For a Laugh...not quite.

Well maybe not...not really.

I want to thank one of my regular readers re:Kofi, the UN/Kofi Annan basher for introducing me to some funny videos...

I was invited to a concert, but I turned down the invitation, preferring to watch comedy online.

Well re:Kofi, introduced me to Russell Peters, a Canadian of Indian origins. I watched all of his videos tonight. This one stuck out. Might not be the one that got most viewers but he was taking the piss out of the English, and am all game when it comes to not so Great Britain.

The following video partly sums up my feelings about the English, but does not stop there.
One day, I will tell you all about sharing lodgings with English women. But not tonight...
Take that as a preliminary, an hors-d'oeuvre, for more to come - as an entrée principale.

Since this is comedy night and am on a roll, I was checking out other videos, and found this one by an Iranian - Maz Joubrani.
The following video sums up it quite well, albeit in a sardonic manner, the difference between the Persians and the Arabs. You may need to read between -the political - lines.

Have fun. I sure did.


Wonderful videos! I had a great laugh. I didn't know these two comedians. Thanks for keeping me up on what's going on comedy-wise in America. Loved the Canadian!!! Hugs, M.
KM said…
Those are great!

Hey.I just realized something Layla.
yer ARAB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( those are keepers...Thanx )
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

Thought about commenting on your post about Arab men.

You yourself is falling a prey to Western world views, no matter how hard you try to deny it. Your discourse is identical to western feminist ones with one exception; you keep on reiterating how much of an Arab woman you are, and how much you disrespect the hypocrytical manipulative ignorant western feminists. However, we have never seen how much you take pride in Arab values, meanings, arts and history. It is not just a language here. By the way, Arabism is a patriarchal culture, like it or not. Being patriarchal doesn't mean, however, subjugation of women, but rather, the way values unfold in the Arab part of the world. The great leader Saddam Hussien himself was patriarchal yet very progressive at the same time. He was the solution to of an unbalanced equation , moderate effective, mission oriented. He had a good prescrition for mending the accumalted errors which are endangering the frame of Arab culture. He knew how to link the patrirachal male chauvinist past values with a progressive present with room for new roles and methods.

I am also afraid that you are counting too much on your own personal experience in generalising inaccurate conclusions with respect to Arab culture.

According to you line of argument, Arabic language and culture are superb and unique, real Arab women deserve the best- while Arab men are fake and almost none of them is a real Arab.

Allow me to say that this is a bit childlike on your part, it is just like saying Arab women are good but Arab men are bad! Whilst, on the other hand, you totally neglect the fact that both are the products of the same brilliant culture that never had a chance to fully mature.

Hope you can see how you are falling into the western trap by repeating their misconceptions and misrepresentations.

You are actuallly taking the same stand of retarded Arab men who view women as mere containers of pleasure, by stating the Arab women are the best. A childish reaction, I am afraid to say.

To sum up you are talking from western feminst grounds while you still do your best to detach yourself from their discourse. At the same time, you are a vehemnt believer in Arab ideals, which totally conradicts the way you are demeaning Arab patrirachal values. Your problemetisation is sound. But the way you go about analysing the problem is paradoxical, too subjective and biased. Here I suggest that you look up to Saddam Hussien.
Anonymous said…
Layla, I would like you to help me understand what exactly is the sense, the ultimate goal of your discourse on Arab men as in the other blog.

Is it merely venting your feelings and voicing those of Arab women in general...period, or is it thinking, devising, elaborating, trying to find a SOLUTION ?

While you're absolutely right to cry out your anger, you're certainly aware of what closing the doors of hope would mean: if all Arab women definitively gave up the male half of their society and mass emigrated to the homes and beds of non-Arab men, what would become of the pure Arab race, what of the Arab civilization, what of your common cause, common to both Arab women and Arab men as children of one and the same MOTHERLAND ?

Yes, the Motherland...maybe in Her higher name, under Her greater banner, your gender conflicts will find a harmonious composition...
Kosta said…
I like this man, Omid Djalili

I have also enjoyed watching a series made in Canada, called "little Mosque on the praire"; it was not continued past 8 or 9 parts; don't know why, because it must have been very popular.

I think this type of comedy is what's needed, in part, to help 'break the ice' between Middle Easterners and 'Westerners'.

Look at Holywood, it worked for Jews. Perhaps that answers my question "it was not continued past 8 or 9 parts; don't know why".
Anonymous said…
CHeck this one out
Anonymous said…
You have to see this one
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
KMWR--Where are all the comments? This was fabulous!! Talk about comic relief!!
Anonymous said…
You have been having fun since Babylon, what gives you??!!
Anonymous said…
Ha,haaaaa, to an arab motherfucker, YOU!!
Layla Anwar said…

Bla, bla, bla...
First I cannot tell if you are a male or female, hiding behind your anonymous, preaching to me.

You can be an Arab male, hence your line of "logic", if one may call it that - makes total sense...i.e A CATEGORICAL REFUSAL TO LOOK WITHIN.

Or you may be a Western female, and who has no clue what am talking about and is bathing in some mythical idealistic puerile fantasy of her own...

In both cases, your comment is Rubbish - as it takes NOTHING into account : Nor the type of patriarchal structure that exists in the Arab world - nor the abuse of power and privileges - nor the history of gender and its degradation - nor the twisting of laws and their absence all in favor of men - nor the mental colonial complex that is deep running and reflects itself in personal relationship, as a matter of fact your comment takes nothing into consideration but a bit of parroting. Spare me, have read this kind of shit before.
Layla Anwar said…

If you are so concerned about the ARAB race, I suggest you contact the Arab men and give them advice on ways to preserve their women from running off to "foreign" beds...
Layla Anwar said…

Fuck off, you attateez sicko.
Hope you drown in your Raki and never re-emerge.
Layla Anwar said…
Anonymous 1,2,3..

Why can't people be bothered to give at least initials ?

Thanks for the links...some are quite funny.
Layla Anwar said…
Merche and KM,

Glad you enjoyed the humor...makes for a nice break from the heavy stuff.
Anonymous said…
Layla this in in response to your latest uncensoredarabwomanblues post:



Anonymous said…

Yes, I am concerned about the Arab "race" (though I don't really like this term applied to humans), and more still about the wonderful culture and civilization that such a "race" is bearer of, even though it only expressed it fully at rare blessed moments of history (like during the Abbasides of Baghdad, the Andalusian period and, recently, the Ba'athist revolution in Iraq) and is now being endangered by the genocidal campaign carried out by the Americans and the Khomeinists from Iran.

I am not saying that there is not gender discrimination in the present-day Arab world nor that it is not a most abhorrent situation, but I am hopeful, I wish sincerely with all my heart that your people may get to solve its internal "knots", of which gender discrimination is surely one, so that, as a truly mature and solid society made of men and women living in reciprocal love and respect, it can have better chances of warding off the threat of annihilation coming from the outside.

"United we stand" - and the very earliest form of "union", ages earlier than between countries, religions or tribes, was between the Woman and the Man.

Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
"ways to preserve their women from running off to foreign beds"

Well...the story has it that, while Shahrazad's main weapon through which she eventually managed to tame the savage Sultan Shahryar was her Imagination, the ace up the Sultan's sleeve to make Shahrazad fall in love with him with no desire left to "run off" was his Pleasure-Giving Ability.

So...Arab women, become warriors of the word, and you Arab men, become harpists of the senses ;-)
Layla Anwar said…

Goodness, how did you find this video ?!
Aboslutely wonderful. I believe it is from the 80's. Thanks.
Layla Anwar said…
cupid's dart,

What an intelligent reply !
Maybe you can tell that to the Iraqi women being murdered/harassed daily...Harpists of the senses. My Ass !
Layla Anwar said…

Nice comment thank you...There are a few points where I will have to differ here..but will do so later. I am rushed now. But will give you a reply either here or in a post form.
Anonymous said…

Actually I am aware of the shameful abuses inflicted on Iraqi women and even very young girls exiled from their country at the hands of stupid and corrupt Arab whoremongers.

"Harpists of the senses" is what men (Arab and non-Arab) should BECOME, just like "warriors of the word", or better still CIVILIZERS, is what women are created to be, if they both were to follow the tale example.

You know, in ancient tales, myths, legends, there are more answers to questions and solutions to problems than in all our modern-day sophisticated rational theories.

Maybe after our death we will be revealed that Life was in truth such a SIMPLE thing...
bARABie said…
"Kashaf Alam, a police official, said around 30 suspected Taliban fighters attacked the terminal with rockets and guns early on Sunday near Peshawar city in the country's northwest.

The fire engulfed around 100 lorries and shipping containers.

Kifayatullah Khan, the terminal's manager, said 62 of the destroyed containers carried Humvees and other military vehicles for Western forces in Afghanistan.

He said his terminal only handled lorries carrying military supplies for Afghanistan......""

FINALLY some GREAT news.
My hats off to the heroes of this action.
Anonymous said…
layla beautiful one you are my favourite human alive. please, please, never lose the capacity to laugh. i like to imagine you laughing in spite of everything, it makes me cry with emotion...
Anonymous said…
One of my favorite comedic moments was when Groucho Marx was interviewing a woman who had nine children. Groucho asked the woman why she had nine children? She replied, "I love my husband!". Groucho thought a moment and then said, "Lady, I love my cigar, but I take it out of my mouth every now and then."
Layla Anwar said…
cupid's dart,

OK thanks for the clarification, that makes sense to me.
Layla Anwar said…

yep, hats off...there is a time and place for everything. I am not losing hope for Iraq.
Layla Anwar said…
i love,

aAwww that is sooo sweet of you. Thanks. Trust me, I do laugh a lot, maybe not enough on the blog though.
Layla Anwar said…

Too funny...loooooooool.
One should have thrown that one in Bill's Clinton face ;-)
bARABie said…
Layla, they have attacked that same depot again and my fear is that this is actually the work of the yanks/israhellis..... To enable the yanks to place troops within Pakistan.

Otherwise why would they only have ONE person guarding the facility?
And why would they continue allowing it to be attacked?
To be honest, it seems to good to be true.
KM said…
Hello bARABie

I am under the belief that China & Russia are still 2 'great' items of conquest for the West and in particular, for the US.

These bombings, invasions and occupations beginning with Afghanistan, then moving on to Pakistan and now working with India, seems to be drawing a line under the country of China...moving Eastward.

I see it as a battle-line that could be used to try to isolate China, and Russia along with China.

South Korea and Japan are to the West. Former Soviet countries are to the West and ocupied Afghanistan, Pakistan and now India are to the South.

China may be like the trap-door spider. The trap-door spider conceals itself in a tunnel in the ground. It gathers dirt and debris and uses it's silk to make a door that it then places over the entrance to its tunnel. From this point, the spider patiently waits for it's victim to get close enough and then it pounces on the unsuspecting prey.

Being that the US has made major blunders and still remains to be too damn arrogant ( more adjectives can be used here too )..the US still is inching closer and closer to China.

The Chinese leadership and advisors are no dummies in my opinion. They have out-played the US in the financial arena and they are sure to be watching with keen eyes the ever encroachment of the West.

There are reports that China is now becoming very close with Pakistan. If Pakistan and China develop a working relationship that can halt the US / India could create a weak-link in that Southern line that seems to be trying to isolate China.

I see the resistence of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as being engaged in the frontlines of fighting the virus from the West. Most Americans are too stupid to realize they too are being connquered by their own government but by different means..for the time being.
Layla Anwar said…

Did you read the latest from Nir Rosen - the lair of the talibans.
That should be fun to deconstruct.
Hint - the guy is a bastard !
Anonymous said…
Fuck off, I HOPE you drown in your arab womanblues,and I KNOW youWILL!!! So long SICKO!!!
Anonymous said…
@layla, the scumface!!

bARABie said…
Layla, yes i have read it and i believe i have already commented on it.
From memory it was either on uruknet or PP that i left the comment.
Will search for it and post it here.

You are right about the rat rosen, actually now i remember. It was at PP's.

KM, will reply to your comment later.
bARABie said…
Sometimes the resistance really makes silly mistakes, like letting this spying lying jewish maggot live.
bARABie/thankgodimnotamullah | 12.08.08 - 12:03 pm | #

That was the comment i had left on PP about the maggot nir.
bARABie said…
KM, my view is slightly different to you in the sense that China and Russia are "next".

This is a war against Sunni Islam not against anyone else.
Starting with the Sunnis in Afghanistan, moving onto the Sunnis in Iraq, onto the Sunnis in Lebanon, onto the Sunnis in Ethiopia and so on.
The yanks will instigate terror and secessionist movements within Northern China to have the Chinese ALSO fighting the Chinese Sunnis.
Like we have had the Russians do the same in Chechnya.
Notice how one hears nothing about North Korea nor Burma these days?
bARABie said…
"According to the United Nations, 577 Afghan civilians were killed by coalition forces up till August, two-thirds of them in air strikes. "

The way nir, the typical lying jew, mentions the deaths one would think ONLY "577" Afghanis have been massacred by the yanks since the START of the war (which of course is not true). One of the many ways nir has used to paint the Taliban in a negative light.
Secondly, i was under the impression the "coalition" doesn't "count dead civilians" as is their excuse in Iraq.
PLUS we meant to rely on the UN, the SAME UN that authorized the massacre of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Ethiopia.

The gist of nir's article is the Taliban are targeting civilians, using Mosques/homes to store weapons, are infighting, don't care about dying and the yanks appear to only kill "suspected" Taliban and "killed a civilian", whilst the Taliban have now made it "policy" to attack civilians.

I just can't believe they let this rat live. WTF??
bARABie said…
Just the title on it's own is enough.

"Lair: the resting or living place of a wild animal"
Layla Anwar said…

yes good points, but I read the whole article, Rosen says the talibans are winning but he also says that pakistan intelligence i.e state intelligence is helping mulla omar in waziristan, and some of the sentences...contrasting dr.khalil the arab with the rest, saying shafiq or whatever the name is itches to kill the same way he itches to pray, lots of "little things " like those, lead me to believe that Nir Rosen who by the way was praising Muqtada al -Sadr in an article not long ago, an article solely devoted to the Driller, lead me to believe that this Israeli, American, Iranian, Jew is of total bad faith, and an filth of an agent.
Layla Anwar said…

And guess what, he is good buddies with the angry shit.
KM said…

I agree with what you say about Sunni, but in the larger context, global domination, it may be better to cause civil strife within a country based on religious differences.

A catalyst can be created to cause internal struggles and divisions.

They have their agenda towards South & Central America too,which are probably mostly Catholics, but they will and have caused internal disruptions there too.

They have also tried to use the Buddhists as a tool to create disruptions in China.

I dont see at as a direct attack on a religious grouping. I see it as they are opportunists that use an already ocorring religious division to thier advantage.

They are the global elitists and everyone else is simply used as fodder or tools for their conquests.

Check out codex alimentarius or how aspartame is being used around the world or mansanto's suicide seeds and genetically modified organisms.
bARABie said…
yes i agree about its attempt to link pakistan with mullah omar. I did read that part, in fact like you i read the whole article but was rushed last night. I do recall attacking nir on aa. It should come as no suprise that aa and nir are friends.
bARABie said…
"- Just today, the Taliban have struck in the heart of NWFP (North West Frontier Province), inside Peshawar and set fire to 62 containers and other 100 vehicles that were going to deliver supplies to NATO forces inside Afghanistan. The attack just goes to show you that how much in control Taliban are of Pakistan. "

Layla, this is the latest from uruknet and if you notice the last sentence, it confirms what we were saying about them trying to link the Taleban with Pakistan.

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