To Aicha...

One day old Aicha was deliberately shot in her back by the Iranian backed Al Mahdi death squads.

Her sin ? her crime ? Her name was Aicha.

I dedicate that song to little Aicha who was not allowed to see the light of day. I love you little Aicha. Sleep in peace in God's arms. You and countless others will never be forgotten, that is my promise to you.

Video: Outlandish version of Aicha.


Tate said…
Reminds me what you said, quoting a Bible passage, about the devil roaming the earth to seek what he ma devour... being a coward and being evile, he seeks out the weak first. Can this blood serve something positive? Maybe Aicha's blood serves to strike conscience into some people, to divide something good in our hearts from evile so that we might oppose this war with renewed energy. Ugh.
Tate said…
I salute the bravery of the Father. Such a man is rare in any country at any time. A truly evil spirit is covering the land of Iraq today. Something not seen in at least 50 years, and the pressure is only rising still. What is in store for our world today? And why the silence? The twisting and the censoring of truth comes from high places. The masses accept the lie willingly because it is more convenient for them. And the ominous trends continue onwards towards what looks like a new dark ages in our world. If only the world would suffer equally, but no. The region of the region of the world being hit now is Iraq primarily and a few regions outside. I can't understand some of the posts from people who call themselves Iranian. Is it possible for people to side with the devil so that they can get a better strike against their Brother? And won't the devil always turn on his own?
Anonymous said…
Jesus christ...

Life, in and of its self, is sickening at times.

Anonymous said…
we are truly gods worst creatures. rats, snakes, ants, goats and pigs take care of their own better than humans.
Anonymous said…
this just makes me sick.
Echo said…

I'm a little clueless, tho. Could someone please clarify whats the significance of the name "Aicha"? Why are they so rabidly terrified of that name?
Anonymous said…
Echo, Aisha was the wife of the prophet Mohammed.

Layla again you have the hair on my body on it's ends, i read that story and was so disgusted by those animals but so PROUD of the father.
I hope his spit landed IN their eyes those rats.
Tate said…
To Iranians - When your Revolution overtook our American supported Shah and when you held our American's hostage, your Khomeni had a phrase called something like "Great American Satan". Of course American media used that phrase to show your Khomeni as a radical Islamist (what else is new?). And most Americans agreed with our press (what else is new?) Of cousre nobody in America talked about the US secret service involvement in the elimination of Mosedeq through propaganda and terror to support the rise of your puppet Shah. And then later, nobody talked about the US secret service involvement in the instigation and financing of the Iran-Iraq war on the Iraqi side.

So that is history as I understand it for the moment. So now I have some questions:

1) Are majority of adult Iranians aware of US involvement in the installation of the Shah?

2) And what about instigating the Iran-Iraq war through weapons financing to Saddam?

It has always served oil-importers to have war in oil-exporter countries.

3) And now that the US is again meddling in your region, do the majority of adult Iranians see this as a chance to expand influence with the implied support of the great Satan?

Those are my questions to any articulate Iranian out there with an interest in politics.
Anonymous said…
What savagery, only an Arab can do this at this day and age. First Sudan and now Iraq. And arkbuilder: 1)Yes 2)Yes, 3)The majority could care less. But, the establishment is more than overjoyed.
Anonymous said…
BTW, according to we have more than 70,000 Aishas in Iran. First I hear of this baby killing business. But then again, Arabs are full of surprises.
Layla Anwar said…
Iranian, do you intend to keep making an idiot of yourself- I know that you are not too bright but do you really have to show it to the whole world?
Pity, one could have respected you , but alas you hardly deserver any.
Next time..if there is a next time...try to at least put one of those ugly persian masks to beautify...but hey I guess this is as good as it gets huh...proof? look at the iranian funded thugs in Iraq. Iranians are only good at killing innocent children..
Anonymous said…
Respect from an Arab is like poison from a serpent. One must avoid it lest one becomes a baby-killer herself. If these thugs are doing our biddings, God speed! They shall kill each other off, and we shall be rid of Arabs on our doorsteps. Merry days!

What kind of twisted bastard are you to think a baby just born and leaving the hospital with her parents deserves to be murdered?
Anonymous said…
Only an Arabophile can conjure up such an absurd conclusion from my previous comments, and to appease one is to appease an Arab. I give thanks, for other are wiser.
Tate said…
So, here is a general question that I have for this group.

To anyone who has serious insights into the mind of Iranians today.

Question - In your opinion, is the average adult Iranian most ready to support Iraqi Arabs, Kurds, Palestinians and Persians?

Or are they most ready to support the US + Persian-influenced militias?

Please correct my questions if my paradigm is not right. And give examples so that my uneducated brain can understand the potential for reversing this madness.
Anonymous said…
iranian must have been dumped big time by some arab - lol. sore ass.
Anonymous said…
I remember where I was during the announcement of Gulf War 1...stranded in a meatmarket shopping center...standing amongst people hurrying about to nowhere..people that seemed not to hear the announcement over the loud speaker...
I caught myself in tears..just stopping to listen...stopping to mark the day. All around me no one else responded to the announcement, or at least not in appearance...people just kept on going about their lives as if nothing had been said....a blip on a screen ignored. I felt numb...and continued walking down the stairs....i didnt know where I was anymore...who I was any longer...what people these were..or I was.

I remember the day that Shock and Awe was announced....I remember how, in anger and frustration I was grabbing my house mates shirt in tears crying ' dont they see dont they see'...He looked at me equally as dumbfounded....
I was oh so angry...but more...I was crying my guts out..desperately pleaing to desperate to do something I'd offer anything...but I was powerless to affect...powerless to stop act....made powerless by a system that siphons Love Hope and Beauty and Dignity...shredding them into bloody self indulgent cesspools of sacreligous mud...

That was the day my world turned upside down...the entire world turned...there was no comming back. I bent back inwards to myself in shame, grief and agony of the double stndard and the hypocrasy....

I heard the voice of many songs within reminding me what we are...what we could be..what we need to be.

I remember the day the first footage of DU babies came through the 'silent railroad'... how in desperation and anger I logged into every blog and oped log, every war site every western and eastern newsline and independant wire, every friend every person I have known since childhood....sending like spam pictures of DU malformed babies and burnt men into mailboxes across the world...getting them out, the truth in the pictures, undeniable, raw and no reply...not one...not for nearly a year...they could not see...thye would not believe it.

I slowly started to see...that they cant see...they dont know how....they have forgotton...they are asleep.

I remember the day I walked into the psych unit...a year of academic pressure and core groups and war opposition and freeway blogging and writing without let up...a year of cold dull non response..that left me doubting my sanity and sinking in pain. Drugged up to the nines and nearly insane in the paradox of lies we are forced to live in....I was utterly incoherent....finally.....totally surrendered to the no thing ness I could see looming on the horizon of the western world.

For a little while I drowned in the numbness..the shame and the disbelief and the pain....the ineffectivness..the overwhelming empathy...and the despair of the sad cold acceptance of futility.

Then I overcame that self indulgence.

I saw in those three days..on the front of a shirt of a woman muttering to herself more insane than I, scrawled in red ink was written:
'Love struggling to survive'

i understood.
i finally understood.

We are not all alike Layla..we 'westerners' that is..not all of us have lost our souls or ever did fall asleep...we just lay hidden to ourselves and from them.

We who have Love...are able to BE Love..Love in the most unusual and sacred and unconditonal of ways and natures. We who Love..have suffered every single step of Life without Love, with you.

We have born the shame..of inaction and much as action and deed....we have howled our indignation..we have voiced our despairs and opinions..we have stamped out feet in anger and we have shamed them...we have worked..we have cried....we have, died.

Where we cannot fight on the battlefields to protect you we have sung the songs of healing and restoration..with the Great Spirit. We have carried the message of Truth along side you, seen or not.

Truth, one born in the belly of resistance and what is right...not just what is convenient.

We have sung from our wombs..and risked all in the attempt...that the songs would be carried on the winds of Soul.
That wind..all we have left now at our disposal..carries the Love of all who are able to Love, from the ancient to the you. Seen or not.

It is bearing, and it has borne, since the first intrusion, all of our longings for you..all of our prayers and emotion, for and from us and from all of our you and your countrymen and women.

With all our hearts we hoped you'd somehow hear us...not loose yourself to the pain and the resentment.

We are trying so very hard to be heard above the noisy people.

We are here for you.

We hoped that somehow you'd understand that we are trying to 'catch the wind'....and we hope that you will understand why we cannot make the dance in light of the pain...but we do sing....we wont stop singing...and as we sing we close our eyes and hold Their little hands in the darkness...with humility, with grace, and in hope of trust between us one day.
So we sing the songs...and we send out our hearts..and the strength of Knowing..that the power of the Spirit of Truth will prevail.
Our hearts and songs are all we had and all we have left today....they are yours to share.
We, who are made doubly powerless - among the powerless....understand better now, how to understand.

And I would want you to know..if only as a fellow academic writer..[ though not, for me, today obviously ] that if it were possible....if it would stop one more baby more woman being raped..hold back one more man from needing to seek venegence..that I *would* stand in your place in an instant.

But it wont stop them...We know that.

So I will keep singing old songs.....and keep hoping.

I'll keep breathing....
I walk now..dont drive..the price of oil is too high.
They will learn this too..eventually.

Though each step is still often a painridden and sorrowful one...I will continue to send pictures and to tell the Truth.

I hope that means something to you.

Yes...I would die for it - the Truth....but more..I will LIVE for it and with it...if only so maybe one will overcome, and be there to sing for us and our babies...when our candles are low.


blue sky lady
Anonymous said…
Pretty soon there will be no Iran...

On January 23, former Republican Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, a leading neoconservative, told a conference in Herzliya, Israel, that the United States and Israel were in danger of nuclear attack from Iran. The crazed Gingrich, who is considering a run for the US presidency in 2008, said: "Our enemies are fully as determined as Nazi Germany, and more determined than the Soviets. Our enemies will kill us the first chance they get. There is no rational ability to deny that fact."

Gingrich says: "We don't have the right language, goals, structure, or operating speed, to defeat our enemies. My hope is that being this candid and direct, I could open a dialogue that will force people to come to grips with how serious this is, how real it is, how much we are threatened."

Who are "our enemies?" Why, Iran, of course.

Iran is such a dangerous determined enemy that "the threat of a nuclear Holocaust" hovers over the US and Israel. "Israel is in the greatest danger it has been in since 1967." The US could "lose two or three cities to nuclear weapons, or more than a million people to biological weapons. Freedom as we know it will disappear."

Another American presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, told the Israeli audience that Islamic jihadism was "the nightmare of this century." Israel, Romney declared, "is facing a jihadist threat that runs through Tehran, to Damascus, to Gaza." Hezbollah, he declared, is not fighting for a Palestinian state but for the destruction of Israel.

The world has not experienced this level of warmongering since Hitler.

Also at the Israeli conference was US Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns, who added fuel to the fire by alleging without any evidence that "Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon, there's no doubt about it. There's no debate among experts. It's seeking a nuclear weapon at its plant at Nantz."

Burns told the Israeli conference that the US will not allow Iran to go nuclear. This is an extraordinary statement, because every signatory country to the non-proliferation treaty has the right to develop nuclear energy. Some people speculate that an oil-producing country doesn't need nuclear power. However, oil is Iran's only significant export. The less Iran uses its own oil, the greater its exports.

Burns told the Israelis that "We are committed to our alliance with Israel. We are committed to being Israel's strongest security partner. I can't remember a time when the relationship between our two countries was stronger than it is today."

Chief US neoconservative Richard Perle told the Israeli conference that President Bush would give the green light if US military involvement was needed for a successful strike on Iran. According to the Israeli press, "Perle hypothesized a nightmare scenario, saying: 'In possession of nuclear weapons, or even in possession of nuclear material, Iran is perfectly capable of using its terrorist networks to enable others to inflict grievous damage.'"

Former Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz, who met privately with Burns prior to their joint appearance at the Herzliya conference, said that 2007 would decide the future of the Middle East. Mofaz declared, "The year of 2007 is a year of decisiveness. Iran of 2007 has all the components to threaten us existentially, and the whole of the region."

Any expert or knowledgeable person who examines these statements sees nothing but unsupported assertions, paranoid speculations, fear- mongering and blatant lies. It is on this basis, and this basis alone, that the Bush Regime will initiate war with Iran.

Iran is being set up by the identical propaganda machine that set up Iraq with fearful imagery of "mushroom clouds over American cities" and nonexistent "weapons of mass destruction."

Mission Accomplished...
and by the way, the white man does NOT consider Persians to be "aryan"'re just another "haji" to them. You will "shock and awe" just like any other "towelhead."
Anonymous said…
Teheran Slideshow - Know what you destroy
Anonymous said…
Janice do you want me to show you the Iranian babies dead from Iraqi missle attacks back in the 80's. Yes the 80's whne your lily white self was watching E.T. Iran was invaded by Iraq. Because of the ambitions of a tin pot dictator who got the green light from the West. Why do you think more than a million Iranians died in that war? It wasn't because children were chained and forced to run on mine fields. It has been well docmented, and anyone who doesnt think Saddam used massive amounts of chemical weapons using satilite pictures provided by Americans, to know exactly were to drop them and get the biggest kill. You probably don't know Iraq soilders raped many Khuzistani villagers. If you stay here long enough and listen to this snake eating arab pig, who worships chemicak Saddam, you well believe it. Arab's are like that they are dogs, thye claim all of our historical figures as their own. That bastard Saddam built a hospital and called it Ibn Sina, then from the other hole his ass he spewed vile crap about Iran. He displayed the helmets of Iranian Soilders dead because of his chemicla weapons and other weaponry provided by the west, right below a stature of two swords. that is all Arabs Know swords and how to behead. In the end he got his didnt he? And as for Khomeinii fuck his ass, he executed the most Iranian dissidents during Saddam's imposed war, he was strengthened because of Saddam, before 1980 he was nothing but a bullshit Mullah. For 2500 years not one mullah ruled Iran, except for the dark ages of the Abassid, no mullahs ruled Iran. And as for you Ark, Don't tell us Iranians what we know and don't knwo about your CIA and the Shah, We knew back in 1953 what your CIA did, you people only found out about that coup in the 90's. So please we are more versed in slimy British trickeries and America's dirty hands in Iranian affairs long before you my friend
1)Yeah I saw ET in the 80's. I saw it last year too so what?
2)Tell your government to leave Iraq alone everyone knows about their collaboration with the US in Iraq. Your President's Holocaust that happened 50+ fricking years ago Conference was a ruse to distract from this.
3)You would have not been fit to clean Saddam's shoes.
Leyla Benkirane said…
This song is a version from the Original Aicha sung by Sheb Khaled from Algeria .
Layla Anwar said…
Blue Sky Lady,

Thank you for that very touching post that comes off almost like a poem.
I did not say all Westerners are alike. However when I talk about Westerners , am really talking about the effects of what they do or fail to do and the impact it has on our lives on the other side of the border. Why is it always expected of the victim to show understanding to the perpetrator?
why is it that the victim must forgive whilst the perpetrator can continue doing what is it doing?
why is it incumbent on the victim to show good faith when all is being done to rob her/his faith away ?
Blue sky lady, please ask yourself these questions.
Thank you and Best.
Layla Anwar said…

The fall of the shah was facilated by the CIA. The shah would see daily from his window millions of demonstrators and thought nothing of it ? and the Americans thought nothing of it?...they let it happen.
Khomeini until a few years before he actually came to power, was living in Najaf ,Iraq. The shah asked for his extradition, he ended up in Paris.
When he reached Teheran, Khomeini killed all opposition and continued to do so up to his last days. Not less than 30'000 political prisoners perished under him. The same was true for the shah as well.
During the shah and khomeini's reign, the israeli iranian relations did not stop. first khomeini was busy with the american hostage crisis, remember he came to power in 1979 , once that one resolved, he started his war talk and asking for regime change in Iraq and that was in 1981. Khomeini and the subsequent nature of the iranian regime has one aim in mind, to export its screwed up "theocratic, backward" revolution to the whole arab world and hence become the only imperial superpower in the ME. I cannot in this space give you all the full details, but suffice to say that Iran has had a very dirty role in fomenting sectarianism in the arab world and that iran has had in the past 10 years not less than 5 oppportunities to join in the fight against the Great satan and has declined to do so, prefering instead to wage its sectarian wars by proxy in neighboring countries.
Iran is not anti imperialist, iran is simply anti arab.
Layla Anwar said…
I actually quite like the Cheb Khaled version but opted for the outlandish english version as it had no pictures in it. I wanted to aicha to appear alone. salam.
Anonymous said…
Well, I am not against arabs. My mom is an Iranian, full Iranian born in Karbela, She remembers Najaf well!!!! She says it was the safest place in the world. When she was 5 she used to wakl the railroad tracks by herself in Najaf, and go visit her older sister who had a simple illness that is treatable now with som antibiotics but back in the late 40's you needed to be hospitilized. There was no such thing as secterian divides back then! Sunnis lived with Shia, and she went bakc an dforth between iraq and Iran 2 times as a child. I remember women in Iran wore miniskirts in the 70's and people looked so educated and modern. However now if you look at Iran specially during Khomeinis rule, it looks like a bunch of thugs and backward people "the mob". Iraq is going through what Iran went through except for America in its soil and bobms going off everywhere and people dieing every day out in the streets!!!! Its crap all of it> The middle east DID NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS. I REMEMBER A TIME WHEN IT WAS NOT. THE WEST DID THIS WITH THEIR MULLAH ASSETS, who the BRITS have long trained and nurtured ever since the east india company rose back in December 1599. India was a mullah factory for the Brits. Go od some research and see where Khomenin came from, he came from hindustan!
Tate said…
The people from the "third world" wish to go to America and the West because life is better there, and their system of government seems functional from the oustide.

But they don't realize that America and the West have everything because they take from the "third world" and they make the "third world" as backwards and destroyed as possible so that the taking is as cheap as possible.

The economics of destruction is simple: destroy all of the lives that live on top of foreign resources so that acquisition is cheap.

The cost of destroying can be another revenue stream to the well-connected war material sellers and many of them will of course be top government officials scaring their people into war.

If we don't stop participating in the debt-based fiat money system, we will change none of that.
Anonymous said…

Thank you for your gentle reply. I can hear the pain behind it..the sadness and frustration. I have been there too.

You ask..

"Why is it always expected of the victim to show understanding to the perpetrator?
Why is it that the victim must forgive whilst the perpetrator can continue doing what is it doing?
Why is it incumbent on the victim to show good faith when all is being done to rob her/his faith away ?"

I answer

Because we who have been offended against, are the only ones who can.
Becuase eventualy you learn that offending in turn is like drinking poison and hoping your enemy will die.

Because when you take away the shell, and see through to the Truth of what is and is to come, that is the only way to cease being their victims. To stop the cycle...once and for all. Not just for you..for me..but for all of us and all our children.

More importantly, because in doing so, they become powerless to harm *who we are* - ever, ever again.

Far from being an altruistic perspective, it is very literal...very real.

We have to come to understand if not accept that 'they' cannot take what is not their's to own Layla.

No one takes power.
No one takes control.
They are given power.
Given control.
Not by God, but by us.

Not in any external temporal sense either, but where it really counts - *within* us.

Power they use to or would use to permenantly harm us, where it counts the most, has been given to them by us, in our desperation and grief and fear.

The only way to recoup from that, to reclaim to claim back that which was given in our humanity, our error and ignorance.

There are many ways to acheive this..You can easily become one of them in that process.

Or choose not to.

I choose not to.

Your Yours, with deepest respect.

In your place, I do not know what I would do.

I know only that within is where we need to begin...especially when what is outside, is beyond our human ability to contain.


blue sky lady
Anonymous said…
the children know.
all we have to do is be humble enough to listen and to find the strength to follow where they're pointing.

hope...for the future.
Anonymous said…
to make a point, America isn't successful because it 'takes' from 3rd world countries. America was the strongest when it provided itself with fuel, farming, textile and other industries. It wasn't until America decided to be 'world players' that America has become 'weaker'. America tries to be too many things, to too many countries and it can't. That will ultimately be it's downfall.

People like to complain that Osama was trained by America, but how quick they forget WHY he was trained (Afghani's would be speaking Russian by now). There are many similar cases like this.
While it is true that America looks after it's own interest (what country doesn't?), claiming that America 'takes' from 3rd world countries is an obvious lie.

LEADERS of countries either make or break their country and to say that America is such a world bully that it can 'take' what it wants is plain stupid. Other leaders are responsible too. It's unfortunate that many leaders sell their country to obtain the riches, power and fame, just to walk on a world stage.
Don't believe me? look at how many world leaders have Multi-million $$$ homes, business' or families in 'western' countries. How many pay for Ivy League educations for their children when American's can't even afford it. It's obvious they don't care about the people in their country. Yet America is supposed to be the end all/be all for everyone.

why is it, when America does something that is considered a failure it's the "Leaders" who are blamed and when other countries fail, America is blamed? Seems to be a double standard!

All countries have their leaders and America is very good at what it does, but many people and/or countries are bitter about that.
To that I say too bad, because the truth is America hasn't done anything others countries haven't done in the past. oooh, I can hear it now...
"America is supposed to be better" ..yadda, yadda, yadda..dream on.

America is a baby compared to other countries, yet it's very successful, dominant and powerful.
It's like the champion team that people want to see lose or the olympian people are cheering against. It's like the bad-ass school yard bully people want to be like, but don't have the balls. They don't know how to believe in themselves. they're so used to being puppets, they can't pull their own strings!
I could go on, but I think you get the point.
I find it a little dishonest that the worlds problems are blamed on America. War and fighting started way before America came on the scene. We're just an easy excuse, nothing more.

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