More Sacrificial Lambs !

I had promised myself, I will stop writing for a few days at least. We all deserve a break, including me.

But how can I? Iraqis are not given a break. No respite whatsoever.
So, it seems this is a luxury I cannot afford myself.

By Friday, all the British troops will have pulled out of Basrah. The Brits have effectively handed over the whole of Southern Iraq to shiite militias. Need I remind you that these militias are Iran's proxies in Iraq or do you get it by now?.

So :

1) the whole of Southern Iraq is loyal to Iran. Include Najaf, Kerbala etc...
(see my previous posts. I can't keep on repeating myself)

The fact that there are shiite factions fighting one another is irrelevant to the rest of the story. It's a power fight for control not a political ideological fight.

2) the Iraqi government in Baghdad is another of Iran's proxies in Iraq. Its parties, its militias, its armed forces i.e police and military guards.

Today Ahmadinajad stated the following :

"Iran is happy to fill the political vacuum in Iraq."

Iran has already filled the political vacuum in Iraq. Iran has done everything possible for it to be a political vacuum in Iraq and so it can nicely fill it up.
Ahmadinajad furthermore accuses the USA of interfering in Iraqi affairs!!!
And adds that: "any effort to topple Iraq's PM Al-Maliki will fail."
(full article here)

3) Today, Bush wagged his finger against Iran again, and Iran responded with more pavlovian drooling. Two dogs, a pitbull and a doberman barking at each other. Not more not less. Hear what Ahmadinajad has to say to that:

"He dismissed the possibility of any U.S. military action against Tehran, saying Washington had no plan and was not in a position to take such action."

Repeat after me: The U.S is in no position to take such action.

Do you know why ?

Look up points (1) and (2). Or do you need me to draw you a picture?

4)In the eventuality of a limited attack on Iran's nuclear plants, a highly unlikely eventuality, (1) and (2) will go like rabid dogs against your brave boys and that will take place guess where? No, NOT in Iran but in IRAQ.

Which brings me to

5) The IRAQIS will again pay the price. More genocide, more killings, more suffering, more exile.

Today the UNHCR stated that Iraqis are "THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE" of today's world. (article here)

So before you join your barks to the two vicious dogs, U.S.A and Iran, taking either a pro or against stand, remember "The forgotten people" that are guaranteed more genocide because of your stands.

Proclaim it and say it out loud. " No to America, No to Iran ! For the Independence and Sovereignty of Iraq ".

Proclaim it loud enough and shout "NO MORE SACRIFICIAL LAMBS!"

Just a hope...

Painting: Iraqi artist, Mohammed Jaafar. * Explosion *


Anonymous said…

I am a christian but i am against zionism and dominonism and carnageism and bloodbathism and all of these freaking wars. I am not anglo but i live in the "west". Recently i did a dvd in my language explaining that 9-11 is an inside job and i plan to do others. Please continue to blog and to resist. Because of people like you, the beautiful people of Iraq are not completely forgotten.

I wish i could express my solidarity in a more concrete way. I wish i could see more solidarity between "people of the west" and the Iraqis. I have personal problems right now and you and your people are very brave and inspiring. If people in the "west" would resist against the new world order like the Irakis resist, it would not go on.

Please receive my sincerest wishes for "small pleasant things" that "we" in the "west" take for granted: good water, a fresh place to rest, good meals, a good night sleep, tranquility and safety. I hope you are surrouned by people who care about you and can give you love and affection to relieve the reality of all this madness.

I only have words but i do care. The people responsible for these genocidal wars will pay for this.

Love, affection and hugs.

In solidarity,
Angel said…
Hey, Layla.

How is it the rest of the world knew there would be a power vacuum, with Saddam gone? We knew what would happen, and the US was told. Many times.

Talking of lambs, (not the sacrificial ones) one must assume that Bush is slightly 'woolly' in the head, thick.

Here, we describe him as having "a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock". He is like a rabid dog, with a piece of meat, that won't let go.

We have had enough of 'sacrificial lamb'. No more. Please.

Question. Bush engineered this scenario, we all know that. I don't get the Iran thing. Bush hates Iran. Who's chain is he pulling, and why? Does this mean Iran will be next on his hit list?
Anonymous said…
The Americans should find themselves another Martin Luther King, or even just a Carter, the Iranians another Mosadeq and the so-called "Israelis" another Moses who leads them back to their countries of origin.

And, of course, the Iraqis another Saddam Hussein, but for this one it would take more than the combination of chance and human goodwill .. a miracle.

May God reawaken, He too, from His death-like sleep, and go back to WORK.

As for you, semi-divine Sumerian heroine, I wish you to die sooner than to change.

Best from Granada, Spain.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you and that is a very well written comment.
You said it M, the majority of the people in the West, the majority of Americans, the majority of Iranians, the Majority of Arabs, the Majority of the World DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE IRAQIS. Simple as that.
They may care who is against who and they may care that US is a monster or that Iran is poor victim or whatever political theory they believe in but THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE IRAQI PEOPLE.

The government installed by both Iran and the US in Iraq DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE IRAQI PEOPLE.

So called ANTI WAR movements, so called Aternative Bloggers, so called Leftists, DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE IRAQI PEOPLE.

We are the SACRIFICED People,

So M, you are one of the rare ones.
Best to you.
Layla Anwar said…

I hope to live a long long time and witness the VICTORY OF THE IRAQI PEOPLE, LED BY A TRUE PATRIOTIC RESISTANCE, defeat both Persian chauvinistic, fascistic theocracy and American barbarian nazism.
And that in itself will set an EXAMPLE for the rest of the Arab world, and Israel will then be something of the PAST.

A tall order? YES of course. But then the land that gives birth to Human civilization always stands tall.

Thank you for your solidarity.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Angel,

I thought I explained it in my posts how Iran is meddling in Iraqi affairs and why.
Iran helped America in regime change in Iraq. That is a FACT.
Just as it helped America in regime change in Afghanistan. That is another FACT.

Iran is good friends with Karzai the puppet who has been installed by Bush and Co.

Iran is the daddy of PM Al Maliki, who has been installed by Bush and Co.

Did the Americans foresee this. Yes of course they did. Did the Iranians foresee this, of course they did.

Iran is hoping to be an small imperialistic empire in the region.
It is expansionist in its ideology and policies. Forget the Islam coloring. It is just coloring.

Israel another theocracy, which calls itself a democracy, is also an expansionist, little imperialistic empire in the region.

They both compete for the blessings of America. Each one does it its own way. Israel by pulling American strings and Iran by throwing temper tantrums.


I don't give a damn, they can all be at each other's throat but AWAY FROM US. Which is unfortunately NOT THE CASE.



It is all simple. They do not want to see any Arab country raise its head beyond chauvinism and racism.

The choice given to us is two fold.
Either you join the Israeli nazi camp or you join the Iranian fascist camp.

And if you happen to say NO to both, like Saddam Hussein did, then you go to the Gallows. But not only you but all of your people go to the gallows to be slaughtered like Sheep.

So is it clearer for you now Angel?
Anonymous said…
the Valiant Iraqi resistance will defeat both the persian chauvinist,sectarian plan and the zionist racist plan. be patient, Allah is with the patient ones.
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

On your 2 point did you consider the following:

1. If there is a plan to strike Iran, it would make tactical sence for the Brits to move their troops out of harms way in the south and then retake the area once major hostilities are over. Also, keep in-mind that the oil wells are not not being vacated, which is really the jewel of the whole occupation.

2. Maliki has no real power nor will any other puppet ever have it. Therefore it is irrelevant for the US if Iran or Bangladash is controlling the government because it is nothing of significance. Even the Iraqi troops who work for the occupation take their orders from the US generals, not the Maliki civil government (so there has never been a relinquishing of US power).

As for Iran helping the US take Afghanistan and Iraq, they did that because they are hateful and spiteful people who have no common sence or intellegance. Now that the US is on their left and right, they have become easy prey.

Its all about oil my sister and Iran has the same curse as Iraq that it sits on tons of the stuff.

Anonymous said…
Resistance Fighter,

Indeed Allah must be an infinitely patient God.

Any other deity from the "Age of Ignorance" would have had enough of this foolishly arrogant little world and sent down another Flood long ago.
In 2003 when Iraq was invaded I knew Israhell the Synagogue of Satan was behind it also its lackey the United States. However at that time to be honest I didn't consider Iran's role. Later on I thought "What's Iran up to?"
Even later I realised this was Iran's agenda right from the beginning.
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

Let us assume you are correct on (1) and that the Brits have done a temporary pull out.

and let us assume that Malik is nothing but a puppet and has no real power.
What about the militias ya Layth.
What about the Badr Brigades, around 30'000 of them and the Jaysh al Mahdi around 70'000 of them and you know that these militias have infiltrated police, so called Iraqi army, official guards etc.... And there are other militias who are also trained and funded by Iran.

Do you honestly think that if the US decides to strike Iran even in a limited manner, that these militias will not turn against the American Soldiers????

They will glue together for the sake of Iran since their primary loyalty is to Iran and was never to Iraq.

Furthermore, just now, Al Sadr said he will be suspending any activity against anyone for 6 months. It means peace out for 6 months, let us cool the game a little and let the "zawba3a"pass.
The Iranian American "zawba3a".

What may happen though, if things get too hot, is have Ahmadinajad replaced by some moderate guy pleasing to the Americans, but from within the theocracy itself. He will be no democrat for sure.
Layla Anwar said…

I think oil plays an important part but I do not believe Oil is the only reason. I think it is way more than oil.
Layla Anwar said…
Janice, I think you are very correct on that one.

Re Iran it took me awhile to realise it though.
Anonymous said…
I don't have first-hand knowledge of the violence in Iraq, but I know a bit about menopause. Although I'm still a young chick, I've been around a few women who have run out of eggs. So I have a plan.

Give all the Iraqi women (or any volunteers)who are going thru menopause a GUN, turn them loose on the Americans, Iranians, Al Qaeda and everyone else that doesn't belong in Iraq. I bet the whole country will be cleaned out in a month. I'm sure there will be a few civilian casualties, but it's a small price to pay for a full scale sweep of Iraq. If this disaster is still going on when I reach menopause, consider me there!
Unknown said…
Dear Layla,

Sadr militia was tried and tested in 2004 when it was revealed as one of the most pathetic group of fighters ever assembled (I saw tapes of some of the fighting and read many of the military reviews afterward). Ever since, the US has been killing and arresting its leaders and picking fights from which the Sadr zibala always end-up running away.

As for Badr, they are perhaps better trained, but the fight in Iraq is not about training but about weapons (this is what propelled Hizbulla in the summer war with Israel - Kornet anti tank laser guided weapons that could hit and penetrate even the Merkava at a range of about 5km).

Give our brave boys in Iraq a supply of Kornets and lets see how long the US scum will last.

As for the rest of the Shia population, they have been tried and tested time and time again as cowards who will not stand even for their own (case in point the Iran-Iraq war, the US attacks on Sadr, the US attacks on the Shia shrines, the US/UK occupation of the south, etc.).

Also, it needs to be pointed out that at least since January 2007 the US in Iraq (with the help of other intellegence services) has been undertaking a huge clean-up and destruction of Iranian cells and operations (most of which were known and observed ever since the occupation of 2003).
G.Gar said…
@ Layth, but the majority of the republican guards were shiites. weren't they?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Layth,

Salam again.

Let us retract a little. And start from the beginning. I am by the way thinking out loud and wil address some of your points.

1) Iran since Khomeiny has ALWAYS wanted a regime change in Iraq.
It used many excuses, Al Taghiat Saddam etc...but what Iran has always wanted is an Iraq that is governed by Shiites loyal to it.
So with time, Iran hopes that Iraq can become a true extension of its little "empire". Glorious days of the past.

2) Iran also wants to be a regional power. It has aimed to do that through its nuclear program and through arming and funding people like Hamas and Hezbollah and finding its clients in the region who are loyal to her.One of which is Syria. And of course by arming and funding the current Iraqi govt of which Badr, Sadr, Maliki, Jaafari, etc are all part.

3)Iran has used political islam, shiism to attain these aims.

4) when the americans decided for regime change in Iraq. Their objective and that of Iran and Israel were EXACTLY the same. REGIME CHANGE. So they all helped one another.

5) America knew very well that the opposition to Saddam Hussein and his govt were in Iran and were being fed there. And America knew very well that Chalabi, Makkiya and all the rest were playing double games for both Iran and the U.S.

6) America also handpicked these people. Those who handpicked them were the zionists of the white house like wolfowitz, perle, etc..

7)So the zionists in America and the Iranians cooperated in Regime change and the occupation in fact did take place. An an ethnic- sectarian divisional plan for Iraq was put into effect.

8) The shias and the kurds welcomed it and the elections took place and we all know that the elections results were greatly helped by the voting of 1 million iranians in iraqi ballot boxes.

9) So the partition finally started looking up as a real possible viability that can now be put into effect through ETHNIC and SECTARIAN CLEANSING of regions and areas that were mixed and multiethnic.

10) The cleansing took place as planned. The militias of the govt Sadr, Badr, Maliki, and the rest of the Mafia kurdish peshmergas IMPLEMENTED that partition ethnic cleansing plan as per the directives from both Iran, U.S (and Israel).

11) Southern Iraq is totally cleansed from any non shiites.

12) the north is being cleansed from any non kurds.

13)remains Baghdad.
a) a struggle for power within Baghdad amongst the different shiite factions. Who will ultimately control the govt.
b)finding an agreement with the Americans as to whom gets what.

14) Iran's nuclear story is sorted out. Just released today. So remains how much Iran will get out of Iraq. They may strike a deal with the U.S as to keeping the South and have the oil contracts generously given to American companies.

15)The kurds will have their kirkuk and have their independent north. Iran does not mind the partitioning of Iraq as long as
- its borders are secure
- it has the upper hand in the central govt
- and its shiite stronghold the south, plus nejaf and kerbala remain under her tutelage.

I will write more about the Resistance later.
Layla Anwar said…
looooooool@outta eggs.
Layla Anwar said…

Salam again.
Kindly read this piece. Just saw it now on Washington Post and it reflects very much what I said above.
Unknown said…
Salam Amre,

Yes, that supports the point I am trying to make. The notion that there will suddenly be a shia uprizing in Iraq to defend Iran is not based on realism as the Shias do not nessesarily stand for thier own.


Most of the points you have made regarding Iran's way of thinking is correct. The Iranians thought they were being smart when they supported the US to take down the Taliban due to their hatred and animosity for that regeim...the Iranians similarly thought they were smart when they helped take down the legitimate Iraqi government again due to their hatred and animosity...It is this same Iranian logic which led them to seek revenge by murdering thouands of seasoned Iraqi officers and leaders simply because they had taken part one way or another on the Iran-Iraq war.

Now, all the above points represent the Iranian way of thinking (which has always been 2 dimendional, racist, and driven by hate).

Looking at the other side of the coin (the US), they have clearly made their intentions known in the 2001 "axis of evil" State of the Union speach. Iraq-Iran-N.Korea were identified as targets. Legislation was put in-place to deal with these countries (first Iraq, then Iran). Military preperations and operations and training went underway. The UN and other fake organizations were used to pave the way for the US objectives (successfully in Iraq,and to a lesser extend for Iran). The Syrian-Iranian alliance was greatly damaged and Hizbulla weakened by the Hariri murder and the expulsion of Syria from Lebanon. the Israeli war against Hizbulla greatly weakened Iran's strategic positioning in the south of Lebanon and its ability to retaliate by using up Hizbullas supplies and pushing it out of the south with UN troops. Kurdish attacks against Iran have been on the rise with Iranians now using artilary and full troop streangth to attack Kurdish positions inside Iraq, etc. etc. etc.

The US using Iran to control Iraq and squash the resistance is normal US operating procedure (case in point the Mujahideen used against Russia in Afghanistan, the various warlords used in south america by the US and then arrested or murdered, the use of the Northern Alliance to fight the Taliban, the use of the Saudis to fight Iraq in 1991, etc.).

My conclusion: the US is acting as it has always acted (in its own interets) while Iran is acting as it always has (hateful, stupid, racist, back-ward, non-strategic).
Layla Anwar said…

Tayyeb and ?
The fact still remains that there is an ethnic cleansing going on in Iraq which neither Syria, nor Lebanon, nor Afghanistan has witnessed.
These kind of ethnic cleansing happened in ex yugoslavia too. The result was the Balkanisation of Yugoslavia.

So getting back to Iraq, the Americans would like a partition, so would the Israelis and am saying that Iran does not mind it either.

I do not see where we differ here.
Layla Anwar said…

And if Iran agrees to tone it down a little, then the axis of evil will become the axis of best friends. After all Abdel Aziz al Hakeem was in DC.
Remember Lybia and the WMD story?
Now Lybia and the US have trade agreements and are lovey dovey...
Nothing is fixed in politics.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

here is your song for the article.

Its more than appropriate!
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar, you are too wonderful to be true.
Anonymous said…
Re your comment, "Back To Its Knees And Back 100 Years".

You must remember what James Baker told Tariq Aziz in Geneva in January, 1991:
"..we will bring you back to the pre-industrial age". The statement speaks for itself and serves to underscore
precisely how evil these criminals are. It took them another 12 years, but they succeeded...

Here is a link to an interview with Tariq Aziz on the subject which also contains some other interesting tid-bits.
Layla Anwar said…

O' ye of little faith!
Layla Anwar said…
re. Kofi,

Thanks for the link. Will watch it. I guess it must have been that famous meeting between T.Aziz and Baker. That same Baker that came up with the report not too long ago.

T.Aziz was-is a great politician.
Compare him to the intellectually mediocre thugs both in the Black House and in the rotting Green Zone and you will find there is simply no comparison.
Mediocrity loves company.
The Iranian government in Iraq and the Americans really go well together. They are both crass, cheap and criminals.
Anonymous said…
From the Washington Post:

As recounted by former U.S. officials, the story embodies the mix of hubris and naivete that has characterized so much of the Iraq effort.

From President Bush on down, U.S. officials enthused about Iraqi democracy while pursuing a course of action that made it virtually certain that Iran and its proxies would emerge as the dominant political force.


I don't think it was naivete. I think that was the plan all along.
Anonymous said…
Book Review of Trita Parsi's "Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran, and the United States"

Parsi's book came out this month and is published by Yale University Press. Even as Parsi's credentials are suspect and serve to underline his potential biases, the book contains some interesting details.

Link to book review:
Anonymous said…
An elder and very respected Statesman, Mr. T. Aziz has been held prisoner by the SAVAGES (USans), despite his ill health and INNOCENCE. Dear Layla, there is absolutely NO comparison between Mr. Aziz and that brainless lump in the Black House and the cowards in the Green Zone.

May the world witness the downfall of the US - soon. Please, please Iraqi Resistance, give the Iraqis and the world this long awaited gift.
Anonymous said…
Correction Little Deer, Tariq is being held hostage, not prisoner by the illegal occupation.

Respected is not even a word that could be used to describe this comrade and inspirational is an understatement.

He is the grandfather you would love to have!

"Let them (the US) come, we have been defeating invaders for centuries" - Tariq Azziz.
Anonymous said…
M said...

I am a christian but i am against zionism and dominonism and carnageism and bloodbathism and all of these freaking wars. I am not anglo but i live in the "west". Recently i did a dvd in my language explaining that 9-11 is an inside job and i plan to do others. Please continue to blog and to resist. Because of people like you, the beautiful people of Iraq are not completely forgotten.

Has this Christian ever read a Bible?

Babylon Is Fallen

"And, behold, here cometh a chariot of men, with a couple of horsemen. And he answered and said, Babylon is fallen, is fallen; and all the graven images of her gods he hath broken unto the ground." (Isaiah 21:9)

Many soldiers have used Bible verses to justify horrific destruction against their enemy. Such beliefs can comfort the minds of men to do virtually any kind of atrocity against men, women, and children of the enemy. The Crusaders of the 12th century, slaughtered or tortured anyone who stood in their way. The Bible's words gave them their justification.

Even today, our government, military and religious leaders judge wars as "moral" based on Biblical reasoning. Fighting men feel, not only comforted, but glorious in their actions against the destruction of fellow human beings. In the Gulf War, for example, an F-16 fighter/bomber had "Isaiah 21:9" written on its bombs.

Too right it isn't just about oil!

Christian, this is Predator Awareness.

You will not ask how a person so loving can be so cruel. You will look at your own behavior for answers. Self doubt distracts you. It is their behavior that is crazy. Without empathy, behavior is driven by desire without limitation. Crazy love is on.

Now tell us all about how you have sinned, and how it's all your fault, and how it's not God's, for being so totally incompetent.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for the link. It is a very important subject for me.
I believe the article by D.Ignatius that Iran has spent 20 million to cover up her ass in Iraq and a lot of the money has gone to the Anti war movt and to Pelosi. And as * T * above points out it was not naivete it was part of the plan as I have argued with you in my last mail.
Forget the wording used in articles, they sugarcoat. I always look for beyond the sugarcoating. And I believe D.Ignatius on that one.
After all, the kangaroo court that tried Saddam Hussein was paid 40 Million dollars by Iran not to bring the issue of Halabja to the utter sadness of the "poor" kurds.

Layla Anwar said…
Just in case you missed it, here is the article I was discussing with re. Kofi.
How America cede Iraq to Iran.
As I said above, forget the sugarcoating and all the other icings in the wordings.

Link here:
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
The title of Trita Parsi's book, "Treacherous Alliance: The Secret Dealings of Israel, Iran and the United States" speaks for itself and is supportive of your conclusions on the subject. Moreover, I do not believe that American policymakers are naive in essence: to the contrary, they are cold, calculating, ruthless and totally devoid of morals. Cheney is but one example. Pelosi and Rice are no different and are career-driven scum. Naivete is the term David Ignatius used. If there was any naivete on the Americans'
part, or hubris if one prefers, it was their belief that Iraq would be a cake walk. They clearly underestimated the Resistance and got deservedly slapped in return.

As I mentioned earlier, Trita Parsi has some interesting details in his just published book. As the book reviewer states, "Interestingly, some of Israel's most prominent public officials are originally Persian, including scandal-tainted President Moshe Katzav, and former Israeli Defence Forces chief of staff, Dan Halutz (born to Persian immigrants)." Here is the link to the book review again:

Best regards.
landsker said…
Haven`t we seen this scenario before?
Invasion army cut off and encircled.
The "coalition" is now down to a large american force of mercenaries, and two bulgarian roadsweepers.
The british are unlikely ever to return, allthough one suspects that they have done deals with the Iranians.
Incidentally, the Brits now buy allmost all their oil and gas from the Russians, so they are no longer poodles to Bush, more like Borzoi to Putin.
Best wishes, and Chocran.
Anonymous said…
Pigs at the trough: the French join in....

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