A Hopeless Case.

This is probably the most "politically incorrect" post ever...I care not. I have stopped caring ages ago -- about your sensitivities. I have become a callous bitch insofar as you are concerned.

I have very limited access to the net and this is not my computer either. For those who want to bear with me, please do so...As for others, fuck you and fuck off.

Geez that sounds so simple right? Yes right.

I am in some neighboring "Arab" country.

We were gathered in some "happening" place. The atmosphere looked cordial. Here comes the blue eyed thing. He is from Israel. He introduced himself and kissed my hand. What the fuck for? I don't need anyone from there kissing my hand. I let him do it, let him savor even for a few moments -- a true Semite.

He is from the West, originally. I say originally because most of these people have invented their origins... He lives in Israel -- horror of horrors.

He went into that familiar litany of peace and tolerance. I recalled to him that Abraham was from Kufa, the land of Ur and that he, on the other hand, was from some Western God forsaken place. He had no business being here, there.

He tried explaining to me in the all too familiar neurosis that has characterized his " people" that he had God given rights to this land.

I, keeping my gracious demeanor and yes I am very capable of it when necessary providing it fulfills my objectives, reminded him that his roots were somewhere else...

I also reminded him that Jews took refuge amongst the "Aghabs" in Al-Andalus.

He brushed it off, typical of his "race". Typical of his "affiliation and his tribe."

We spoke for a couple of hours. The conversation was tense, very tense. And I had to keep reminding him of historicity. Insofar as true Semites were concerned, he simply could not measure up...

I even dropped the name of Gilad Atzmon, he nodded his head with disapproval --stating that he was aware of the "character."

We spoke, trying to keep it as courteous as humanly possible. I am not sure we succeeded. He still kissed my hand in reverence before excusing himself, but it really was a very dry kiss - a motion. I am not even sure why he bothered going through it, seeing that he hated me so much. But maybe that is typical of his folks. A deep seated hypocritical lie that they justify like any other psychopath around.

My Palestinian friends -- and I don't have many left, since they were forcibly kicked out or killed in the new "liberated" Iraq by none other than the Americans and the Iranians. I tell you, "your enemy" is a cunning, deceitful, son of a bitch. Peace is an almost impossibility with these folks.

But then, let me remind you of your closer enemy- the one who is very close, whom you applauded and danced for...He is no less cunning. And at least with the former, he knows how to kiss hands when necessary...

A video of stolen Land/lands by the Jews can be watched here with the Hava Nagila -- to give them a good "patriotic" conscience. So they can rejoice in the land of milk and honey with "no people", with the blessings of Elohim. Ha!


Sinbad said…
Gives a simple nod.
Kali Manitou said…
Layla, assalaam...
I would not let an Israeli touch me, would not talk to them unless it serves my purpose, would not let them talk to me, would not tolerate their disgusting accent or believe the capacity of their different versions (lefties, peace-now activists etc.) to rise to a human level.
Life is short and the more I can avoid the "chosen ones" the better it is. They're better left in their absolute pyschosis and their suicidal tendencies will bear fruit again and again.
Oh, btw... the 'hava nagila' video managed to make NUR's comments look tasteful. The jews soiled that land so bad that if I'd be Palestinian, I wouldn't want the land back.
Israel is a vomit stain on this planet.
Anonymous said…
yes iran is even more barbarous than israel, but remember that it's the zionists who designed and carried out the colonization of iraq through their dumb slave bush.

had it not been for them, saddam hussein would still be the president and iran would have to keep its head down.
Anonymous said…
To the Roaring Lamb: the one who did that thing to you, was "it" an American, an Israeli or a Shiite collaborator ?

I want "it" dead.
Anonymous said…
The "Israelis" lack a personality of their own so they steal bits from others here and there.

They even have a blonde female singer who calls herself "Ishtar" and sings in lousy Arabic.
bARABie said…
"I would not let an Israeli touch me, would not talk to them unless it serves my purpose, would not let them talk to me, would not tolerate their disgusting accent or believe the capacity of their different versions (lefties, peace-now activists etc.) to rise to a human level.
Life is short and the more I can avoid the "chosen ones" the better it is. They're better left in their absolute pyschosis and their suicidal tendencies will bear fruit again and again."

I couldn't agree more.
Anonymous said…
KMWR--I am glad to see you are still posting. And, was pleasantly surprised when I tried the blog expecting nothing and found something.
Anonymous said…
me too..
Anonymous said…
I do hope you gave your hand a good scrubbing afterwards.

Lord Dabass
Anonymous said…
I hope that someday you recognize your hatred of Jews as the psychological problem that it is and are able to get the help you need for it.

I find it very sad. You write much that is of value to the world, yet your hatred and bigotry discredits you and makes it impossible for anyone to take you seriously. If you would so blatantly lie about the Jews and Israel (and I think you know you are, you're too intelligent and educated to really believe the things you say) then why would people assume anything else you say is true? And that's sad, since much of what you write about the US is, in fact, accurate. But your hatred blinds you.

The fact is that the Jews have been on that land for a very, very, very long time, and own that land, and have every right to be there. And global opinion strongly supports them and has repeatedly rejected the Palestinian position. If YOU can't live in peace with your neighbors, who come in peace and have offered peace countless times, then that is YOUR problem, not that of the Jews.

But continue to hate if it makes you feel better. It won't change anything except maybe make it worse for the Palestinians, who will only find peace when they acknowledge how wrong they've been and recognize Israel and learn to respect international law and property rights. But it's your choice. Choose hatred and war and you shall have hatred and war. Choose peace and love and you will have that.

But nothing will ever drive the Jews off the land that has been theirs for thousands of years. They'll be there many centuries after everyone has even forgotten who the Palestinians were.
Anonymous said…
It is unlikely that their own land will be restored to the Indians in America or to the Aborigines in Australia anytime soon. This is not the case in Palestine where the land can still be returned to the Palestinians and all of Palestine. If there was any chance of peaceful coexistence as the liberals especially like to espouse by way of a two state solution or even assimilation in a single union, the crimes of the Jews should negate any such prospects. The crimes of the Jews are indeed horrific and all people of conscience should be dedicated to removing the Jews out of ALL of Palestine. The Jews are primarily responsible for much of instability in the world, from the financial crisis to the war on Iraq which has ruined the lives millions. No peace on earth for the scum on earth, including the 11:37 am anonymous above. And hey, anonymous above: one thing you can bet on for sure: Layla is taken seriously and respected by more people than you will ever be able to imagine. You confirm all the negative stereotypes of your ever whining community.
Anonymous said…
Now I know why so often I heard the phrase 'yehudi nijjiss' whilst growing up in Baghdad - it is embedded in your phsyche. No wonder our Christian friends were terrified we would all leave Iraq. They knew their turn would come next.They used to beg us to stay saying after Saturday comes Sunday. Look what's happening to the Christians now! Such intolerance is not to be believed.

From a true (in your eyes) Babylonian Jew.

To paraphrase Barrabie - Tfou on such an article.
bARABie said…
"Now I know why so often I heard the phrase 'yehudi nijjiss' whilst growing up in Baghdad - it is embedded in your phsyche."

Let's see, you "heard the phrase....whilst growing up in Baghdad" but it took an anonymous comment on a blog for you to figure it out. Wow, not very bright are you.

As for what is "embedded" in one's "phsyche", LOL, you are one to talk...... Murder, rape, theft, fraud ARE "embedded in your psyche".

By the way, you are a typical israhelli.... You steal Arab land, you steal Arab culture, you steal Arab food, you even steal our language and a perfect example is you paraphrasing me or at least attempting to.
Just like you attempt to make Falafel, if what YOU make CAN be called Falafel, cardboard would probably taste better than israhelli "Falafel".

Oh and next time why don't you try paraphrasing your mom, admittedly no one would understand as only you and your mom speak flatulence.
Sinbad said…
In solidarity with Barabie. Thank you Ms, you made it a lot easier.
Anonymous said…
As an American citizen who regularly reads this blog, I am always surprised by the limitless depths of bigotry and hatred I find here. I suppose I can't blame you too much; the outside world has laid siege to your way of life for the last few decades with no end in sight. For many individuals, the only emotional response to this kind of pressure is a profound aversion towards anything that is foreign (and therefore threatening.) However, such attitudes in the modern world are often far more destructive both to onesself and any attempt at regaining regional stability.

By continuing to blindly hate the encroaching modern world, you will only assure your own destruction. You cannot achieve victory through strength of arms or prayer to God. If you want to preserve your culture, then make peace with your enemies and make them your friends. The West has tired of two wars in foreign soils and would much rather focus on the present economic situation than babysit the Middle East. The sooner you accept reality and choose to promote peace, the faster the West will leave you alone and go home.

As for Israel, there really isn't much you can do. Call it evil, a pox, anything you like, but it will not go away. Palestine is exponentially outgunned and outmanned, and every suicide bomber or rocket attack will only strengthen their resolve to stay (or kill the lot of you.) Unless Iran is able to acquire a substantial nuclear arsenal and vaporize the area, Israel will remain. And even if such a thing would come to pass, Palestine and most neighboring nations would be destroyed by fallout - and that scenario benefits nobody but Iran.

You can hate the outside world all you want, but be prepared; that same hatred may blind you against an opportunity for true peace.
Anonymous said…
True peace as a slave of Amerikkka? Drop dead Yank! You are, and always were, Europe's rejects, the contents of our asylums and prisons.

As for the Ialdabaoth-Sacla (the Demiurge who was the 'god of the Jews'), he's not almighty; he's an almighty screw-up, just like Amerikkka, his so-called "chosen nation". He was such a reject his Mother was ashamed of him, and hid him in a cloud, and the Jews are so proud of following his cloud through the desert, taking 40 years to do a week's journey. He isn't in charge of anything; he just deludes himself he is, but he is blind, as are his slaves.

Lord Dabbass.
Anonymous said…
Except now, you're the ones in our prisons. By your own "logic," that makes us better than you.

Telling me to drop dead serves no purpose. Religious rhetoric is empty and powerless to change the reality surrounding you. Calling me names and dehumanizing me only makes me stronger. If you fantasize that your enemies are somehow sub-human (as Layla often does), then you have given them an advantage. You will forget that they are just as capable of equal or greater intelligence, cunning, and ruthlessness as yourself.

The West does not want you as a slave - honestly, we don't want anything to do with you at all. It is my hope that once these wars have ended and some sort of compromise has been worked out regarding Israel, the West and the Middle-East will be content to leave each other alone.
Anonymous said…
Wow, how many mental castrato jewnazi psychopaths showing off their subanimal psychopathicities!!!...
bARABie said…
"The West does not want you as a slave - honestly, we don't want anything to do with you at all. It is my hope that once these wars have ended and some sort of compromise has been worked out regarding Israel, the West and the Middle-East will be content to leave each other alone."

Ok, either you are just plain stupid or you are a lying deceitful, son of a whore.
Tell me swine bucket, who is invading WHOM????????
Who the FXXX is whom's countrIES??????
Who the FXXX in enSLAVING Muslims JUST BECAUSE of their religious beliefs????

You swine buckets should hang your head (literally would be nice) in shame.
You are disgusting, despicable, retarded, murderous, STUPID, IGNORANT ignoramus.
Maybe if more western "modern" (roflmao) women didn't drink during pregnancy, there would be less retards like you around.
bARABie said…
"Telling me to drop dead serves no purpose. "

Oh yes it does, it serves the purpose of you hopefully following said advice.
And if nothing else, it makes my day to read you being told to drop dead.
So from me as well, "drop dead" NOW!
Kosta said…
You yanks just kill me.

Sure, there's some 'Jew hating' going around here; and it is unfortunate; but why exactly do you think it exists.

While we of 'the West' attacked Jews for centuries, if not millennia; the real Semites & others in the Mid East permitted Jews to retain their heritage and lives.

The Arab world's reward is now to have the Israeli occupied territory of Washington, go over to the mid east and kill their children for their oil.

It is such a waste of time trying to enlighten you.

You are convinced that you fully understand all there is to know about Palestine (not recognised by MSWord98) and yet are oblivious to simple facts, such as, the fact that those so called 'settlers' are actually outside of Israel in Palestine, numbering up to 500,000 in 'settlements' that riddle Palestine and making it resemble Swiss cheese as a map.

But reason is not your nation's strongest characteristic;
Reason is not required when like the Zionists, you believe that you have a god given 'Manifest Destiny' to do it your way.
Kind of like the divine right of kings.

May Hugo Chaves bitch slap you, but good, when he convinces all of OPEC to trade in EUROs.

Just as he bitch slapped you when he mutilated your young men on the USS Liberty..... oh hang on,,, was that him?
Enjoy your new anti American century.

Even we in Australia think you're a bunch of wankers, that's why in Australia 'septic tank' is rhyming slang for 'yank'.
The Poms have the same endearing term for you... oops, didn't you know?
Anonymous said…
You mistake the misguided actions of an extremist faction of the Republican party known as the "Neocons" for the will of America as a whole. Our country was unfortunately hijacked by this faction (not elected,) and was given a "mandate" after 9/11 by a terrified population to make their sad little war. This faction has now been completely stripped of power, and will be remembered by history as little more than a pack of misguided jackals.

The overwhelming majority of Americans now realize that the Iraq war was launched on false pretenses, and few families want their sons killed for a war they don't believe in. America wants out of Iraq, and with any luck that will happen within 2009.

...the USS Liberty incident was in 1967...what does that have to do with Hugo Chavez?
Anonymous said…
Thank you Barabie - I can always count on you for making the most delightfully amusing replies.
Anonymous said…
Israel still has a long way to rise before it falls, pity that they never learned from what the Palestianin Jews have been trying to teach them for eons.

Israel is the reason Islam is spreading so fast around the world. The more hate it's White Roman Rabbis spread the more new Muslims world wide, and with their huge zionist and nazi propaganda machines working overtime that is a lot of hate.

This is a small part of the Israel hate machine working America:

I can add dozens to that list and with 1,000s of Israel's hate mongers working America you will find it hard to find sane Americans, most are addicited to their zionist fear and hate of Islam and Muslims - no complaint mind you, it all serves to drive more people closer to Islam, even Arab Muslims becuase no everyone likes to hate.

"Peace is an almost impossibility with these folks."
No "almost" about it, Israel was created by White Jewish death squads murdering unarmed Palestianis by the village full - not one single Palestianian had to be murdered for Israel to be created, but their White Roman Rabbis need all that hate and fear to keep in power - it's the Zionist way and works well.
Anonymous said…
When the Truth is spoken, the scum overflows from the gutters in its attempt to dismiss it (Truth).

To the anonymous (cowardly) who spoke about 'babysitting' the Arab world: (1) Who invited you there? Last time I remember, you were/are invading the region. And, cowards that you are, you use bombs and guns and depleted uranium - I think if it was man to man, it's a fair guess who'd be on the ground. There's a huge difference between being invited and squatting on other nations' lands. (2) As for 'babysitting', you've got a LOT of that to do in the US - most of what you have is the spawn of the devil himself - how about working on that before you decide to 'babysit' a region that has a culture and history far, far superior to yours?

Some people are so DENSE, it beggars belief. Just because you have no clue about the rest of the world, please stop assuming that others are the same.

In solidarity, Layla.

Long live Iraq.
Long live Palestine.
Long live all nations oppressed under the yoke of imperialism.

And, finally, long live IRAQI RESISTANCE.
Kosta said…
Anonymous @ 2/11/08 8:20 AM

I'm well aware that the USS Liberty buthchering was an Israeli action.
I raised it because it demonstrates that Israel comes 1st in US actions, and has for many many decades. The big joke is that you don't even have a formal defence agreement.
Did you know that you Presidential Hopefull's dady, Admiral John S. McCain Jr was Comander in Cheif of Naval Forces in Europe, who insisted that the inquiry into the 'mistaken' attack be conducted in one week????????? hmmm?
He wouldn't permit Rear Admiral Isaac Kidd, who conducted the inquiry, to travel to Israel or to contact any potential Israelis witnesses...

Nothing will change with your next elections.
Your nation is controlled by Jewish interest groups and will stay that way.
Only great pain will permit you to be born again.

In the meantime, anyone in US politics that rocks the boat too hard will go by the way of Sen. Paul Wellstone; who was raising too many questions of 911.
So he goes down in a plane crash, with his familly, and another Zionist Pig 'Norm Colleman' gets the Senate seat.

And your kids are raised brainwashed by Jewish Holywood to hate Arabs and Muslims; just as you were.
Watch 'reel bad Arabs'.

If you realy believe that USA is in the mid East as a benevolant benefactor, you are a big mug.

Have you heard of Operation AJAX.

Watch a comedian on video google called Robert Newman, he will give you to understand how the English and later American empires screwed the oil rich states.

You have no moral right to be critical of Arabs here or anywhere, when you consider just how much we of the Anglocentric nations have fucked them and their children for almost 100 years.
How willing would you be to accept critisism from someone that has just fucked your child?

While they were doing cataract surgery our anglo ancestors were still throwing stones at one another, and the 1st documented declaration of human rights was writen by the Persian Cyrus The Great. But being brought up on a diet of shit that we are fed in our mainstream media, it's not a wonder that so many wankers in our countries believe that the 'other Semites' are nothing more than a bunch of ill-bred barbarians.

Make no mistake, it was no faux-pax, a crusade has been declared, and it wasn't by them.
We all heard Dumbya's words.

Also, do you know what the lines above and below the star on the Israeli flag represent??
Israel; from the (Euphrates) to the (Nile). The flag represents ambition of expantion to 'Greater Israel'.
There is no way compromise will be made by people that believe that they have a God given right to someone else's land.
Eastern European AshkeNazis that believe they have a claim as Semites just because they follow a Semitic Faith.
If they were real Semites, they'd look just like the other indigenous M.E. Semites.

Like I said, it's a waste of time trying to educate you; you can only do it yourself.
Kosta said…
robert newman history of oil

Layla Anwar said…

Just to acknowledge your comments. I need to reply to a few of them, but have limited access. Will do so when am "home".
Anonymous said…
read "a civilian occupation" by eyal weizman. the usraeli gov tried burning all copies in Israel like the Nazis they are.
Anonymous said…

CBC - The Fifth Estate : The Lies That Led To War ShareReport

the US-led invasion four years ago, the fifth estate has covered Iraq and the war on terror from virtually every angle--the military, media, intelligence, politics--revealing aspects of the story that you didn't find anywhere else. Now, as the White House warns about the latest threat in the region, this time from Iran, it's worthwhile looking back to examine the deception, suspect intelligence, even lies, that convinced the world of the rightness of targeting Saddam Hussein. The political decisions behind the invasion The Lies That Led To War is drawn from these stories: In 2003's The Forgotten People, the fifth estate examined the human rights arguments used to make a case for war. We looked at the sale of technology by the US to Iraq during the 1980's despite the fact that this equipment could be, and was used eventually, in military operations by Saddam Hussein against Kurdish civilians. After the gassing of the Kurds in 1988, American business with Iraq actually increased. In Act of Faith which aired that same year, the fifth estate examined how George Bush and Tony Blair struck a deal that would lead to the invasion of Iraq. It was a deal struck while UN diplomats worked to avert conflict in the weeks and months leading up to March 19, 2003. In the widely acclaimed Conspiracy Theories and the Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney, which aired in 2003 and 2004 respectively, we looked at intelligence failures leading up to 9/11, Dick Cheney's power within the White House and his Halliburton connections, as well as the links between the Bush family, the Saudi Royal family and the Bin Ladens. Selling the war in Iraq In 2005's Sticks and Stones, we turned our attention to the American media and how they covered the ongoing war in Iraq, public dissent, as well as the increasingly hostile tone between left and right in American discourse. Now, The Lies That Led To War provides context to the events of the previous six years, showing how political, diplomatic, media spin – which sometimes crossed the line into outright lies - have been used by the those in power to further their own agendas. «Since the US-led invasion four years ago, the fifth estate has covered Iraq and the war on terror from virtually every angle--the military, media, intelligence, politics--revealing...

Layla Anwar said…
Captain Sindbad,

How simple is simple ?
Layla Anwar said…

Salamz, your comment made me laugh...Do you miss Nur by any chance ? ;-)
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 1

Sure, I agree with you, but at least the Zionists don't call themselves Muslims like the Iranian Islamic Republic.
Layla Anwar said…

I want "it" dead too...sooner than later...but a slow death preferably.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 2

Yes indeed, I did mention once that I saw in England, some Palestinian national dresses sold as Israeli folk costumes. They steal the music, the food, the arts, everything that they can grab. No imagination and no integrity...If you can steal a land why not steal everything else that comes with it...including the lives.

Yes I do know of Ishtar - the Alabina group. A poor neurotic anorexic copy cat. A new one is on the scene by the name of Natasha Atlas. Another copy cat of a cow.
Layla Anwar said…
KMWR and Lyle,

Well hello and hope to keep on surprising you.
Layla Anwar said…
anonymous 3 - Ze Zionist,

Your comment is so full of contradictions it is laughable.
Thank you for proving my point about Hopeless cases. Shalom.
Layla Anwar said…
"True Babylonian" Jew.

hahahahaha, see how neurotic you are ? Did I ever say " Yehudee Nijiss" Nope. You just projected it from that dark recesses of your psychopathic paranoid mind.

Besides ya Babylonian jew, since you make reference to Babylon i.e IRAQ, remember in Babylon you were nothing but a slave...But the mentality has not left you huh ?

Well got news for you ya munafeeka or munafek, that my own family sheltered not less than 12 jewish families in Iraq, before they fucked off to Israel...

Tfoooh a3la killat al asl.
Layla Anwar said…
to the Yankee Zionist,

I suppose Lord Dabbass did give you a good one, but let me add something here -

you said "you want nothing to do with us" ? Is that so ? GREAT NEWS

Then fuck off back to your hell hole.
Layla Anwar said…
Little Deer, Phoneyid, Snoozer and Nav, Barabie and Lord Dabbass,

Thank you all for your contributions...I like it when people know how to kick ass when sorely needed. :-)
Anonymous said…
.... You steal Arab land, you steal Arab culture, you steal Arab food, you even steal our language and a perfect example is you paraphrasing me or at least attempting to.
As a 'true semite' of Jewish Iraqi origin I did not steal anything. Arabic was my language, kibba was my food and chalgui was my music. If anything these things were stolen from me after I was forced to flee my homeland. so don't give me this bullshit and stop whining.
Anonymous said…
Well got news for you ya munafeeka or munafek, that my own family sheltered not less than 12 jewish families in Iraq, before they fucked off to Israel...

Sheltered them from whom? so you acknowledge indirectly that bad things happened to Jewish Iraqis?

I'm sure you will weasel yourself out of this one - In any case thanks to your family and more like them who DID protect us in bad times -

Hopefully you will do the same for your fellow Iraqi Christians.

You mention Gilad Atzmon - I can name many others including an Iraqi Jew Avi Shlaim who speak up for injustices against the Palestinians. Name me one Iraqi Muslim who stood up to the government or even wrote an article stating that the treatment of Iraqi Jews was unfair and that they were ordinary citizens trying to live their lives.
Anonymous said…

'By the way, you are a typical
israhelli.... You steal Arab land, you steal Arab culture, you steal Arab food, you even steal our language and a perfect example is you paraphrasing me or at least attempting to.'

You forgot to add that Israel is 'stealing' gay Palestinians who are seeking refuge there/

Seeing as you are so comfortably settled in a gay tolerant country like Australia why don't you put your money where your mouth is and advocate for Gay Rights in Palestine? Why don't you bring to the attention of the world the suffering of Gay Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza??
Or are you afraid of a Fatwa from your immediate family?
bARABie said…
will reply to the lying jewish maggot when am @ computer.
Anonymous said…
Not to state the obvious, but I think you've been trolled.
Anonymous said…
The American and Israeli comments are just breathtakingly appalling ... seen from the perspective of an American Jew. (Double the damnation.)

How can any American in 2008 claim that Washington has no financial/strategic interests in the M.E. and is just 'babysitting'. Bush sacrificed everything in his career, trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives, all to rescue some Arab strangers who we really don't like anyway? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING?

The TV news media is pretty consistent on some version of that angle, NEVER actually revealing anything less than the noblest intentions gone awry, but we People should be beyond that by now. Maybe not the elderly who have no Internet, but certainly anyone who does.

You still think Uncle Sam is on a humanitarian mission? Even my mother who is in her 70s, sometimes senile, and limited to daily newspaper, magazines, and TV, she had the capacity to figure out on her own that Sept 11 was a friggin LIE. The theatrics were that obvious to her.

I learned about the Grand Chessboard a few years ago, but just recently learned about it's predecessor, Sir Halford Mackinder's Heartland theory. Basically, that the resource-rich Middle East is the prize and the key to world domination.

The only problem is all those damn people who live there. The fact that they tend to be BROWN and most have that strange "Islam" belief, that's good enuf to make them 'other', and to justify anything necessary.

Even the sympathetic American blogger, the one above speaking of the Neo-cons ---- as if this whole scheme only began in 2000 or so. It makes me ill. It's a consistent, longstanding US policy, before even the Carter Doctrine.

I can comprehend WHY Israelis SAY they own the land. I can comprehend why they WANT to say God gave them the land, but that logic makes no sense. God is their real estate broker? And that is valid in 2008?

Myself, a European Jew sitting in a house on land stolen from the native tribes who were vanquished by white Europeans immigrants before my time, white Europeans who also hated Jews.

Trying to talk about injustice.

In other words, I am eternally homeless, but I have a house ... for now ... until the bank takes it.

Some would say it would comfort me to think "alas, if the pogroms come again, I can move to Israel" and so I've read that viewpoint from some American Jews who keep that thought in their back pocket, and support Israel as an emergency parachute, but that thought just sickens me. Hypocrisy sickens me ... though I suppose I would consider anything to survive if I were personally a refugee.

I'm now only vicariously a refugee, with gratitude to the writings of Layla and others which give me the strength and meaning to protest to other still-ignorant Americans of the great crimes we have perpetrated or permitted in our name ... to avenge "Osama bin Laden".

(I enjoy pointing out to "War on Terror" supporters just a few known factoids in US relations, which prove that 'if Bush and Bushco were any more in bed with Al-Qaeda and Osama, they'd be pregnant'. There are so many to list.)

Here's the only part I don't understand:
Not too many months ago, the US was sending war ships to the Persian Gulf, to threaten Iran. That is quite expensive for pure theater.

It's possible the US planned to destroy Iraq and hand that to Iranian forces, but still keep to the plan to bomb Iranian "nukes" as well? Could Bush have done that and still supported the Shiites in power in Iraq?

It's hard for me to fathom that every aspect of US aggressive threats towards Iran was a charade, but I suppose anything is possible.

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