News Flash!

Three very reliable eyewitnesses confirmed to me the following :

- Al Adhamiya District , a predominantly Sunni neighborhood, has been shelled heavily.
The home of one of the persons has been partly blown away. She and her husband saw several corpses , at least three according to her, lying in different streets in Adhamiya.
She and her husband were not "quite sure" if it was the Iraqi Army, the US occupation forces or the Mahdi Death Squads. Her husband added:" It is probably the three of them."

- Karrada District, a mixed neighborhood. Sunni/Shi'a and Christians.
The third person stated that they have been without electricity for the 5th day in a row.
The shelling and mortar bombs have been continuous. Since most Iraqi homes use gas or kerosene for heating , they have been "freezing". It is impossible to go out and purchase any.
Supplies are short and it is too dangerous to leave the house.

End of the News Flash . Happy Dreams !


audacious said…
everytime i ready your blog of what is going on, my heart goes out to you and your people.
Anonymous said…

...her people is our people...all of us little people who can only stare in horror as the juggernaut continues its rampage of destruction. Here are two excerpts from an article that very few americans will read:

As many people have long suspected, George Bush's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were undertaken to seize control of petroleum resources in the Middle East. Both invasions were conceived and planned long before 9/11, and the "war on terror" was concocted to disguise them. (For the full story see my previous CounterPunch essay.)

They have not gone well, but George Bush's "surge" is one last attempt to succeed. It buys time he desperately needs. The President has a window measured in weeks.

The Afghan war overturned the Taliban, to clear the way for the Unocal Corporation to build a pipeline across Afghanistan. (Unocal has since been bought up by the Chevron Corporation.) Afghan President Hamid Karzai was once retained by Unocal as a consultant, but he has been unable to deliver for his former client, in spite of the Bush Administration's willingness to finance the pipeline and defend it with permanent military bases along the route. The warlords, the poppy growers, and the Taliban are steadily regaining control of the country, so the necessary precondition of political stability has vanished.


One hundred and fifteen billion barrels of oil are in play here, and the U.S. position at the moment is delicate in the extreme. There is no room for new uncertainties. Withdrawing troops and negotiating with Iran and Syria would introduce huge new variables into the equation, with utterly unknowable outcomes: in exchange for peace, for example, the U.S. might be asked to relinquish its pursuit of Iraqi oil. The President's rejection of these recommended actions is not surprising.

And yet President Bush needs to offer, for political, not military reasons (the Administration has said as much), a gesture of substantial drama, a New Way Forward. His "surge" in troop levels is admirable PR, but it does not represent a radical shift in prosecuting the war it-so it does not inject dangerous uncertainties into the conflict.

That means Mr. Bush can continue the horror in Iraq without much real change, hopefully for at least 60-90 days, during which the Iraqi "democracy" might hold together long enough to pass the oil law. This is chancy, to be sure, but the President has no other realistic option. Then the oil companies can sign their contracts, locking up for 30 years a sizeable portion of Iraqi crude.

President Bush must maintain the status quo in Iraq, no matter how fragile, heinous, and untenable, until the PSA's are signed. After that we can withdraw the troops and undertake other quantum changes.

So for now, he proposes a marginal "surge." Debating the proposal will run some time off the clock. Implementing it will, too. It's a desperation move, but there's nothing else Mr. Bush can do.


You can read the entire article here:

It is stunning in its clarity.

We the people of the world need to wake up and act before the insane, rich old men who run things destroy us all.

Layla, Jazzak Allah Khairan

May Allah protect us.

Abdullah Mustafa
audacious said…
thank you for the article and link...
Anonymous said…
what a pity we are so far away, our hearts are with you,. our will is there,..

when we play our compputer games, we are not allowed to play the USA(occupiers) so we always play for the middle eastern peoples,.. in our virtual platform we give them the stick they deserve, and hope that in like such similar will play out,..

one realises the decades worth of complexity that is playing out here,.. why on earth are these combat zones on top gaming platforms,.. are our children that poisened,..

we don't even like war games, as we don't like war,.. but we play for our spirit is with you,...

we only wish your people would come together and kick out the foe,..
the beast with seven heads,.. the whore of babylon with the mouth so foul as to lie to every concievable player, torment your minds, divide your people,..

May 2007 be the year you coagulate your peoples and form a thick sludge that no "Patriot" shall pass,...

to any Western soldier that wishes to be a part of this,.. your fate is sealed young ones,.. take your cool shades off, and get out of the sun,.. before you are mamed in the name of crude oil!,.. poor hypnotised bastards,..

I apologise for being political, i apologise for pointing a gun,..
the CIA wolves will scour these pages and find me in contempt,...
So Be It,.. for i will not keep quiet or lye down,..

Praise you the Iraqi People,..
Be as One Iraqi People,..
for the devil is in your backyard,..
and you need to erase his mark,.. before it is indelibly branded upon your peoples,..

Praise be to your God, to Our? God,.. to God? in General,..
Praise be to life eternal,
Layla Anwar said…
To anonymous, audacious and Abdulla M.

Many thanks and yes the beast has 7 heads , 4 of which are well known. Remains to discover the three others.
Best wishes

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