No Sacred Cows.

There are no Sacred Cows under Occupation.

An Occupation is an occupation is an occupation...

If the occupier is an American, an Iranian, an Israeli or even a Martian -- It is and will remain an Occupation.

When Information Clearing House, took the "risk" of posting my last article "Drink It", and I am deliberately using the term "risk" because for ICH it was a risky business...for I did touch upon the lefties favorite Sacred Cow - Iran.

From the nature and quality of most of the comments I read there, I was in for NO surprises at all.

The same usual bullshit : Layla Anwar is a Mossad Agent, Red flags, psy ops, furthering the imperial divide and rule...and blah blah blah...

Boring lot that you are. Ignorant and Boring actually...

I am not sure what irritates me more, your ignorance or the fact that you are so damn boring in your repetitive slogans and slanders.

If IRAQIS are telling you and am not the only one, that Iran has a hand in the occupation of our country, then you are to listen to what we are telling you.

It is not you who decides who is deemed OK to occupy us and who is not.

WE the people of Iraq tell you who is occupying us not the other way around.

And for true Iraqis NO occupation is acceptable. Whether it is American or Iranian.

If the Iraqi Resistance says there is a dual American - Iranian occupation and if that same Resistance is the one who is resisting the occupier...then you are to shut up and listen/read what the Iraqi Resistance tells you.

Not Ahmadinajad, not your Clintons, not any of your so called anti-war Lefties. No.
You are to listen to the Iraqi Resistance and understand what it is telling you.

And you need to READ and inform yourselves before you spew your bullshit. Otherwise, you just keep confirming what I have always thought about the majority of you --Nothing but accomplices in Bad Faith.

And the Iraqi Resistance under its different factions, with its different sects and ethnicities is telling you there is a DUAL occupation of Iraq. Full stop.

And just as America is in some nasty quagmire and we did warn America, so will Iran end up in exactly the same quagmire...

Iraq is for the Iraqis.

Another simple Truth you need to shove down your throats.

End of story.


Anonymous said…
Layla I put your texts on from ireland. I hope that is okay with you? Please checkout. Admire you totally, Jocelyn
Anonymous said…
Boring at the least!
Tell us something we don't know.
Iran and Israel have more in common than one might imagine. The Persians have their dreams and aspirations and they are telling the crusaders/zionists that "hey you can't come to our own backyard especially without giving us a cut, a piece of the pie" ; they are "rocking the boat", they care as much about Palestinians as did Saddam or Hafez al-Asad.

The crusaders/zionists till recently have been ignoring their requests, not acknowledging their turf. All that is changing, Iran is now a player. The Arabs have but one friend left and thats death!

if we embrace death as a policy then we will live. its hard to love death when we so much love life!

without sacrifice, nothing will be gained.

most of us are waiting for "others" to sacrifice so we can go back and open up McDonalds and BurgerKings.

I'm sure if Palestine is liberated, then the families of the maryrs will be dazzled as they see the pimps living abroad flock back with their millions and fancy cars, opening up all the filth outlets across the country.

i still have hope in Chavez, he seems to be the only genuine anti-imperialist man on the planet.
he is too naive to know that his arab "friends" and IRANIAN (so layla doesn't get mad) are pimps! i hope he's not that stupid!

may one day freedom reaches the US, the kind of freedom and democracy that has been exported to the world for the last 50 years, may it come home soon! China will take care of business.
Angel said…
Hi Layla,

Iraq did warn the US, as did other countries. But, the US is the US, they know best, and can't be told. Like an interfering Mother-in Law. (Sorry Mother in Law)

A bit like waving a red flag at a bull, which is an old wives tale, seeing animals are colorblind.

The only SHADE that America see's is black, and stuff everyone and everything that stands between "her" and what she wants, needs.

They didn't listen beforehand. They won't listen to anyone now, much less the Iraqi Resistance. Arrogant, don't you think?
Anonymous said…
American rodeo bulls, Zionist golden calves, Iranian sacred cows...

Anonymous said…
JR, remember that one day you'll die...
Anonymous said…
Iraq will be free of these warm mongers and will be stronger than before, the Persian empire wont built .

Hello Iranian Mullas build it over our dead bodies.
Anonymous said…
Abu Mayflower, what a mean, thick, narrow minded little Puritan you are !

I bet you're one of those mentally challenged Al-CIAda cheerleaders who believe that the invasion, devastation, plunder, genocide and break-up of the cradle of civilization are a "blessing to Islam" and that George II the Fool was God's "instrument" to destroy the "infidel" socialist, secular and progressive Iraqi society !!!

Layla, darling sister, I do admire your patience...
G.Gar said…
Abou zeft, I just wonder why you are so authoritarian in your tone.

Is it because you suppoert a group that is labeled as Islamist?, Allow me to tell you that you know nothing about Islam, moreover you and your likes are a disgrace to Islam and Arabs.

If you find that the post is boring, then don't read it, otherwise spare your stupid judgments for youself-freak.

I tell you what Sadam did to Plaestinians- he gave them money, opend the doors of his country for them and rejected American pressure to make him take a flexible stance towards Israel. Furthermore he esacalted tensions with Israel in 1989-1990.
Anonymous said…
very interesting! I'm french, I'm not arabic or muslim, but I spend many years in an arabic country. It's really hard for me to understand all the implication of this conflict, as I try to, because of everybody's lies or ignorancy. I mean : western people think with "préjugés" (I don't know the english word - it means : you think about people with already done vision) about arabic or muslim people, but in the country I used to live, the radio or TV never gave good informtions, always officel, and without generl analysis as you did. So it's really intersting, I'll come back to read your texts. Sorry about my english, hope you will understand what I wrote.
Anonymous said…
JR is Layla's kept-boy !
Anonymous said…
You're not at all with your thoughts, Layla, so never mind the rubbish you may be receiving by saying the truth.

We posted this great piece of course and left a message for you to the bottom of our version so check it out.

It's here:

Most warmest regards, dismiss the idiots blaming you for being right: the more right you are the more shit you'll be hearing from the asssholes.

We support you though not able to post due to our current editorial policy highlighting that the relief from the occupiers is near.

Editor Louhi
Layla Anwar said…

Hello and thank you. Will check your link. Kind Regards.
Layla Anwar said…
Hiya Angel,

Arrogant they sure are. Will not last though. What goes up will surely go down. That is the law of the Universe and that taught by history.
Layla Anwar said…
ahlan wa sahlan,

That's a very clever remark!
Layla Anwar said…
jr's jr,

I think JR got your message, do you have to repeat it all the time?

Where is JR ? Is he sulking again????
Layla Anwar said…

Insha'Allah. But when ? The Arabs are sleeping zzzzz and the mullahs are playing. Our only hope is Resistance.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Majid,

I like this new term Al-Ciada. Never seen it before.
I think you're quite accurate in your description of Abu Namrud.
He reminds me of those guys who massages his beard, while oggling female passers by and then repeats
" Oh Lord, I take refuge in you from the accursed Shaytan" -
Ya3nee a typical self repressed puritanist...Someone give him a self flagellating whip now - please.
Layla Anwar said…

That was
Abu Zeft loves bashing women- it's his favorite pass time. He thinks it's very Islamic.
Of course the worst irony is that Abu Zeft is not only a Palestinian but also lives in Amerikkka...but finds it convenient and very manly on his part to denigrate this blog and me in the process...
He is nothing but a retard. Islam can do without his likes...
These are the types of guys who are going to take us back 1000000 of years into prehistoric age.
Layla Anwar said…
Une lectrice française,

Bonsoir. And thanks for visiting. I understood what you're saying so don't worry about your english.
A plus.
Layla Anwar said…
Editor Louhi,

Thanks for visiting and posting and words of support.
My regards to all of you.
Anonymous said…
ndhf eds are the media wing-english section of the syria-backed baath splinter faction c/o allawi......occupation agents posing as supporters of the real iraqi revolution/resistance......and what's worse thinking they're smart at it.......ignore them......
YoUnicorn said…
My Dear Layla

Indeed a risk in ICH !
Just read it...Well it has always been there haha.
I agree with **Drink it**
People just want to see black and white and People are so needy of heroes ... for me you made A LOT of sense. Thank you for giving us a more opened perspective of what is going on... enlightening !!

To anonymous writing such beautiful words AND wishes for Iraq
I echo him/her? !!!!
Was in this one or the other?

Take good care of yourself

Lots of love
Anonymous said…
whats funny about layla, is that she is just like her "enemies"
she looks, talks, walks, thinks like them! her mouth is filthy! her morals are low! her standard is ever changing!

funny how layla uses the same anti-Islamic slur as the crusader/zionists! is that a coincidence?

so far she said, Islam is backwards, makes fun of beards, and people who pray, and says that muslims abuse their women!


by the way, iran now helps palestinians, so do we now start championing the persians?

see how stupid you and your friends' posts are?

we don't support anybody because they help us!

we support the truth.

we can thank people for helping us, but thanks is different than love and support.

tha alawi dogs support us whenever they wish, so should we support them.

is it true that you are a alawi? i have an iraqi friend of mine that told me something similar to the post above. he even says you are known to him.
Anonymous said…
abu jihad, moron.
how do u know what layla looks like u dimwit? have u ever seen her u schmuck? nd there r no alawis in iraq u ignorant sod. alawis r in syria.
sum1 was referring 2 allawi not alawi. wot a fuckin stupid guy u.r
Anonymous said…
anti-stupid, i think you should remove the anti.

you are a real brave man you can use big words, hiding behind a keyboard. big man you are, brave soul, living on the edge.

i wonder if you see my face to face, will you use these words, or will your words turn into pee and wet your pants? just wondering

FYI , the above post DID refer to Syrian baathist!

"the syria-backed baath splinter faction"

you are ignorant and emotionally unstable as is most people on this post.

ofcourse when you have a power vaccuum you expect not only the allawis but also the safawis to try to fill it.

every tom, dick and hairy would want to take credit for the resistance.

i wonder whats happening to the oil with all this resistance going on?

i thank God that i do not stoop to your level of morals, even though believe it or not since posting on this site, i feel that i've been tainted, infected with a disease, i feel dirty, i feel sick...

this is what i was taught not so long ago, that when you associate with scum you bring yourself down to their level, even if you do not resort to their level of filth, its a matter of filth by association

i retire from these posts, for good.

however, even though i do not agree with layla, i do admit she has a talent for writing, and i will continue to read her blog and recommend it with a warning.

if only she can clean her filthy tongue and stop with the Arab bullshit.

another advice for her.

if she can be sober long enough to think straight, she would realize that Islam is coming, and if she thinks some Muslims around her are misbehaving then she should first educate herself about Islam, and if she is correct, she should speak up against anybody distorting the teachings.

Islam is for everybody, we are all brothers in this religion and in this world. but to feel brotherhood, we must first realize and acknowledge that there is only 1 God, and to Him we all will return. we must kill racism and hatred and nationalism that breeds both. we are all brothers

i wish the day would come when i can see layla as a sister in the faith.

i wish once to read her site and not see the f word, she reminds me of tony montana, only she is not yet a political refugee.

you need a guy like me, so you can point your finger and say look there's the bad guy, what does that make you good? no you're not good, you just know how to lie, how to hide! Me, I don't have that problem! I always tell the truth,even when I lie!

so come on say goodbye to the bad guy, its the last time you see a bad guy like me in a place like this.
Layla Anwar said…
Abu Zeft,

Good riddance. Am glad you will not be coming back here.
If you represent Islam then I want nothing to do with it. But thankfully you have NO monopoly over it.
Therefore, I am sure, that we can live without your self righteous, arrogant, hypocritical, judgemental, narrowminded, misogynistic, obsessed, smug, sexist, patronizing, insulting freaks like yourself.

And if you think you will be able to liberate anything with an alienating attitude like yours, then you will be waiting for a long long time.

Other Arabs and muslims do not need your preaching nor your arrogance. We have enough preachers, mad hats and fake beards around.

And as the Arabic proverb says
My father can only beat my mother.
In other words, you have found no one else but an Arab Muslim woman to come and show flex your muscles over.

You have no shame, no dignity and you have understood NOTHING from Islam or the teachings of the prophet.

Yalla you go to hell now.
Angel said…
Hey Layla,

You have a comedian on your blog! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to read comedy here.

"if only she can clean her filthy tongue and stop with the Arab bullshit".

He berates you for swearing, and reciprocates in the same sentence.

Anonymous said…
abu scumbag, i said the ndhf false-flag media front (editor louhi & co.) is pro syria-backed ex-baathist splinter traitors c/o allawi, not our most loyal lovable hostess.

are you illiterate or are you asking for trouble ?
Layla Anwar said…
Angel and Nobody's fool,

I have a feeling this abu jihad is nothing but some zionist in disguise. Everything he's said here have one aim, to push people away from the palestinian cause and to find out who is pro khamas as the jews call it and who is anti-khamas.
Layla Anwar said…
Angel and Nobody's fool,

I have a feeling this abu jihad is nothing but some zionist in disguise. Everything he's said here have one aim, to push people away from the palestinian cause and to find out who is pro khamas as the jews call it and who is anti-khamas.
Anonymous said…
Layla Anwar said...
jr's jr,

I think JR got your message, do you have to repeat it all the time?


mayb u shud have BLOCKED his comments
Anonymous said…
is anybody here who is NOT a zionist in disguise??
Layla Anwar said…
abu sheikh mohammed al thanee II

yes of course, your Eminence. You.

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