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Again, a big THANK YOU to Sinfo Fernandez from for the following translations of my posts.


Anonymous said…
Give Sunshine a swell birthday present. Vote For Sunshine As Iraqi Prime Minister
Sunshine, Iraqi Prime Minister
Or vote for Layla, though it would mean more to Sunshine.
Dear Layla,

I have opened a new English blog and with the first post (a brief one) about you.

Would appreciate if you could find some spare time to read and comment on that.

So far, I havent translated any of your blogs, fearing that I may not be able to do justice to the style, ferocity and point blank'ness' of your committed way of writing.

please look here
Layla Anwar said…

I don't mind voting for sunshine, the only thing is that I don't visit these murderers site aka Jeffrey and Co out of a principled stand.
Let sunshine put up a poll herself and I will vote for her.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Rajeeve,

Thank you, I shall have a look at it and I appreciate your efforts and solidarity.

Anonymous said…
You have an excellent blog. Some people say that your blog and As'ad Abu Khalil's The Angry Arab News Service are like twins. I even read people calling your blog The Angry Arab Woman News Service :-). Good work. Keep it up.
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla Anwar.

Have you ever heard of/read the Iraqi female writer of short stories and political analyst Buthaina Al-Nasiri ?

Your writing styles are AMAZINGLY similar.

Brilliance, sheer brilliance.
RhusLancia said…
Layla: "I don't mind voting for sunshine, the only thing is that I don't visit these murderers site aka Jeffrey and Co out of a principled stand."

You're on there too, Layla. You can vote for yourself, and nobody'd even know ;)
Anonymous said…

Since you seem so obsessed with me and my blog, why don't you vote for me yourself.
I promise I won't tell the Rat ;-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Al, and thanks for visiting.
Any similiarities with Angry Arab are purely coincidental and do not stem from a mutual entente on politics.:-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Virginia,

Thank you for visiting and your kind comment.
I have heard of Buthaina Nasiri but have not read any of her works -yet. Anything you recommend since you seem to be well acquainted with her writings.
Anonymous said…

Hi again, I am unable to access your blog for some reason. If I click on your link, I am directed to a blog but it does not completely download.
Any clues ?
Dear Layla,

I opened the link right now. Maybe some problem from your side. Can be that my blog space fears a person like you.

meanwhile, please try this one.

RhusLancia said…
Layla: "Since you seem so obsessed with me and my blog, why don't you vote for me yourself."

Well I did, of course! (you can vote once per day, so you have not been my only choice). The reasons approximate why CMAR II voted for Raed Jarrar:

"Based on the criteria that the US is abandoning the Iraqis, as Pres. Barack and Hillary promise to do, I nominated Raed Jarrar. If there is going to be a genocide, we'll need the craziest, most cold-blood a**-hole to orchestrate it.

Also, I figure the first few PMs are going to end up with their heads decorating a pike, so I'm nominating Raed for that."


Now, I don't really wish any harm to you, but you must admire his thinking there!
Anonymous said…
Hi Layla.

Buthaina Al-Nasiri has an Arabic blog on maktoob (her name and photo are there under "profile" for all to see...)

She is murmured to run and have run other websites, but since I am a serious person who does not give credit to backstairs gossip, I shall not contribute here to spreading it further.

As for the short stories, one I particularly liked was: "A snake in the bosom", which talks about the mellow-hearted widow of a rich landowner who gives hospitality to a shady adventurer, falls in love with him, entrusts him with his life and possessions and eventually ends up in ruin...

Please take care and keep blogging.

Best regards.
layla, virginia and others,

can anyone send me links of should-read blogs or sites to my email? like the Buthaina Nasiri and Wag the Dog ones? Would appreciate it much. send it please to or u can mention it here as well.
Anonymous said…
What's "Wag the Dog" ???
bARABie said…
Rajeeve, here is a must read site.
bARABie said…
Oh, how is kess emeek? Still cobwebbed?
bARABie said…
I bet as cobwebbed as yours.

Btw rajahash, LIEla is not "young" but an old bag.
Layla Anwar said…
pathetic thing above,

Make sure not to choak on your pathological jealousy - you are indeed a giveaway female.

Anonymous said…
me thinks scribes and barabie got the hots for laila. lol
two frustrated dikes
Anonymous said…
yep, scribes is definitely green with envy.
bARABie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…

Alison, instead of just attacking scribe, why don't you try to refute the key points in the comment made by scribe????

6/2/08 12:12 AM


There is NOTHING to refute here.
It's obvious that scribes and you, Barabie are just happy slandering a TRUE PATRIOTIC Iraqi.

That speaks tons.
Anonymous said…
"And while you are at it, maybe start thinking that this war is all about YOU, that the Yanks and the Iranians did not invade in order to destroy the beacon of the Pan-Arab Revolution, but to abduct and rape YOU"

5/2/08 6:47 PM

Scribe's a rapist.
bARABie said…
Actually canadian moron, you and your ilk are rapists. Ask the Aborigines of Canada.
Anonymous said…
little opti,

you mean the national heroic 22+ whirling dervishes?
Or maybe you're the national heroic salfivic resistance?
lol, jerk!
Layla Anwar said…

You keep sinking in deeper, by your own accord and by your own doing. Yes you are a giveaway...

The fact that you chose to post your comments on that thread that mentions my articles being translated into Spanish, is enough to denote that you are being really eaten up from the inside. hahahahahahaha.

Poor uptight frustrated saving herself aging girl...

Am glad you found a good companion and mate in Barabie, the despicable internet character.

You do make a beautiful pair of...losers.

Good luck with your heroic resisting spirit ;-)
Layla Anwar said…
little, one more thing...

Seems that abduction and rape are a real turn on for you.

Thought so, still a virgin after all those years makes fertile ground for the most perverted of fantasies...

Do seek help ,for with a mental predisposition like yours, I doubt very much your "romantic dreamer" side is of any use or attraction to your long awaited knight...

Do consider it will you? ;-)
Layla Anwar said…
I believe you are just another jealous, frustrated troll, a repugnant little character that uses the Resistance as a slogan to cover up for her insecurities, feelings of inferiority and the immature, puerile, acne ridden pimpled thing that gets high behind her/his computer through slandering, gossiping and back idiotic, ignorant, childish, emotionally and mentally stunted thing that tries to impress and miserably fails to do unconscious, unaware, undignified, lowly, debased character that parades itself as some big shit...

Now you go and fuck that little self of yours into your phantasmagoric oblivion...and keep wishing for the knight to "deflower" you...

I've graced you with more than enough and now I am done with little you - another used tissue...

Regards to you little.
Anonymous said…

Don't waste your time on these idiots. I think they're just mad that your blog is well known and visited by many.

What do you know about the martyred president saddam hussein? This blog was one of the few blogs that actually is loyal to the legacy of this great man. If you were a real supporter of Saddam Hussein and his vision for Iraq you would not attack someone who is clearly beyond your grasp.

barabie, again,
bow wow bow wow. Just one thing, if you happen to think someone said somthing "derogatory" about "females, why would it upset you? That has nothing to do with you. bow wow. bow wow.
Anonymous said…
do you ever say anything? Or do you just bark? All your comments sound the same. I don't even know why layla lets you stay on here. Remember you're on her blog, she's not on yours. lol
Anonymous said…
"query" said...
"the national heroic 22+ whirling dervishes"

query must be gen. schwarzkopf's twin...

laughs best who laughs last, loser.
Anonymous said…
Why would someone who SCRIBBLES refer to himself as a scribe. A scribe is defined in Merriam-Webster as "one of a learned class in ancient Palestine who's business is the copying of writings". This guy is scribbling gibberish.
Layla Anwar said…
All the comments by the one and same thing called -- sad, little, myopic, scribe-- have been removed.

A blog on Iraq and the Iraqi people is NOT your masturbatory bowl - you lowly depraved thing.

"Resisting" rapists, "intellectual" ejaculators, and sexually pent-up, frustrated neurotics have no place on this blog !

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