Saddam lives on...

Whilst Bush Clausewitz is putting his "final touches" on his upteenth revised "micro strategy" in Iraq, in a badly staged "coup de Theatre", the kangaroo court of the Iraqi puppet government produced today "tapes" of Saddam's voice approving the use of chemicals.
Tomorrow I can produce another tape of the American/Iranian agent- Al Maliki approving the "ethnic" cleansing of all sunnis in Baghdad and the day after tomorrow you can produce a tape of my opera skills, singing "La Donna e mobile" from Verdi's "Rigoletto".

You may think that it is preposterous on my part to allude to a forgery of "hard facts" like the above tape .
Tell me is it as preposterous as the falsification of facts undertaken by two "democracies" America and its lapdog Great Britain with the blessings of the United Nations (a body supposedly established to protect human rights and the rights of nations) ?
If America and Great Britain can forge documents and invade and occupy Iraq, under several pretexts one of them WMD's, why can't it forge and produce more hollywood crap?
If Iran can pay 100 million dollars to a circus court, why can't it produce tapes too?
WMD's ? Yes sure - Weapons of Mass Deception.

In the meantime, the western press (R.Fisk style), intellectual masturbators, (fill in your favorite...) so called humanistic voices (ditto...) and unspecified others, tried very hard to pretend indignation at the way Saddam was executed. Notice I said "the way" not "the fact". This is the refrain. See if you can identify with it.
"Obscene BUT..."
"Deplorable BUT..."
"Unacceptable BUT..."
"Horrific BUT..."

Try saying "but" fast enough- but but but but but but but - sounds like a lame duck quacking.
But what? Ladies and Gentlemen. There are NO but(s).

This continuous demonization and vilification of a dead man serves only ONE purpose.
That of covering up a bigger crime committed against a legitimate President- Saddam Hussein Al Majid, a people-the Iraqis and a sovereign nation-Iraq.
But by all means , keep at it. It does serve another purpose. I will leave you to guess which one.

Meanwhile, the Arab streets, the people (forget governments), have not stopped condemning loud and clear and demanding justice. No buts here. Nothing but unconditional support.
Since the day of the assassination till this very moment, and on a daily basis - Arab people took to the streets, in demonstrations, in feigned funeral processions, in letters, in articles...denouncing the true murderers. USA, Israel, GB, and the covert hand of Iran.
The Four Hyenas as Gabriele Zamparini aptly calls them.

Only yesterday, hundreds of Morroccans went on a demonstration , organized by Trade Unions,Lawyers ... They were carrying an enormous white sheet. On it were printed the pictures of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao, Mahatma Ghandi... and none other but Saddam Hussein.
In Algeria, members of the Algerian parliament sent an official letter to the wagging tail/finger Maliki threatening to cut diplomatic relations with the current puppet government of Iraq.
In Lybia, three days of mourning plus a statue to be erected in honor of Saddam.
In Jordan, people are still commiserating , erecting tents and serving the traditional bitter coffee.
In Egypt, the lay person is angry and disgusted and the Muslim scholar,Yusuf al Qaradawi sent a letter to Ayatollah Khameini of Iran asking him to interfere in stopping further sectarian bloodshed in Iraq. (hmm..I wonder what the grand Ayatollah has to do with it !?).
Even the New York times , not usually known for it's love of Arabs, hated to admit that Saddam Hussein is indeed now a Martyr and a Hero to many true Arabs.

Listen to this :
" As for our my desperate mind, I want to turn the clock back, to rush and grab him and run away somewhere so he is safe. I want to scream and shout and ask the world if it realizes what it has done ...They killed his sons, his grandson and now him- all his male heirs. But I know that there will be many who will carry his torch...Pictures of him (Saddam) being "checked" by barbarians, was a personal assault on me . I cried so much I know I will cry for a long, long time."

This is an extract from an e.mail addressed to me. No this person is not an Arab, nor a muslim, this person is from India!
So not only Arabs , but Turks, Indians, Pakistanis, Indonesians.... all those "Third World" people you patronize and deeply and secretly detest, see Saddam as their Hero.

And now :
After the ugly pictures parading the sons of Saddam naked and bullet ridden-read rape of the family.
After the cheap images of Saddam's capture and the subsequent vulgar and obnoxious ones of some american soldier "checking" his mouth- read oral rape.
After the disgusting snapshots taken of a legitimate President of a Sovereign country in his underwear - read rape of basic privacy.
After the heinous video(1) taken of his lynching on the holy day of the Eid- read rape of the Sacred.
After the truth emerging of sadistic thugs dancing and celebrating around a dead corpse- read rape of the deceased.
After the americans troops "screening" the holy Koran held by Saddam and the books and notes he kept whilst in solitary confinement- read rape of the mind.
After evidence of all of this - I am presenting you the "grande finale", the latest in the series of rapes - video2.

Watch for yourself if you have the stomach for it . Then come and write your "yes...but's ...."

This latest video reminds me of sacrificed lambs laying to rest whilst blood is pouring out from their jugular. Saddam Hussein is now our Lamb, Our Martyr, Our Hero...

No President of a sovereign nation in contemporay history has gone through what Saddam went through whilst the whole world sat and watched. None.

All of you who have directly or indirectly raped Iraq, its people, its President, its resources and massacred, slaughtered and maimed us , you have turned Saddam and consequently us , the people he represented, the true Iraqis into a legend and legends don't die. They live on forever....

And don't you ever dare come and talk to me about "Crimes against humanity" and "human rights" in pre "liberated" Iraq, ever again.
All fingers are pointing towards you now including my own.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Suhair Salman.


Anonymous said…
Layla we are so grief stricken dont know what to say. U have said it all. God BLESS YOU.
Anonymous said…
layla you sound like you need to get laid. I bet you fantasize about how you could have rode Saddam, lol , get over it, a noose was put around his head and he was hung like all the other dipshits who think they are ever so powerful. In the end karma will get you. I bet you also think Uday Hussein was the second kindest guy in the history of mankind, next to Saddam. Just suck it up and learn that the only thing you Arabs can produce and revere is a tin pot dictator who was fattened up by the USA in the 80's and then served up as a feast in the last day of 2006! remember that Arab. He was no Ferdowsi, he was no Saadi he was no Khayaam, he was no Hafez, he was no Mossadegh.
Anonymous said…
Here in Australia on 11th November 1975 the government of Gough Whitlam labour (left leaning) was dismissed from office. This was basically a coup by the right wing parties because the liberals (conservatives)took power.

His famous quote was "Maintain the rage". This could apply to your situation too.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Layla, for yet another beautiful article. You have said it all, so there is no need to say more.

To the Iran whoever poster: Your comments portrays the low-life you are. Just because someone does not fit in with your thoughts does not give you the authority to post nasty comments. You are disgusting, and, therefore, someone whose comments carry no credibility. All those names you mention are not known by anyone. Why? If they are dead, they are not worth remembering, that is why.

Who's getting 'fatted up' in Iraq now? Hopefully, karma will get you, too.
Anonymous said…
The last video of the assassinated Iraqi president shows beyond any doubt that his body was mutilated by the pro Iran pigs in collaboration with the American terrorists.

I would hope very much to see someone nuke America, Iran, UK and Australia back to the ice age.
Echo said…
Layla, I wont even comment on your heartfelt writing. It has exceptional soul, as always.
Whats making me laugh is that you really seem to be creating a following here. Thats great...its a lot better than following religeos fanatics or corrupt imperialists.

I just get annoyed at the sight of sheep that echo or blindly bleet whatever their idols are saying, even if what their bleeting is noble. We dont need more sheep in this world. I know the logic of "people are sheep anyway, so let them follow something noble rather than something evil."
But we dont need sheep anymore. We need someone to make people smarter, more aware unbiasdly and move and act with their own motives and principles.

Anyway..this isnt a criticism or a suggestion, and I certainly have no clue where to start with a solution. Its just an observation, and something I've been thinking in general for a while now.

Take care

[ ]
Echo said…
To the anonymous poster:

"If they are dead, they are not worth remembering, that is why. "

umm...those names he mentioned (Ferdowsi, Saadi, Hafez and Khayam) are huge figures in history from any cultural perspective.

I agree completely with your post, and am completely against what that other dude was barking.

I just thought its fair that I point out that those names he mentioned are indeed worth more than just remembering.
Of course, judging from the ethnicity of the poster, you can geuss that they were all Persian.
Screw what that guys intentions were in mentioning those names.

Greatness has no culture or nationalistic border.

You can find volumes of their books in any bookshop.

(sorry for talking so much on your comment page, Layla :) I'll shut up now.)
Anonymous said…
Thank you, Echo, for the clarification of the names. I agree with you, too, that greatness does not have national borders/culture, etc. I will now make an effort to read about them now. It would have been so simple if the poster had to say just that.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, your post is extremely touching and powerful as usual.

I'd to say to the sick pervert who goes by 'iran lives javeen iran': For someone who claims to know what karma is, be sure that you will not escape it. Anyhow, with your vile thoughts and words you have confirmed what Layla has been saying all along...and you have proved that she and those of us who hold the same beliefs/opinions are right!!!! Karma is working already I guess..
layla your posts are hateful and only help usa and israel in their drive to destroy yet another muslim country. you walk right into saddam's paved road: appear defiant, while serving US SRAELI interests.

keep on servicing america in the name of arab nationalism. and to the guy who is wishing nukes America, Iran, UK and Australia back to the ice age. we all know that ONLY israel benefits from such a scenario.

blind arab nationalism is like a poison and saddam was the poison administrator. i feel sorry for the guy, but you who beat saddam's drum are reducing arab nationalism to a genocidal rant like zionists.
Layla Anwar said…
one may have heroes without forcibly becoming a sheep.
Layla Anwar said…
Thanks t, - What goes around comes around in any case...
Layla Anwar said…
as for the other anonymous. Can I please ask you to leave at least any initial after your posts so I can reply to your comments.
Layla Anwar said…
Anon 1

Bless you too.
Layla Anwar said…
Anon 2

Jesus had rightful anger too. It is called a holy anger. I always remember that one when am told not to get angry.
Anonymous said…
It just makes every peace loving Iranian, fume in anger, if they ever read these hateful versus dished out by this site. You actually want us to believe because that mullah Khomeini was stirring up so much trouble in Iraq, Saddam out of his patriotic duty invaded Iran> It has been well documented, that during the Shah's reign he did not dare do anything. infact he moved backwards when he met the Shah out of respect for that other tin pot dictator the shah, whom wasn't nearly as suffocating as Saddam was. When Iran had that revolution, All that opportunist Arab dictator did was strengthen the Mullah Shia cause. He directly enabled Khomeini to consolidate power. IF he never attacked Iran, The Islamic theocracy would never have gotten a strangle hold on the nation of Iran, and we would not have an Islamic green belt, from Iran to Afghanistan. His masters the USA an British ordered him to do it, they knew that him attacking Iran would strengthend the Mullahs stranglehold in Iran. You know how many thousands Khomeini regime executed in the 80's. Your beloved Saddam was the main reason he came from a little mullah to create the first theocracy Iran has ever had. Because of that opportunist Arab who wanted to confiscate Khuzestan which has always been part of Iran and what you call the Persian empire, Susa was the capital of the pre Islamic nation of Iran for many years.Just like he claims ibn sina was Arab, which is false he claimed Khuzestan as Iraq’s. Jealous because Iraq doesn’t have any coastal access, we have the gulf coast, we have the Caspian while you have your dessert. If you didn’t have a tin pot dictator like Hussein maybe you could have advanced beyond the little surge in the 70's and not draged Iran into the depths of mullahism. Something that was an export from your land back in the 7th century, so stop your whining about the Safavids. Last time I checked the ottomans conquered all the tribes in Iraq , Arabia , Syria. However Iran did not allow them to conquer her. Blame the Safavids for that, yes they helped strengthen the Shia religion, and isolated Iran for a few centuries, from the rest of the world due to the Ottoman obstruction. Only when Reza shah came into power did Iran modernize after hundreds of years of backwardness, but do not claim all Iran was is Safavid. Go do a wikipedia search on the dynasties of Iran. Go do it and see for yourself the long list. Stop whining out of hate, it’s so Arab!!!!
Layla Anwar said…

Many thanks for your thoughtfull comments. Let me ask you one thing though , maybe you can enlighten just in case I missed something here.
You did not mention anything about the secret relation between Israel and Teheran during Khomeini's rule and well after his death under the name "of technical cooperation"- nor did you mention that the Grand Ayatollah declared that the road to Jerusalem was through Baghdad- hence the Iraq -Iran war, nor have you mentionned the fact that whilst Iran keeps shouting Death to the Great Satan it is actually helping the Great Satan in Iraq by backing the puppet Govt installed by the USA and last but not least, you have failed to mention a sociological fact namely that your persian chauvinism is all too blatant. But then that would be uncessary by now.
Persian chauvinism? excuse me? whi attacked who in 1980? who was shaking hands with rumsfield? whose army enjoyed 100 per cent support from Saudis and usa? who fulfilled kissinger's dream of "let them kill each other"?

i feel sorry for sunni arabs who, in the absence of a real anti imperialist leader, resort to make a hero and shaheed out of a misguided leader.

shie and sunni unity against all occupiers. iran is not the enemy israel and usa are.
Echo said…
Good point. Thank u :)

I'd just like to point out that I'm originally persian, and I'm truly ashamed of these other persian individuals here reacting to your thoughts so defensively and childishly. Their nationalistic insecurities shine through the cracks of their dodgy logic brighter than a desert sun.

They are not a representative of anything truly human. For what its worth, I apologize for those with their narrow-minded comments.
Anonymous said…
I didn't think you were this rude but hey we can all be wrong, right?
Layla Anwar said…

does not matter to me if you are persian or not- this is NOT my yardstick for judging you or anyone else . When I refer to Iran's sectarianism and chauvinism - I am obviously referring to Govt policies and to those that either directly support them or keep silent about them. That is all. As a matter of fact you have a beautiful culture and a wonderful heritage.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous ,
I don't remember being rude to anonymous people.
you're genocidally ignorant. that's all. you're a blind arab nationalist who has got her enemies wrong. focus on USA AND ISRAEL stop attacking the Iranians and the Iranian government.
Anonymous said…

Great site (masha'allah)!


In your defense for precious Iran, you ignore many of the facts which observers of the situation have seen and know:

1. Iran began the Iraq-war by Khomeini calling for Iraqis to topple the Iraqi government for being "un-Islamic". A number of border skirmishes took place, as well as an assasination attempt by the Iranian based "Dawa Party" on Iraqi officials such as Tariq Aziz at Al-Mustansiriya University...All these events and a few more were precedent to the Iraq official declaration of war. In-fact, ironically, one of those executed for fermenting the Iranian call to overthrow the government was Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr (whom we see now hailed in Iranian dominated Iraq as a martyr!).

2. Iran was offered a "cease-fire" by Iraq in 1982, but Khomeini refused stating that the comeplete change of the Baath government is his aim.

3. Iran has been caught red handed taking weapons and intel from the US via none other than Israel (so much for Big Satan and little Satan propaganda). These facts are all part of the Iran-Contra scandal which nearly caused an impeachment for the US President.

4. Since the "unholy revolution" of 1979, Iran has not fired one shot at Israel not has it worked for the liberation of Palestine...Yet, throughout the years Iran has falsly claimed it is an "Islamic" nation and that Israel is the enemy (yeah, tell that to the Iraqis who died with Israeli weapons!)

5. During the war of 1991, Iran agreed to house the Iraqi fighter jets so they would not be destroyed...However, as has become typical of the Iranian behaviour (must be part of the special Islam that Khomeni brought in from Paris), Iran kept the Iraqi planes and claimed that it was compensation for some of the war-damage Iraq had caused them!

6. During the war of 1991, Iran and the US called for the Shia in Iraq to rise and destroy the Baath regeim (sounds like dejavu of the Iran-Iraq war all over again!). So much for honoring the truce and ceas-fire accord Iran signed in 1988 with Iraq.

7. During the sanction years, Iran and the US were responsible for most of the car-bombs and assasination attempts that Al-Dawa and SCRI were conducting.

8. During the 2nd Palestinain Intifada in mid-late 90's, Iran announced that the Muslim world must show solidarity with Palestine, and, as a gesture of goodwill, Iran suggested that Muslim nations stop oil production completeley for a number of days (can't recall if it was 7 days or more). Lo and behold, Saddam (may God bless his soul) announced that Iraq would stop its oil production in support of Palestine, Iran, the snake in the grass that they are, declared that they would NOT stop production citing the excuse that "not enough nations had done so".

9. Iran, during the US attack on Afghanistan, declared that they would not interfere in the US war (neither for or against)...Howvere, as has become typical of the double speak, US and Iranian forces were caught jointly working together to capture the Afghan city of Heerat.

10. Iran, once again working in maximum lying mode, said they would not interere in the US was against Iraq...Hoever, all reports from the battle field by Iraqi soldiers spoke of Iranian backed groups crossing the border during the invasion and attacking Iraqi troops (especially in the South) while the Iraqi troops were poised to defend against only against the expected US enemy comming out of Kuwait/Saudi Arabia.

Need I go on? Need I talk about Iranian/US collaboration in Iraq? Need I talk about Sistani's fatwa forbidding resistance to the occupier and forcing all people to vote for the puppet government? Need I talk about the ex-pilots and officers that have been found murdered by Iranian death squads because they took part in the Iran-Iraq war?

You know why I am stating the above and not mentioning the US or UK or Israel? Because the evil trio is known to every Muslim kid on the street...They are the enemy, they want us dead, they want our resources...However, it is the devlish Iran which is the most danger to Muslims because it hides its evil behind walls of lies (Tuqya in the Shia belief) and makes appear it is one of the Muslims, while, in relaity, if Satan could be present in a state, then that state would be "Iran".

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said…
Layth, thank you very much for all that information. There's so many of us who do not know about these things.

Layla, all I can say is...thank you.
landsker said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
100,000 Shiites was killed by Saddam. In addition to the Shiites that were slaughtered one must add the Kurds. During Saddam Hussein’s reign, between 200,000 to 300,000 of them were killed in a genocide that continued all through the 1980’s and the 1990’s. In addition Saddam HUssein started two wars. More than 1.000.000 died from Iraq-Iran war when Iraq used WMDs:

"Nerve gas agents killed about 20,000 Iranian soldiers immediately, according to official reports. Of the 90,000 survivors, some 5,000 seek medical treatment regularly and about 1,000 are still hospitalized with severe, chronic conditions. Many others were hit by mustard gas". He also killed 5000 of his own Iraqi citizens with chemical weapons.

In addition we have all the typical sleazy stereotyped of dictator life, building 150 palaces, shooting and executing people on the slightest whim, not excluding family members, torturing sportsmen that failed to perform and so on and so on. The usual sordid stuff.

The Worldwide funding of terror and war propaganda form Middle East is directed just as much at Sweden as at the rest of the Western countries. The Mosque in Stockholm mortgage is paid by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries just as 80% of all other Mosques in the world. The hate propaganda from Stockholm’s Imams sounds exactly like those in Denmark or any other country in the world.

All ME must be democratized by force. There is no other way to stop the terror. And why not start by toppling Saddam? That was a good choice indeed, IMO.

It is said Edward Said teached an entire generation of Arabs self-pity. But it is not true. The Arabs knew self-pity long before Said.

As demonstrated by Layla.

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