Analyze this...

I find it so admirable when an english daily devotes publishing space for the mental health of its readers.
The "Independent"newspaper has committed itself to a praiseworthy endeavor, that of allotting a new column run by Dr. Cecilia D' Felice (what a lovely fitting name), a shrink.
On the couch as of next week, and your major complaints will be dealt with, in the most empathic manner.
Needless to say, I am jumping to the occasion before anyone else takes my turn, hoping to receive some valuable insight.

Dear Dr.Cecilia D'Felice,

It is with great interest that I read your article, "How to be Happy" in today's edition of the Independent.
Maybe you will be kind enough to reassure us in Iraq that we are indeed OK.
The whole of Iraqi society (what is left of it) has been exhibiting a myriad of strange behavioral patterns for nearly 4 years now and growing steadily more bizzarre.
For instance and I shall give you a few "cases":
Our women have been lately engaging in this weird habit of pulling their hair out and tearing their clothes. Do you think this is an "ethnic thing" or maybe a "transcultural" manifestation of a persevering borderline personality disorder? Others are just silent and sigh heavily.
Our men, on the other hand,have been oscillating between"passive-agressive"to outright "anti-social" behavior.
Couples and parents no longer speak to each other, they shout. Maybe you can recommend some manual for non-violent communication.
Another worrisome thing I noticed, is that our children have this blank empty look in their eyes.They seem to be recoiling in an autistic world shattered by intermittent hysterical screams.
Moreover, they seem to present some cognitive impediments, in particular speech. For instance, whenever one says to them "duck" they respond with "fuck" in a nasal twang.
Do you think this is an auditory dyslexia or are they just tapping into the "collective unconscious"?
As for our youth , they too, are exhibiting behavior that one might label as "acting out".
Apart from glue sniffing and other "recreational drugs", the boys have developed a fixation for plastic guns,cowboy hats and mullah robes. The girls refuse to wear colors and they seem to have gone mute silent.
Strangely again, some are immolating themselves or sticking their heads in gaz ovens. We don't really know why. Do you think it might have to do with puberty hormonal changes or a raped, sorry meant repressed sexuality?
Another thing, most of us have developed an insane fear of open space,in particular market places. I believe you call that "agoraphobia."
I wonder what this may be due to? The utmost we can manage is a trip to the roof of the house, furtively looking into the darkness and rushing back in.
Some of us have become obsessive compulsive. We keep checking doors and windows making sure they are well sealed and locked. You never know , someone might be lurking there.
Others are showing signs of delusional paranoia. They are convinced that some death squad is going to burst in, in the middle of the night and slaughter them.
We are also having serious "sleep disturbances" call it insomnia. If we ever manage to sleep, we wake up in the middle of a nightmare drenched in sweat with our hearts pounding.
Also, another noticeable thing is that the whole of the population is getting thinner and thinner."Anorexia nervosa" perhaps?
Doctor, one more thing and sorry this letter is taking too long, what medication would you recommend for sodomized,tortured individuals?
Do you think Prozac is good enough or would you suggest a more effective selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor?Tranquilizers are simply no longer doing their magical trick.
Kindly suggest something, not in a capsule form though. A few "patients" took them and developed kidney stones instead. (they said the capsules contained sand.)
And one last thing I forgot to mention, all the above symptoms started after we were "liberated" from our "tyrannical" shadow.
I thank you for your attention and await in great anticipation your invaluable diagnosis and remedy.

Your's truly,
Layla Anwar.

PS. I heard that Gaza is presenting somewhat similar symptoms, do you think it is a psychological epidemic?

Painting: Iraqi artist, AbdelAmeer Alwan.


Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,


God almighty.

It is sometimes so hard for me to get started.
I believe it is because I do realize the magnitude of most all that you write about. And your writings are so intelligent. One would think you to be an English major.
I see the image of people hiding as the militia seek and destroy. The fear and......oh god....just all of it (at this point in my writing my stomach sinks, I feel sick). There is so much. And all of it so bad. The "mock" trial. The Hanging. The pictures of phosphorus as it lands (pictures you CAN BELIEVE were NOT shown in USA). And as you would suspect, Iraq is always on the news here.
I can feel my blood pressure rising.
My nerves begin to feel as though electricty is going though my arms and hands and my hands shake.
This is a condition I have had since 2000, but the issues I deal with worsens it. I also have a spinal cord injury. I am not immobilized but I am disabled. I got the injury from joining the labor force and doing hard work for a living instead of going to collage.
I speak of myself sometimes just to give you an idea of who I am.
It is sometimes good for people to know who you are.
And it is also hard to do with just a few paragraphs...
OCD, yeah got that one too.
"Obsessed" with studying the decline of America since 1986
And have had fits of insomnia as well. Longest was for six days and five nights I think? Sleep deprivation is horrible. Lay awake wanting to sleep but you just lie in the dark and think, and think, and think...
About things.

And I want to publicly apologize for one of my previous postings where I said "I personally do not fit into any of those categories that you wrote of". I should not have said it that way. (See, I told you this is a hard way to communicate).
Let me say SOME of those stereo type I DO NOT fit into and the ones I do fit into, I really try not to. I am not going into it extensively here but I have a good bit of knowlege about hard life and how it is lived in MANY parts of the world.
I hate the idea. And I mean I really do hate the idea, of being labled as a "typical American".
Because I am not.
My life has been different and a hard one if I were to give my own opinion. It was good for a short while. When my parents divorced the money went with my father. And at THAT time I suppose I WAS a typical American, I was too young and too stupid to go to collage.
Now I sit on the edge of being fourty years old, disabled with chronic daily physical pain and not even close to the first rung of the ladder!
(And for "pain" patients the medical help SUCKS in USA because of the street sale problem and the abuse...people who NEED help cant get it because the doctors are afraid of the FEDERAL DEA. Government practicing medicine!)
Anyway I am no where even close to the top.
And that is where you find the "Americans" that I despise.
The spoiled sickly rotten.
I and my wife and two children live $18,000 BELOW federal poverty "guied lines"
Again I just post this type of information so people will know.
And so they will know me.
Not as an American but just as another human being.
The typical american images that most people see in other countries are very different, in some cases, than what they see on tv.
My wife is Filipino and her father will take trips back to the Philippines and tell them "life in USA sucks" and they accuse him of lying!
I just can't believe some people would actually want to come here.
I was going to leave USA but I met my wife and so I stayed. Would like to go to Philippines someday. Maybe stay.

Sorry about the rant but I really don't want to be considered a "typical American".
I'm not...

Someday I will tell you a funny story about an Iraqi I met once. He was my gaurdian while I was at a school back in 1985. His name was Azad Rufat.

How is your mother Layla, if I can ask.
You wrote once that you worried about her.
How is she now?

I spoke with my own mother just a bit ago and I worry about her. She lives $25,000 below poverty level.

I know we are not in war but some people in USA do live hard and with VERY LITTLE money.
It makes you different. In my mothers case she is nervous and worries alot.
It hardens others and makes them bitter.
But rightfully so as the bastards who take our money live like KING'S.
The USA government spends $6,000 per MINUTE on the occupation of Iraq! Also squandering BILLIONS of dollars on "construction" and other they eat steak and say "fuck the people".

Anyway, I was saying that what I write of tonight is a plesant deviation from blood and suffering and politics.
But I know it goes on and I am blessed by god not to be in it.

And I am blessed by god to not be a person who comes from a lot of money. Sure it would be nice. But I would not change or exchange the knowledge I have gained from the experience of poverty for any amount of money.

The typical american could not survive under MANY given circumstances.

As always Layla, your writing is great. Truly. Please continue it as long as you are able to do so and want to do so.
Your writings are important and you are a source of truth for some who see and hear only lies.

I am blessed to have met you.

Stay safe Layla,
God bless.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello, and thanks again for sharing so candidly and genuinely about where you are coming from. My of my. You seem to have paid all dues in advance , if such a thing does exist.
Am sorry to hear about your physical pain and the other stories.
Be well and all the best to your family too including your mom. (Mothers needs a hell of a lot of patience)
Layla Anwar said…
PS : I was NOT including you in the stereotypes. I think you must have guessed by now :-)
Tate said…
Psychology and Psychiatry are tools of the industrial profit machine.

Do we need these people to give us psychotropic brain drugs when we live in a normal family in healthy surroundings?

No, we need them when we are boxed into cubicles (big city life) or cages (prison) or being shot at and attacked (war)... all of these are byproducts of our profits-driven industrial system.

The sooner we kill the disease of consolidated power the better. Either the consolidation of industrial power kills everything good and themselves with it, or we kill it - the system.

"Come out of her my people" is not religious advice. It is spirital, yes, and very practical. Come out of that consumer system, that paper money system, that oil-dependend industrial system, that war-profits system, that system of cages and violence and exploitation.

Kill the system by not participating in it.
Anonymous said…
Ike, one feels your humility and genuine caring through your words. Thank you, and I am sorry about your health problem. It's horribly sad that the present time and circumstances will tar genuine people like you with the same brush. I pray that people in the world will have the wisdom to know this.

Layla, again, thank you for another painful essay. You have the gift for expressing raw pain, not just yours but that of every Iraqi. I sincerely believe that, for generations and generations to come, the entire world will not be able to apologise adequately to the Iraqi people. There will be no words, no actions, no apologies for forgiveness, to take away this pain, suffering, sorrow, loss, genocide, holocaust, memory, while we stood by in collective silence .....How are we to stand in front of our Creator on the Day of Judgement? I tremble at the thought.

Mea culpa....for not doing enough. Guilt is a very heavy burden and this burden will soon be felt.
Tate said…
Dear Layla, At the risk of over-posting here, I am trying to react to the call of ashamed and introspective Americans to do something positive. I have two proposals that don't risk death but require honesty and, for most, a new way of behaving. (link honesty internally to actions externally).

1) support honest sources of information like this one and like By the way, Google is presently sensoring Uruknet and if you go there, you will easily see a link where you can support that "best in class" news resource. I admit that this is a very small thing to do, but quite important for the truth community. We may also turn off mass media outlets to clear our mind of that corporate mouthpiece. Over time, this will have a good effect.

2) spread the truth, and start with your family and friends. One of my own efforts is copied below. You may use it as a template or make your own. Again, this is a no-risk thing but it requires that we begin putting our heart into action and from there, things can take off according to ability and personal strengths that you have individually.

I hope that this helps a person who knows in their heart that they need to present to the world their honest opinions of the truth they know in their heart and they are ready to begin with their inner-most circle. The rest is icing ono the cake.


Dear Family,

According to the attached article, this messge may look like it is pornographic.

Attached article found here -

Actually, there are no naked photos at all. Just an article about 911 investigations. Well hey, if the government won't investigate it, then patriots are bound to stand up and do the work for free.

Look at what path truth has to travel now that we have a totally
consolidated political system and mass media. First it was alternative media, then it was the bad boys of Hollywood, and now
what? Hustler magazine? Does that fact discredit truth or does
truth discredit our consolidated system?

Are these guys "Patriots" or "Conspiracy theorists"? Which name do they deserve?

Let's think through this logically, using logical basis of argument - You know, stuff like "Means, motive and opportunity" and "Who
benefits?" and "Follow the money" and "common sense". That kind of

I toast those who question consolidated power even if they are
different from me. The US has military bases in 132 foreign
countries, over 700 bases in all. Did you vote for those foreign

And from what power does our government have to engage foreign
entanglements without consensus or vote or law or common sense?
Corporate oil profits, war material profits, no-bid contracts, fiat money systems, which reminds me...

....I toast those who come out of the fiat currency system. What did Jesus say when asked about paying Caesar tax money? He said give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, give God what is God's. There is a spiritual angle to that of course. But there is also a financial angle. If you don't hold their money, then they can't exploit you through inflating the money supply. You effectively do your part to decrease their power. And, as a double bonus, you owe less taxes when you participate less in their system. And, as a tripple bonus, you will probably do much better with the world's only 5000 year currency than with their systems of money.

Trade paper for precious metal. Difficult to trace, tax, and impossible to print. Come out of that system of inflationary exploitation.

What do they do with our money? Yeah, yeah, I know... they build roads and telephone lines and give in all back in the name of social development. But that is the smallest part and much of it
actually represents corporate profit system development so there is a payback motive.

The bigger question is: "Are we being represented by our government?"

If so, please explain to me the following trends of big government:
* National ID (your papers please)
* North American Union
* Iraq - Iran War
* Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorus on civilian living clusters
* Cluster bombs
* De-link dollar from gold
* Private central bank owned by foreigners, untaxed and unaudited
* War-profits incentives not investigated by War Administration
* 911 not investigated (culprits assumed - rubble not checked for
explosive materials)
* Open borders
* Tracking citizens phone, email and biometrics
* Income tax
* Social security
* Forced psychological testing (a growing trend)
* Internment camps set up by Halliburton and others across America

I could go on, that was just from the top of my head within 2- minutes.

And hey, do we really need much common sense to figure out that consolidated power always ends bad? Did the ancient Pharoahs have a chance of ending any other way? Romans? Mayans? Americans? Sure, it sounds good to be protected from terrorists (big military) or from disease (big medicine) or from poverty (big welfare), but doesn't consolidation of that engine ALWAYS bring more pain than

My point is that we have obvious threats that are obviously visible and their progress is advancing obviously faster quarter-by-quarter... and our counter to that obvious fact is to... ignore? Not talk about them? Pretend all is OK? Call names to those who bring up the subjects?

The family in America really is dead if we can't discuss reality - full stop.

We can all imagine that Iraqi families are discussing reality right now, OK? That is the paradigm shifter. Let's not wait for that extreme, right? Because consolidation of power that strikes OUT historically ALWAYS also strikes IN!

Prove me wrong on that and I will give a fine cigar to the gents and a box of chocolate covered roses to the ladies.

Ron Paul, the most respected man in US politics today (perhaps the only respected man in US politics today) said it very clearly: Those who think that a police state can't come to America don't know their history.

We need to stop ridiculing the messenger, guys. The phrase: "Oh it can't happen here" needs to be ridiculed and the ones showing the trends need to be appreciated. Otherwise, we truly will deserve what we get as the ominous trends march towards us. And if not for ourselves, then what about for others? Has the whole of America sunk so deeply into consumerism that life has no other meaning other than the self?

Where are the principles of just doing the right thing? Saying the ugly truth is a beautiful thing, isn't it? And what other alternative is there to speaking the truth? What is the cost-benefit analysis of silence over speaking the uncomfortable truth? We all know by experience, that uncomfortable truths get bigger
when we ignore them. It will be the case this time too as it
always was in your lives personally and in society at large. Truth is a maxim that you can trust to help you. Ignoring truth will always bite harder in the end.

The article attached is just one small facet of the global need for American's to wake-up. And it comes from foul-mouthed, amoral, rebellious Larry Flint's magazine, a pornographer. The last place
in the world that you would expect to find truth, right?

So let's believe the mass media then, because Larry Flint is a pornographer.

I am reminded of the deep social analysis of historical study contained in the book called "Fourth Turning". The authors repeatedly show us how economic-social disruptions over the last several hundred years have a social cycles within them. We have the boom cycle, the crash cycle of course, and a total of 4
generations between every crash. The interesting thing that I will
never forget about that book is how they show us clearly identifiable traits of the crash-generation that they inherit from their times of plenty, preventing them from seeing the times in which they live. The crash generation is the least equipped to
deal with or recognize the crash. We have to wait until the crash comes down on the following generation, the generation of our grandparents (depression generation), the ones that must shoulder the crash for common sense to again take form in public discourse.

The coming crash generation will do what all previous crash generations have done in history - rise up solid, principled, balanced and respected by all. Mirror (opposite) reflections of the ones who failed them.

We can get beyond that social mirroring stuff, eh?

So silly to ignore things these days. If it weren't so predictable that a boom society reacts that way, it would be less shameful. We have a chance now to get out of our conditioning, to look at objective truth long enough to make some decisons about our lives (the 1%). Or, we can just float along and let the events unfold (the 99%).

Reactive = pain. Proactive = power. Am I wrong?

I have just watched the video of the soldiers teaching Iraqi children to swear >:( >:( I can't say I'm surprised at this.This is only one of their many crimes :(
Anonymous said…
May God Almighty give you strength, patience and protect you and your loved ones from harm.

I pray that God Almighty protects all innocents from tyranny and oppression.

I cry, I pray for all to be guided to righteousness.

I pray that conditions change for the better in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and everywhere the weak are oppressed.

I cry while I pray for all to be guided to righteousness.

I am thankful that I believe in Hell where the tyrants and people who cause fitnah will be punished.

Wa alaikum salam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.
Anonymous said…
Yes. I was quite sure you were not refering to me as the typical stereotype.
I just want to be SURE that I am understood all who read.
As I said, it is sometimes hard to communicate thouroughly via the internet.

But yes, I have paid my dues. I just paid them to the wrong people and as we do reap what we sow my reward for doing as told is a crippled spine, chronic physical and mental pain and a life less desirable in third world america.
So many believe that life in USA is the life of milk and honey.
I live here. And it is not.
The people here are too stupid to see the things that we speak of here. Does one NOT know that a government which provokes unwarrented war and the killing of children surely DOES NOT give a rats ass about it's own people?
Our example to the world was hurricane Katrina. Where impoverished people, men, women and children, died daily as our government fought over the politics of what to do.
And ultimately they did nothing.
So there is the proof.
USA does not care about it's own people.

When I come here Layla, I come to give another message about USA and how illegal it is in ALL ways.
And to ALL people.

Also I come here to make a friend, as a person has few real ones in this life.

Bless you for being so understanding.
It is hard to imagine the compassion you have for others after all that you have endured.

Thank you...

Stay safe.
God bless.
Anonymous said…

The beautiful painting of AbdelAmeer Alwan represents exactly what I feel when I gaze at trees: the closeness, the presence of all the dear ones I have lost.

It also reminds me of an African poem: Les morts ne sont pas morts, ils sont dans l'arbre qui gémit...

Because the dead are not dead while we remember them.

A very special thought for the unfortunate Iraqi soldiers who were buried alive in their trenches by the American army in the South of Iraq during the first "Gulf War".
Anonymous said…
No harm intended Layla, because I sympathize with most of what you say, but where exactly do you live and where did you grow up?

Your English is too good - including in the vernacular - for you to have ever grown up in Iraq, for instance. You know too many nuances of the language and may actually have grown up in England ... like I did. And you know too much about western history and attitudes.

Possibly you are an exceptional polymath and linguist but, if not, you are posing as someone who you are not, e.g. an Arab woman who lives in Iraq, whilst Riverbend actually does live in Iraq and cannot post as frequently as you do ... from where?

It's a fair question, because you state in your bio that you live nowhere in particular. And also you do disservice to those who actually are very involved in the ongoing occupation of Iraq, plus those who (around the world) are trying to do something about that, including me and including the first invasion which I organized against in Australia.

If you are just posing as an Arab woman living in Iraq, then you are doing more harm than good.

I'll be interested in your reply.
Anonymous said…

You have very valuable insights, e.g. psychologically, so it would be a shame if you are actually posing as someone who you are not.

Meanwhile I give you the benefit of doubt.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello woman who loves Iraq. Nice to see you pass by again.
Layla Anwar said…
Gerry Hiles,
What a typical patroninizing, condenscending english attitude.
What I do, where I grew up, where I studied if at all, my personal status,my exact location is absolutely none of your bloody business.
Seems you english never learn.
Tate said…
Hey my American and English friends, look at what our leaders are instigating against us now!

Are we ready to receive as we have given?

Our government using "divide and conquer". Exploiting ethnic and religious divides. Ruling amidst strife with civil war so that we will give up our rights and beg the nice big brother to protect us.
Anonymous said…
It didn't take too long for an Anglo-Saxon to ask pointed questions, did it? I am wondering if the poster wants to know (1) if the articles are 'genuine' or not and (2) if it is possible for an Iraqi to write exceptionally well.

Gerry Hiles, you obviously haven't been abroad, apart from England and Australia (discounting America, of course). Because if you had, you would discover to your great surprise, that there are scores of non-English people who write exceptionally in English. Far better, I should add, than the English themselves, and Layla is a perfect example. The decline in standards of education in England, America and Australia, with due respect, will mean that, in the coming future, there will be many who speak and write better than the natives of these countries. And also have a wider knowledge of the world they live in.

One does not have to live in England to know about its people. Outside the Anglo-Saxon lands, there are peoples who are naturally curious and take the trouble to find out and educate themselves. So it would not be difficult for an Iraqi to do that, too. Yes, the poor Iraqis had to do without much during the crippling sanctions endorsed by England, America and Australia, but it would surprise you, considering all the 'doubts' you seem to have, that Iraq has a very highly educated population. Not all of them may speak English as people from England would expect them to, but they certainly have far higher IQ than the average English person.

And WHY on earth would Layla be 'doing a great disservice to those who are involved in the occupation'? Is it because what she writes is far more credible? And how much more than Layla could those around the world do? The rest of the world has witnessed lacklustre anti-war movements in the above occupier countries - and it has not made a dent in what their 'elected' governments want to do. Howard, for example, insists that 'he will stay in Iraq', come what may. Whether he is allowed to do so by the people of that land is another question.

Gerry Hiles, days of 'Empire' are long gone and it's best you get used to it. One does not have to originate from England or from where English is the first language to be able to write as beautifully as Layla does.

And you are rude and condescending when you question the the credibility of someone who does not have the same 'roots' as you. It's bad enough that your governments, both British and Australian, have destroyed Iraq in every sense of the word. Please stop nitpicking - it's ugly and reflects the Anglo-Saxon characteristic which is so well-known around the world.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla, thanks for yet another great article wherever you are.

To Gerry Hiles -whose post above I found, to say the least, 'hautain' (that's french by the way and I'm Iraqi!!!!! confusing hey???) and totally out of line - I say Layla could be writing from Sub Saharan Africa for all I care, she's saying the truth and that's what matters.Since when has geographical location mattered in portraying the truth, we've seen and heard the lies that your "embedded" journalists have managed to come up with in Iraq and elsewhere. We've also heard and witnessed the fabricated stories coming out of your so called democratically elected leaders and their representatives...and you have the gall to come and question the credibility of a person who obviously goes to great lengths to share her knowledge on different levels in the aim of simply spreading the truth and showing us what your 'objective' media doesn't.

With all due respect to westerners who seek the truth and want to do something about it, I must say that your commemt Gerry Hiles, reflects typically the western mentality when it's at a loss with the essence...when you fail to find justifications and explanations for the barbaric behaviour of your governments and military (i.e your own people)you start concentrating on the semantics (in your case literally)in the hope and aim of diverting attention from the core issues and silencing the truth...

If Layla is posting from the moon and managing to convey the message so artfully, beautifully and eloquently ,all the more credit to her..
As for you Gerry Hiles, who claims to be doing something against the occupation of Iraq, I strongly suggest that you concentrate on what really matters and that is to end the genocide taking place in, and the occupation of, my country.... that is if you really care..."i'll give you the benefit of doubt"
Anonymous said…
Well done, T! Perhaps, your post will now be analysed!
Layla Anwar said…

You write beautiful english and you seem to capture the anglo saxon "spirit" quite well, are you sure you are not anglo saxon yourself ? I mean after all, how can any non white be knowledgeable and eloquent like yourself? loooool
Have a great one !
Layla Anwar said…
Dear t,
Nice to meet another compatriot.
And you speak french too ???
Very impressive. Are you sure you are not french masquerading as an arab Iraqi ? For all we know , you may be in Paris, Toulouse or Marseilles...
Thanks for your comment, it is most eloquent and right on the money !
Bless you
Anonymous said…
I respect and believe in the validity of what you are writing and saying here. War, any war is horrific and painful. An insiders look, if that is in truth what it is, is a valuable asset.

I just think its futile and purile to keep generalising as you are, and attacking all anglo saxons/non arabs as a whole.

You dont know dont know what I have been through just to live and stay alive.

Yet you'd include me and judge me as 'bad'...just because I have white skin and am not Iraqi?

That kind of bullshit race hate just keeps the lies going....race hate breeding more race hate...where will it end?

I'm actualy just a HUMAN who had no choice where she was born..just like YOU.

What can I do that I am not doing already, but cut my wrists and bleed myself to death for all the innocent childrens suffering?

Would that satisfy your moral outrage? When will end?

Will you do likewise if another jihadist's bomb goes off down my street and kills more innocents?

Eventually we ALL have to grow up.

I dont like or condone what the US is doing in Iraq and around the world..most thinking people condeming us all becuase of the few isnt going to help you or us any.

I also dont condone bullshit race hate rehtoric....and this blog seems to be sinking into that quagmire.

You cant have it both ways..if you really want lasting peace and understanding between communities..then you have to do the work to overcome the lie and bigotry as much as we do..not play the poor victim.

I've been a victim too..just of a different war to you.

You, we, all of us have to address our own double standards and hypocrasies before we can dare to judge others...or its just pot kettle black and the bullshit merry go round starts again.

You might feel comfortable with that option. I dont.
Anonymous said…
To the "anti-hate" anonymous above,

Layla's articles and this blog are NOT about hating anybody because of the color of their skin. If anything it is about loving and defending people, all people, who are oppressed and their lives made miserable for no other reason but the color of their skin at the hands of those who in their sick minds think that just because of their skin color/’race’ they are 'superior' and thus'entitled' to slaughter and steel from those who are 'inferior'. These deceptive (to self and others) thoughts of ‘superiority’ come handy, very handy to the wretched souls who feel the need to justify their genocide and plunder of fellow human beings. You, in your western fixated mind on skin color/’race’, might not know this, but in Arabic/Islamic culture skin color/’race’ is an incidental thing, one never stops at it when one evaluates and/or deals with another human being. It is just another physical feature, no more no less, than the shape of one's nose or the size of one's lips, etc.

To be 'white' (in a western context) is not a biological state of body, but rather an ill state of mind. It is a social construct. In racist western-European societies and their off-shoot (bastard child) called America'whitness' automatically implies conferred un-earned 'privileges' on those who are 'white' and un-earned burdens on those who are not. Did you get that? It is interesting how when 'westerners' are caught in their own web of immorality, then it is a 'human' defect, and oh are not we all humans? It is not their own social and cultural problems; it is never that, it is rather a 'human' one. But when bragging about some sort of 'achievement' (which more likely than not was stolen from some easterner/s), then humanity is all but forgotten. It is not a ‘human’ thing anymore; it is a 'western' thing, a ‘western’ achievement, all 'western', and the collective chorus starts to sing ‘mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? There is an Arabic saying that sums it all up "fi farhokom mansyya we fi hamokom mad3yya" = "[I am] forgotten in your good times, remembered in your bad times". Western-European societies are societies that when dealing with ‘non-whites’/non-Europeans preach that which it does not practice, and NEVER did. Anybody who is STILL unable to see and/or admit that is blinded by pitiful and immoral considerations of 'white privilege'.

Layla Anwar said…
anonymous above.
I think by your comment you have shown your own racism actually.
And let me remind you that it is not a war as you conveniently like to call it , it is an ILLEGAL OCCUPATION BY YOUR WHITE ENGLISH, AMERICAN, AUSTRALIAN COUNTRIES.
As for the rest of the garbage you posted, I think Gamila has answered you beautifully. I have nothing more to add.

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