Hush now, little one ...

I have good news for you.
American "consumer sentiment has improved to a 3 years high, propelled by falling gasoline prices and a favorable view of personal finances and economic growth" says a survey.
You must be happy. This means more savings for you so you can consume more, eat and spend some more. Go right ahead and anesthetize yourself.

Now what this survey won't show you, is that during those three comparative years, over 260'000 Iraqi children died since 2003 to make your life smoother over there, wherever you are . Now,Iraq has the highest mortality rate for children in the world.(read full article here)

Since you love economics and you count so well when it comes to figures, dollars and dimes, let us do together a simple calculation.
-In the 13 years of sanctions from 1991 to 2003, a conservative estimate places the number of dead Iraqi babies to 500'000 .(and the price was well worth it according to M.Albright, your democrat.)
-Since 2003 , another conservative estimate is 260'000 dead Iraqi kids due to lack of medical care and a health system in total chaos.
-Amongst the official figure of the Lancet report of 650'000 Iraqis dead, let's assume that at least 10% of that number were children killed by violent acts. So that makes around 65'000. (knowing that Iraq has a big youth population).
-In the latest census by the UN, which was not taken into account when the Lancet report came out, 34'450 (plus) were killed due to violence. Assuming again a mere 10 % were children, that brings my calculation to3'400.
-Add to the above the dead Iraqi children during Gulf war 1 - let's say about 400 (The Amaryiah shelter alone had over 150 kids and am being very generous in your favor here.)
-Add to that Abeer Janabi, the Haditha kids, Falluja, Al Ramadi, Al Qaem,Tal Afar, other unreported children deaths in Baghdad and elsewhere , I will say around 500 and again am being very kind to you here.
So a quick summing up will give us a total of : 829'300 Iraqi children Dead.
Again, I repeat this is a conservative estimate as the official figures lie and the UN figures are always "toning" issues down.
829'300 Iraqi Children DEAD.

The above figure does NOT include : the injured,the sold,the trafficked, the abandoned,the cancer ridden with your Depleted Uranium, the sick,the malnourished, the hungry, the destitute, the kidnapped, the raped children of Iraq.

According to the latest UN Human rights 30 page report for November-December 2006 (a title that never fails to stir my amusement) it states and I will quote a few paragraphs only. We don't want to depress you, do we ?

"Human Rights Org. has received information of children abducted and sold to militias and forced to become supporters..." - "Children are also trafficked outside Iraq to work as sex slaves,labourers or unlawfully adopted by families abroad..." - "Dozens of children are currently seeking shelter and protection in safe houses...". Stories unheard of prior to our "liberation."
(those of you who sent me e.mails accusing of fabricating stories about kids being sold, I demand an apology.)

So over 800'00 plus, little ones dead. Huh ? What have you got to say about that? Who are you going to blame now ? Saddam Hussein or the old regime? (just for your info, Iraq used to have the lowest mortality rate in the Middle East and the best health care service until you all screwed it up.)(see also here)

Do you understand what we are talking about here? We are talking about CHILDREN.
Not adults you can blame , nor elderly you can dispense of , we are talking about CHILDREN.

Remember children ? You may have some of your own or planning to.
I know that in the west, a pregnancy is a big deal.
You have blue and pink clothes, baby shower parties, gifts and a pregnant woman becomes an icon of worship (since it is so rare to see one.)
Then, everyone takes turns holding the little one, oh so softly.
You make sure that when your little one grows up , he/she lacks nothing. You try to give him/her your best. Best schools, best clothes, best toys...(within the limits of your possibilities and assuming you are mentally sane and not some perverted sadist.)
And then you have organizations teaching you about children's rights, about good parenting, about listening to your kids and a thousand self help books about 101 topics on how to.
How and what to feed, how to nurture, how to change diapers, how to hug, how to talk, how to play with your kids, etc.... Yes you are very caring indeed.

And since you are so caring, had there been 800'000 plus: dolphins, monkeys, donkeys, cats or dogs massacred, the western world would be on the brink of a revolution by now.
The left would have armed and gone underground as guerillas freedom fighters, the democrats would have issued irreversible statements of condemnation, the liberals and progressives would have stood in pickets or gone on strike. We would have mass demonstrations and mass mobilization.

Had these 800'000 children been western children, we would be having a Third World War by now.

But, alas, they are only Iraqi, Arab, majority Muslim kids. Who gives a fuck?
They are not your kids, you don't care.

If per mischance, you get to see them in pictures through an e.mail you are quick to delete it. Besides which, there is not much you can do about it , or so you like to believe.
If per misfortune, you see them on your tv screen (unlikely since you either have your favorite sports channel or porn channel on), you zap. You drink your 12th can of beer and hope your Mrs. won't catch you. As for your women, they are more interested and engrossed in Desperate Housewives and Sex in the City. Understandably, frustrated libidos and ensuing neurosis love company.
But then you all congratulate yourselves on being such an advanced people. So humane and so fucking politically correct. So distinguished, so refined...
If per mishap, you come across an article in your press, you swiftly turn your page to either the economic, consumer, investor, inflation index or to the sports page. Who needs this shit anyways?
If by mistake, you hear a conversation around the subject, you quickly divert the topic, you don't want to be disturbed in your socializing. Let us talk about something constructive you think, or you change the conversation to something petty like, yourself.

As for the very progressive left and the rest of the apparatchik, well what can I say?
They are already dressed in black chadors, beating on their chests, thumping on their heads, wailing in advance, for a improbable farfetched attack on some other country...
They have turned their attention from the scene of the crime. Too much for you darlings?
A mirror of your impotence or of your sellout?
800'000plus, Iraqi Children dead. I congratulate you. Let your new patron give you 800'000plus, medals as proof of your dedication for peace on earth.

As for the few honest voices left, let us commiserate together. Black sugarless coffee is on me, Arab hospitality oblige.

Meanwhile, my Iraqi little ones , die softly, make no noise, we don't want to disturb the slumbering consciences...Hush now, slip quietly, ever so quietly...into Death.

Postscript : I just read that a petition has been online for that crippled Iraqi dog mentioned in my previous article (see also comment section). A dog is more "neutral."See what I mean now ?!

Painting: Iraqi artist, AbdelAmir Alwan.


Anonymous said…
Your writings are indeed a gift.
In your means to an end way of writing you convey much more than just words.

I personally do not fit into many of the stereotypes you mentioned. But it is sadly true that main stream america does.

I was aware of the death numbers of adult as well as children Iraqi since the initialization of the occupation.But not much of the history from the other wars and abuses subjected to your people.

Again I feel lost for words.

It hurts me, it angers me, it makes me ashamed, it disgusts me, I feel contempt for my own people.

You and I are about the same age and you have seen and endured so much.

You are an amazing woman.

I am lost for more words right now.
I just don't know what to say.

Thank you for your efforts.
Stay safe Layla,
God bless.
looba said…
Well Layla How did you preserve the paintings of Iraqi Artists ?

Each of your writtings is accompanied by one painting from Iraq.Thank you please preserve them for future real Iraqis.

Arab Street know how Bush raped the Museums of Iraq with the help of accursed Chalabis,Al-Malkis,Sadars and Alawis.

A manuscript of jewish literature of 700 year old belonging to one Iraqi Museums was presented to Israel by the Zabari for the good cooperation.

Please keep them for future history of our Iraqi brothers.

My Motto; “Nations of the World !! United States of America and Britain used depleted uranium and phosphorus against our Iraqi people.It is a blasphemy and a crime for us Arabs to ever forget this.
Guerrilla war fares against US Imperialism always win".
Anonymous said…
Nothing short of a raw beauty, Layla.
Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Good God !
markfromireland said…
أخطار المرض والتسول وعدم الإندماج.. تحاصر أطفال المهجرين في ذي قار

I wish I had time to translate this aobut the refugee kids in DhiQar - it's heartbreaking but sometimes we need to sleep.

Often Aswat Al Iraq will do a fairly good translation of their features into English. If they do with this one please help spread it around.

I hope you found my found my explanation of the red rash useful they're so so vulnerable. Unbelievable to think of kids sniffing glue in Iraq! Unbelievable.

Iraq survived Hulegu it'll survive these barbarians too.

Thanks for raising your voice.

Stay angry - civilised people owe barbarians nothing

markfromireland said…
They did translate the feature:

Risks of disease and begging overshadow relocated children in Dhi Qar

Please share that link with as many as you can.
Tate said…
Looba, that's good inspiration! Our empire depends upon oil or it can't function. No oil = no occupation = no police state = no global exploitation. Resistance fighters must be good economists and good at cutting supply lines too. God speed!
Anonymous said…
Layla while reading this article by you my hair on my body stood on it's ends.
Fuck is all i can say, i am in tears now.
Fucken asshole yanks,jews,safavids.
Fuck all those politically correct assholes and all those so called anti war movements.
You are right when saying they will respond to an animal more than the deaths of children in Iraq.
A whale gets beached here and it makes the front page of the news with thousands making the trip to the beach to SAVE the fucken whale.
A WHALE gets these assholes attention more than a child in Iraq, fuck them.
looba said…

True to your words “Our empire depends upon oil or it can't function”

Robert Dreyfuss In his piece “Thirty Year Itch “ put it this way:

“ Three decades ago, in the throes of the energy crisis, Washington's hawks conceived of a strategy for US control of the Persian Gulf's oil. Now, with the same strategists firmly in control of the White House, the Bush administration is playing out their script for global dominance”.

And as for Iraq the hawks had the following : “Iraq, in this view, is a strategic prize of unparalleled importance. Unlike the oil beneath Alaska's frozen tundra, locked away in the steppes of central Asia, or buried under stormy seas, Iraq's crude is readily accessible and, at less than $1.50 a barrel, some of the cheapest in the world to produce.”

Ark ! for more read “ Thirty Year Itch” at

The message is still the same:

“United States of America and Britain used depleted uranium and phosphorus against our Iraqi people. It is a blasphemy and a crime for us Arabs to ever forget this.
Guerrilla war fares against US Imperialism always win".
Tate said…
Looba, All true. But the average US citizen is oblivious, blinded, unknowing, and doesn't even care to learn the truth. And I can tell you that I live abroad from the States. Maybe distance gives me a better view from far away. But I can't even communicate to my own family members. Not one. I have about 20 family members that I communicate to but maybe 5 listened halfway. And friends... forget it. I have only 2 friends from the University that listen, understand and agree strongly that this Iraq war is a resource war... Both are foreigners. From Europe. So I can tell you from my own personal experience, that the US will definately need to fall because nobody cares except the weapons sales. Nobody wants to learn the truth except the ones who profit from the truth. Everyone else wants life to continue "as it is now".

What is that? A crime, a stupid way to move through life, unfulfiling life... take your pick.

I just received the yearly holiday letters, where family tells what happened last year. Nevermind that our global problems aren't mentioned. They can't even present truth about the family. Everything is spun in a positive way. Even a family member that has broken his shoulder has been congratulated for his "nice new shiny shoulder replacement"... What the F is that? That is America.

We really need to crash because NOTHING ELSE will awaken the vast majority of us.
Tate said…
By the way Ike and Layla, your previous story about your Grandmothers broke my heart.

I am from a family that put our Grandmother into a Nursing home. More like an insane asylum. She was the same as both of yours - from a difficult childhood, could read a person like a book after 2 seconds, had a lot of values.

She was locked away and visited rarely, it is a great unrecognized shame of my family and nobody wants to talk about it.

Now, guess what? Her two children are getting up in their age and they have begun an effort to bring their children into their home to care for them. But that won't work. We reap the seeds we sow.

I wish I could go back in time and defend my Grandmother more vigorously. At the time I was abroad, still am. But that is no excuse.

When we fail to defend the weak, the innocent, the good people of the world, we fail ourselves. Our soul is wounded and the stain doesn't wash out except by the grace of God. We should only learn our lesson and not allow such mistakes to happen again.

Speak out folks. Speak your mind. Don't give any thought to who will disagree. Become free from your inhibitions. Do it today. Just pick up the phone or write a letter explaining to a friend or relative what you read on the alternative press regarding DU and White Phosphorus used in Iraq. They are real WMD and the only ones found so far... used by us while we are on a mission to stop WMD use... it boggles the mind... bring someone else into that thought process.

Don't be silent.

It kills your soul.
Layla Anwar said…
I read also that a 14th century Torah mysteriously landed in Tel Aviv in the Babylon Heritage House.
It was of course stolen. Not only that, but a lot of the Iraqi ancient artifacts ended up in some Tel Aviv museum specially designed for the occasion.
Layla Anwar said…
Barabie & Ken,

I wonder how much it would take for these dead souls in the West to wake up on any significant level.
I doubt they ever will...Nawm al Hana illa Jahanam insha'Allah.
Layla Anwar said…
Sorry to hear about your granny.
I know that denial runs in families.
Such are facts.Thanks for sharing.
Be well
Layla Anwar said…
I did mention the glue graphic scene and linked it in one of my previous posts "the uncensored anger manifesto part III".
That particular article of yours touched me deeply and was my inspiration for the above post.
Keep writing and stay angry. well most of the time . :-)
Jamelah said…
You can't wake up the dead. they are dead. but the children. my generation. If someone could get them away from the poisons (Drugs, Entertainment, Luxury) maybe their minds can be cleared. thank you Ms. Anwar, for being an Arab woman I can look to.
Anonymous said…

I have just been turned on to your site and, You ain't nothing but a dog, drew my attention. I feel so sad for your people. I am an American, but of the True Americans My Grandma was a full blooded Sioux Indian. Our people went through a lot when the white people came to our country and ended up putting my people on reservations taking away everthing we had. The greed of these whites are going to be the end of the world as we know it.

These are the devil's dogs and they are of evil spirits. But be reassured they will answer to God, our Great Spirit, in the end.

Don't lose your light and don't give up the fight in your heart your on the right and good path.
Remember they can't steal your soul.

They called my people savages and I wear the name proudly.

Layla Anwar said…
Hi, I understand your concern concerning drugs and youth. I would not dismiss though the 800'000 iraqi children slaughtered by a "democracy" called the USA.
Part of staying sane as a young woman like yourself, is to also ask yourself, why they were killed, how they were killed and what you can do about stopping further massacres.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and I like your name.
I always held the native americans, the true people of your land, in great esteem and respect. I have also tried to learn more about your culture and customs and spiritual beliefs.
Yes indeed, your people were the first ones to suffer at the hands of these racist, ignorant cowboy herders.And they continue to suffert till this very day.
People have short memory and they wish to forget the pain that your people had to go through just as they choose to turn a blind eye to the massacre of Iraqis and the illegal occupation of Iraq despite their sweet talk!
Too true, they can't steal our resisting souls.
Thank you for sharing.
Leyla Benkirane said…
I have seen many photos in Lebanon this summer but this particular sets of photos (child and mom ) will never ever leave my memory.i can not seem to forget the boys face .
Anonymous said…

You are a beautiful and kind person, and I thank you for your kindness. I also would truly like to thank, Little Deer a sister of mine throuth, God our Great Spirit, for turning me on to you.

I would like to share something with you that was wrote by the great Sioux Chief, "Sitting Bull" it reminds me of your people;

"Go back home where you come from. This country is mine, and I intend to stay here and raise this country full of grown people.

God made me an Indian, but not a reservation Indian.

What treaty that the white man ever made with us have been kept? Not one! When I was a boy, the Sioux owned the world; the sun rose and set on their land; they sent ten thousand men to battle. Where are the warriors today? Who slew them?

What white man can say I ever stole his land or a penny of his money? Yet they say I'm a thief. What white woman, however lonely was ever captive or insulted by me? Yet they say I am a bad Indian.

What white man has ever seen me drunk? Who has ever come to me hungery and unfed? Who has ever seen me beat my wifes or abuse my children?

What law have I broken? Is it wrong to love my own? Is it wicked for me because my skin is red? Because I am Sioux; because I was borned where my father lived; because I would die for my people my country?"

Layla, I hope this put some sunshine on your spirit and some comfort in your being. We as peoples and nations will not be truly free until we stop the greedy white people from their evil ways with an understanding that we are all brothers and sisters of the Great Spirit, God.

I will close with another Indian saying; "Our enemies are scared because they make us strong."

Layla, may the Great Spirit, God walk with you always.

Your American brother,

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