted your latest story on, under my pseudonym of TruthPassion. I posted the Democracy Now! article beneath it. I wish I could do more.
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain and I sympathize.
You should know that I have spent tens of thousands of hours reading up on history and current geopolitical events; and the oligarchs that run the world, it's governments, it's intel agencies, it's militarys and it's media..... and we are next (amurikans that is). These psycopathic "elites" and fascist criminal filth, have identified america as a cash cow, and also as their biggest obstacle, and we have been targeted for economic meltdown and destructon of our society, our civilization and our dreams. Just as the german people suffered the worst in WWII, we the people of the once free democratic republic of the united states of america will be ground down, destroyed and enslaved by the zionist greedy genocidal monsters.
It is set in stone and there is now no way we can save ourselves, even if we could keep dr. ron paul alive long enough to elect him president. We are doomed by the cronie capitalist psycopaths just like Iraq was, it will just take a little longer to destroy us.
There are lots of good people here, but even the best have been brainwashed and convinced that the goobermint has our best interests in mind and actually gves a rats ass about the good working families, and about freedom and jsutice for all; and that they would always protect us............when the fecal matter hits the rotational air circulation device, americans will be shocked and devastated at the blowback and the karma that we have wreaked by our slumber and our lethargy and spoiled natures.
May our creator bless you and yours in this life and beyond,
Anonymous said…
After observing the influence of Israel on The US and the EU governments as well as their actions in the ME, I am wondering whether I know the whole story about the Holocaust. Is there a possibility that the actions of the Jews in Germany triggered the holocaust?
I read an article on the EU being manipulated by Israel, into accepting products manufactured or grown, in the occupied territories, into their markets. These products are currently banned, but Israel mis-labels them and the EU, despite their suspicions, refuses to verify their true origin. Meaning- the EU has made the occupation profitable for Israel, and by default, they are complicit.
Would the American, European and other Governments one day say, "We have had enough of this Zionist shit," and start another holocaust? I thought that that could never happen but Iraq today is also unbelievable.
It appears to me that Humanity is not becoming wiser with time but we are making huge retrogressive steps into our primitive past. I feel that killing humans is the lowest we could go, and we have arrived.
Our technology has engulfed and consumed our Intellect. We are in control of mass killing power and don't hesitate to deploy and activate them.
I have a theory about Adam and Eve and the Apple tree. I will post later.
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

With reference to the Iraqi Resistance, yes, I realise just what it is against - enemies all around. However, please do not lose hope, because one thing is absolutely clear: four years on, despite all the associated bloodshed and devastation, fruit cake 'democracy bringer' hasn't gained an INCH of Iraq; on the contrary, if one watches closes, he is in a state of panic right now. All 'interested parties', Iran included, cannot shout 'victory' in Iraq, and this is thanks to the Iraqi Resistance. Why doesn't the fraud, Maliki, have any control over Iraq, despite his Iran connections?

Fruit cake, 'leader of the civilised (hahaha!) world' as 'benchmarks' for Maliki, one being the passing of the 'oil law', which will allow him and his fellow thieves to control Iraq's oil. The Iraqi Oil Workers Union also deserves much applause for their stand against further theft of Iraq's resources.

Layla, please don't lose hope - yes, devastation is all around, but if one looks closely enough, there are very, very small signs, which may soon grow big, that the 'Iraq adventure' is certainly not working according to plan - for all those you have listed. You can SEE it in the war criminal's face and body language!

When hope is lost, all is lost, and I don't wish that for you or any Iraqi - despite all the darkness that surrounds you.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…

I would like to convey my uneasiness which I have felt for some time. Hence this long post.

Is it possible to keep the focus on aggression and occupation as far as possible. I do not know whether you can avoid magnifying the probleb of shia, sunni in describing the terrible situation in Iraq.

By many accounts the bombibg of Golden Samarra mosque was by "the hidden hand of the occupation" to exacerbate the tensions between different communities. In south asian sub-continent the British rulers adapted a 'divide and rule' policy that finally led to a partitioning of the country based on religion when the British finally had to leave. India which had a hindu majority and Pakistan which had a muslim majority were born. Pakistan had two parts namely West and East Pakistan on the western and eastern side of India. In 1971 Pakistan again was bifurcated and two new states were born. Pakistan meant only what was earlier West Pakistan and East Pakistan became Bangladesh. The irony of the situatin is that India today had more number of muslims than either Pakistan or Bangladesh which are supposed to be muslim states carved out of erstwhile one "India" for the muslims.

If India, Pakistan and Bangladesh would have been one country, one state ,it would have enormously helped the people in these three countries economically and politically. One example; more than 80% of their military budgets are directed at one another.

Layla, we do get angry, but possibly it is our training, education and 'culture' that help us not to let the anger colour our judgements and utterances in any way which might be detrimental for fighting back the suffering. An example; You do not like some of the posiitons that Noam Chomsky takes with respect to Iraq and you would like to argue with him. Fine. But do you have to mention evry time taht his father was a zionist when you take issue with him. I do not believe that Layla believes that this fact colours the judgements or acvtivities of Noam Chomsky with respect to middle east. Do you have to abuse or spite people unnecessarily even when they have a long track record of fighting for the suffering people of middle east.

Why am I writing all this history.
Oh, yes I know, that we learn from history "that we do not learn from history".

Layla, I am not in your situation. Hence , I may not have the right perspective. Quite possible.It is also possible that in the din,heat and dust of carnage we lose perspective. Do not,do not,do not underestimate the enemy. You would need all the friends in Iraq and all the friends you can possible have in the world. The tunnel is long. Only then can you dream of having the stroll by the river that spawned the human civilisation, humming your favourite tune without looking over your shoulder and holding your head high.

Layla, your thoughts and words make you a part of me, my friends and all of us around the world. WE would like to do something around the world that you become a part of us.

When you write so beautifully with your heart, can you keep the above perspective somewhere in the corner of your head.

Stay safe

Anonymous said…
It's not over yet

Not Till We Say It's Over
Anonymous said…
From CNN, beloved voice of truth for der Fuhrer und der Faderland:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Nightmarish political realities in Baghdad are prompting American officials to curb their vision for democracy in Iraq. Instead, the officials now say they are willing to settle for a government that functions and can bring security.

Continuing violence -- like this Baghdad blast from May -- is causing a rethink of U.S. goals, generals say.

1 of 2 A workable democratic and sovereign government in Iraq was one of the Bush administration's stated goals of the war.

But for the first time, exasperated front-line U.S. generals talk openly of non-democratic governmental alternatives, and while the two top U.S. officials in Iraq still talk about preserving the country's nascent democratic institutions, they say their ambitions aren't as "lofty" as they once had been.

"Democratic institutions are not necessarily the way ahead in the long-term future," said Brig. Gen. John "Mick" Bednarek, part of Task Force Lightning in Diyala province, one of the war's major battlegrounds.

So, it was to remove a "dictator" and install "their dictator". Is that it?

So, the invasion of Iraq because Saddam refused to play by their conditions, refused to recognize Israel, refused to ... on and on ...

Get the picture?

Anyone interested in puppetry?

When will the Iraqi people, naive, beguiled, duped, wake up and realize that their only hope is to support the nationalistic, patriotic resistance?

When will the Iraqi people sheep, misled, misguided realize that their only hope of a government is to bring back the technocracy?

Anonymous said…
Hey Layla

" am disgusted with the Americans, the Brits, the French, the Germans, the Scandinavians, the Australians, the Iranians, the Arabs, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews.."

It's nice to know your disgust is all inclusive. No one will ever be able to accuse you of bias.
Layla Anwar said…
I will respond to comments later,
meanwhile I urge you to read this piece . It does not give the complete picture because it does not mention Iran's ambitions in Iraq but it is fairly accurate. So please read it

As for Never say die.
I do not believe that Chomsky fought for the oppressed of the M.E and will take up your points later...Meanwhile I reserve the right to spit on whomsoever I wish.
I have no country anymore. Whilst you still do. And I also have no idols thank God.
Anonymous said…
just a small correction.
We would like to do something aound the world so that we become a part of you.

Re the Holocaust:

It is a Zionist lie. World Jewry declared war on Germany even tho Jews living in Germany begged them not to. Jews were put in internment camps as enemies of the state. There was no Holocaust it is a money making lie.

Re Iraq.
I'm not at all hopeful where Iraq is concerned. Not even remotely.
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

Why do you think the invaders or their backers would care if all Iraqis were to drop dead? In-fact, dead Iraqis only make the rape of the natural resources of the country easier for the scum occupation, hence, it is a good thing.

I say let us not dwell on the negatives, rather, let us support the brave men and women of the Resistance who manged to down a helicopter yesterday killing 14 scum invaders.

May all the pipelines continue to be destroyed so that not one drop of Iraq's oil can be stolen by the pagan barbarien hordes who have come from accross the seas.

Anonymous said…

Don't rain on the parade, man!

Here are the facts:

US soldier was killed and four were injured in armed clashes west of Baghdad, bringing the total to 16 American soldiers killed and 18 injured yesterday, a Multi-National Force (MNF) statement said on Thursday.
In a statement, the MNF said a US soldier was killed and four were injured in the armed clashes.
Last night the US military confirmed the killing of 15 American soldiers when, 14 of whom died in a helicopter crash north of Iraq.
Eleven US soldiers were injured when two suicide car bomb attacks targeted a coalition post north of Baghdad.


Layla Anwar said…

No they don't care if we drop dead or not, They would actually look forward to that day. Not only the invaders but all those sleeping next to the invaders. People, countries, states, the whole lot.
Hence my disgust.
As for the resistance, it is doing what it can humanly possibly do with the help of the Almighty.
Anonymous said…
Dear Janice,

RE the Holocaust.

I think you will find this song of interest to you, in light of the fact "There was no Holocaust".

You should meet my friend Frank, you'd never have thought!
Anonymous said…
Life...!!! said...
After observing the influence of Israel on The US and the EU governments as well as their actions in the ME, I am wondering whether I know the whole story about the Holocaust. Is there a possibility that the actions of the Jews in Germany triggered the holocaust?

I absolutely believe that the "Holocaust" was created by the Zionists, who do not care one iota for their "lesser brethren".

I have found that they have no ability to care for anything else except their big plan of a NWO - run, it seems, along Talmudic lines, and as the Old Testament shows, would be a world where anything or anyone which stands in their path is destroyed - utterly.

So like another poster, I am not sure that Iraq can rebuild this time. Horrific as that sounds, I am afraid for Iraq. Our leaders have chosen, by whatever means, to side with the Zionists, and genocide Iraqis.

Again, I do believe we will pay one day. It WILL be our turn next. The very brave Iraqis who are genuinely fighting the invader are holding up the NWO plans, in my opinion.

Layla, I got over 450 hits on STA when I posted your article this time. Hopefully, some read it right through...

What I have learned is that Russian Jews (Asiatics) started the "revolution" in Russia and had the west agree to "Israel" for the Jews in the same week.

This was from "Controversy of Zion".

I believe they have infiltrated every government, even ours in Australia. They own the media.

And these particular Jews are evil. There is no other word for it. Destruction is what they work for. They want
Anonymous said…
Daphne O'brien
' believe they have infiltrated every government, even ours in Australia. They own the media'

You are correct. I know for a fact Rupert Murdoch is a Jew - descendant of Holocaust survivors.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla Anwar,
I'm a 40yo Italian,(this just told to make you understand that Other Countrys and Civility are been FREED long bfore than Iraq...)
Your Jaccuse is right, me too has never seen a sigle Byte getting out
of an Motherboard to fight in the real world.
You are right for many reasons, firstly because you speak the truth,secondly becase here in europe (a phantom entity) we have already seen all that...
Ugly Dictators replaced with gently spoken muppets (alas leaders), and the people?
People are like soldier to Them, and the soldier die while fighting, soldier Have to Die,no more no less ;we small people -with or without pc - are theyr toys, to be used .

So, even if those zionist servant's of 'my'national Army have helped to destroy your contry(and many more to come)try to undestand the reason of this.
In the near future when Iraq too will be properly FREED you'll see Your National Army to do the same,
Helping along your Freeder in destroyng other contrys and civility.
You bet.
Anonymous said…
My Dearest Layla

I hear you and feel you my dear Sister !!
We are ALL, *humanity* with a stupid brainwashed anesthesia.
Thank you SO much for sharing with us your words, once more.
For not giving up on us.
Amen to your post
WEll said !!

Going to your rain anymore so I can stay on line
My love always !!
Anonymous said…
cant stand stupidity said...
You are correct. I know for a fact Rupert Murdoch is a Jew - descendant of Holocaust survivors.

Yes, he has a Jewish mother. However, the mother is a huge charity worker in Australia, and has little to do with her son.

She opens her beautiful gardens in Frankston to the public for charity, and has always worked hard for charities. I have been through her gardens twice now as I love gardens and gardening.

Though I'm sure as she's in her late 90s, if still alive, she doesn't do so much now.

I was told by my cousin, who works for some of the same charities, that someone suggested she ask her son for money. She did, by mail, and got a cheque back in reply. Nothing else...

Which proves to me that there are Jews and there are Jews. Some are very different in the same family. I despise Murdoch and am glad he changed his nationality to American - but I believe his Jewish mum is okay.

Anyway, the problem is, he still has huge control over the mass media here, and openly stated on TV that he was "not biased" in any other area than Iraq. He was definitely for the war in Iraq.

To me he's biased in everything concerning Zionism, but he and our revolting PM have effectively shut down any real news of the tragedy in Iraq as far as the Australian people are concerned.

Most Aussies were, and still are, against the war, but this means nothing if our leaders' zionist mentors want war.

And I don't know how we're going to get away from the mass propaganda we're living in, particularly as most of us haven't a clue we're in it...

"The Matrix" was a good eye opener for some.

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