Jingle Bells and all that Stuff...

Ah! Another Xmas...I don't care much for Xmas or any other holiday. For me, it's all the same...same thing, day in and day out...

I go through the motions and repeat the greetings with a fake smile, but I really don't care much. Santa can go and stuff himself as far as am concerned.
Well, he does not need to stuff himself, he is already stuffed...and so are you.

Seems you have all been under the taxidermist knife...stuffed to the brink, stuffed to your eyeballs, stuffed...stuffed with paper, cotton, rags, words...

And this Christmas you will stuff yourselves even more...with more stuff and more stuffing...Your husbands are stuffed, your wives are stuffed, your kids are stuffed, your homes are stuffed, your shops are stuffed, your brains are stuffed...you are stuffed.

Tomorrow you will probably stuff something and put it in an oven, a stuffed Xmas dinner, with your stiff, stuffed families, talking through your stiff upper lips about more stuff while you are stuffing your stomachs with food stuff. And beneath your stale breaths, you will huff and puff and say -- Stuff it, I can't wait till it's over, this is too stuffy. Fuck that stuff.

And you will tear away at your wrapped boxes, and see more stuff, stuff you don't need or don't like, but hey it's stuff and you can't waste away stuff...

So you will stuff it away, amongst the other stuff that has accumulated in your stuffed closets and cupboards till the next stuffy Xmas and you will repeat it all over again...

God's stuff is really absent, but you think you already know all that God stuff...

Meanwhile in Iraq, 5 million orphans have no stuff. They live in streets and run down orphanages. They are sold, bought, trafficked, molested, raped, turned into sex slaves and beggars...

They have no clean water to drink, no food to eat, no toys to play with, no books to read, no family to hug, no clothes and no shoes to wear, no blankets to cover them, no stuffed Santa to visit them, no electricity and no illuminated Xmas tree...

5 million Iraqi children turned into orphans because you believed stuff you were told and you acted upon that stuff...

5 million Iraqi orphans are your guarantee that you will have unlimited access to more stuff so you can stuff yourselves even more...

And here they are...5 million of them, in 5 years...

For them Xmas or no Xmas, it does not make a difference. For them, it's the same thing, day in and day out...

They are of your own doing. They are the children, the little ones, you turned into diposable stuff...

So stuff them and stuff it and have a Merry stuffed Xmas.

Painting : Iraqi female artist, Sabah Al-Majeed.


Hello Layla,

Before commenting on this post i would like to appologize that i havent visited your blog for the past 3 months, i can see that things are getting better here, and that your words have attracted the scum of the scum persian, turks and red necks. last time i visited your blog i had a lovely duete with Ataturk's prostitute NUR the slut.

anyways, i am amazed at this post, this is one of the most polite of your posts. and that dissapoints me really, these rednecks, persian bastards do not deserve such a post, you must show them the REAL LAYLA. i am no one to judge because you got your reasons for being polite with them, maybe its their gift for a Stuffed X mas. you should of showed them how they existed with the slaughtering of 40 million native americans, how their country could not exist without blood.

will be waiting for a longer, much aggressive, sarcastic provocative post of yours and would love to see these bastards pissed off.

Layla Anwar said…
Hello Edan,

Nice to "see" you again, after quite an absence.

All of my posts are the "Real Layla", albeit different facets of her...

As for the insults, I personally have nothing against them. They are after all part of the vocabulary and the language...as a whole. And since am not into dividing wholes into pieces...I do make liberal use of them.

However, insults are to be used appropriately and hinge upon...context, timing, style, subject matter...and the rest.

Fuck can be turned into a magical word.
Thank you for your Xmas greetings but I also hate them!! Actually, my daughters (who all live in different cities) beg me to go and spend the "holidays" with them but I refuse. I rather be alone in my cozy refuge and, for me, it's just another day. I feel SO sorry about all those orphaned Iraqi children. How terrible and how cruel. Much love, M.
Martine said…
One time more you're right Layla!
To many differences are between these Worlds... We know it...
We wish things will change in 2009, we hope it sincerly.

Kisses my "Jamila" Layla.
KM said…
It is just another day.

(except for having time off from working)

what a strange species we are ...

Are there any good NGO's in Iraq Layla ?
I was just at a "Relief" website that workd in many countries around the World dealing with trying to build communities, natural disasters, education, housing & health issues.

Iraq was listed along with others... because of the lying monsters and their hordes of parasites.
SELMITA, more correct: Once again you're right Layla! There are too many differences between these two worlds... we know it...We wish things will change in 2009, we hope it sincerely. (all the rest is super correct). Besotes, M.
Unknown said…
The holidays are so hypocritical. The season for goodwill? What about the rest of the year? And then there's the torture of having to listen to that horrible music they play in all the retail establishments from National American Genocide Day. . .I mean Thanksgiving, to Christmas.

I don't celebrate it either. Not one cent spent on it. It's a defilement of a nice Pagan holiday called Yule. Your seeming contempt is shared.

And let us not forget the rest of the gods actually were born on December 25, since it was unlikely that Yeshua was:

and who knows who else.

All 'they' celebrate is consumerism, as you imply. Spending more money they don't have for traditional self-induced obligations that I shed before I became an adult (chronologically, anyways).
Anonymous said…
Dearest Layla,

The following is my introduction to your article which I sent out to my list in lieu of any other Christmas message. Bless you for all your work. I love you and wish you the best in the coming New Year.

Arthur Topham
The RadicalPress.com
Dear Radical Reader,

The late George Carlin, the Jewish comedian, once composed a skit on people and their “stuff” which was rather revealing and comical.

The following commentary on “stuff” isn’t funny at all. In fact it takes the notion of “stuff” to a new and somewhat existential, if not surrealistic level, combining sad humor with the deeply poignant realization that our western conceptions of “giving” have become so commercialized and cheapened and exacerbated beyond all sense of proportion as to finally culminate in the very description and reality that Layla Anwar succinctly and with fierce clarity flashes before our eyes like a million Christmas lights exploding suddenly into brilliant luminescence within a darkened and deep space of endless misery and shame.

This, in all humbleness, is the outcome of having lost the true meaning of Christmas and the essence of the message of the personage who exemplified the very inner qualities of Love, Peace, Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Compassion, Pity, Patience and Understanding that were symbolized in the teachings of the Christed One.

Instead, we have been led away from the Light of Christ Consciousness by the concerted efforts of the Zionist atheists of power, greed, narcissism and commercialism thus giving ourselves over to the selfish, self-serving and greed-driven forces of Mammon and Might over that which is moral and right.

This legacy of having lost our direction and fallen prey, both mentally and spiritually, to the forces of Darkness, Exploitation and Oppression of others has created for the West an unwanted gift of karmic debt that, according to the Will or Law of the Absolute, must be fulfilled.

It is now, on the cusp of changing leadership in the USA, that the impending nemesis is being exposed via the internet to all those who still believe that the new leadership will somehow bring renewed “hope” and general prosperity and “peace” to the West. Such cannot be the case as time and experience is bound to tell.

There is a relatively small group of awakened individuals who have been working overtime for the last decade or more doing their utmost to caution and awaken the sleeping masses to the imminent and starkly present danger that the West faces due to the actions of their respective governments. These cyberian heralds and prophets realize only too well the words of Jesus Christ and their import. When the Christed One said “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” He was giving humanity a gift of invaluable wisdom; one that would and could have changed the world into a better place.

But instead Western humanity’s leaders have deceived the people into believing that doing unto others by stealth, deception and murder and destruction of their sovereign nations would somehow reap immediate rewards and justify the most heinous of injustices.

Alas, such is not how the Cosmic Dance works. Hidden beneath the colorful “Holiday” wrappings (trappings?) that the West has bought for itself via war, violence, destruction and injustice is a gift that will undoubtedly begin to unravel in the West in the coming days ahead; one that will see a return of all that we have “given” to nations such as Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and so on. It may be ten fold or a hundred fold depending upon the degree of suffering that has been meted out to the innocent souls who now live in a hell on Earth created by the Zionist-controlled West.

May God grant us the Grace to see and to hear and to understand what we have done to others and to begin making amends and changing our hearts and minds and ways to reflect that which the Christed One taught us two thousand years ago.

I would ask that you reflect upon the words of Layla’s. She is one of God’s reflections of Truth. Cherish her gift to you for it holds great meaning and import.

Shine your Light for Love & Peace & Justice for All,

Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”
Anonymous said…
I am Lisa:

If you want your life wrecked by the FBI, Boston Police and other "law enforcement"), just post a comment on this webpage. Otherwise- have a wonderful Christmas.

Thank You Layla! Life has been great since I've met you (insert sarcasm here)
Anonymous said…
Lisa seems upset about something. Are we to assume she was harassed by some element of law enforcement because he posted here on Layla's blog?

I had an experience several years ago in which I posted some uncomplimentary comments about a US attorney who was found dead in a gay lover's lane. This resulted in three FBI agents visiting my home. It was like the mafia: one guy did the talking while two goons stood silently behind him. Being a lawyer myself, I had the good sense to say nothing and order them to leave. Unfortunately, most Americans do not have legal training and therefore might be foolish enough to actually engage government agents in conversations where everything they can and will be used against them.

Here's some free advice to anyone who ever finds themselves in such a situation: SAY NOTHING!!!

Happy holidaqys.
Unknown said…
Good show, dudette! You made rense.com; second paragraph. One of the most widly read alternative news sites on the planet. (It's always up with us.)


Again, ROCK ON!!!!!!!! You ought to get a few more readers because of this. I became one because of a link supplied from either rense or surfingtheapocalypse. I can't remember which.

By the way, I'm glad you're sorting through your comments again; before posting. It's nice not to have to go through a munch of mindless drivel to get to the good stuff.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla,

Merry Stuffed Christmas to you, too.

Hey, have you heard the news? As well as the usual Queen's Christmas speech, we're getting President Ahmadinejad’s Christmas speech on our TVs. We're well and truly stuffed but at least today we don't have to listen to Gormless Gordon telling us how he saved the world.

Love and Christmas kisses.

Lord Dabass
Anonymous said…
regarding ur uncensored blog -daating 101. very clever and funny.
Merry xmas layla.
Anonymous said…

The “stuff” Iraq and its splendid people have been given is a hideously long list of horrific acts and deeds that, for the rest of us, immeasurably and infinitely detracts from the meaning of humanity – animals and monsters, parading as decent and well-meaning people, have committed a litany of unspeakable crimes against an innocent and decent people – yet where is the world’s clamorous outrage against such inhumanity?

Writers and observers, such as yourself, through your anger and outrage will make sure that the truth is recorded and this will serve as an antidote to the pap served to the world by the main stream media, will counter the pack of lies that hired revisionist historians will spread in the coming years and will provide proof of the crimes against humanity that have been committed. More power and much thanks to both yourself and the proud, courageous men, women and children of the Iraqi resistance who will prevail! You are the greatest measure of humanity at its finest.

Best regards and may you have a hopeful New Year!

Unknown said…
My God you are irresistable
and hilarious. :)
Layla Anwar said…
Selma and Merche,

Hello and thank you for for your good wishes...May the coming year bring you all of your heart's desires.
Hugs xxx
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Morgan,

Well, let me wish you Happy Xmas nonetheless.
You are correct about the 24/25 being originally a pagan holiday. It actually concides with the 21st of December which is the winter solstice if am not mistaken.

In the Arabic tradition, it is believed that Jesus was born in September, and not December...around September, because there is a saying that he was born when the dates were ripe...and that should be around september.

Happy new year to you.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Arthur,

Hello and it's been a long time.
Thank you for distributing my "stuff" post...I very much liked your own editor's note.
Will reply to you on the other isse you sent me...
Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and happy holidays.

There are a few NGO's operating in Iraq, but in a very constricted manner due to lack of funds, support, security issues, and the rest...a drop in a sea of misery.

All the best for 2009.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Lisa,

Are you sure the FBI did not visit you because of some other law encroachment thing ?
Or is that your cheap way to deter people from commenting ?
Merry Xmas to you too.
Layla Anwar said…

I suppose this means that your computer is monitored big time...So much for demoncracy. I mean if it is this way in the US can you imagine what the imported vesion is in "free" Iraq !

Best wishes for 2009.
Layla Anwar said…
Hey Lord Dabass,

I did hear of Ahmadinejad speech to the British people. My are you blessed or are you blessed ?
Maybe he is thanking your government for having liberated Iraq so nicely and having offered it and in particular the south were the english boys were stationed on a silver platter to him and his government.
Aaaah, a job well done indeed !

Happy new year.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Happy Xmas to you too.
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you for your eloquent comment, as usual.
You ask me to keep the anger and I receive tons of mails asking me to "behave like a lady" * not to use swear words", "to keep calm" "not to get excited", "not to answer back"....and the list is long.

If I follow the above "advice" I will stop writing. In fact if I follow any advice, I will be paralyzed in my writing. It is clear some people will not be pleased, and some will be downright pissed off.

Tough! is what I say to them.

I suppose the majority expect "freed" doormats...

So I will just be myself...and as you rightly said - it will be for the historical record.

Best wishes to you for 2009.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Curt,

Awww thank you...am blushing now, believe it or not.

My best wishes to you Curt for the coming new year.
J. L. Krueger said…
I found you via someone with whom I frequently argue.

I may disagree with some...much...(but not most or all)...of what you say, but I love your fire and spirit!

Keep it up and have a Merry Christmas in the sense of all the things it should mean. Have Great New Year too!

BTW - Loved your Dating 101 post...hilarious.
Just an extra point on the comments, I have an American friend who has lived in Ibiza for the past thirty years. She has an American computer (I have a Spanish one). She has tried to enter your blog but she can't, doesn't have access. When she told me I found it VERY strange, to say the least... Hugs, M.
Layla Anwar said…
J.L Krueger,

Thank you for your wishes and for visiting my blog. I hope I am not the subject of contention between you and the person you argue with ! Would not be surprised if I get blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world either. lol.

Happy New Year to you too.

P.S : Dating 101 is only the tip of the flop dates...one day I will muster the courage to elaborate.
Layla Anwar said…
Hello again Merche,

Am not sure what to make out of your friend's computer problems. Maybe she has her settings that do not allow certain websites.
Sorry can't be of much help as I am having lots of computer problems here, it's a miracle I was able to log on.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
Your piece of writing on "Stuff" & "Stuffed" is magnificient!
It reminded me of T.S.Eliot´s Waste Land and the Hollow Men.
Moreover, as I read through it I couldn´t help remembering the vivid and passionate style of some of the great English dramatists.
One of your excellent pieces, dear Layla.
Happy New Year,
Anonymous said…
mayada kharawi . If you dare lay you legs in Egypt again it will be broken and let your "friends" be of help to you.



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