Liberation Theology...

Today, for the first time in decades, the stars have been stripped away from our national flag.

Our flag looks like some barren land with no stellar luminosity, some black hole, some chaotic big bang...

There’s no Milky Way, no Venus and no Aphrodite...
There’s an anachronistic, pagan, marble God scripted on a cheap satin flag.
He's even desperately wondering who He really is.
And He wonders...

What am I doing on this flag ? This stripped flag, this naked flag ?
What is this writing ?

Why do they quote Me everywhere when I was not consulted ?
Parties, banners, slogans, and loyalties...

Do you think I really care?

I am counting blood droplets,
counting them one by one...
like some efficient lab technician.

I measure blood counts and hemoglobin levels...
I keep track of severed limbs,
like some dedicated accountant,
I audit morgues and graves
And I monitor survivors...

I am not stuck on some new flag.

You can find me in a street corner, begging,
Or in some garbage dump, scavenging,

You can also find me hidden in a child’s hunger pang
Or in the wailing screams of a widow...

You can also search for me in a tent, in a dilapidated hospital
in a tainted prison or in some empty school...

I hide behind ruins. I am buried beneath rubbles...
I am there waiting for you.

I don’t recognize flags. I only recognize martyrs.
I recognize those you have forgotten.
I recognize those you have abandoned.
I recognize them and call them out by their names...

I am Free, I am God.
I am no prisoner of some writing, of some script, of some flag...
I was, am and will be, forever Free
And so are you.

Take my name off this flag,
you and I have long parted...

But I am here
so close,
For those who remember Freedom,
For those who remember Me.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Naseem AbdelRahman


Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

Don't worry yourself, the flag will get much uglier after the one year period.

Here is the proposed design of the permanent flag:
RhusLancia said…
Layth, I think that is just one design. Iraqis should have a contest, like South Africa did.

Layla, have you seen Konfused Kid's post about flag designs? The Greendizer one is awesome.
Anonymous said…
Dear Rhus,

What Iraqis need is to be liberated from occupation...The new flag as with the current government are all irrelevant while under occupation.
Anonymous said…
Let's all pray to God that "Liberation Theology" won't be the prelude to "Liberation Theocracy" as opposed to "Occupation Theocracy".
Would be an ignominy if the revolutionary mountain should give birth to a puritanical mouse.
Would be the cerebral death of the already suffering and bleeding Iraqi body.
Keep up the good work, sister, don't ever change and you'll be victorious.
Anonymous said…
Ahh just wait for the occupation to leave, the bloodbath will begin and layla will be overjoyed...too bad she won't be able to bath in the blood because she doesn't have the guts to actually be there..she just likes to watch.
Anonymous said…
well Boo Hoo you don't like the new much time did you waste coming up with this? Fuck off!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 6:07 PM, the macabre-loving wanker,

The occupation of Iraq is illegal, immoral, senseless and monstruously criminal.

It must go and it WILL go.

What I expressed above was not the imbecilic hypocritical "concern" of the average Western sheep that the children of Mesopotamia "may not manage by themselves" (LOL) but the grounded fear that all this horror of uprooting and de-identification they have been subjected to may drive those once torch-bearers of enlightenment and humanism to shrink into their shells and fall back on a gloomy, crude, wild jungle mindset of religious obscurantism or racial overpride.

If that should happen, God forbid, if the Arab nationalist spirit should end "bogged down" in the occupation quagmire, even if the Resistance would materially prevail, then victory would be to the Iraqis a bitter victory and defeat would be to Zion a sweet defeat, as the clock of the Arab evolution would have been stopped, congealed into eternal infancy.

Let us all who loved the Great Iraq swear to strive to oppose the capricious injustice of Destiny with all the strength of our free will, love and memory.
Anonymous said…
"Layla Anwar" is a MAN and works as a Murasel for Abu Hamza Al-Mohajer the US/Iran-backed Al Qaeda boss.
Anonymous said…
There have been several recent statements sourced to the Layla Anwar Information Center.

Consequently, the Layla Anwar Information Center declares that the following are so far the only approved internet media ports and authorized correspondents to publish Layla Anwar Information Center statements:

The Cat's Dream
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Anti's (wankers, idiots, etc.)
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Savage American Warrior

Any published statements posted by any other blogger or commentator or in media ports other than what is listed above and sourced to the Layla Anwar Information Center is considered invalid and deemed void.

Any member of the Iraqi blogosphere who publishes an alleged Layla Anwar Information Center statement will be suspended.

It is noteworthy that some of the news agencies have deliberately disregarded the profession's code of ethics, bypassed journalism core issues and circumvented rules by quoting and republishing of an apparently alleged Layla Anwar Information Center statement posted by some members without verifying or further investigating the source.
These news agencies are fully aware that the Layla Anwar Information Center is the exclusive information dissemination center for all the armed forces fighting on Arabo-Islamic soil.

This behavior clearly demonstrates the extent of defeat of the drowning servants of the Cross and their followers, desperately trying to snatch at every twig.

Therefore, it was imperative for us to issue this clarification.
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

Tell me something, have you ever seen such an occupation that seeks to obliterate every Iraqi symbol ?


They are a a really depraved people.
Anonymous said…


But the most despicable of all are the CHAMELEONS, those who change their colors according to the "mood" of the times...
Layla Anwar said…

You mean a sick pervert like yourself, who jumps from post to post denigrating...? Still eaten up huh ? LOL

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