A Sinking Prayer...

Wallahee, am in a perky kind of mood...

Fist M.A is so good to me. Second it's the Eid. Third, you are sinking...

In one of my uncensored anger manifestos, can't remember which one exactly, I prayed that your 3 trillion dollars for the "war effort" bring you down. I also said the following and I remember it so clearly - I said "God will hit you in your weakest point." And your weakest point is $$$$$$$$.

Yanee, truly, the news from Wall Street are like ice water, poured over my heart.
Down Jones up, Dow Jones down, who gives a fuck ? Am rejoicing.

Mortgage rates, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, going down the drains - My happiness.

I pray to see all of you destitute, living off hand outs. I pray that this is nothing but the beginning for you. Because trust me, more will come your way...

Yalla, am looking forward when you will become bag ladies, skid row bums, scratching the lice out of your heads... May the greatest of depressions befall you. May you go hungry, naked and homeless. May your daughters and wives prostitute themselves for a morsel of bread. May your men go insane or commit suicide. May you find yourselves beggars, exiled and alone...Ya Allah, I pray for that day with all earnestness...

May the blood of the innocent ones not go unaccounted for. May the flesh of the innocent Iraqis haunt you in your bank accounts and where you hurt most, until Resurrection day. May you taste in whatever form, by whichever means, what you have inflicted on an innocent Nation.

May none of you be spared, just like you spared none of us. May God's wrath fall upon you and your families and your children, one by one, decimating you by whatever hurts you most.

May you not find a day of peace, nor a day of mercy.

And you, filthy (not so) Great Britain, may you follow suit. You and your country, and your people and your nation, and your families and your children, and whatever you hold close and dear to your heart.

May ALL of you taste the fruits of your actions, may all of you be dragged further down into the abyss...into the darkest abyss...

I am so ecstatic. Tonight is my night. Tonight I rejoice. I am Noah in my Ark and you are the ones left behind, in a flood, engulfed and forever sinking...

Painting : Iraqi artist, Nadia Mohammed Yass.


Anonymous said…
Inshallah your prayer will not go in vain. And as your prayer reaches towards the end- I say Amin.

Yallah she stands before you with her eyes moist and her hands raised,she desires not the world but seeks justice for countless innocent bleeding hearts.
Anonymous said…
The people who will hurt the most are the weakest. Why mock them? This Layla hurts me. I'll pray for more discretion.
Your uncensored blog shakes my heart, moves my spirt. I love this Layla! I want to meet this Layla! May God (and I hope she's female, for you) bless you. Many gods in Japan are female. The art is great. Where do you find it all?
English error: ice water on the heart. Check cold-hearted in your dictionary.
steen in japan
Anonymous said…
You are not alone who is praying for that! It will happen soon and Allah willing we will witness it with joy in our hearts!

From Palestine with Love.
bARABie said…
"English error: ice water on the heart. Check cold-hearted in your dictionary."

Sorry for you but you are incorrect!
Ice water on the heart is an Arabic saying which means something COMPLETELY different to "cold hearted", so your "correction" needs correcting.
bARABie said…
"The people who will hurt the most are the weakest. "

So basically the yankee military terrorists will suffer, SO????

After all most of the yanks in the military come from the "weakest" of society.
bARABie said…
I just noticed the first 3 comments are "praying" a lot.
Anonymous said…
Layla, people are blowing up your country: you can't do much about it.
People are killing your friends and family: you can't do much about that either.
People are dusting depleted uranium around that turns maternity clinics into freak shows: you can't even do much about that.
And hate is mutilating your heart: hatred is the ultimate occupation force that makes their victory complete: here is exactly what you can do something about.

I wish you rest and release.
Anonymous said…
Hate to break it to you but I won the lottery a little while back and I will get $1.75 million dollars a year for the next 26 years....So I spend my days either traveling or saving abused & neglected animals.....Are you happy for me Layla?
Anonymous said…
May God and Satan both Co-Op and destroy America and make them suffer for a thousand years.

nuff said.
Unknown said…
I'm watching it all, and though I go down with it; I am enjoying it. Your wishes are mine. For the world to live, the U.S. must die. . .along with the rest of the countries that started the destruction of the world. . .all in Europe.
Kosta said…
Morgan, I too in Australia share your hope, shame and disgust.

Our society is sick, but unlike Iraq, ours is caused by our own hand.

Just check out 'American Woman';
a dog loving misanthrope.
You and I read the writings of Arabs to better understand their plight, and she reads them to rejoice in their suffering.

Kinky bitch, a canine lover.
I'l just bet she lays out a good spread for dogs.
Or is that spread out for a good lay?
bARABie said…
"saving abused & neglected animals...."

Have you saved yourself yet?
bARABie said…
"And hate is mutilating your heart:"

Tell me, if someone raped your daughter/sister/wife, how would you feel?

What about if someone murdered one of the above?

How about if they destroyed your home on top of your WHOLE family's head while they were alive?

Please don't preach from the comfort and SAFETY of your ARMCHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KM said…
American Woman,

You may want to convert the majority of yer paper money to some metal such as platinum or gold. All the paper money in the World may be history.

I'm one on the ones that do believe a One World way of governing the masses is under way.

I also believe that we Americans are deserving of 'suffering' on a grand scale. Sure, the US power players have their International co-conspirators in high places ( and low places ) but we as a group that live within the country of America have aborted our responsibilities.

This country was founded upon Plunder. Since then it has spread as a virus upon the face of the Earth.

A virus can be an amazing thing in its existence. It has no thought processes being carried out but it is true to itself in its deadly goal. A virus can enter the body and attach itself to a cell. It begins to breakdown the cell wall and then it will inject its deadly substances into the healthy cell. it will do this with great stealth and the once-healthy-cell will begin producing 'baby' virus cells until the cell explodes. From here the process begins all over again.

Viruses need to find hosts for them to operate and spread. In the process, they will naturally meet with resistence.If the hosts is in a weakened condition, of course its easier for the virus to do its dirty work and then spread.

Some viruses will be in the body but meet no resistence at all because it sets itself up to be a normal, healthy cell and is overlooked by resistence. Other viruses constantly mutate and change itself so the resistence will be less likely to set up defenses to combat the virus.

Spreading 'democracy' around the World they say.
Unknown said…
Add on to my above post. We helped a little in bringing this down. Our money was at Washington Mutual and 'Walkoveryou'. We moved all our bigger accounts out, and what little is left is going as soon as I get out of automatic deposit. We will never deal with banks again, converting to credit unions, not that anything is 'safe', but hey! Dealing with non-profit institutions beats the banking parasites. . .for what little time we have left.
Anonymous said…
Inshallah Ya Rab hasten the return of the khilafah which will remove the yoke of oppression and provide the shield to protect and bring to justice all the war criminals who have committed and continue to commit the atrocities on humanity. This is another nail in the coffin of american imperialism and brings us closer to the establishment of the khilafah
Anonymous said…
crazy shit - humans are fucking insane - i've sed it b4 i'll say it again - neither good nor evil will "win" in the end - TRUTH is what will be left, that alone will stand the test of time. sun comes up in the east - TRUTH. any and all human contrivences - insanity. but i still feel love - how fucking weird. consciousness ... hmmmm ???
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
"And who despairs of the mercy of his Lord but the erring ones?"
Lirun said…
what a pornographic celebration of hatred.. is this how you celebrate eid? is this the goodness that ramadan has brought out of you? i doubt it..

happiness doesnt come from hate.. what you are experiencing is a dirty lust for suffering..

i empathise with your pain.. its yours and your entitled to it.. in all its glory and vulgarity.. but i think you will only rebuild yourself through more positive sentiments..

i wish better times upon you and upon all of us..

peace salam shalom
Anonymous said…
Retribution, Layla. It's come sooner than we expected. Innocent blood crying out for Justice will not go unheard.

All's well with the world - God's watching - as you shall sow, so will you reap, and the barbarians will reap a hundredfold.

As for that unintelligent clown, American woman, I wonder if she knows that her $$$$ mean nothing - they will end up in the sewer, just as she will - with her 'abused and neglected animals'.

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Hatred is good. It focusses one's strength to destroy the vermin that plague us.
Kali Manitou said…
Assallaam, Layla I rejoice with you. Been feeling the nosedive Yanks are sinking into and enjoying it for awhile now. Welcome to the party where the hunter is the hunted, their most precious is in the gutter.
Schadenfreu never felt this good. Yes, England and the rest of the Europeans are stuck to the big sinking ship and so are the chinese. Coming bloodshed will be a worldwide shakeup and lots of phonies that depend on the great satan will be chewing carcasses instead of sucking blood.

Talking about blood sucking scum:

Hey !! lirun, your empty description "pornographic celebration of hatred" fits best the behavior of jews when your bloodthirsty killers entered Lebanon. Myopic bastard!
You see 'disgust of your lack of humanity' as hatred and that alone renders all of your "sermon" a load of shit.
Do not utter the name of Eid and be unconcerned about how true believers and courageous souls go about their lives. Ramadan, happiness, suffering, emphaty are not concepts you can register properly in your neck-deep bullshit. Your wishes, dreams and aspirations are as worthless as your insults and "wisdom". So fuck off.
Oh, btw, do not spell your pernicious 'shalom' next to my peace, my salaam, or someone will vomit in your face pretty soon.
Anonymous said…
As I had earlier commented on the previous blog that no bailout plan is workable.

The markets have warned the rescue package is not all-cure, with a worsening economic outlook spurring calls for the central banks to cut interest rates. Worries remain over the American economic outlook-so financial markets are unlikely to stabilize.

The main change is reality. I think that it’s not possible now to scoff at the prediction of doom for the Americans.

The U.S. treasury banking bailout will test the ability of America to borrow its way out of a crisis, investor confidence. And the position of the once mighty worlds reserve currency.

Return to investors will shrink, and capital inflow will slow. Interest Rates will rise since the foreign funds have started to diversify out of U.S. dollars.

The DANGER when bonds redeemed, U.S. must pay back debt-expect public spending cuts and higher taxes if funds move en-masse out of dollars. Defaulting on national debt will risk currency crash and inflation.

To think that America is indispensable, think again. We have a perfect example of China which is sitting pretty despite of the ECONOMIC QUAKE. The reason why the Chinese and most of the Asian markets are resilient is that most of their economic structure is based on self reliance.

E.U. held a crisis meeting over the current economic crisis in America and has resolved to cut investments to the U.S. Lets not forget also that Europe its self is in recession with its buddy America. Although they find it hard to admit they are insolvent. Other international markets have in addition stopped trading in dollars.

The beginning of the END of the American dominance. The titanic is sinking.
KM said…
Its a planned collapse. Its a financial 9/11. Recall how all was 'well' on 9/11 and even though so-called chatter was picked up by other countries of the going-ons...no preventive action was ever taken.

For months now, the speaker for the corporate (bush) has been stating all is well economically and the markets are strong. Ha, now all of a sudden, financial dangers are everywhere. Action is to be taken so lets hurry and rush this 'bail out' thru.

For them, their money & wealth ( especially in the 1.2 quadrillion derivative markets), is simply journal entries...just entries on paper or into the computers. The money doesnt really exist.

BUT, they do apparently have a bit of gold they've been accumulating for quite some time.

IF..in the very near future, money ( money that one can actually see and touch ) is done away with....and yer worth is kept in computer data bases, they can have complete control.

They could even automatically remove it to pay for something you may have beglected or refused to pay. Behind on taxes? No problem. Theyll just help themselves to it from yer electronic account.

Want to even have the 'priveledge' to use the new & enforced World wide electronic 'banking' system? Fine. But first inorder to unfreeze yer account, you have to register with big daddy government.

Think of the power they will have.
bARABie said…
"Its a planned collapse. Its a financial 9/11."

I agree, although not for the reasons you mentioned.

My feeling is israhell has something to do with this.
bARABie said…
"neither good nor evil will "win" in the end - TRUTH is what will be left, that alone will stand the test of time. sun comes up in the east - TRUTH."

Ok two things.
First, you must consider the truth as not "good" which begs the question.
Second, the truth is relative.
Let's take your "sun" example a little further.
You only know the sun rises in the East if you witness it otherwise you rely on proof, scientific or otherwise.
But if those sources of "proof" were controlled by the "evil" side then they could convince a certain percentage of people that the sun rises in the west.
The "truth" didn't manage to "stand the test of time" now does it?

"History is written by the victor" and that's the truth.
bARABie said…
"what you are experiencing is a dirty lust for suffering.."

And what you are doing is squealing from experience.
Anonymous said…
TRUTH - and labels, like "good" and "evil" - what may be good to one person may be evil to another, but TRUTH, like the sun rises over the horizon from the same direction every morning, will be evident long after humans are gone. their pathetic contrivances (war, greed, money) haven't been around forever, and they won't be here forever. i think what the george w. bush admin has done is HORRIBLY EVIL, but that is my interpretation - mother nature will balance everything out for the earth and the humans will be at her mercy innocent or guilty - most fatcat rich bastards don't ever think about that - they're too bizzy killing and stealing to make more money to care what is TRUTH and what is not.
rock on Layla, let it out woman.
G.Gar said…
nobody is dirty here is ecept your mother.
Anonymous said…

I am an American woman of some years. I too have been savaged by the men of this country (aided and abetted by the women who support their patriarchy), starting with my own father. I have been beaten, raped, starved, humiliated, on and on. But I have learned something you have not: "Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself." Without it, you will never have peace of mind, clarity of vision, objectivity. Worse yet, so long as you do not forgive, they still have all the power.

I do not hate you, Layla. You observe subjective criteria and artificial boundaries. I neither voted for nor supported what has been done in the name of America. In fact, I have done everything I know to do to counteract it, even though such activism makes me susceptible to ridicule at the least and real persecution at worst. You have no good reason whatsoever to hate me. I am an accident of birth no less than you. I am sorry your world has become so narrow and ugly because you are a women of great intelligence, talent and worthiness. I hope you can rise above this to a place where other like-minded people, from every country and circumstance, celebrate a freedom and peace that transcends these entirely partisan and valueless conditions, troubling as they are. Become the change you wish to see. It is all anyone can do and Gandhi was right, along with many other spiritual leaders everywhere in the world, including your own.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla;

I was in Baghdad when the Americans invaded, I have waited almost 6 years for them to begin to pay for their crimes. So I'm feeling pretty happy at the moment.

to paraphrase the song:

Its the end of their world as they know it.

And I feel fine.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above:

"Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself."

I absolutely agree with your above comment.

However, even with God, one needs to repent and then seek forgiveness (The Lord's Prayer: " ... forgive us our sins ..."), i.e., in order to forgive, the other party needs to repent.

In Layla's case, for instance, how is she expected to forgive when there is no sign of repentance? Layla is just one person from Iraq - the entire Iraqi nation has been terribly wronged, both according to International Law and according to God's Law. This has been widely documented and not just speculation.

Again, Layla is not in the position to forgive on behalf of her people. Firs, sincere repentance needs to come from the transgressor, collectively; there has to be restitution from the transgressor (in this case, from the US/UK and other occupiers of Iraq) - although the innocent dead will never return, and only then can forgiveness take place, albeit very slowly. In the case of Iraq, it needs to come from the entire Iraqi nation as not a single Iraqi has been left unscathed by this horror.

The choice to forgive or not is for Iraqis to decide: while forgiveness shows strength of character and sets one free, how do you say this to someone who might have seen his/her entire family killed before his/her eyes; homes destroyed; having to flee to other lands with just the shirts on their backs ... and going on to suffer again there, as refugees; orphans, widows; men, women and children languishing in prisons, mostly for no crimes; Iraq's legitimate leader murdered; the entire social fabric destroyed. And all this - when Iraqis did NOT wrong the aggressors in any way.

None of us here have lived a day, not to mention an hour, in Layla's shoes (or, for that matter, in the shoes of any Iraqi) to know the real DEPTH of suffering and loss. An entire nation has been destroyed before our very eyes; lives, in many cases entire families, have been taken; limbs have been lost; people have been horrifically tortured and raped; hope taken away ... it's so difficult to even imagine what this must be like to those of us on the outside.

Therefore, I do not believe that Layla's world has become 'narrow and ugly'. Time and time again, she is accused of being unforgiving and filled with 'hate'; wouldn't we all feel the same if we'd gone through what she has/her people have? I'd even go on to say that all Iraqis need to be honoured for their resilience - I can't see any other nation (apart from the Palestinians) go through what Iraqis have gone through (not forgetting 13 years of crippling UN sanctions), and still manage to try to survive as best as possible. Layla is the VICTIM of a terrible injustice (but a strong and very intelligent lady), and until Justice is carried out and seen to be carried out, I believe she will continue to feel the way she does, and, to a large extent, she is justified. In addition, I also feel that, when she writes here, she does not speak just for herself, but for the entire Iraqi nation.

I have no idea how repentance and forgiveness will eventually take place although I believe it should - the crime against Iraq and Iraqis is of such a horrific magnitude, it's impossible to think how. Perhaps the first step would be to stop the occupation of Iraq, all foreign troops withdrawn from Iraqi soil; everything that resembles occupation dismantled and destroyed; NO bases in Iraq; Iraqis ONLY to determine how their natural resources are to be used/traded; Iraq to be a sovereign nation with its rightful place among nations, followed by reconstruction and responsibility by those who destroyed Iraq ... and the rest would, maybe, follow.

In solidarity, Layla
Anonymous said…
Sorry, that was meant to be " ... end the occupation of Iraq ..." not stop!
Anonymous said…
How much forgiveness will the $300 Billion Dollars from Shell buy...
Layla Anwar said…
Hello Everyone, sort of everyone,

Thank you all for your comments. Some of them are simply brilliant. I can't reply right now to each and every single of them, but will do later on today inshallah.
Anonymous said…
I find it quite amazing that whites constantly ask us to forgive them and not harbour hatred.

These are the same people who ruthlessly invade our lands, smash our homes to smithereens, foist barbaric feudal rulers on our people, terrorise us with skinheads, nazis and zionist psychopaths, murder our elected rulers, steal our resources and bastardise our population and then weaken us with this love nonsense.

The fool the man who falls for this drivel. The white man understands only POWER!
RhusLancia said…
Hi Layla & Friends! Happy Eid! That is a very cool pic of the tower of Babel in the previous post. Did Uncle Saddam park any MiGs by it during "No Blood for Oil I"?

Bummer that the provincial elections are postponed (originally they'd be about now- remember?) but at least they are moving forward. Do you have a favorite list Layla? Least favorite?

American Woman, congratulations! Can I borrow your numbers? J/K ;). I have two suggestions for you (you may use either or both free of charge): one and two.
Anonymous said…

Same American woman who counseled forgiveness here...

I do not speak of national forgiveness - that is an entirely different matter. You choose to make yourself the lightning rod for your country, and that is your privilege. My suggestion was merely that on a personal basis you find forgiveness and this does not depend in any way on the perpetrator's actions or attitude. It does not relieve the offender of responsibility either. But in the end, each of us stands alone and what we do with what we have experienced is our responsibility alone.

If you want to look at an entire nation that gave itself to this depth of spirituality (if that is the word), I suggest you familiarize yourself with the story of blacks in South Africa. I know that many see this approach as weakness, those who understand aggression only. But the inner core of strength this requires is something no one can ever take away and the result is the cessation of these unproductive and annihilating behaviors. I cannot tell you much I hate this brute, barbarian behavior and how murderous it makes me on a primal and emotional level. But I will not stoop to in kind behavior. Someone has to take another stance and point the way to a higher plane and a better way of living. I choose to do that, no matter the cost.

I could not agree more that what happened in Iraq - and in any nation or group that resorts to this type of aggressive behavior - is wrong, wrong, wrong. I am ashamed of it except that I had nothing to do with it and did everything I could to prevent it, having educated myself in advance to the intentions of the ruling cadre in American politics. My warnings fell on deaf ears and only produced ridicule. And now that it is obvious, of course there is no apology or acknowledgment.

But just as I must forgive those who have persecuted me for my beliefs against this aggression, I counsel you to forgive also, for your own piece of mind. This does not need to curtail your political activity on behalf of your country, but it would inform it in ways that would be good for both you and your cause. I certainly admire your voice and support it.

In truth, we all need forgiveness and the most difficult to receive is that we give ourselves. After that, it is relatively easy.

I wish you every good thing, Layla.

American Conscience
Anonymous said…
American Conscience=American Barbarity
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you, your words are sooting...
Layla Anwar said…

Hi, am glad you appreciate my uncensored blog and I do realize that this one here bugs you.
It seems to me that none of you guys have really realized the damage that USA, GB, Iran have inflicted on Iraq, none of you realize what has really happened to our lives...That makes me sick and even angrier.
Layla Anwar said…

Correct, and the comment section is flooded with two sorts- those who are praying in unison and those who are moralizing. And the ones who are moralzing are nothing but westerners...says a lot don't you think ?
Layla Anwar said…

Thank you, I realize I have sisters and brothers in palestine praying with me, maybe to the exception of Palestinian pundit....loooooooooool,
Layla Anwar said…
arthur borges,

Thank you for your wishes, and I wish you some conscience.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thanks for stopping by again.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello there,

The analogy and parallels you made with viruses is brilliant, thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
phoney id and morgan,

Seem you two share the same thoughts from two different continents...THERE IS HOPE LEFT.
Thank you both.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer,

Hiya, and am sure you are doing LOTS of prayers as well...lol
Layla Anwar said…
salam ya Urungu,

Many thanks for rejoicing with me, but I would LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV to see the UK sink totally...I hate these motherfuckers more than I hate the americans.
Layla Anwar said…
American woman,

So you have a conscience huh ?
You said my world has become narrow, did you ever think what made it so narrow like a fucking tunnel when it used to be a palm tree grove ?

Bad faithed thing that you are, spare me your words and your moralizing. Shameless.
Layla Anwar said…
the above was for american conscience actually...
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,
I wish to share two things with you regarding your most recent post.

First, I hope that you can understand that there are many - many more than you can realize - citizens of both the U.S. and Israel, who share your desire to see the reprehensible deeds of our nations punished, and the rot and corruption of our respective governments be finally and forever annihilated.
See my most recent post Here, and one I posted nearly 2 years ago Here
Though nominally a citizen of America, I have posted consistently against the criminal outrages committed by my government against innocents the world over - as well as in my own country.
The terrorist actions of the U.S. government are not confined to foreign nations, as it seeks to stomp its iron boot into the faces of its own people - especially any who dissent or try to halt its relentless pursuit of global tyranny and planetary destruction.

The day after Sept 11, I saw with a terrible foresight that my nation was hurtling headlong into a black hole of fascism and despotism that would not only utterly destroy what little yet remained of any freedom or morality in our country, but would spread its ugly and vicious hatred to all who opposed its tyranny in any nation on earth.
It broke my heart, especially since at the time, I seemed to be alone in my foreknowledge and received only bitter scorn and contempt for airing my fears and voicing my warnings to my countrymen.

When the U.S. invaded Iraq, it devastated me, though this time I was not alone, as so many of us - wives and mothers ourselves, witnessed the ongoing horrors of America's campaign of 'Shock and Awe", and saw children like our own, blasted beyond recognition, and wives bereft of their beloved sons and husbands, parents, daughters and neighbors.
And we were powerless to stop it.

And so I, and many others, in America, Israel, and many nations around the world share in the rejoicing that this monster will finally be crushed by its own weight and will be forced to experience some of the ravages and terror it has relentlessly inflicted on so many others - from its very inception.
We join in the hope shared by all people seeking justice and freedom, that the present economic meltdown facing America, the much-deserved blowback and cumulative weight of its global atrocities, will finally bring this nation to its knees, rendering it toothless and fangless - unable to inflict further harm on the rest of the world, and left to experience some of the anguish and suffering it has so ruthlessly doled out to others.

Second, I beseech you to not let your entirely understandable rage and hatred towards that which has caused such unconscionable anguish and torment to your country and your people, poison your heart toward the honest and good-hearted people in my country and others as well, though their governments have perpetrated or abetted the naked aggression and thinly veiled genocide directed at your people, and many others in the Middle East and the world at large.

The 'government' and the people are not one and the same - and they never have been.
Even in the degeneracy and depravity of my country, there remain many people of decency, compassion and good will - and likewise in all nations.
And it is we the 'meek', and the peacemakers, who will, in the end, inherit what is left of this world after the western leviathans collapse under the weight of their collective iniquity.
We need each other - all the free peoples of the world who desire to rebuild a global society founded in tolerance, respect, justice, and genuine freedom for all.

As all that has caused such grievous harm burns in a conflagration of its own making, and the wrath of the Earth Herself casts down the mighty, let us reach out to one another and build new and lasting bridges of understanding, trust, and cooperation - that we may rebuild this ravaged and broken-hearted world and resurrect in it hope to bequeath to our children and their children.
bARABie said…
"And it is we the 'meek', and the peacemakers, who will, in the end, inherit what is left of this world "

Yeah SURE.
Anonymous said…
"May none of you be spared, just like you spared none of us."

I take issue with this statement. It appears you're still alive and a jolly good typist, so clearly some of you have been spared.

You should try to find some humor in life. It does wonders for the ailing soul.
bARABie said…
"I take issue with this statement. It appears you're still alive and a jolly good typist, so clearly some of you have been spared."

And i take issue with your stupidity!
One doesn't have to be dead to have not been SPARED, as long as one has been AFFECTED (no matter how great or small) then one has not been spared.

Anonymous said…
If you'd read the last line of my comment, then you would have understood the inherent, if not particularly good, satire.

You should work on developing a basic comprehension of humor and irony. It's very helpful for getting through the day.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above, salt on a wound is not helpful at all.

Next time try with some ice and maybe a drop of honey...

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