How Sensitive...

I am very touched...truly touched. I have goose bumps all over, am so touched...

Finally, the puppy "Rachet", was saved from the flames of burning Baghdad by one of your brave boys - Sergeant Gwen Beberg.

Gwen is a hero. He saved puppy dog "Rachet" in extremis, from a dump of a garbage that was set on fire...Saved him from the bubonic plague and the cholera , from the imposed junk of our lives...

On Sunday, brave Gwen took his last flight out, to Minnesota and thanks to over 10'000 signatures, through an online petition, brave Gwen was able to adopt "Rachet" and give him the American green card. "Rachet" will now become a "civilized" American citizen.

And needless to say, the mounting pressure on the American Department of Defense, thanks to your generous hearts, signatures and petition, was not able to refuse "Rachet" as a new fellow citizen of the United States of America.

This has been a great learning experience in your morality. How humane and how empathetic...Such sensitivity, such grace and such a heart.

So refined in its senses, so delicate, so altruistic...I am overwhelmed, I am flabbergasted, I am simply in awe.

Doves of Freedom. Dove of Peace. Doves of Love. Gracious doves...How touched I am.

I had just completed on my other Uncensored blog, a very short post on "Sensitivity", accompanied by a piece of fine Jazz. I am very tempted to dedicate it to you as well, for all your efforts.

Damn, what an effect you have on me. The goose bumps, the quivers, the tremblings, the shivers...How bashfully sensitive...

P.S: It's a pity, Brigitte Bardot did not have a say in it this time round...That would have completed the Western "sharing and caring experience."

How Insensitive (Insensatez) - Stan Getz - Astrud Gilberto -

Painting: Iraqi female artist, Buthaina Abdelrahman.


Anonymous said…
Layla, all this resentment against men, sounds like you were sexually abused, not just disappointed...
ed said…
apart from your heartfelt writings,thanks for the intoduction to some beautiful music,greetings,Ed
Anonymous said…
What can I say? I was your typical American. I thought we were doing a good thing!! This is the type of feeling you get when you listen to our mainstream media. You have every right to remind me of the last 5 years (or closer to 18) of ignorance.

I told you that meeting Sara changed my mind. That is partly true but that was just the tipping point. When I read some of your posts they take me back to 2am, January 28th 2008 when I was standing outside watching my house and everything I own burn to the ground.

I was NEVER for the war and occupation but I have finally been able to fess up that it is all been done in MY name. All I can do is try to help the victims.

Little Deer: All the money in the world couldn't save my Jack Russell Emmy
Anonymous said…
Layla, in this example you have what is best about the American people - and I suspect, people everywhere who have conscience and feeling. What is bad about America is it's politicians who have lied to and manipulated the people for so long - and it was easy because we have been such a trusting people. True that is no excuse for the ignorance, bias and hatred that spews from certain types, and those are the vocal types, but they are not representative of the mainstream.

I share "American Woman's" sentiments regarding the war and its aftermath. I did everything it was possible for me to do to prevent this so-called war because I could see the falsity, insanity and inhumanity of it, but there was no stopping the people who had illegally placed themselves in power to do just what has happened - long before they were in office they had concocted this savage plan and nothing - not even blatant lying and cheating - would stop them.

How stupid it was is now obvious to everyone in the world and its consequences are multiplying daily, at home and abroad. That is no comfort to you and those other innocents who have suffered, I know, but the suffering in the US as a consequence is only beginning. It is a tragedy when despots are able to act unilaterally and wrong-headedly to enact so much anguish on so many innocent people, and that in utter selfishness and careless regard for anyone but their own selfish interests. Believe me, I share your rage.

So thank you for this lovely post, and I am delighted for the good feelings you experienced in response to this touching story. Thank you also for the lovely music. I had forgotten that era of Stan Getz, the Bossa Nova genre that was so popular during a really wonderful era of my own life.

More and more, reading your blog and feeling a connection with you is very meaningful in my life and I thank you for that as I have long dreamed of connecting with other women everywhere as a means to the end of promoting real peace, wisdom and cooperation in a male-driven world gone mad. I have a fantasy that the women of the world will be restored to their proper positions of high respect and join hands in the work to clean up the aftermath in this centuries-long experiment in male-dominated violence. I don't hate men, I just want to see them in their proper place also.

I am greatly indebted to you for many things, Layla, and I thank you.

American Conscience
Anonymous said…
You have your genders mixed up!

Sgt. Gwen Beberg is a FEMALE!

You keep making references to "HE"
Anonymous said…
How I wish every American in the US would sign a petition (fast) and DEMAND to end the occupation of Iraq (also not forgetting Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, because there's innocents there, too) and then to pay reparation to Iraqis (and the other nations) ... It would never change what's been done, but it could be the beginning for those left behind to pick up the pieces of their broken lives ... Could this wish just come true?

And it should not be on the basis of leaving behind battalions, or bases - JUST LEAVE. And this applies equally to all the other nations who are occupying Iraq. The Iraqis are perfectly capable and skilled enough to run their own country. They managed during the worst sanctions in the history of mankind, and will do so now.

American woman, I know what you mean about all the money not being able to save your pet. For a little while, in my desperation and distress, I tried to 'play God', but failed ...

Layla, thank you for all the lovely music you are providing us with!

In solidarity.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous above,

Can we still seriously speak of such thing as "genders" in the US military ?

A herd of unisex mass-produced death machines they are !
bARABie said…
"True that is no excuse for the ignorance, bias and hatred that spews from certain types, and those are the vocal types, but they are not representative of the mainstream."

Although you may want to believe it's "not representative of the mainstream", i beg to differ.

After having lived in yankeeville and traveled extensively throughout that racist, ignorant, uneducated, power hungry, self obsessed, loud mouthed, overweight country, i can safely say you are wrong.
The MAJORITY of yanks are racist, ignorant etc....
Anonymous said…
This has nothing to do with the current post, but I just got a shock from learning that Saddam's grandsons are reportedly big fans of the siliconed numbskull called Haifa Wehbe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bARABie said…
@ shocked

Now that you have learnt that and, hopefully, gotten over your shock, how has "learning" that changed your life?

You can tell me, it's just between the two of us.
Anonymous said…

If you really knew the US so well as you say, then you would know that "yanks" refers to a particular people of a particular section of the US that is no way representative of the whole. That would be the equivalent of my visiting, say, Mosul, or Basra, or even Baghdad and presuming to know the entire country from those observations - or even a cursory journey through the country, were that possible. The US is an enormous country, with a great variety of ethniticies, climates, demographics, social structures, etc. but when you have lived here for 65 years and either lived or traveled everywhere within the country, you see the "body politic" as it were and a certain ethic that has described the American mainstream, shaped as it is by religion, the constitution and a set of beliefs about our democracy that may or may not be accurate but which are nonetheless transformative of individuals within the state.

Little Deer, the American public has demanded an end to the war (including petitions, which I have personally signed) and the House of Representative has responded seven times, but it could not get through the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans who feel obliged to support their party's #1 leader: the President. And the President is not inclined to admit that he has made any mistake and may actually believe that. A referendum on this very subject is evident in our current presidential election process and it's outcome will indicate the majority view of the American public - provided another election is not stolen by the Republican party (I am neither Republican nor Democrat, I must hasten to add).

In this country and in this government, as in every other, the people are only pawns and not the decision makers, not matter what is said publicly. However, their vote can sometimes affect change but not in any dramatic sense because the people are not in charge of this country or its destiny. And the current administration has gutted the country in which I grew up, in which I once believed.

As for reparations, this country is spending $10 billion a month on this "war" and has borrowed heavily to finance it. We are bankrupt as a result of this colossal error, the deep pockets that once characterized this nation are now empty and people are beginning to suffer the consequences - not nearly as much as they will in the very near future. Unfortunately, because it is a global economy, everyone else will feel the pinch as well.

On American free speech TV your situation is being addressed every day by thoughtful people and soldiers against the war who have returned from Iraq to tell the truth and to protest. This includes a number of highly placed military officers as well. So far our government has not silenced their voices but it is not mainstream TV. It is a really terrible thing when your government lies to you and sheds the innocent blood of your young and people of all ages of another country. I'm afraid the terrible financial crisis we are enduring is moving Iraq to a secondary position of importance, but it is far from forgotten because it is a source of the financial dilemma not to mention the moral dilemma.

I predict even larger issues will affect us globally and perhaps lay the groundwork for an era of cooperation and mutuality we have not experienced in a very long time. In any case, I am personally sorry for every aggressive and evil action taken by my country against my wishes, my vote and my beliefs.

American Conscience
bARABie said…
"That would be the equivalent of my visiting, say, Mosul, or Basra, or even Baghdad and presuming to know the entire country from those observations"

First, try re reading my original comment!
Second (presuming you have re read and understood said comment), how is "visiting" a city and LIVING (remember re reading that comment?) in a city comparable?????????
bARABie said…
"If you really knew the US so well as you say, then you would know that "yanks" refers to a particular people of a particular section of the US that is no way representative of the whole."

Love, good try but not good enough.
Do you really think/believe i don't know where that term originated????

That doesn't change the fact that now it is used as a derogatory term to describe ANY american.
bARABie said…
"provided another election is not stolen by the Republican party"

Ok, that is your excuse for the first time you guys "elected" a donkey to rule you, what is your excuse for electing the same donkey a SECOND time?

Mind you, not that i believe the yanks would have done anything differently if al bore was elected.
bARABie said…
"because it is a global economy, everyone else will feel the pinch as well."

I believe the Muslim finance sector is doing quite nicely, thanks to their religious financial laws.

Maybe not "everyone will feel the pinch". ;)
Anonymous said…
Yeah, that's Americans allright! Save the Iraqi dogs, but forget about the hundreds, perhaps, thousands of homeless, orphaned Iraqi children running around Baghdad's streets. I guess the life of an Iraqi puppy is worth far more than the life of an Iraqi child.
bARABie said…
"In this country and in this government, as in every other, the people are only pawns and not the decision makers, "

Here are some comments from these "pawns":

"the more trash we nuke the better "

"And how about the Muslims who have multiple 12-18 yr old "wives" who they rape every day?"

"You started it. The Free World will stop this. The death of innocence is caused by islamic extremists and them alone. The real war is between good muslims and evil ones."

Every comment was made by a different person and there are literally thousands more, i just gave you a sample of what these "pawns" think.

I will leave you with the following quote, "As long as those Iraqis are dead... yeah it is" (a wonderful world).
Anonymous said…
I feel sorry for your ignorance, Barabie. You are just like the people you quote and such people, no matter where they live, are part of the problem and not part of the solution which is bigger than any one person, cult, nation or continent. Ignorance is always both unattractive and dangerous, wreaking havoc wherever it goes. We are all the victims of ignorance, our own and, more tragically, that of others. I am trying to change that, starting with myself - the only logical place to begin: I aspire to be the change I envision.

American Conscience
bARABie said…
American Donkey, i never attacked you personally but now you want to make it personal, not a problem.

It is because of morons like you who make excuses for the majority of their population that are the "ignorant" retards.

You aspiring "to be the change (you) envision" is not the same thing as speaking on behalf of the majority.
Interesting how YOUR view of the majority is not "ignorance" but may view is.
What a hypocrite, just typical yankee "mentality".
bARABie said…
"You are just like the people you quote and such people, no matter where they live, are part of the problem "

It's this ridiculous "thinking" that frustrates me just as much as your actions.
So would you say to the Iraqis that they "are just like the people" who invaded them????
No you wouldn't but yet my showing you how the majority (in my opinion of course) of yanks are cold blooded murderers who also happen to be the most racist in the world, makes you compare me to retarded cold hearted uneducated yanks.
No love, you and your own kind are nothing more than facilitators of this invasion with your "political correctness", well screw you and screw your attempt to claim the higher moral ground, something a yank lost years ago, i repeat YEARS AGO.
The yank's dictionary doesn't contain the word "moral", they have deleted it from all dictionaries.
bARABie said…
"American Conscience"

Maybe you should change your nick to something more descriptive of yanks, like say "ignorant, murdering yank".
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.1

Oh how "sensitive" of you!
And by the way, this is not the Oprah W. show. And learn how to read. I said the post was dedicated to the PRICKS I had encountered in my life. Did I mention the word "men" at all ? Nope.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Ed,

And nice to "see" you again on this blog. Hope your music is coming along fine. Regards.
Layla Anwar said…
American Conscience.

Hello and thank you for your comment. I am afraid you must have misread or misinterpreted that post. It was meant to be sardonic in the extreme.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous no.2 regarding gender mix up.

Yeah and so fucking what ?
Do you consider American women in the Army as women ?
Layla Anwar said…
I suppose Little Deer, Barabie and Anonymous no.3 really got the jist of this post. Phew!
Anonymous said…
Just think, in some parts of the world, that dog would have been cooked and served up for dinner, which would have been a far better fate than becoming an Amerikkkan.

Lord Dabass

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