Just a thought...

Some american "lady" wrote to me, saying that she is "distressed" and getting quite "depressed" reading my blog.

And she asked me if I could write about more "positive" things instead. Because, she assured me, she liked my writings...

Dear "american lady" (does that exist, a lady in the U.S?)

My writings and my reality depress you? Oh! Am so sorry...

Maybe you can tell your fucked brave boys to get the fuck out of my country for starters.

Then you can start paying full compensation from your tax money, preferably on an compulsory basis. After all you have paid for the "war, surge" effort.

Then you are to personally look after at least 3 Iraqi families that your government and your sleeping, obese, ignorant, stupid, people have contributed to make destitute.

Wait, am not done "lady".

You are also to personally come to Baghdad, and help us bury our dead ones, those we find on the streets daily, and not only that...

You are to put your big fat ass on some chair and work out logistics. How many years, people, how much money, material,and time are needed to reconstruct what you have destroyed.

And am still not done.

You are to stand up in public in the middle of Firdaus square, where the Statue of Saddam Hussein stood tall and you are to officially apologize to all of Iraq for murdering their president, for all the mayhem you wrecked, and ask for, no, BEG for forgiveness from every single Iraqi you meet. If you are fit to represent the USA that is.

But then no one is fit to represent the U.S.A because you are nation that is not fit to be part of the international scene to begin with. You are a nation of criminals, mafias, thugs, drug addicts, idiots, ignorant, backward, barbarian, base subhumans...

Wait, "lady", more to come...

You are also to participate in hiring top notch international lawyers, because you will be actively involved in assisting us in taking your president and all of his clan and his opposition party the "democrats" to court for war crimes.

Once you agree to these terms, maybe then we can discuss, what further reparations are required, demanded, requested, needed...Get it lady?

We are not materialistic people but you will pay. I assure you, you will pay.

Until then, you are to read my "depressing, distressing" blog.

Yours sincerly,

Layla Anwar.


Anonymous said…
Yeah, have her join the US military so she can be raped by her fellow GIs before the Iraqi resistance spare her the humiliation and send her to hell.

Maybe she might be better inclined to seek happy news after all of that.

Anonymous said…
Sorry, Layla, if I am hogging your space, but this was too sweet to pass up.

GOP Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was arrested on charges of lewd conduct in a public toilet.


Now, this man is GOP, right, and check out his voting record on Iraq:

Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq by March 2008. (Mar 2007)

Voted NO on redeploying troops out of Iraq by July 2007. (Jun 2006)

Voted NO on investigating contract awards in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Nov 2005)

Voted YES on requiring on-budget funding for Iraq, not emergency funding. (Apr 2005)

Voted YES on $86 billion for military operations in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Oct 2003)

Voted YES on authorizing use of military force against Iraq. (Oct 2002)

Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. (Nov 1995)

THESE are the people who wanted war to destroy my homeland.

THESE are the people who look the other way as their military rapes young Iraqi women, sells them into prostitution, butchers and murders them and their infants.

Fucking pervert.

So, please see to it that your "lady" friend understand who took her country to war.

Maybe she would like to engage in some lewd conduct with the esteemed senator from Idaho.

Is there ANYONE esteemed in Congress anymore?

ONLY those who voted AGAINST the Iraq war.
Anonymous said…
Ahuuuuuuu 3ad. Thijit!!! I get so overwhelmed with passion and emotion as I write that I forget to sign off.

I posted the comment on GOP bitch Craig.

Layla Anwar said…

Hog yabbah Hog, shakoo endna ghayr al hachee...At least that!
Anonymous said…
Here is another distinguished Republican offering $20 for a BJ. Those blacks inside public toilets in Tampa must be real scary that you must buy protection...


Anonymous said…
Tariq, the bastard must be getting filthy dollars on the side as well. Which one of them isn't, and which one of them hasn't benefitted financially from the rape of Iraq? SCUM.

Layla, this thing which is 'getting depressed' with your blogs is not even fit to be called a 'lady'. This is the REAL world, full of pain, blood and despair, which 'lady' knows nothing about.

In solidarity, Layla. May Iraqi Resistance grow stronger every day. By the way, the Latino lap dog has resigned - what a disgrace he is to the honourable Latino people. When will people of other cultures learn that there is nothing to gain (apart from a brief stint in the limelight)from sucking up to Anglo-Saxon scum? Like the witch, Condoleeza of the 'birth pangs', who looks ever so cheap, traipsing all over the world at the bidding of her 'massa'.

By the way, is there anyone who can provide me with the link to the Arabic song being shown on Al-Jazeera, 'Good boy, good boy'? It's simply brilliant! I'd really appreciate it. Layla, would you know? Thanks.
Life...!!! said…
Deconstructing Occupation 101
Layla: You’re moving too fast for me, but keep going. I am late with my posts but I hope you don’t mind me commenting on previous posts.

Destruction? If there is nothing to build then you must first destroy. Destruction and construction are mutually dependent – one implies the other. And the money – from the “saved” oil ministry, operating pipelines with broken meters and paying Halliburton the going Pentagon rates – US$2000000 for a shit house.

”…. colonialism still managed to build a road or two…”
Colonialism built for their purpose. The British Bullshit Conspiracy (BBC) thrives on stupid people. The BBC once asked for comments on the “English/British-built,” railway system in India. Everyone kissed the English/British ass in praise. I wrote that it was the Iron Horse of Oppression. In times of need, the Limeys (English troops) would commandeer it to move troops. So it was primarily a troop-train system. The BBC never published my comment, as well as subsequent ones.
The same was true for the Civil Service System. Find work for dumb white-boys, in senior positions.
On the Plantations, the senior staff, all white, is housed in metal-fenced compounds. In my youthful naiveté, I figured it was to keep-out the dumb natives, but as I leant who were in those compounds, I realized that it was a cage to keep the dunces caged. None flew the Cuckoo’s Cage.

”….two towers crumbling….”
The Controlled-Demolition Salsa? Or the Indian dance in which you execute a controlled descent to the ground, with your shoulders, going almost to the ground, your legs, folded at the knees, under you. The difference? You will rise from that position; the towers couldn’t, despite all the “snake-charming” music of Giuliani’s fire engines.

”…3'000 dead…. people crying…”
Kleenex stock-jump…

Didn’t the Israelis arrive to set-up a soap factory? Thought they never miss a business opportunity. Not that the killing in Iraq or other places will stop, but money will be made on dead bodies. I suppose Caterpillar must be doing good business selling earth-moving equipment to excavate for mass graves. A 5000 pound bomb could do that, but the Cat will have to undo the hole. Capitalism seeks to make money on EVERYTHING.

”….tanks rolling…..running over a couple of civilians…”
Rachel Corrie manoeuvre, perfected by the Israelis, facilitated by Caterpillar, pirated by America.

”Having your schools, universities, libraries burned down and emptied”
The Dark Ages. Recovery facilitated by the Arabs. That was their undoing. Now the barbarians are in the gates. Some “better read” folks will understand what I am saying here. The “destructors” are not “edu-cash-ion-ed..” They wouldn’t know.

”….Turning your agricultural land that used to sustain you into poppy fields…. drugs traffickers…”
This was one of the purposes served by occupied India, to China’s detriment. The British are “growing” in Afghanistan. The Americans will not be out done by their poodle.

”Walking out of your doorstep and stumbling on rotting cadavers, immersed in pools of sewage and have your neighborhood turned into a junk yard…Having your loved ones kidnapped, abducted, tortured, mutilated, raped and dumped in some street.
I have no comment. I am on SICK leave.

”…riddled with disease, cancer….”
Good for big pharma. Soon they will be telling you that America tap water will repair damaged DNA.

”…your archelogical sites….”
Un-educashion no need archi…(what). Reminder: The edu-cash-ion level for entry into US military has recently been reduced. Doan stress those boys with architecture. Pulling triggers are already very stressful. Stress is released by spinning bullets. Let’s hope they don’t spin them on the streets of the US. But that’s good business too.

….with yankee graffitis….
Lots of graffiti ghetto boys are in the military. All the walls of the US have been graffiti-ed. Go to Iraq and find some nice walls. Those boys are making home away from home.

….professional mourner…
Kleenex is opening shop. Paper hearts and boxed minds.

”Dismantling the State apparatus, the "local" army, sacking civil servants…”
It is called building the Resistance. Creating the distraction while “milking” the broken-meter oil pipelines.

Dividing your country, …….lines were non existent before…
Now you sell three sets of arms to them, (instead of one) providing jobs for the only significant manufacturing sector left in the US. If these folks don’t have jobs, they will be marching on The Fancy House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Also, it returns the oil money to Wall Street.

” forcing couples to divorce”
Layla, who keeps the children? I am certain that is another bad situation for them.

”Emptying your country's treasury of its wealth in billion of Dollars”
Kofi An-ant and his fatted son, breast feeding at the “Oil-for-Food” money.

”…making fraudulent contracts and stealing by every mean possible.”
This one is called the PP – Pentagon Price – where you get hammered for a $2000 hammer, screwed for a 15¢ screw and washered for a 19¢ washer. Somebody has to pay.

…witnessing your smelly shits, squatting the palaces of the legitimate President that you slaughtered
Moral? Don’t build palaces. It attracts ghetto fleas, ghetto flies, ghetto rats, black-house weasels,… Do you get my stench? Okay!!

...So forgive me, Iraq,
Forgive them not, for the un-edu-cash-ioned, must have palaces in Iraq, and sleep on side-walks in DC and NYC – homeless vets, but they will keep coming to Iraq and side-walk.
Forgive them not, for they know not where they will sleep tomorrow. I am sure Saddam would have been willing to cashed (financed) their education.
Life...!!! said…
What should we expect? When you expose, one day you will be exposed. Or is it the reverse order?

"Is there ANYONE esteemed in Congress anymore?"
Was there ever anyone?
Life...!!! said…
Little Deer:
On "(We can't get no educashion!)?"

This is the cancer of the USA. Throwing money at this problem doesn't solve it. The teachers' Unions usurps any "thrown" money. In NYC, it is a Jewish Union, forever screaming antisemitism.

America will NEVER escape this malignant cancer. This is why they MUST finance the education of, even wealthy foreigners. We had a daughter of an executive of The Ashanti Gold mines (Ghana), studying free, after transferring from the high-priced University of Pittsburgh as an undergrad. She was a complete dunce but her skin was "Black as Gold." You understand what I am saying. Then she was financed for her MS, and scraped through.
Angel said…
Hi Layla,

You are in full flight tonight, and I am enjoying your "depressing, distressing" blog immensely.

I said ENJOY. A bad word, to some, it seems.

I would prefer that you had no REASON to write your "depressing, distressing" blog, but your reason is extremely valid.

Your blog should be mandatory reading for every red blooded American, maybe add in some images, and watch them squirm.

They just do not get "it". Really, they have no idea, not a clue as to what is happening in Iraq. They believe what is written in their newspapers and TV. The rest is all lies, according to them.

I have been very quiet over the last few days, blogging with idiots, as described in the paragraph above, is taking it's toll. And, I'm not even there!

Bravo Layla, I don't know how you and every other Iraqi cope.

Don't forget the coffee!.
Anonymous said…
y'all are jealous because you're the bottom of the human cesspool foundation. thats right. Iraq was the cradle of civilization and boy did you teach the rest of of quite nicely.
Thank you Iraq for teaching the rest of the planet how corrupt, evil and vile us humans can be.
G.Gar said…
I am really shocked at how superficial, shallow and stupid some people could be. Is this the value system we- Arabs- the essence of civilsation is expetced to follow.With all these tragedies your beautiful country is going through- the rape of great nation which has shot the life of a normal "world citizen", along with millions of her country mates into a wieghtless, disoriented floating phase in a yankee dimension of bloody, ugly drillers acidifers, bombers, murderers and rapers-some windbag hillbily comes up, I don't know from where, and foolishly asks why don't you right about Japanese cartoons? After all, it is more "fonny".

A nation that was was the most progressive and secular in this part of the world, thanks to the wisdom of the hillbilies, has turned into a scrapyard for punks and Iranian crappers where the medival, murderous, destructive, ignorant hallucinations of terrorists of the worst kind like Khomeini and Khameiny come true- and some people think that you are too much. Why cant the fuckin world just leave Arabs alone!!!!!?????
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

sorry i havent been on for a few days but I'm hoping this finds you well.

Please find my latest offerring for the American lady, who can listen to it and feel sorry for herself at the lack of "positivity" going around.

I wonder if she finds picking up the peices of a child, whose body has been blown appart to be too "negative" or does reality just simply leave her "depressed"?
American Lady

Do you have a psychiatric condition? Because you are a bit delusional. Because there is nothing positive about Iraq now. There used to be before. But not now.

Since you are a Seppo I bet you have to lift the arm rests at the movies to fit your gigantic booty in.
Anonymous said…
how do you know it was an 'american lady'? It could've been a aussie, german or a foul smelling french man.
I think you're making this shit up and your little sheep are licking your ass all the way home.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Am not sure which song you are referring to. Do you mean this one
"shater shater" (good boy good boy) by nancy ajram???
Layla Anwar said…
Hey angel and our in house Resistance DJ,

Hope you are doing well.
Layla Anwar said…
Resistance DJ,

I really like that song. It's a pity Tony Braxton has not produced much since...
Layla Anwar said…
life !!!

LOL, you are very good at these comments. I see that you have them on your blog too...
Why do I feel you are quite angry as well? :-)
Layla Anwar said…
Amre, I think you can join Life and myself in the Anger trio!!!
Anyone else would like to join?
Layla Anwar said…
hesaid, shesaid,

Hello moron.
Yeah you're right am making it up.
Just I like I made up the occupation of Iraq. It's all fiction.
Not only you people are arrogant, not only are you stupid retards, but your ignorance is so blatantly obvious...

Thank God am not American.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, yes, thanks, that's the song! I'll check to see if the Al-Jazeera version is anywhere on Youtube: it features that witch, Condoleeza together with all the Arab Heads of State, who are at the beck and call of the barbarians!

Make that four in the Anger trio - I feel very deep rage, too.

Life, thank you for your very interesting - and true - post. You're right, too, about educashion in the USA!
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, found it! Here's the link:


In addition to it being a lovely song, the video is really funny!!! And there seem to be other versions, which I haven't watched yet, but plan to!
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Kathy,

It is very funny...
Can someone find a song about Ahmadimidget too,
He just proclaimed on Reuters via Uruknet.info that IRAN IS HAPPY TO FILL THE POWER VACUUM IN IRAQ.
As if Iran is not already filling the Iraqi government.

So I need a youtube song on ahmadimidget today, preferably now.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

Toni Braxton is good and here is another of her songs for you, which i think should be dedicated to those thinking of joining the Iraqi Communist Party (check highlight).

Also, I asked a Shi'ite friend in Sadr City what song she thought would be good for Mr. Midget and the link below is her reply to him and his friends in Iraq.


best as ever

The resistance DJ.
Layla Anwar said…
Resistance DJ,

The one dedicated to the ICP cracked me up !!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

here is one for your late nights, and who says Arab Coffee isnt any good.

Anonymous said…
Welcome to Jr the dj chat blog aka asshole
Anonymous said…
Yeah, I too think that "Iraqi Democrat" is JR without his clown's mask.
G.Gar said…

I have song about Najad on you tube. But the video is full of animal sex scenes mixed with pics of Najad?
Layla Anwar said…

lol, seems quite appropriate.
I think to the point of conviction that Iraqi democrat is NOT jr.
Layla Anwar said…
I actually miss JR, where the hell is he ?
Anonymous said…

I would like to clarify that I am NOT JR, thanks Janice and Layla.

This song is dedicated to those who are curious as to whom I am!


Anonymous said…
Iraqi Democrat sounds like that "Kubayssi" or whatever is his name.

Layla would deserve a better "virtual boyfriend" who serenades less and ACTS more.
Layla Anwar said…

All those who seek boyfriends on blogs think that others do the same.
So good luck to you in your search.
Layla Anwar said…

You have already had your say. I will not publish comments from you anymore.
Your comments are fit for your gossipy morning coffees with your girlfriends where you can exchange notes on your secret internet fantasies. They are not fit for my blog.
Anonymous said…
It seems Life...! just wants Uncle Sam to regard him/her a little higher. You pathetic little shit, crying that some Ghanan made it somewhere, and you didn't. Heard it all before. You're just envious of blacks. If you spend a little less time wondering whether you're academically better than said women, or I suspect, a little less time telling yourself that you are better, and spend more time fighting the pedophile/deathsquad terrorists of the imperial armies, i.e. yankesia, etc. you'd actually make a positive contribution to the human race.

I won't be holding my breath.

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