Burning News...

I called my lovely good friend Nadia, a sunni ( if you know how much I hate giving those sect qualifications) married to a wonderful man , a shia, living in a predominantly shi'a neighborhood in Baghdad.
She was crying softly on the phone and I could barely hear her speak. Finally her husband picked up the conversation and gave me the news.
As some of you may know, most of Baghdad has been without electricity for some time now.
Nadia was heating water on some kerosene heater, she wanted to bathe her kids.
She tripped and the boiling water fell all over her legs, arm and chest.
She cannot get to a doctor because they had already received death threats from the Mahdi & Co death squads and she fears leaving her house. So does her husband. They might never make it back if they go past that front door.
Her burns have turned to huge pus filled blisters and from what she described, I think the burning wounds are infected now. She cannot sleep, cannot eat, cannot walk from the pain.
Since the nearest pharmacy is a few blocks away and again too dangerous to reach, her husband upon the suggestion of some friend, is applying pads soaked in vinegar on the burns to disinfect them. And of course the burning pain is worsening and the blisters getting bigger and bigger, covering all her legs, her arm and her chest.
She said:" I feel I have chains around my feet, they are heavy and I cannot feel them anymore,what have I done to deserve this? Baghdad is burning, and I am burning with it."
I listened to Nadia and her husband and was overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness.
I could do nothing for them. Nothing at all. Powerlessness and rage, a burning rage.

More murders today and more executions
. A "decapitation , a mishap, an accident". Two men wearing red orange jump suits with black hoods on their heads and one head rolled down the aisle. But the supervisor dutifully placed back next to the body.
"An act of God" said the hangmen. But overall , it went all so smoothly despite the bloody mess and very legal, naturally. A video was produced. Journalists were summoned to the Green Zone for a "special viewing".
The two ugly beasts US and the U.K decried the "manner" in which those hangings took place.
Don't you just love democracies of this type ? Beacons of human rights, fairness and objectivity.
Giving birth to an even greater democracy called the New Iraq.

What are they planning next ? Sell Iraqi, sunni, baathist, arab, nationalist, patriotic... blood in plastic bottles in the new free Baghdad market?
Vendors pushing carts and grocery shops would be advertising for it soon.
"Hey, here is a plastic bottle for you, cheap blood, only a dollar a piece . Offer it as a present to your loved ones. Drink it , baptize yourself with it, wash yourself with it, gargle with it or splash it on your burning wounds. Ahh feel the cooling effect! "
Nice job american/iraqi/english/iranian ...vampires. Very nice. A banquet of meat and blood.
If you don't like it raw , we will roast if for you on kerosene heaters. Make sure though, no to burn yourself like my friend Nadia.
Bon appetit.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Mohammed Sami.


Anonymous said…
If your friend does indeed have blistering then her burns are second degree. Without medical help her worst concern should be for infection.
My god.
I am at such a loss for words...
I want only to help.

"Powerlessness and rage, a burning rage."

Your words are all I can have.
But your words are powerful layla.

I am so saddened to hear about your friend.
Tell her to try and not bust the blisters if she can. The redness and swelling will be most intense for the first few days. As time passes the burns should heal in ten days to two weeks.
I am not a doctor of any type, I just found this information on the internet.
Maybe they can get medical help to come to them?
But. Maybe not.

God bless layla.
Stay safe.
Tate said…
I fear that Bush is going to use the extra 20,000 troops to hit Sunnis and claim that Iraq is unified to end terror, when in fact he would be using terror to create monopoly terror.

I fear for the Sunnis.
Tate said…
However, on second thought... I see that US is building up a huge presence in the Gulf and wartime rhetoric is on the increase between US and Iran.

Can the US be so stupid to attack Iran right now?

Let's hope that Iranians are able to unite with Arabs if that happens.

Of course, the US would prefer to stage-manage as many local ethnic wars as possible while sucking the oil out.

But I don't honestly believe that it can work that way. People are waking up all over the world to the US warcrimes, now topping anything we have witnessed in history (Depleted Uranium has a halflife of 4.5 billion years and keeps on killing throughout that time... ugh... lots worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao... ugh-uhg)
I don't think the US intends to attack Iran because of their mutual collaboration in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
>I don't think the US intends to attack Iran because of their mutual collaboration in Iraq.

So true.
Layla tell your friend to wash her burns regularly and crush some garlic with the vinegar.
Anonymous said…
I hope than our invading "liberators" and their puppets burn in hell, sooner rather than later...And they will.
Anonymous said…
(it's me again, anonymous #6 ... i guess i should get an account so my comments aren't confused with the other anonymous...)

"Nice job american/iraqi/english/iranian ...vampires"

this was what i was getting at... the blame does not lie solely with anyone - and those directly involved can't pretend they are blameless.

and yes, layla, if someone came to my country and tried to occupy it, i would resist. i don't agree with calling the roving target of the bush administration 'insurgents' ... but this is the game they play. people too lazy to seek the truth just follow blindly... for either side.

the divide and conquer tactics are working.
Layla Anwar said…
ike, no medical help can come anywhere. Hospitals are hardly functioning let alone doctors.
Thanks for your support though
Best wishes
Layla Anwar said…
Janice and anonymous regarding ark
I agree with both of you, there will be NO attack on Iran. Possibly a few squirmishes if at all but no attack the way it is being portrayed these days.
Layla Anwar said…
t- insha'allah.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 6

I am not sure I understand where you are coming from nor am I sure that you actually know what is taking place in Iraq.
I may need to remind you that prior to the invasion/ occupation, we did not have meddlings from Iran (even though this latter tried and tried) and we certainly did not have sectarianism. Iran and its iraqi puppets who happen to be american puppets too and the zionists who planned this whole thing are the one who are the real culprits.

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