Rock it.

Today was a good day.

I went with a group of "friends"- thank God none of them were Iraqis.

Iraqis are a lousy bunch to spend an evening with. Not because of our common problems. No, this has nothing to do with it. But because most Iraqis and in particular the shias are a bunch of lying motherfuckers...two faced sons of bitches.

Most of them are sectarian whores who pretend otherwise. It’s called Taqiyah in their jargon i.e the "art of dissimulation."

I am well placed to know. They have exterminated all Sunnis, in the name of their sect, their backward, shitty beliefs and in the name of your democracy - so I avoid them and you like the plague...

You both contaminate with your filth. And am a purist, not wanting to be contaminated and I intend to remain that way.

I know, it's not very politically correct of me to say so, but hey that's the truth. And Iraqi truth is very ugly these days...

Besides you did not find politically incorrect to divide and partition my country along sectarian and ethnic lines when these were non-existent before.
So fuck you and fuck your politically correct.

So thank God there were no Iraqis and I had a good night. Actually, a very good night.

I was in some joint that was playing live music.
Some short American unheard of in his own country, was tonight's "star."
He was suddenly made to look very tall and important. Yankee passport and all the right colors...

The guy was a lousy guitar player. After all, am a little bit of a "connaisseur" in matters of electrical guitar. After Santana and Clapton, surely this little sod can't come and pretend to be a guitar player...

This guy thought he was most talented, when in fact he was a nervous player. I was not sure if he was playing the chords or just banging them...venting out his Western existential insecurities and frustrations on some opposed to killing a few "Ayrabs."

Basically, a little, short, frustrated, neurotic, American man - an American sod. Like most Americans in the Middle East – incompetent, stupid, ignorant, gold diggers...sods.

Anyways this little thing was playing with two “locals” and at some point they played a Rock&Roll piece and it went like that “The House is rockin’ you don’t have to come knockin’.”

Radhee who lives in the all Sooneeee (when will you learn how to pronounce it you ignoramus) neighborhood told me that the smelly Americans came around his place, over 12 times in one month.

They didn’t knock for sure, they "rocked" the door down.

Radhee told them ”You’ve come around here for over 10 times, and each time you find nothing, don’t you tire?“
They said they’re looking for “insurgents."
He said "But you’ve been here over 10 times and you've found nothing and you keep breaking that door...”
And they would repeat like robots “we’re looking for insurgents.”

Radhee tells me they are accompanied by the Iraqi police, the sectarian whores, who keep insulting him with all kinds of sectarian slurs.

The Americans just stand there like fucking idiots because this is what Americans are--idiots.
And not just your army. Oh no. 99% of you are fucking idiots and you deserve the president you have. Another criminal moron made in your own image.

I am still to figure out how can idiots be such criminals...but then it must be made in America. It has to be.

If you only knew how much we make fun out of you. You have become a laughing stock in the eyes of the whole world. Nobody likes or respects you. And rightly so. You deserve nothing but utter contempt.

So they don’t do any knockin’ and they keep rockin’ that door...rockin’hard.
And each time Radhee has to either repair that door or change it.

Is that what Maliki, the asshole, means by “sectarian violence is now closed" ?

Does that mean that you, American shits and your sectarian Shia scum cohorts have finished off the Sunnis?

Hence, you can safely declare that “sectarian violence is closed?”

After you have raped us, gauged our eyes out, ripped our hearts out from our rib cages, drilled us, and slaughtered us in cold blood ?

I have all the pictures of your acts, by the way. I am keeping them for when you will be tried for crimes against humanity. And I shall be a witness.

And I also have safely kept the pictures and names of your shia mullahs and leaders sodomizing boys and mut’a girls...
They kept their socks and flannels on while doing it. Says a lot don’t you think ?
But then one cannot expect otherwise from sectarian rapists and pedophiles...

Ha! Keep on dreamin’.

There are no closed chapters in Iraq, as long as it occupied by American and sectarian Shia filth...

We will keep on rockin’ you, you motherfuckers. You and your collaborators.

You don’t believe me ?

Just by coincidence, the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade from the Iraqi Resistance, has started its operation “Rock HARD.” (article here)

And by God we will rock you and your collaborators very hard. Very hard indeed.

Oh yeah, the house will be rockin'...Rockin'so hard. And we shan’t be doing any knockin’ either...

In the meantime, keep at it you American criminals and you sectarian Shia rapists and pedophiles – Your days are counted.

So start the countdown now...You shall be rocked and knocked for sure.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Qais Al-Sindy/Iraqi Flag,2007.


Anonymous said…
Just another injustice that you expect so much from others, yet are unwilling to give any leeway or compassion in return.
Others should be above violence, others are damned, but you paint yourself as the blameless victim.
You condemn with a limitted racist mirage of mercy.

How can you expect anything better?

Your anger has conquered you.

You have done what all the armies of the world could not have accomplished.
Anonymous said…
Dear Layla,

God bless the fire of Resistance that burns so brightly in you. May it continue to light the way to liberation and cause blindness to our enemies.

On a side note of semantics: not all resistance has been Sunni (there have been Kurds and Shia's who continue to be true to the cause). Also, not all traitors and collaborators have been Shia or Kurds (there are many Sunnis who have joined the rank of collaborators, spies, and traitors).

This fight is for those who love Iraq and uphold justice vs. those who love themselves and uphold evil.
Anonymous said…
Yes, but when in the world will they be "rocked" OUT ?

War of attrition is great, but it can't go on for donkey's years, or the Iraqi people risks seriously becoming EXTINGUISHED in the process...

The Resistance needs to pass to COUNTERATTACK as soon as possible, just as the Russian Army did against the Nazi invaders in WWII.
Anonymous said…
What's this "we" shit Layla. What the hell have you done for Iraq? For the resistance? So far, all I can see, is that you write long colorful but boring articles about the same exact issue over and over.

PS: you are right about the Shia
Anonymous said…
I just can't understand all this fury and will for destruction against your people, your martyred or jailed leaders, your land, your culture, your history, your ideals, your very sentiment of the existence.

How can Beauty inspire feelings other than Love in human hearts ?
Anonymous said…
JR, remember that one day you'll die...
Anonymous said…
got a chance to check out your sister site (blog). colors are great, comments are going to raise questions about your sanity or lack thereof :-)

awb fan
Anonymous said…

not that i believe everything these pathological liars say, i pitty the drunken fool who allied himself with satan early on to fight another satan
Layla Anwar said…
to anonymous from the moral high grounds.

So tell me brave one, which army are you referring to.
The U.S army who has completely destroyed Iraq and its people and rendered over 5 million in exile, with no homes and no jobs whilst you are sitting on your ass in the safety of your home...or
you are referring to the Army of the Faithful shi'ts from Kerbala, Najaf and Iran who have raped, drilled and ethnically cleansed all sunnis...
Or are you referring to your army of death contractors that shoot with impunity...
or are you referring to spies and other agents..
so tell me which cheek will you turn o' compassionate one?
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Layth,

Thanks for the accolade first.
While I may agree with you that traitors from all sects are to be found on all sides. I must qualify with the following and in no chronological order :

- the sham elections at least showed that a good deal of the Iraqi shias were easily swayed with loyalties to their sect and their so called reps knowing their iranian backgrounds and affinities as opposed to a loyalty to Iraq as a nation.

- I believe that in the current theological shia discourse, as imported from Iran and elaborated in the corridors of nejaf and kerbala is essentially sectarian and anti sunni in essence. Hence this is an ideological premise that is very much at play in current Iraqi politics.

- the Invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq would have not been made possible without the active collaboration of a good deal of shias and kurds. And even though some sunnis Pachachi, Salah Al Mutlak and Hashemi style have played a role. But I do believe that their role was negligible compared to the other groups.

- Even though the Resistance represents segments from all of the Iraqi population, one has to say and admit a truth, that the majority of those resisters are Sunni and am not referring to Al-Qaida here since I believe that Al-Qaida has been instrumental in the hands of the occupation to further its interests.

- Even secular Iraqi websites and even baathist ones at some point praised the sectarian shias like Muqtada al Sadr as a patriotic anti occupation force. Hence revealing the poison that lurks inside most (not all but most) shias - that of their ultimately loyalty to their hawza and marjiaya.

- I have seen the above attitude and ultimate loyalty even among the most leftist marxist amongst Iraqis and who happen to be shias. They voted for other shias.

- An important distinction ought to be made and which most people easily overlook - notably the fact that : the sectarian militias which are PART of the current Iraqi govt are following A DELIBERATE SYSTEMATIC POLICY OF ETHNIC CLEANSING IN LINE WTIH BOTH IRANIAN AND AMERICAN WISHES.- this fact ought to be differentiated from let's say attacks on civilians by Al Qaida which is not part of the Govt.

- Last and but not least, the Resistance in all of its reports has condemned the attacks on innocent Iraqi civilians whatever their sects. I am yet to see ONE condemnation by secular shias or by shia parties on the ethnic cleansing of sunnis.

I am to see an open condemnation by any shia party inside or outside Iraq. I am yet to see a condemnation by Hezbollah, Palestinian Hamas, Iran, US, the International Community, THE UN, The anti War movt, The left, the Right.... NOTHING.

Layla Anwar said…

Hello, so what do you think the Resistance has been doing for the past 5 years, if not counter attack?
With so many collaborators with zionist and iranian agendas like the kurds and sectarian shias, I do agree with you that we are on our way of becoming an exctint species.

They will probably put us on reserves like they have done to the native americans - as a tourist attraction.

Am sure the imbecile Iraqis who have applauded the invasion will be very grateful then.
Layla Anwar said…

Iraqis are known to be highly intelligent beings, seems you are the exception to the rule. Mind you this occupation has revealed many truths about iraqis.

Seems you are regular reader of my blog hence your qualifying it as boring and repetitive. I shall take that as a compliment.

My articles are in fact so boring and irrelevant to Iraq, that they have been translated into 6 languages so far...

But pray tell me, what have you contributed to Iraq and its Resistance apart from your usual pompous hot air farts?

Much obliged for agreeing about the shias, but sorry to tell you at this point in time, your opinion is totally irrelevant.
Layla Anwar said…
AWB Fan,

Who said am sane? :-)
Layla Anwar said…
a woman,

Beautifully said, thank you.
Layla Anwar said…
lola, the muslim hater,

I have rejected your comments on two occasions and will continue to do so. Your slandering the prophet Muhammad will not be accepted here.
Besides, I am not your personal secretary and this is my blog. I publish what I like and REJECT SCUM when I find it necessary. You happen to belong to the second category.
Layla Anwar said…
besides idiotic lola,

the shias you referred to happen to be part of mainstream Islam.
but since you are an american ignoranus, seems I have to teach you a few lessons every now and then...Oh Jesus.
Anonymous said…
“The Bush administration has announced to the world, and to all Americans, that this is what the United States now stands for: a vicious determination to dominate the world, criminal, genocidal wars of aggression, torture, and an increasingly brutal and brutalizing authoritarian state at home. That is what we stand for.

These horrors are what the United States now stands for. The realization of this terrible fact is slowly settling over the rest of the world, and other nations begin to make plans to deal with the profound threat to civilization and peace that America represents. Only Americans themselves continue to resist seeing the nature of the present moment, and the nature of what this country is. And so most of us wait, and most of us do nothing. We will not move.”

From Arthur Sibler-

I am ashamed of being an American, I protest this illegal occupation and genocide three times each week, but very few join me…
Anonymous said…
Salam Layla,

I see your point on the sects and I stand corrected.
Anonymous said…
As a straight forward racist, it must be so hard for you now. No Saddam to keep those dirty filthy shia in their place. Having to watch the Kurds prosper, they aren't real Iraqies. You cry for yourself, for those you deem real Iraqies and no one else. You condemn all these terrible crimes committed against you but could have cared less when the shoe was on the other foot. You talk of evidence. There is evidence of the Baathist regimes torture and murder of people. Documents and videos. Yes, like the Nazis, the Baathists keep good records. To you, it wasnt torture and murder, it was justice. That's how people like you think.

Personally, I find it stupid that we bothered with Saddam anyway. Despite his violent tendencies he did more for his country then any other Arab leader in the Middle East. He turned Iraq into the most modern, educated country over there. I give him props there. We could deal with Saddam. This great man would have kissed our ass (behind closed doors) to leave him alone. It's not like America cares what dictators do to their own people anyway. A strong Iraq is what we need right now to stand against Iran, our true enemy.

But look at what we have done. Destroyed a potential strong ally and people; wasting our own blood and treasure in the process. Destroyed our credibility in the world. Yes, we will pay for this.
Layla Anwar said…

In your dreams asshole...
You hated Saddam because he never bowed to your wishes...
But you kiss Iranian ass and they kiss yours. That makes you a contemptible piece of shit in my eyes. Mind you I did not need that piece of info to reach that conclusion - you are rejects of history and this is where you will again end up in - in the Garbage Dump.
Anonymous said…
Fuck You Layla, Look where your great Iraq is now. What you have been reduced to in a mere 4 years. Iraq is in the garbage dump NOW.

I notice you never answer to fact you are a racist bitch who applauds all the crimes of your beloved dictator. The good old days are gone for you girl. No more being the "elite" in Iraq. The Kurds and Shia are no longer in their place - beneath you as they should be, huh?

To you, anyone who didn't love saddam wasn't a real Iraqi. How pathetic you are. A lowlife who probably was the head of Uday's fan club. He was a good boy, right? He was his daddy's son alright.

So keep feeling sorry for yourself. Keep hating. It's obvious it's all you have left. Too bad for you bitch.
Anonymous said…
Saddam would have done anything to get the US to let us lift the sanctions and let him finish off the Kurds. But WE wouldn't do it. So yes, he would have kissed our ass and you know it.
Layla Anwar said…

Iraq is where it's at because over a quarter million smelly, ignorant, racist, putrid, uncultured, fucking morons like yourself came to occupy it - that's why asshole.
now you can and the whole of your fucking usa can kiss my butt.
Anonymous said…
Hey Layla,

Something for you, and completely nothing to do with your article, but I'm like that.
Anonymous said…
Hey Layla, I discovered a new word to upset Yanks. Just call them Crackers. Apparently that's what the Native Americans called them after we kicked the rejects out of England. I do confess we went wrong there; we should have executed them all instead. Our ancestors were inefficient.
Todd said…

This is just a really cool picture! Thanks for posting it in the comments.
Anonymous said…
Why don't write something new, bitch? You've already blustered in several other posts, and fuck Radhee.

Why not local events for a change? Most people read Iraq news for their fix of death porn. Oh wait, you don't even live in Iraq, do you?

Which country do you now afflict?
Layla Anwar said…
Local events you prime asshole?
I will give you local events - I am here to remind you daily of YOUR Mediocrity. To show to the world what a sick fucked up backward ignorant bunch you are.
To keep record of your crimes, your stupidity...
To remind you daily that the world pisses on you...

Do you want more local events you asshole or are you satisfied for now.

A big fuck you from Radhee too.
Anonymous said…
Lord Asshole,

The slang "cracker" came from black slaves. That's what they called the white slave driver because he would "crack" the whip.
So unless a black person is saying the word, it really has no effect.

Like most of the insults you try to hurl, they miss their mark. Like your insult to English immigrants. You sent your criminals to Australia, not the US.

But keep trying. I know that since 1776 you limeys have had a chip on your shoulder.
Anonymous said…
Such language Layla!!! You call yourself cultured? Ha!!! No racist is cultured and that's exactly what you are.

Tell me, do you miss seeing Saddam's picture every 25 feet? Do you miss the TV shows where people would read their poems about how great Saddam was?

Is that normal to you Layla? They call it megalomania dear. It's a sickness.
Layla Anwar said…
Halo, asshole,

the only sickness I see are you kind of vermin.
Anonymous said…
halo will get the next The-Most-Consummate-Psycopath Nobel Prize...
Anonymous said…
Supporting the real patriotic resistance is a God thing. And I see the right to resist the invaders a human right, and some might call it a duty.
But attacking other Iraqis, a whole sect of them, is not a good thing. Not all Shia's are as bad as you say. And on the other side, not all sunnis are as good as you think. The sect should have nothing to do with it.
There are bad people governing Iraq now. And they are mostly shia. This does not mean that they represent the shia population. They represent themselves and the countries they came from. On the other hand, we all know the thieves in the western part of Iraq and how they have lived for years on armed robberies on the International road to Jordan and Syria. And the smuggling of goods to and from Iraq. And they are all sunnis. This does not make all the sunnis thieves and killers.
Sect should not have to do with anything. There are bad people and good people, and that is irrelevant to sect.
Some of the bad people take the sect as a disguise to what they do. They use the religion as a cover to the bad things they want to do. The same way worked with Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda people.
I hope we focus in the real enemy and neglect all the minor differences or at least be wise enough to postpone resolving them until we have our country back.


Anonymous said…

You are just a sore losing desperate bitch who is mad because no one will fuck a racist animal like yourself. Why don't you settle down and take it like a man withought crying. your words will change nothing.

Middle Easterners are a bunch of crazy racist extremists who like to blow themselves up and do not know the meaning of peace or tolerance. You will forever be cursed with violence and war untill you learn to live with acceptance.

Who gives a fuck if the guy next door is christian or jewish or any of the two types of muslims. That is not reason enogh to kill them. You will live in hell untill everyone in the Middle East realizes this.

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