To a tiny thing...

I, the Iraqi, Arab woman, I offer you this.

Not because I particularly care about you, but because I want it to be recorded...
I want it to be jotted down for all to see. I want it to be heard, read, and passed on...

This is a mail I received from P.A. I am decent enough to withhold his name, when I could have published it all over the Internet. This is what he had to say.

"I was sitting in my home here in America trolling the Internet when I came across your blog on how much you hate america and americans. I found it mildly amusing to read while I look around my neighborhood and watch the children play with no fear of suicide bombers, the sounds of birds and laughter filling the air. No soldiers running the streets, no Jihadis opressing my daughter. Free to move or go anywhere I wish with no fear of being killed by my neighbor or religious fanatic. It made me think of the great life America affords me and the life most in the middle east will never have. The hatred you show is what makes your part of the world so dispicable. So I say enjoy your hate filled life and continue to watch your men die young, your women be opressed, and your children raised into intolerance. This will be sure to build trust in the rest of the world, and by the way...we know how you and your kind feel about americans, we just don't give a rats ass!
Assalam Alaikum

P.A, please learn how to spell first. I know you Americans are very dumb for starters, but that is no reason to continue with your orthographic errors.

Besides P.A, for me you are a nothing. An absolute blank. Your name means nothing, neither your origins. The fact that you are a father does not move me, neither do your surroundings. You are inconsequential, like all of America.

You see, I don't even hate you. Hate would involve some energy, some investment, some effort, you are not even worth that. You are a nothing for me. If I have contempt for you, then you should consider yourself lucky. That would have meant, I have given you my attention.

There is one basic thing you don't comprehend. When your ilk pass by, we don't even care...anymore.

Do you know what this means ? It means that you do not exist in our minds.

Sure you are there, in armour and weapons, but you simply don't exist for us.

We erased you. As simple as that.

You are a non entity, a non being, a thing...You are a thing. And we treat and see you as a thing. Because a thing is what you are.

Being the kind of thing you are, this will not bother you much, hence you will understand.

P.A, you are nothing. Another American asshole, and there are so many of you around.
You did not and do not contribute anything to history, nor will you ever. You are less than paper tiger. We made history happen.

You need to understand something here, I doubt that you can. Real history is made of men, not robots. And for me you are nothing but a robot, a boring one for that matter. Like any machine, I can switch you on and off, and I switched you on...

Now am switching you off, for you don't exist in my mind. You are nothing, you were nothing and you will remain nothing.

Picture : "Tower of Babel", Al Malwiya, Samarra, Iraq.


Anonymous said…
I have no words to compliment the brilliant Layla. Since all the words follow her flute, where ever she goes music is in the air.

Relaxes on deck with a smile on his face.
Anonymous said…
hahahah Layla i SWEAR i feel so akin to you - because when i was reading that dick heads words all I could think at first is - "what an ass-wipe, he can't even spell the words correctly." it's nonentities like him that deserve every fucking thing that comes their way, like what you wrote on the oct 2 post - but like i tell my kid, just ignore the idiots, you waste your thoughts even thinking of something to respond with their idiocy with - just ignore them, pretend they are dead and not even there. right on. TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH FUCKING TRUTH. rock on Layla - arab night woman
Lirun said…
layla - come on.. face it.. you do hate.. with all of your being.. you have a whole blog and some full and teaming with hate busting and flowing everywhere..

as insensitive and judgmental as PA's letter is.. there must have been something in it to make you publish it.. otherwise you wouldnt have bothered..
Anonymous said…

There's a point when someone's hate mutates into a dispassionate state of revulsion. One is simply oblivious to the object of one's revulsion although one has to negotiate it in one's daily journeys in this world. Rather like using an unclean toilet. An unpleasant necessity.
Anonymous said…
The moment the first innocent Iraqi child died as a result of the "sanctions", all the hate the entire universe could summon towards this crime was justified, simply because such atrocious things should not happen. From that moment on, an infinite amount of additional atrocities have been committed against the innocent Iraqi people. All the hate and outrage Layla can summon and express is indeed justified and is a hallmark of her humanity. Her spirit and the Iraqi people will prevail - this will be a lesson the world desperately needs.
Layla Anwar said…
sindbad the sailor,

I need you to teach me how to float...
Layla Anwar said…

Thanks, It thrills me to know that someone shares my same perception of "things"
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you, a very thoughtful comment.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.2

That was brilliant, the analogy with the necessity of using toilet paper. Can't stop laughing here.
Kali Manitou said…
lirun 'the jew' comes again to drop his 2 cents
he is a non entity with polka dot smart pants
he gets a 'bravo' for his efforts and wit
or a kick in the ass would also fit
The retard thinks his is a real state
but alas, israel is a big mistake
voluntarily thet gathered in one place
to be wiped out from the earth face
until a big bomb sends them to the fiery pit
we watch them panic and utter nonsensical bullshit
Layla Anwar said…
hello urungu,

I just love your poems...looooooool
Anonymous said…
For being lifeless automatons that you have erased from your attention, they seem to have a surprising amount of impact on what you write, feel, and think.

It may benefit you more to rescind your moniker of "non-entity" from these things you detest, and instead acknowledge that they, like you, are fellow passengers to the grave. Like you, they are human, full of flaws and failures that exempt no individual or nation. Dehumanizing them will only exacerbate the problems they cause you, and delay the day that Iraq retakes its place as a great nation.
Anonymous said…
anonymous "wise man" above,

do u have an alternative winning strategy ?

if yes, please elaborate.

if not, shut up.
Deennaa said…
To the white man & woman of the america's:
When you are the VANQUISHED - murdered, slaughtered, dehumanized,DESTROYED IN COLLECTIVE (that unloving collective of you all), perhaps and I sincerely think you still may NOT GET IT - then come and talk about "hate & hatreds". Come and talk about your RAGE when YOU HAVE BEEN DECIMATED, DEHUMANIZED AND DESTROYED. Can you do that?

NEVER demean nor dismiss the rage, anger, pain and hate of the ones WHO HAVE BEEN MURDERED! You fools upon fools upon fools!

Until then, ALL that you come back with against the ones who scream their rage against you of your gargantuan murders MEANS NOTHING. IS NOTHING. You only look exactly what you are: FOOLS. GIANTS OF FOOLS. MYRIADS OF FOOLS. Never able to come to face the TRUTH OF YOURSELVES AS MURDERERS.

When you agree with your evil leaders to war upon the innocents, you also are murderers in the heart of your black hearts you certainly are. DON'T THINK YOU ARE NOT!

I have a treatise for you millions upon millions of robotic infantiles from the white race. I have a treatise for you ALL! Its a treatise on RAGE. You cannot bear it as you can not RECOGNIZE IT. You can not UNDERSTAND IT. YOU HAVE NOT BEEN COLLECTIVELY MURDERED!

All you who naysay Layla do so because you have not the simplest idea of how to THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Robot is the best word for your brainswashed in Fox news television. Brains-washed in all of everything that can be stated of you in all your short little history of existing on the north american continent. You were blinded "witch burners" from your beginning. You have not an iota of, nor sense to decipher your origins here. With all your late developed so-called technology, you have not YET learned what it means to be HUMAN. It is now late for you to grasp that divine meaning.

Oh you trashers of humanity. Let me tell you of hate and rage. You can not stand it!

Deennaa! STILL DENE! Thousands of years and going! En'zah'gkah'en'dee'eeh' zahq!

Layla touches you deeply but you STILL cannot fathom it! GO LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN AND DIVINE!
Anonymous said…
Sad little sand people weaned on hate. The Americans should definitely leave you alone so you can fully concentrate on what you do best-kill your own.
dilbertgeg said…
As someone who's seen a portion of this commentary inside America (well, on the web), I'd just like to offer another perspective, take it or not.

P.A. said "I came across your blog on how much you hate america and americans."

I've been reading Layla's blog and I NEVER took away the notion that you hate America or Americans, per se. I certainly get the clear assertion that you hate the Occupation and you hate the Occupiers, and the Occupiers are Americans.

I also get the clear message that you despise the boorishness and shallowness of Americans, and ... well, that's mostly correct. Of course there are many who defy that stereotype, and I suspect (hope) Layla knows that.

Ditto Zionists.
I understand why you despise the Israeli Left as well, Avnery covered that quite thoroughly.

But that's not what P.A. is saying. P.A. is repeating the right wing meme that is popularized on by some TV and especially radio personalities, that "ARABS AND MUSLIMS HATE AMERICA FOR COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL REASONS SUCH AS JEALOUSY OF OUR 'WAY OF LIFE' AND OUR PROSPERITY". Bush said the same thing, when he said "Al-Qaeda attacked us because they hate our freedom" and the media echoed that and many people (astonishingly!) accepted that nonsense at face value.

Clash of Civilizations. Intellectual versions, brute versions. The same reasons many people did not want to elect "Obama booma", because "he's an Arab" or "Muslim", his name's Barack Hussein, etc. The whole Daniel Pipes project.

Therefore, P.A. not only echoed that meme about how "all M.E. Arabs and Muslims (don't think about Christians) hate America", but also "watch the children play with no fear of suicide bombers, the sounds of birds and laughter filling the air" his explanation of *unique* American prosperity and freedom.

P.A. assumes that Baghdad never had any of this --- I mean if Baghdad had truly been filled with children playing, birds, and laughter, no reason would have existed for America to invade, remove the evil dictator Saddam, and remain to kill the Al-Qaeda terrorists.

The US Gov sold multiple versions to Americans at the same time, one was rescuing Iraqis from Saddam and rescuing Iraqis from Al-Qaeda, and the other project of killing off the Al-Qaeda ENEMY.

But this got morphed into simply killing the Iraqi ENEMY.

Apparently this changed when you guys were not sufficiently grateful for all our help. (And Bush's religious base hears "ENEMY" refering to the Anti-christ.)

Therefore, in P.A.'s mind, he makes this contrast between what America is (to him), carefree existence, and what Iraq never was nor will be, because of the NATURE of Arab/Muslim thinking.

Except he's an idiot. He thinks that Arab hatred for America existed before and unrelated to America fucking with Iraq and other Arab countries.

There's free online videos of Iraq and Baghdad before the 2003 attack. Even under the sanctions, PA could see children playing, adults playing, a street fair, laughter, probably even birds.

It pains me to see friends I've never met in those videos and photos, and think how many are now probably dead, thanks to my political leaders and to the ignorance and impotence of my countrymen ... and my own impotence.

I think of The Fire This Time - Let Iraq Live, and I know that P.A.'s characterizations are false, but he cannot know that, living in a mental echo chamber. Besides, what I'm saying is only "liberal propagaganda" I must have gotten from Keith Olberman.

P.A. says "Free to move or go anywhere I wish with no fear of being killed by my neighbor or religious fanatic. It made me think of the great life America affords me and the life most in the middle east will never have. The hatred you show is what makes your part of the world so dispicable."

For one, P.A. assumes that America is NOT run by religious fanatics and says "your hatred" which is part of the meme, not that Iraqis are angry about the complete destruction of their country, but that Iraqis and Arabs are simply "full of hatred", period.

Ironically, the chances are just as good that he learned this in some church (not all are same) as that he is just regurgitating media spin.

My real point is that P.A. is tossing out insults that COMPLETELY MISS the target and exist only in his fantasy world (now a collective western fantasy), and unfortunately in this one instance, Layla's rebuttal also misses the point ... He was not insulting you, but some paper caricature of Iraq drawn for him by other propagandists.

I hope this is helpful in some small way.

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