On a Blood Tainted Platter...

Do you recall what I mentioned in my post on Muntather Al-Zaidi ? It was a detail, but an important one, nonetheless.

I reiterate. I said that Bush during his "surprise" visit to Baghdad and before receiving the "surprise" pair of shoes in his face, met with the Green Zone stooges...I also said that the only stooge, puritanical Bush kissed on the cheeks with warmth and affection, was Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, head of the Supreme Iranian Butt Council and head of the Badr Brigades, one of the sectarian Iranian, Shiite militias that is governing today's Iraq.

The SIBC stands for SIIC - Supreme Islamic "Iraqi" Council previously known as the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Tailored after the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution of Iran, also known as the SIBC - Supreme Iranian Butt Council. I just love it when things come in full circle...like a snake rolled up onto itself with its head and tail making one.

Do you also remember what I told you some time ago ? I said that during the sham elections held in Iraq, over 1 Million IRANIANS participated in them. I also added that they came in buses to vote...

I also mentioned throughout my posts, that Nejaf and Kerbala are literally 90% owned by Iranians, today.

In other words, Iranians have bought most of the land and property estates there.
I do not have the exact figures for Basra and the rest of Southern Iraq, but I believe that this part of Iraq suffered the same fate i.e ownership of land by Iranians and for peanuts. Hence, you can understand why there are calls for an "Independent" Basra.

Now the following is news that you will not read in any of your media or websites, and this information came to me from a VERY,VERY reliable source...And just as the information I shared with you in the past proved to be accurate as time went by... you will undoubtedly have the following information confirmed to you, from some other source, as times goes by...But by then, it would be too late.

The 1st piece of information that no official Iraqi source will provide you with, neither the Dawa party, nor the Sistani office, nor the Sadrists, nor the SIIC, is the following :

Any Iranian who purchases land in Iraq, is immediately entitled to the IRAQI citizenship, nationality and passport.

The 2nd piece of information, which is very important and I want you to re-read it several times.

In 2005, Abdel Aziz Al-Hakeem, the one who got the kisses from Bush, issued a decree with IMMEDIATE effect - namely the granting/bestowing of the IRAQI nationality/citizenship to 4 MILLION IRANIANS. That was in 2005, only God knows what the exact number is today.

And I am talking here of pure Iranians, not half Iranians. The majority of which did not even speak Arabic then.

The above took place and is still taking place under the "auspices" of the American Occupation, under the eyes and nose of the Occupier.

What does that mean to you ? Does it mean anything to you ? Can you make head or tail out of it? Or do I need to spell it out for you, again ?

Do you now understand why the sectarian "strife" erupted ? Do you now understand why the sectarian cleansing took place ? Do you understand what purpose it fulfilled ?

Not yet ?

OK let me put it in bold letters for you.


Hence, and by logical deduction and reasoning ; the IRAN-IRAQ WAR, the subsequent KUWAIT episode, GULF WAR 1, 13 years of SANCTIONS, GULF WAR 2 and its Operation "Freedom" were nothing but a preparation for this offering from the USA to IRAN.

So, ALL the propaganda, the vilification, the demonization of the martyred President Saddam Hussein and his government were also devised to serve that same purpose.

The wiping out of an ARAB nation, a once staunch anti-Zionist country, an ancient, strong, resourceful, potent country and erasing its identity and replacing it with an Iranian "Islamic" identity, all in the name of the "War on Islamic Terror."

And the price was an Iraqi blood filled Mesopotamian platter.

And the price is Iraq.

P.S : Since am on this subject, let me also tell you that : "Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah received an honorary doctorate in the field of political science from an Iranian university in the Isfahan region...The doctorate was given to Sayyed Nasrallah in recognition by the Iranian university of the achievements made by the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon in redrawing a defense strategy in the region and unifying the Islamic ranks...Former Iranian Parliament Speaker Ghoulam Haddan Reda Adel said that Sayyed Nasrallah, the people of Lebanon and Hezbollah offered a lesson of steadfastness, resistance and victory against the tyrannical and stood firmly against the imperial proposals." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

"In a statement from Sayyed Nasrallah read at the ceremony, his eminence thanked Iran for its support of Hezbollah fight against the Zionist entity and expressed the hope that one day the Resistance group would change the face of the Middle East." (source)

I can already tell you that the face of the Middle East HAS ALREADY BEEN CHANGED. Thanks to ZIONIST - AMERICA AND IRAN.

Enjoy the rest of your fucking show !

Painting: Iraqi artist, Dhia Al-Azzawi, 2002.


Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

As you know that History repeats itself, every 100 years we take over them and they take over us, its a matter of revenge. I do agree as all decent Iraqis agree with me that the occupation is not only American, but Persian and Zionist as well, I started to dislike the word occupation and may use colonization would very much fit the situation.

The Persians in Iraq under Iraqi identity or any other identity are not only targeting the Sunnis, but Shias as well, they are targeting IRAQIS.

Friends of my parents fled the country to South East Asia, and these are Shia Iraqis from Persian decedant (taba3iya), they fled the country because they told my parents that it became a very normal scene to find corpses 4 or 5 of them every morning at their garage door step, even the store at the end of the street a poor old man selling mainly vegetables and grocieries was killed, the entire street smelled awful because of the corpses.

So the Persians are targeting all Iraqis, not only one sect, they want to erase the Iraqi-Arab identity.

An I think it is very important to mention that (wizarat al dakhiliya), Ministry of Interior Defence are Persian majority, because Solagh is Persian, so why shouldnt he recruit his own blood?...why not arabs? obviously the answer is clear.

And btw, the Iranian translator between Nejad and any other Iraqi stooge that visists Iran, the translator is a part of the furniture, to show the people that these stooges poor them they are arabs, they dont understand persian, but the fact is they speak persian very well, and the entire time the translator is just giving smiles, they understand persian because they are persians.

the Shia system serves the colonizer better than the sunni sect because the system of the shias is a very large number (millions) of people are entitled to one man, one mushroom imama, they do what he says, even if the fatwa is take off your pants in the street, so its easy for the colonizer to but this mushroom under its arm and every thing will work out for them.

while the sunni sect, are not entitled to one man, they are entitled to the Quran and the Sunna, some of you might tell me then what is Al-Qaeda?

well, i beleive thats diffirent because Al-Qaeda is a criminal organization. however, dont get me wrong please, Al-Qaeda is an american made organization, more like a baby, it will rebel for sometime but later it will come asking for milk.


Layla Anwar said…
Hello Hummus,

You really have a funny name...loool.

I agree with you, I wanted to call Iran a "colonial settler state" just like Israel.

They kick out the Iraqis, murder them and take over their lands and take the nationality with it, just like the Israelis. Try explaining that to some bad faithed palestinians and "anti-zionists" hahahahhaha.

Regarding the Iranian translator, I can assure you that all the press reported that during Ahmadinejad visit to the GREEN ZONE, he did not need a translator. They ALL spoke persian, Maliki, Jaafari, Talabani, Hakeem, Solagh, Barazani...

You are correct in pointing out that the Shiite cult requires its own "pope" aka ayatollah. While in Sunnism the clergy does not play the same theological/ideological role. That is why today's shiites in Iraq are always waiting for a FASWA /FATWA from Sistani.

As for your parent's friend, I am 100% sure they could have not been Shias co-opted by Iran. In other words they were not from the DAWA, SIIC or Sadrist thugs.

Anonymous said…
Thanks, Layla, for this very informative post. While I was aware of the Iranian role down south (and further up, too, including Baghdad), I did not realise the mind-boggling extent, particularly the issue of Iraqi citizenship to 4 million Iranians...

In light of what you've written today, some of the grey areas, which have sometimes not made sense, are clearer. Thank you. Obviously, this does not apply to the sectarian strife, killings and destruction - this came into Iraq on the backs of the multiple occupiers of Iraq. And, of course, the lynching and murder of the legitimate leader of Iraq, President Saddam Hussein. In my view, he still IS the leader of Iraq, considering that everything that came into Iraq from 2003 is ILLEGITIMATE. We all know that the so-called 'elections' were one big SHAM. Iraqis never had the opportunity - or time - to have a good grasp of basic civic education before these 'elections' were shoved down their throats.

That's really funny:'... always waiting for a FASWA /FATWA from Sistani.'!!!

Thanks, Hummus above - your comment is very interesting, too. I've heard, too, that all the important ministries in Iraq are occupied (pun intended!) by Iranians.

In solidarity.
I keep learning... Hugs, M.
Anonymous said…
MUST WATCH: (Layla, you may have seen it, but others on this site may want to ...)

Video: Iraqi shoe thrower prompts racist rant from Bill O'Reilly


Thorough, thorough IDIOTS; will they never learn, the dense excuses for human beings, that they are nobody - from the perspective of the entire planet. 'EYE-RAQ, EYE-RAQ, EYE-RAQ - we've taken freedom to EYE-RAQ and the EYE-RAQIS aren't grateful.' STUPID, IGNORANT, LYING savages.

This programme is an absolute outrage, and considering it's being watched in the US, it tells us a lot about the general population.
Anonymous said…
Symbolic warfare is for powerless pussies.

Why do we never see Americans burning flags of other countries? Americans would be embarrassed to do such a thing. Why? Because we can actually take apart other countries if we want to. We don't need symbolic warfare; we do the real thing. Symbolic warfare is for pussies.

When people in the Middle East dance around a burning US flag, they do so because they have NO POWER to actually attack us. Burning a flag -- or tossing a shoe -- is ALL THEY GOT. To Americans, Al-Zaidi's action proclaims and underscores how POWERLESS he is. It's like wearing a "LOSER" sign around one's neck.

And that's why there's a fundamental difference in interpretation between how people in the US and people in the Middle East see Al-Zaidi's shoe-tossing. To Americans, he's just another pathetic, powerless symbolic warrior. To Arabs, he may be a hero, a symbolic warrior who was able to toss a shoe at our president, but they fail to realize just how weak and contemptible Al-Zaidi looks through our eyes.

He's just like those Iraqis who dance around in their black pajamas every Friday after mosque, burning Americans flags and waving around their AKs. In real warfare, they're not worth much; they're the first ones to run. In symbolic warfare, however, they can be whatever their imagination allows them to be. They jump, they scream, they threaten, they burn another flag, they chant "Down with America" for the thousandth time. But it's all PLAY-ACTING for pussies. The truth is that in actual warfare the Arabs have not won a war or even a battle in a long, long time. They can burn as many American flags as they want, but to us each burned flag is just another sign of how powerless and ineffectual they are. Symbolic warfare is a sign of weakness, not strength.

In America our heroes have actually fought bravely in battles and in wars alongside their fellow soldiers, marines, and sailors. If Al-Zaidi is an Arab hero, then Arabs can forget about being respected in the world at large for decades, if not centuries, to come.

And you want to know the best? Al-Zaidi is now BEGGING Al-Maliki to be kind to him and forgive him for the "big ugly action" he made.

Arab HERO?

I think not.

Arab ZERO.

Ouch. That's GOTTA HURT.

Anonymous said…
This a comment related to "Simple Things", my list would include:
Reading a moving post by Layla Anwar and thanking God for it.

Thank yo Layla.
God bless you.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

To have such a huge impact on the masses, that FASWA must be a kind of WMD one !!!

To Jeffrey: Hoolywood is the place where the americans are making their real warfares; Otherwise, the american wars that the whole world knows about are the one of mass-distructions of cities and mass-killing, the abuses and rapes of Abu Ghreib and Guantanamo. Yes, they have high-tech weapons, WMD...etc, but they are losing. The iraqis have proven shoes that work against occupants, and Al Zaidi´s is one of them. Besides, when it comes seriously, in a REAL WAR, man to man, the americans have shown that they are cowards, really chickens! Ask the american military in Iraq about the Iraqi Resistance!
Jeffrey, do you really think Americans are winning because they have military power??? OK, that's why your country doesn't have national healthcare for its people--they spend it all in warfare. Do you think that's fair??? I'm afraid you're another brainwashed person as we all are by our western media. Believe me, reading Layla's posts is opening my eyes VERY much indeed. I don't think Al-Zaidi's shoe-throwing was a "pussy" action. On the contrary, it's what MANY of the world citizens wanted to do. Bush has been a nefarious leader and the least he could receive is the throwing of two innocent shoes (I would have shot him right then and there). He was lucky. But this simple action is worth more, symbolically and does more for the Arab cause than placing bombs in the west and killing hundreds of innocent civilians. I wish the day arrives when ordinary citizens can throw tomatoes, eggs, shoes or cream pies at the faces of the "mafiosi" leaders that are running our lives. Hugs, M.
Anonymous said…
Jeffrey, and I'll have to be as crude as you because your types don't understand any other language:

The cowardly pussies are you and your fellow USans - if you disagree, how about your going into Iraq, minus the tanks, army gear, guns, bombs, aircraft, depleted uranium, etc. - ON THE GROUND - with the REAL MEN (who fight with none of the sophisticated weaponry and still manage to get you, including with the shoe!!); furthermore, all of you are cowering behind the 'Green Zone', an area STOLEN from the Iraqis (temporarily, because they'll take it back), with no guts to move anywhere in Iraq without armament, ALMOST SIX YEARS ON - and then we'll see who the pussies are... Right? Gutless, spineless scum, rapists of women and children, thieves of ancient artifacts from other lands and murderers.

You're already running off with your tails between your legs, and trying to find a 'dignified' way of doing it so the world won't laugh any further at you. You call that 'symbolic' warfare? I guess you haven't tallied the body bags going back, so you could be excused for your ignorance.

And, by the way, Munthather is a HERO not just in the Middle East and among Arabs - he's being cheered around the entire planet because he had the COURAGE to do what he did - unlike the pussies who live in the US, who are just full of hot air and being walked on right in their faces. People are losing their homes where you are, soup kitchens are sprouting everywhere - who's cheated them, the Arabs???!!

Instead of criticising the Arab world, and Iraq, in particular, which you have deliberately destroyed so you can get fatter, how about trying to correct the house of cards around you which is crumbling down? But then again, I guess what's been stolen never really stays, does it?

And, by the way, since you appear very ignorant, Munthathar, the HERO, has not BEGGED for anything. Ever heard of people doing things under DURESS? But, then, I doubt your intelligence would go that far, although it's a fact that you hold the prize for torture of other human beings.

Who are your heroes, by the way? Bush? Clinton? Condi? Cheyney? Anyone further back? They're all mass murderers, right from the beginning, when the REAL AMERICANS were slaughtered so you could find somewhere to live. The Arabs live on THEIR land, (which you guys are lusting after) - you don't. And - have you heard of ANY leader in history at whom a shoe was thrown?!! That should tell you exactly where you stand.

The only 'courage' you'll ever have is when you sit at your computer miles away and call REAL MEN cowards. I think you're a joke!

Sorry about being crude, Layla. Scum like this only understand gutter language.
Anonymous said…
This is a genuine question which I'd really love someone to answer:

Among most societies/cultures in the world, people don't just barge in on each other - they wait to get invited, and leave before their hosts get tired of them. It's called etiquette/courtesy. While it's not very likely that they'll overstay their visit, but if they do and their host finally asks them to leave, they do so (with great humiliation - the reason why nobody really overstays).

However, why is it that USans are different:

a) they don't wait to get invited but push/invade their way in;
b) they are not invited to stay, but they do/occupy the place they've gone to and take over the place;
c) when they're asked to leave, either politely or by force, they just dig their heels in and insist on staying despite nobody wanting them around.

Is there anyone who can explain this abnormality? This is a genuine question because I really would like to understand. I prefer if the reason isn't that they think they're above everyone else, because they're not!
Anonymous said…
Jeffrey my dear scum bastard

do we really need to come to you guys to bomb you? have you heard of 9/11? did you not piss in your pants and your president ran away hiding in an underground steel box?

Dude, we dont need to come to you, on the contrary you do us a favor by sparing us the cost of coming, you come to us to teach you a lesson, and u know what? you dont seem to be learning that lesson, first it was the Vietnamies now its us, what do you call the more than 50,000 handicap american sodliers you got? not counting the dead ofcourse. handicap such as:

no eye, no leg, no ear, no hands, no penis, the entire arms, no face...etc

we enjoy it really, after bombing a humvee we enjoy smelling your burning flesh. so dude, we dotn need to come to you, you come to us so you can get fucked head over heals.

you cry like pussies when bombing a humvee, when attacking a military base, THANKS TO YOUTUBE hehe loooooooooooool you guys are diapered in your humveez because you piss in your pants like pussies, not knowing then you are fucked at any second. you guys are not experts in guerilla warfare, you guys are experts on pussy warfare ones like your own, like canadians and that sort.

who was so tempted to go to iraq to remove what you call the tyrant and the WMD's and all that shit but later on tons of letters to your parents telling them to get them out of iraq? why my dear leave us? isnt iraq a wonderful place? arent you having fun?

listen to me dick head, your corpses are polluting the rivers, so get your facts right and dont be an arrogant cowboy. but u know what i feel sorry for whom?

i feel sorry for all these sexy american woves that are not getting laid only with a dildo and a vibrator because your pussies are diapered in my country.

you might even try a dildo to see how your wife likes it so you can be her best fucker, learn her tactics, its not only about the clit really.


Anonymous said…

Thank you for your most informative post. What the Americans do not want to admit is that they have succeeded in doing the Iranian's dirty work for them in removing Saddam. The Americans did what the Iranians could not, all at the direction of Iranian agents who posed as Iraqi "patriots." There is no doubt that the Americans were outmaneuvered by Iran. Unfortunately, it is the Iraqi people who are suffering.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Is there a quid pro quo here with Iran? We give you Iraq on a platter and you recognize Israel when the timing is appropriate. In the mean time, Iran-Israel increase trade ties etc. hidden from the public eye akin to the supply of arms during the Iran Contra scam?
Anonymous said…

re: your uncensored post, you are hilarious. Can't stop laughing.
Anonymous said…
Vocabulary lesson continued:

FASWA: silent but deadly.

THARTA: Thunderous and terrifying.


Iraqi Jew.
Anonymous said…
To Jeffrey the American pussy,

Spoken like a true red white and blue American jackass bully!

You glory in the ability of the USA to destroy other nations, just like the millions of American morons who watched the "Shock and Awe" bombing of Baghdad and cheered while guzzling beer sitting on the couch.

For the past 60 years, the mighty USA has been making war on those who are much weaker. In those instances when the Americans faced powerful opponents, the enemy had both arms tied behind his back (Germany bogged down fighting Soviet Russia, Japan bogged down fighting in China, the Brits fighting France at the same time in 1776 and 1812). There never would have been a successful American war of independence without French help.
America had its ass kicked by the Chinese in Korea and the Vietnamese.

America's cowardly invasion of Iraq succeeded in destroying a modern developing nation. Iraq, under the current US-installed Maliki regime, is the second most corrupt country on earth (after only Somalia).

The Iraqi Resistance has succeeded in killing over 4000 Americans with no superpower support, which is pretty good when you consider the American technology and fire power.

Maybe some day "terrorists" will obtain the means to destroy American cities and give the USA its just desserts. For now, brainwashed sheep like Jeffrey can continue to support US foreign policy as it makes endless enemies around the globe.

Best wishes to you Layla.
Anonymous said…
After only 21 days, American soldiers rode through Baghdad with American flags fluttering. At the same time, Iraqi men in the thousands were walking along highways in the underwear, having stripped out of their uniforms. More Arab humiliation.

Uday. Dead.

Qusay. Dead.

Saddam. Dead.

Zarqawi. Dead.

Layla Anwar said…
Have many comments to catch up...later.
Thanks for your patience.
And I HATE comment moderation....
Anonymous said…
Can anyone name a single war or even a single battle that the Arabs have won against a Western army in the last two centuries?

Take your time.

Hey, Arab men are good at dancing with their AKs and living in their mythical fantasylands. Real fighting? Forget it. They're the the first to run. When a guy who throws a shoe is considered an "Arab Hero," then you know that Arabs are beneath contempt. And now he's begging and kissing Al-Maliki's foot. Arab hero?

Anonymous said…

And I HATE comment moderation....

That's YOUR choice to enable moderation. You ARE aware of that, right?

Layla Anwar said…
Yeah Jeffrey I am aware of that...A psychopath has been harassing me in and out of the net, I had to switch on comment moderation...
Anonymous said…


Hey, even you, when you're alone and thinking rationally, should be able to see that if Al-Zaidi is considered an "Arab hero" you guys are fucked, right? If throwing a shoe is your counter-attack, then Americans just have to laugh. In the end, why does it seem that all "Arab Lions" end up being like Saddam. All talk, no fight. When Saddam was pulled from his spiderhole, he was shouting, "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" He didn't fire a single shot.

Anonymous said…
Jeffrey said...
Can anyone name a single war or even a single battle that the Arabs have won against a Western army in the last two centuries?

Answer: Arab nations DO NOT go to battle with other nations, nor do they cross oceans to attack other countries. That is the prerogative of the most savage and barbaric nation on earth - USA. It's the Arab nations who are attacked and occupied. Two centuries - yes, that's how long the USA has been waging war on others.

Uday. Dead. (Wrong - BRUTALLY MURDERED by USA)


Saddam. Dead (Wrong - BRUTALLY MURDERED by USA and puppets)

There will be God-sent retribution for the above, make no mistake, Jeffrey. Your hands are covered with innocent blood, not only Iraqi but from many other nations as well. And you have the sheer arrogance to cheer about all this? Karma will be sweet to the worldwide audience...
KM said…
America is in bail-out mode. The automobile industry is begging for a multi-billion dollar bail-out package from the 'government'.

Months ago, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (sponsors of home ownership programs), received government 'bail-outs'. Bear-Sterns, AIG and others..all received 'government bail outs'.

In many many months tens of thousands living inside America lose their jobs, their homes...are forced to but Made In China products because of they are less expensive. The US governemnt has to rely on China and the US in trillons of dollars in debt to China. The wealthy countries of the MidEast are further used to prop up the decaying finances of Wall Street.

A $750 billion 'bail out' package was given to the 'bankers' and the bankers are not disclosing who or what is actually going to receive this money. hahahaha schnookered again.

The FDA, the pharmacueticals corporations are openly killing Americans and Americans wonder why is ther an increase in autism, cancers and the national IQ is below other countries. ( aspartame, fluoride, MSG, excitotoxins, codex alimentarius, etc ).

The USA imports and hires many engineers from China & India.

Americna have had their 'investments' stolen right from under their noses as many lose their homes and have no health insurances.

American can basically do nothing about it. There is no so-called 'democracy' in the US. Politicians are owned and managed by the corporate and Obama will not and is not gonna change things.

In fact, the military ( made up of Americans and from foreign nations ), are being mobilized and are in certain parts of the United States right now. Obama has already declared that he has a list of executive orders he will make law and Americans will not like it.

The United States seems to have allot in common with North Korea.

Who needs a so-called 'terrorist' in the United States when Americans kill so many other Americans, when the food & water supplies are poisoned by other Americans, when money / investments are stolen by other Americans,... when pot, heroin and crack are sold on the streets of America by Americans and purchased by Americans.

The United States is a Loser Nation and is singin the blues and the name of the tune is, Help Me, Ive Fallen And I Cant Get Up.
Anonymous said…
Anwar wrote: "I agree with you, I wanted to call Iran a "colonial settler state" just like Israel."
If you can not distinguish between a Muslim country and people, Iran and the racist, aggressive colonial Europeans who have been raped Palestine, the whole of you is regrettable. It also explains why the Arabs must always be defeated. Because we are talking first and thinking then. Only Israel benefits from your nonsense! Stop this affected madness now!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Uday and Qusay brutally murdered? Okay, that sounds better to me. At least they fired back at the Americans in contrast to their father, who exited his spiderhole with shaking hands raised above his head.

Oh, BRAVE SALADIN. Heh heh heh.

Arab Lion?

Arab mouse.

*squeak squeak squeak*

There will be God-sent retribution for the above, make no mistake, Jeffrey

Bring it on, fuckers!


Anonymous said…
Let's see how the so-called Iraqi resistance is doing these days?

According to Iraq Coalition Casualties, in the the last month only two American soldiers have been killed (in Mosul, by a suicide-bomber). In one month two Americans killed by a suicide-bomber. Wow. Meanwhile, the so-called resistance has also killed over two hundred Iraqi citizens.

So let's review. In one month the so-called Iraqi resistance have killed only two Americans but over two hundred Iraqi citizens.

Oh yeah, the Iraqi resistance is really scary.

Anonymous said…
I agree with the whole America Gave Iraq to the Iranians. I'm sure it was not intentional but that is what happened, but I'm sure Bush thought we would also go into Iran and Liberate their sorry asses. I hate the fact that we didn't, which is why I did not choose to serve anymore then the 5 years I originally signed for.

As for the comments about those American pussies cowering in their Humvees with the video cameras... Well not all Soldiers are made equal. Most of the military are not even trained to fight, they fix cars, cook, drive trucks and do paperwork. Very few of us actually do the shooting and kicking in doors. Even worst, the part time soldiers like national guardsmen who were responsible for Abu Ghraib are ill disciplined. Which is why those ass clowns are recording the action rather then killing the enemy.

Hide in the Green Zone? I lived in Iraqi police stations for over 12 months. I've shopped in Al Muthanabi and Palestine Street. With as few as 6 men I have walked the once dangerous streets of Al Fadl. I don't think anyone there, to include former insurgents would question our fortitude. We don't even remove weapons from dead bodies, we want them to have guns and fight.
KM said…
Yes, Vietnam kicked out the Americans and sent them running back home. The Vietnam War as again brought about by a false flag operation that has been de-classified by the United States government.

The Vietnamese did not shoot at a US vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin. Infact, the Vietnamese didnt even return fire when they took gunfire from the Americans. Hitler did the same with Poland so he could try to use a justification to invade Poland.

Layla. by the eay..I begin my new job overseas soon. I signed the contact and will need to be there by March 1st of this year. God I look forward to this!

This American culture is defintely not for me with its genetically modifed foods, fluoride in public water, a governmant ran by corporations, a pentagon budget that dwarfs all others, a shit pile of humanity that can barely read past the 8th grade level and crime & drugs and whores in the streets and because of complete lack of respect AND incompetence things are gonna get much much worse.

Fuck the United Asses and their fascists
Anonymous said…
To Layla and others on this blog:

I would not pay any further attention to this Jeffrey character. This bozo is obviously trying to goad you into a response with his 'Arabs are pussies' shit for a kick. Don't encourage him.


The US did not go to Iraq to 'liberate' anyone. We went there to destroy an independent Arab nationalist country to make the region safe for Israel and to create a subservient regime that would welcome US oil corporations with special privileges. In the latter goal, we did not succeed because of the opposition of the Iraqi labor unions.

What is this:

"We don't even remove weapons from dead bodies, we want them to have guns and fight". Is the US fighting against walking corpses in Iraq? We must really be in trouble.

Best regards
Kali Manitou said…
Funny how zionists, fascists and other idiots multiply
They swarm here, now we have a Jeffrey like a shit fly
He is 'oh,so proud' and barks full of challenge
but you can feel his hurt, he wants vengeance
maybe he still feels the pain of cut off testicles
the twin towers, and castrated yankee tentacles
thousands of whining veterans, many without limbs
but Jeffrey is proud because he thinks he always wins
he talks about victory and century, repeats the nodder
but for the history, yankee empire is just a bugger
Hey Jeffrey, can you truly name a glory that lasts...
only idiots believe you, and anly until the reality blasts
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Lil' Deer,

Thank you for your comment. You said " This obviously does not apply to the sectarian strife". I am not sure what you meant by that.
It does actually apply to the sectarian strife in the sense that that ethnic cleansing was necessary to bring about a sectarian shiite state backed by the usa. The us also had their share of secret operations by encouraging this sectarian strife and had their own dirty gangs doing the killing too. But it is clear from almost all of the testimonies from Iraqi refugees that the bulk of the ethnic cleansing was done by the militias funded by Iran be it Badr of SCII or Mahdi Army. The US would have not been able to occupy Iraq and stay there that long had it not instigated sectarian conflict and Iran and its death shiite death squads did the dirty work for the americans.
Layla Anwar said…

I find it rather" interesting" that you have deliberately avoided the main topic of this article - namely the American handing over of Iraq to Iran.

Seems you have been defeated big time "buddy" and that stinking ego of yours simply cannot take it. LOL.

Anyways, you can keep on rehashing your garbage. No one really takes you seriously. You are a goner " mate" and so is your USA. LOL.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you dear, that is very kind of you.
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous re.uncensored post.

I am glad you found it funny. I was cracking up whilst writing it.
Layla Anwar said…

I don't think America ever had the intention to "liberate" Iran, as you state. This is wishful thinking and psyops to keep you guys busy. Seems you did not learn anything from your "holiday" in Iraq.
Moreover, you try to portray your boys as this ethical bunch...Dude you guys were stealing food and jewelery from the houses you used to raid. Don't give me this crap. Ok ! You are talking to an Iraqi here not some American idiot waving a flag.
Layla Anwar said…
Benny from Israel

You say " There is no doubt that the Americans were outmaneuvered by Iran" .

I will have to strongly disagree with you here. I have many points to make but will give you briefly the essential ones.

The opposition led by Chalabi before 2003, were in washington and met with the arch zionists designers of the occupation. Namely Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith...

It was clear from the very beginning that the so called iraqi opposition was mainly SHIITE, represented by Chalabi, Hakeem, Jaafari and other DAWA guys, sadrists etc...

It was clear from the very beginning that one of the propaganda spins devised by the zionists until THIS VERY DAY - one of them is PERLE who was also advisor to Netanyahu, used the "oppression of the shiites" as oNE of the justifications for invading Iraq.

It is also very clear that all intelligence sources in the US KNEW that this Iraqi opposition came straight from IRAN and a lot of its members ACTUALLY LIVED THERE until 2003.

And I shall stop here.

Hence your argument is not valid in my opinion. And this is why I insist of the zionistic collaboration of Iran with America.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous regarding Iran.

I suggest you take off your stupid blinkers assuming that you are not blind per se and read my reply to Benny from Israel. I shall not repeat myself again.

In sum Iran under the cloak of Islam, has proved to be a racist chauvinistic, expansionist, petty imperialistic country as much if not more than Israel.
Layla Anwar said…

Good luck with your new job. Do keep me posted.
Layla Anwar said…
Urungu the in-house poet,

Pray tell me, how do you manage to compose your verses so fast ? :-)
Anonymous said…

I find it rather" interesting" that you have deliberately avoided the main topic of this article - namely the American handing over of Iraq to Iran..

I don't care who takes over Iraq. If it had been my call, I would have removed all US forces from Iraq the day we pulled Saddam from his spiderhole (with a bullet hole in his temple).

Iraqis will have to figure out their future. What do you want? Democracy? Okay, give it a try. Another tyrant? Why not? Go ahead. The important fact is that Iraq will not be a threat to the region for a long time to come. We kicked Saddam's ass twice; that was enough. He's dead and his sons are dead. We're happy.

Kali Manitou said…
Layla, the insipration is alive, it's a flower of freedom
And your support is songs of a mother in my eardrum
i truly cannot tell how words come and dance together
mostly it's love that triggers it, sometimes even a wanker
But I reckon my nihilist mind is easily bypassed by the rhymes
All of a sudden I feel the hope and even freedom sometimes
I am not special at all or sell any kind of religious diet
Just glad you accept me to your house and call me a poet
You open my heart with your depth and also doors
I am humbled by it, and readily say:"credit is all yours"
Layla Anwar said…
Let me teach you a word in Arabic, in Iraqi dialect. It is JEEFFA,

JEEFFA is not just any bad smell, it is the smell of putrid rotten, decomposing, degraded matter...

You are JEEFFA ya Jeffrey.

First of all, no one buys your "spiderhole" american story, the hole that I see is the one in your head. Retards like you have holes..for sure.

Secondly the only threat Iraq posed and rightly so was to Israel.
We should have nuked the motherfuckers...along with Iran.
We were too kind.

But rest assured JEEFFA Jeffrey, your boys are pussies, who piss and shit in their pants and cry like damsels in distress.

You are no fucking fighters, you are nothing but a bunch of wankers brought up on porn and junk food.

Hence you - the JUNK JEEFFA American.

I will not even waste my piss on shits like you. For us Iraqis you are nothing, you mean nothing. We see you as robots, idiotic robots with no intelligence, no culture, no education, no morals...like a bunch of animals who fuck, eat and sleep.

And you JEEFFA is just that...
and you will be remembered as just that, if anyone cares to remember you that is.

People actually laugh at your sort, on and off the net...You have become the laughing stock of the blogs ya JEEFFA.

While the great Martyr President Saddam Hussein and his sons, were true fighters and they went down in history as real Iraqis defending their country and land against JEEFFAS like yourself,
you on the other hand JEEFFA along with your president who got two nice shoes made in Iraq in his ugly stinking face and am sure yours is just the same, will go down in history as criminals, lying, murderous, thieves just like you JEEFFA.

History will record what a stinking rotten lot you all are.

Now JEEFFA I would like to tell you to kiss my ass, but seeing what an ugly stinking motherfucker you are, I would not wish my precious butt to be dirtied that way...

Now you have a good sunday "dear" and don't forget to praise your "lord"...lol.
Layla Anwar said…

Awwww how nice...very sweet of you, thanks a bunch.
A nice change from the JEEFFA above.
Kind Regards.
Layla Anwar said…

Awwww how nice...very sweet of you, thanks a bunch.
A nice change from the JEEFFA above.
Kind Regards.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla, thanks for your comment. I realise that mine was a little ambiguous. Sorry about that. What I meant to say was that there were some grey areas, (particularly with regard to the HUGE number of Iranians who have been given Iraqi nationality, for a start), which this post of yours has brought to light, BUT there have been absolutely no grey areas as far as the sectarian strife within Iraq is concerned. Right from the word 'go' it's been very clear to anyone observing what's going on in Iraq that ethnic turmoil was/is encouraged by the US, bringing in all the various actors from outside to facilitate this. Duplicity is the hallmark of the US.

History has recorded similar acts by imperialists (although Iraq is by far the worst case due to the large number of outside interests) - to get to what they want, they begin by agitating conditions on the ground, pitting brother against brother, while standing on the sidelines, cheering.

Great response to JEEFFA!!!

In solidarity.
Kali Manitou said…
I know times are hard and Jeeffa smell is abound
Jesus was a lunatic as well as a jewish hound
Soulless anglo-saxons and misguided morons
gather around his image like hungry prawns
The pit of christianity is dull and stinks like death
they take dogmas and pure bullshit believing it's faith
but the illusion of superiority is a cosmic joke
their narrow minds and fanaticism is their yoke
the ilk of Jeeffa comes out of that cauldron
Layla, please don't bother with that moron
Anonymous said…
Salaam Layla

Jeffrey the Jeefa, is of course an infiltrator on your blog.
Dont feed him, he is not worth it.

Anonymous said…

A video you might enjoy:

Fallujah: Tankers Dream.

Good images, nice tunes.

Layla Anwar said…

Your lines are funny and cute,
but here I will have to dispute
Jesus is in the Book
and surely he was no crook.
God does not make mistakes
even when all is at stake.

Singling out one group
like a hair in a soup
is just repeating their scoop
and puts us in a tight loop

These represent nothing but themselves
an empty ego soon to be shelved

yes, perverts and their dogmas
are everywhere
but let us not fall into
the devil's snare.

And in closing I must say
that your style of comment
is like a roll in the hay
It inspires and is contagious
and above all
it is hilarious.

Thank you for the smiles
when all else has been so vile.
Anonymous said…
Enjoying the poetry, Layla and Urungu!! Thank you!
Anonymous said…
"stealing food and Jewelry" I used to pay $5 for rotisserie chicken and $1 for an egg sandwich and you're calling me the crook? I am sure there are criminals in the American military, and I'm not defending them. I was just defending myself and the people I work with.
As for my 2 years worth of Holiday in Iraq, It was actually very enlightening. Americans are pretty ignorant about the rest of the world, but then again we are Americans and we don't need to concern ourselves with the outside world. The government will take care of everything for us after all. <--that last bit was a joke but very true on American mentality.
As for Iran, If America doesn't go into Iran, you can bet Israel will. We all know whose side America will be in. WWIII?
Muhannad said…
Iranians can buy land in Iraq, wow. I don't see the problem here. But Iranians who buy Iraqi land are automatically granted Iraqi citizenship? That's a strange one. Don't worry Layla, if the Ba3ath returns to power, they will expel them just like they expelled (and murdered) many Iraqis of Iranian descent in the 80s and 90s.

Layla, Americans can also buy land in Iraq.
Anonymous said…

I'm curious. Did you actually live in Iraq under Saddam?

Anonymous said…
Hey anti-shia monster, I hope you burn in your jealousy. The foot of the great and honorable Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is more valuable than you and your ignorant words.

We understand that you hate the only entity that was able to defeat the Zionists. And you dare to call yourself a Muslim? Please, who are you trying to fool? You're worst than Zionists.

Go ahead and don't approve this comment, you ugly bitch.
Kali Manitou said…
Layla to dispute is ok, even divine
It is also ok to gamble and drink wine
Have no leader, no prophet and no book
Hence they're not any kind of hook
Jesus is a mistake, so is god almighty
Better don't take my independence lightly
I stay away from ideals and promises
All I have is intellect and my senses
I don't single out a group or a creed
I spit on everybody until they bleed
I live with my dog and my purring kitty
I loathe not only a part but all of humanity
Devil is the human and human is the god
There is no deity to object or to nod
To all the deeds and misdeeds we render
Telling the truth, I cannot be more tender
Everybody sucks: man, woman and gender bender
Still we love and smile with joy, ain't life a bewilderer!
Layla Anwar said…

I repeat since you are rather thick...EVERY IRANIAN who buys property in IRAQ is entitled to the Iraqi citizenship.

Now you seem to know better, since rumors have it that you daddy works for the double agent, CIA, Mossad Crook Ahmed Chalabi. So am sure immoral, murderous thieves like yourselves, have turned Iraq into a supermarket.
Layla Anwar said…

Oh you paid did you ?

I still want to know what happened to the billions of dollars stolen from the Iraqi treasury. And in particular to 650 million dollars in CASH flown to New York to be "counted". Pray tell me, is it still being "counted" ?

Cowboy, don't you ever forget, you are talking to an Iraqi here. Who are you trying to bullshit ????
ahmed said…
Isn't it amazing that many Iraqi bloggers, of varying political orientations and opinions (il-mar7oom BlogIraqi, Bagdhad Treasure, Zeyad, Touta, Layla Anwar, hell, even apolitical ones, such as Haneen's, find Jeffrey's views to be utterly disgusting and despicable, doesn't that tell you something, Jeefa-rey?

as you might say, heh heh.
KM said…
The United States does not need to be invaded by anybody. The US is being destroyed from the inside on all sides.

The government, the banks and its grand master the Federal Reserve, the food industry, the pharmacueticals, the education system , the drugs, the dime store marriages, the corporate....and Obama has a real nice list of executive orders lined up and ready to go.

heil obama the fuhrer II
Layla Anwar said…
Abbas H,
I will have to agree with you here...that is probably our only "terrain d'entente", re : jeefa-rey. Good one !
Layla Anwar said…

Hope you will get out before the boat sinks...

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