Hilariously delirious...

Let us see here. There is Mohammed Atta and now there is Mohammed Ascha...
Atta, Ascha, Gotcha...

They keep getting you with al-Kayda and the Atta's and the Ascha's.
Tell you warfare psychologists to diversify a tad. Innovate Dears, innovate.

Do you ever wonder why they keep calling him, them Mohammed... Atta, Ascha?
I mean why not Mustafa or Ali, or Hassan or Hussein or Abbass ?

I will tell you why. Mohammed is a very symbolic name.
No prophet has been vilified, demonized, satanized, as much as the prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon Him.

This is not new. It started with the Crusades. They called his followers,Mohammedans.
A word that does not exist in Arabic. Mohammedans...Next they will call us Attayans, or Aschayans...

French medieval litterature abounds with base, demonic descriptions of the Prophet.
He has been called all kinds of names. Lecherous, lustful, warmonger, peodophile, anti-Christ...And the portrayal has not stopped in Medieval times. In fact it has continued till this very day.

However your hypocritical politically correct stance does not allow you to proclaim publicly all the above, so what do you do instead? You devise plots and plans in which he and his followers can continue to be vilified...The Danish cartoons are nothing but a continuation, Dears...

So you call them Mohammed. Mohammed Atta, Mohammed Ascha...

I will not dwell on the bad Hollywood movie called 9/11. Very bad production, very bad producer...
All I can tell you is that it is getting repetitive and stale...Innovate Dears, innovate.
As you say in the Anglo Saxon world, get your creative juices flowing...But it is hard. The script is ugly and the players are third rate actors. I do sympathize.

When 9.11 happened, I was watching ZE CNN as Hosny Mubarak calls it.
The commentator and the cameraman showed the rubbles and the pile of dust covering screaming bloody faces. And in the middle of tons of rubbles, what did they find unscathed, untouched, in perfect mint condition? Mohammed Atta's passport.

The commentator flashed it to the camera lenses. I saw it with my own eyes on ZE CNN.
At that point, I was gripped with a hysterical laughter...Mohammed Atta's passport was found in perfect condition. And just by chance they also found some flying manuals in Arabic...I laughed even harder.
I know Arabic speaking pilots who confirmed to me that flying manuals in Arabic do not exist.

Of course at that point, I could not be bothered to ask what happened to the third plane in Pennsylvania...

Now getting back to the Ascha's and Atta's. And link it to the WMD and Iraq. And the Niger papers on Uranium and the reports from the British intelligence that drove one of your English blokes to suicide....

Such a bad movie. Such a bad plot, a bad script...Do fire the producer. Will you?

Americans, Brits, do you still need a bogeyman? After the fall of the wall, I would have thought that you would have matured a tiny bit...seems not...

Bad scripts and bad plots and Iraqis have paid their price with a million deaths in just 4 years.

Kayda, Atta, Ascha...They gotcha.
They got you under mental siege and they got us with their "creative chaos".

Fire the producer and change the script. Unless of course, you thrive on mediocre plots.

Painting : Iraqi artist, Sabeeh Kalash. " The Siege ".


Anonymous said…
is that layla anwar of arab woman blues?? the writing seems a little different
Layla Anwar said…
It's ok JR, am not Shakespeare. Not tonight Josephine.
Anonymous said…
who the hell is mohammed ascha??
Anonymous said…
WOW, Layla....this is brilliant! I wouldn't have thought of this in a million years, but the dots connect....

Jr., Mohammed Ascha (or Asha as it is being printed, I think) is the Jordanian doctor in the U.K. who is supposedly a 'terrorist'.....

Gosh, this blog has given much food for thought. Thanks, Layla.
Anonymous said…
that drove one of your English blokes to suicide


not sure abt suicide....i have it on good authority that he was MURDERED
Anonymous said…
Jr., Mohammed Ascha (or Asha as it is being printed, I think) is the Jordanian doctor in the U.K. who is supposedly a 'terrorist'.....


thanks "little deer"
Anonymous said…
Gosh, this blog has given much food for thought. Thanks, Layla.


yeah its really got my creative juices flowing....thanks layla
Anonymous said…
I think you've got the 'murdered' bit right, Jr.
WizardWatson said…
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Anonymous said…
google..ARBUSTO ENERGY. siw
Nadine said…
Fabulous blog - just surfed over, will bookmark you. Must admit, missed the Atta/Ascha rhyme, but have been avoiding the mainstream media lately so as not to get too depressed by it.

A like-minded Arab/Palestinian/Lebanese/Canadian/ Cayman Islander writer chick
Anonymous said…
The "Siege". I see Iraq being squeezed!This window into time tells by whom.siw
Anonymous said…
Layla, good observation. If I may, I would like to add another Muhammad to the drama. Few years back, a crazed sniper in Washington area, even before the authorities knew who/she was, a zioinst by the name of joseph Farah was saying the sniper has to be a muslim and most likely his name is Muhammad.
The psychopath Henry Kissinger said, the bigest challange the USA will have in the next century is controlling the world population. The psychopath continued with his weekly visits to the white house until recently, supposedly advising the Prez. Then zionist continue to kill and destroy at will with American weapons and money.
Those who are interested in how far back this ploy to destroy Islam and the Arabs. Plaeas type" Confessions of A British Spy and British enmity against Islam" in Google and do a search. Read the memoires of Mr. Humpher.
Anonymous said…

Watch some american television and you'll see we do thrive on mediocre plots! Simplistic narratives you would show in a zoo to keep the animals distracted and pacified(drugged.)
Anonymous said…
The invisible marvin bush dropped said passport!
Anonymous said…
Layla, inspite of my dislike for all organized religion, I respect your prophet. Had I not been me, I'd have liked to be Muhammad.

Unlike the vaguely faggy virgin Jesus, your prophet was a stud-muffin. Hung like Allah, too, I'll bet. Here was a religious leader with a robust enjoyment of carnal delights. He liked 'em young and tight. He liked 'em old and loose. He liked 'em, period. But he didn't like 'em if they had their period, 'coz that's disgusting. While the homo Christ chose to laze around with twelve other males, Muhammad plowed through at least a dozen wives, plus scads of hot, horny slave chicks. He married a six-year-old girl when he was 51. He died at 62 on the lap of a 17-year-old bride. A true pimp daddy, Muhammad was. The Original Gangsta.
Anonymous said…
Yes Layla, you are so right.
The USA government has created a boogy-man, usually named Mohammed or Al Qaida, and they bring either of the two out of the closet and into the media when they feel it is necessary to develop a mind set for the American public.
That mindset is fear.
The fear is used for control.
And so on and so on....

And on your comments about 9/11.
First I would like to just mention that I was SUPPOSED to have been there. Working. I believe it was a true guardian angel that postponed my time to be in New York. I was supposed to be there on 9/9 but my boss called and said stay home until 9/13.
In between was the "attack".
At the least I would have witnessed it and had to have walked out of Manhatten.
Anyway, besides the finding of an unscathed passport, it was noticable to ANY EDUCATED or INTELLIGENT person that shortly before and after the towers fell (all 3, including the one NEVER hit by a plane) a bright orange ooze could be seen coming from the ground levels of all towers. The media told the public that it was melted steel.
Steel, when melted, does not glow orange.
The ooze was thermite. Used after the crash for controlled demolition of the towers.
If not controlled, why did the buildings collapse STRAIGHT DOWNWARD instead of leaning one way or the other then crashing? Also why did the 3rd building collapse when it was never hit by a plane?
Many will CHOOSE to call this a conspiracy theory.
But again I say that ALL evidence is SCIENTIFIC and PROVEN.

The people of USA were lied to and decieved in order to justify war and occupation......and eventually, enslavement and imprisonment.
The best of the worst is yet to come for "we the people"

I would also like to mention DAVE'S post here.
Ron Paul is a TRUE American patriot and is standing against the government and the shadow governments that are destroying USA and many other countries.
Ron Paul is censored and kept in a closet as far as the media is concerned, but he has enough wealth, power, and influence that his voice is too loud to be completely silenced.
I would ask that ALL American readers of this blog PLEASE (if you value your childrens future) research Mr.Ron Paul and help answer his call to exit Iraq, abolish big government and give the freedoms back to the people.

Thank you again Layla.
Your voice here has widened the eyes of MANY people, some good some bad, some important and some not.

Be brave, thank you for your courage.
Stay safe.

Anonymous said…
canadian atheist,
you seem to have quite some sexuality problems. Did your circumcision go awry? Don't worry. You've been more than perfectly mentally circumcised. So you still count as a 200% circumcised - or castrated - zionazi barbarian.
Anonymous said…
Food for thought:

Anonymous said…
Dear Layla.

Finally! I had to create a blog in order to get this damn account thing happening so I could post comments. My only comment at this time is to say, as always, that I deeply love and respect your work, your courage in the face of all the adversity that you and your country face and your razor-edged wit! :-)

God grant you safety and the energy to keep publishing the real truth about what's happening in Iraq.
Anonymous said…
Atta, Ascha, Ashes ..

America is a nightmaring sleep-walker that destroys other peoples' realities on its way as if they were part of its bad dreams ..

The Iraqi Resistance is waking it up, slowly but resolutely driving this unconscious, amoral, aggressive infant civilization out of its enchanted darkness into the light, the light of REASON that shatters the puerile illusion of unlimitedness but also smiles away all the shades and the irrational fears and guarantees an orderly, stable and harmonious existence.

Wait and see that, in the end of the story, Shahriyar the thankless will, once again, admit being INDEBTED to his victim-savior.
Anonymous said…
Canadian Wet Dreamer,

"Had I not been me, I'd have liked to be Muhammad"

Sure, honey.

Me too, had I not been myself, should have liked to be, say, a date palm tree bathed in sunset glow.

But the reality is different, my starry-eyed friend.

In the grim reality, I am a human being and you are a badly circumcised, impotent, frustrated, rancorous, choleric Zionist sad ass from the Land of the Pussies.

Let's be humble and accept our lot in life.
sapperinthewire said…
If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do wenot die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?
Anonymous said…
Layla. God bless. You've just confirmed my thoughts. Sadly I brushed those aside as a product of my paranoid arab-mentality, that I've been made to believe thrives to indulge in victim-hood.
I remember when I read the name "Asha". I remembered "Atta".In my mind I went through an endless list of words of the Arabic/Muslim equivalent of "Asha". I found none.
I was like , is this a "3ain" or is this an "alef".
Man, they do lack creativity.
Anonymous said…
what can i say , layla , you are getting better and better everytime i read you . when i say to myself this is the best i have read from Layla, you come up with something even better . I cant wait when you put all this in a book , i ll be the first one to buy it . Your style is interesting funny and not boring . and the stuff behind it is even better . bravo Layla .
Anonymous said…

I agree with you , He was Murdered , because the fascists did not like to be exposed as warmongers ready to lie for their agenda .
Anonymous said…

Ron Paul is brilliant. when i heard him speak on cnn , i was shocked , i was amazed , i thought oh my god , someone who makes sense, someone who does ask : why do they hate us , they hate us because of our freedom. he talked about the double standards of the US foreign policies and did not mind admitting that their intereference is causing people to hate them and not trust them . he is amazing .

i saw another Youtube video where people were FORBIDDEN for displaying Rob Paul 2008 , at one game
Anonymous said…

Hosny darling, you need not to torment your little asp's tongue in such a cruel way.

Just pretend that your belly is the Nile, as in the choreography, and "they" will be pleased with you.
Anonymous said…

the prophet wife was no 6 years old . many hadiths disagree with that age and put it to 15 or 16 , as aisha married after she participated in the Battle of Badr , only 15years old and older are to be accepted at participating . you are just a racist islmophobe that s all .

Anonymous said…
Canadian Outed,

Blinded with racist and religious hatred and in a "scandalmongering" frenzy as you were, you eventually let slip the TRUTH, not about the Prophet (peace be upon him), but YOURSELF.

You stated:

"I'd have liked to be Muhammad"

And then you elaborated:

"He married a six-year-old girl" (which is historically false)

So ??

"Ego-theist", "Pussy-lander", Zionist sympathizer, impotent .. and PEDOPHILE to boot !!

You ought to go and bury your head in shame.
Anonymous said…
Hala, don't even bother with trash. What IT says cannot alter the Truth. When hearts and souls are filled with darkness and filth, it hurts the owners more because they do not know how to deal with their anger, insecurity and racism, so it spews out, like an overflowing sewer - and it must be treated as such. Rest assured, the chickens will soon come home to roost for those who don't wish to mend their ways and who believe, in their small and inconsequential minds, that they are god.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone hear Bush say

Let Mossad make something happen in this tape , when they talk about Hezbollah and lebanon ?

Anonymous said…
Little Deer,

Trash is to be thrown away.

Overflowing sewers are to be repaired.

Aggressivity is to be expressed through the proper channels.

And incontinent retards who believe they can use Layla's blog as a toilet bowl where to go and evacuate their unjustified hatred and guilty ignorance are to be virtually seized by the scruff of the neck and flung back to school.

Otherwise, we might as well resign ourselves to living like wild beasts in a jungle and that's that.
Anonymous said…
I envy Nadine with ocean views like that!!
sapperinthewire said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
G.Gar said…
Hello Layla, Honestly speaking I never bought any conspiracy theory claims about 9/11. But given the drastic changes middle east have witnessed in the last 6 years- and the fact that many aspects of American strategic descision making are not clear, confusing and open to quite different exolainations -one, simply, can't eliminate such a possibilty.

Ata, Acha and Kayda... lol,well, it makes some sense.

Please check the folowing link:

Anonymous said…
Hi Hala...I agree with you. The only problem is that such people will not pay heed to what's said here. Let's hope that IT expresses the same views in the presence of someone who can then rearrange ITS face...which will be well deserved and very much overdue.
Anonymous said…
Dumb cunt, a real muslim would behead me.

As for being racist, ask the thousands of asian slaves who do your work about it. Read about the arab slave trade of africans. All I did was call a spade a spade.
Anonymous said…
Canadian Recidivist,

Again, a "dumb cunt" is that of your mentally retarded mother who should have been taken mercy upon and cleaned out of the rotten fruit of that fateful one-night-stand with the neighbors' Rottweiler.

Take all of your CIA/Mossad fabricated "reality", ethnocentric revisionism and gravedigger's "spades" and leave the endangered species of Homo Sapiens Sapiens tending to the sacred flame of Reason in peace.
Anonymous said…
canadian crusader atheist your wish will be granted or convert?
Layla Anwar said…
Canadian atheist must be a fake atheist...True atheist have no need to bash God or other people's religion.
Having said that, Canadian reminds me of the American rapists and sodomizers of Abi Ghraib...The language is eeringly similar.
I have no stomach to vomit right now having purged it a few days ago...But I promise Canadian I will soon.
Layla Anwar said…
Amre, hello - Have not seen you for quite some time. I think conspiracy theories are "cool"...And they are the only ones making sense these days.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Arthur,

Thank you for this and all the many, other things too.
Bless you.
Layla Anwar said…
Dear Ike,

Mea culpa. I really do not know who Ron Paul is. Will research him. Do you promise he will make a difference? If so, I suggest to the American readers to start a campaign in his favor...To those who are not asleep that is.
Take care Ike
Layla Anwar said…
some stuff here is very funny...LOL
Layla Anwar said…
Malcolm Lagauche has a new article on the Asian slaves that are building the largest embassy in the world in Baghdad...I think labor rights activists will have fun with this one.
check the link on uruknet.
Actually I urge you readers to read most of Malcolm's articles...just following the links.
Layla Anwar said…
Hi Fatima,

Seems you are doing a wonderful job of providing links and info for many bloggers. Thank you.
I do hope though that you have had a change of heart vis a vis the Kurds to whom you wished a prosperous future in an independent state in Iraq.
Do stay tuned - Will be relaying a few facts soon on that same topic.
Layla Anwar said…
Hala, I did mention once that you are a good writer...do you have a blog by any chance? If not, I urge you to start one.
Anonymous said…
I concur canadian crusader is not a Atheist perhaphs a rejected Hofjuden from his countrys armed forces or mercenarie what ever the case the next time he claps his hands an genie will appear and grant him his wish! or he will convert? ....siw
Angel said…
Hello Layla,

Pure poetry, and beautifully written, as usual.

Found this link from ICH. About 9/11 happening everyday for Iraqi's
Very interesting and to the point, and also has a video.

War is not a pretty sight, foul and sickening. In the ugly mess that is Iraq, this is a beautiful blog. Giving hope to many, uplifting the minds and hearts of the Iraqi people and their supporters.

You are an inspiration to many people, Layla.

It is a shame the language also has to be ugly, on such an inspirational site.

Take care.
Anonymous said…
The United States is a nation of laws: badly writen and randomly enforced. ..siw
Anonymous said…
"True atheist have no need to bash God or other people's religion."

We do against supremacist, intolerant religions like yours.

"I have no stomach to vomit right now having purged it a few days ago...But I promise Canadian I will soon."

I'll help you out. According to the hadiths, your prophet was a fucking machine who screwed all his bitches in a single night.

"I think labor rights activists will have fun with this one."

It's your arab brethren who're misleading them and confisticating passports. This happens to asian slaves in all gulf countries.
A&Eiraqi said…
Dear Layla
Another nice and srong post; everytime they leave hundrends of unanswered questions, and yet, we ought to say they're right , we have to belive them , we must condemen ourselves and we should punish our people as we're already terriorist even when we're peaceful innocents.

Take care
A&Eiraqi said…
: فاروق جويدة

مادام يحكمنا الجنون‏..
سنرى كلاب الصيد تلتهم
الأجنة في البطون
سنرى حقول القمح ألغاماً
وضوء الصبح ناراً في العيون
سنرى الصغار على المشانق
في صلاة الفجر جهراً يصلبون
وحين يحكمنا الجنون
لا زهرة بيضاء تشرق
فوق أشلاء الغصون
لا فرحة في عين طفل
نام في صدر حنون
لا دين‏..‏ لا إيمان‏..‏ لا حق
ولا عرض مصون
وتهون أقدار الشعوب
وكل شيء قد يهون
مادام يحكمنا الجنون
أطفال بغداد الحزينة يسألون
عن أي ذنب يقتلون
يترنحون على شظايا الجوع
يقتسمون خبز الموت‏..‏ ثم يودعون
شبح‏ "الهنود الحمر"‏ يظهر في صقيع بلادنا
ويصيح فينا الطامعون‏...
من كل صوب قادمون
من كل جنس يزحفون
تبدو شوارعنا بلون الدم
والكهان في خمر الندامة غارقون
تبدو قلوب الناس أشباحاً
ويغدو الحلم طيفا عاجزاً
بين المهانة‏..‏ والظنون
هذي كلاب الصيد
فوق رؤوسنا تعوي
ونحن إلى المهالك مسرعون‏..
أطفال بغداد الحزينة
في الشوارع يصرخون
جيش التتار
يدق أبواب المدينة كالوباء
ويزحف الطاعون
أحفاد "هولاكو"
على جثث الصغار يزمجرون
جثث الهنود الحمر تطفو
فوق أعمدة الكنائس والثرى يغلي
صراخ الناس يقتحم السكون
أنهار دم فوق أجنحة الطيور الجارحات
مخالب سوداء تنفذ في العيون
مازال دجلة يذكر الأيام‏..
والماضي البعيد يطل من خلف القرون
عبر الغزاة هنا كثيرا‏ً..‏ ثم راحوا
أين راح العابرون؟‏!
هذي مدينتنا‏..‏ وكم باغ أتى
ذهب الجميع ونحن فيها صامدون
سيموت "هولاكو"
ويعود أطفال العراق
أمام دجلة يرقصون
لسنا الهنود الحمر
حتى تنصبوا فينا المشانق
في كل شبر من ثرى بغداد
نهر‏..‏ أو نخيل‏..‏ أو حدائق
وإذا أردتم سوف نجعلها بنادق
سنحارب الطاغوت فوق الأرض
بين الماء‏..‏ في صمت الخنادق
إنا كرهنا الموت لكن
في سبيل الله نشعلها حرائق
ستظل في كل العصور وإن كرهتم
أمة الإسلام من خير الخلائق
أطفال بغداد الحزينة
يرفعون الآن رايات الغضب
بغداد في أيدي الجبابرة الكبار
تضيع منا‏..‏ تغتصب
أين العروبة‏..‏ والسيوف البيض
والخيل الضواري‏.. ‏والمآثر‏.. ‏والنسب؟
أين الشعوب وأين كهان العرب؟!
في معبد الطغيان يبتهل الجميع
ولا ترى غير العجب‏..
البعض منهم قد شجب
والبعض في خزي هرب
وهناك من خلع الثياب
لكل جواد وهب‏..
في ساحة الشيطان
نقرأ ‏"سورة‏" الدولار!
يسعى الناس أفواجاً
إلى مسرى الغنائم والذهب
والناس تسأل عن بقايا أمة تدعى"‏العرب"!‏
كانت تعيش من المحيط إلى الخليج
ولم يعد
في الكون شيء من مآثر أهلها
ولكل مأساة سبب
باعوا الخيول‏..
وقايضوا الفرسان في سوق الخطب
فليسقط التاريخ‏..‏ ولتحيا الخطب
أطفال بغداد الحزينة يصرخون
يأتي إلينا الموت في لبن الصغار
يأتي إلينا الموت في اللعب الصغيرة
في الحدائق‏..‏ في الأغاني
في المطاعم‏..‏ في الغبار
تتساقط الجدران فوق مواكب التاريخ
لا يبقى لنا منها‏..‏ جدار
عار على زمن الحضارة أي عار
من خلف آلاف الحدود
يطل صاروخ لقيط الوجه‏..
لم يعرف له أبداً مدار
ويصيح فينا‏:
أين أسلحة الدمار؟‏!
هل بعد موت الضحكة العذراء فينا
سوف يأتينا النهار؟
الطائرات تسد عين الشمس
والأحلام في دمنا انتحار
فبأي حق تهدمون بيوتنا
وبأي قانون
تدمر ألف مئذنة‏..‏ وتنفث سيل نار
تمضي بنا الأيام في بغداد
من جوع‏..‏ إلى جوع
ومن ظمأ‏..‏ إلى ظمأ
ووجه الكون جوع‏..‏ أو حصار
يا سيد البيت الكبير
في وجهك الكذاب
تخفي ألف وجه مستعار
نحن البداية في الرواية‏..
ثم يرتفع الستار
هذي المهازل لن تكون نهاية المشوار
هل صار تجويع الشعوب
وسام عز وافتخار؟‏!
هل صار قتل الناس في الصلوات
ملهاة الكبار؟‏!
هل صار قتل الأبرياء
شعار مجد‏ وانتصار؟!
أم أن حق الناس في أيامكم
نهب‏..‏ وذل‏..‏ وانكسار
الموت يسكن كل شيء حولنا
ويطارد الأطفال من دار‏.. ‏لدار
مازلت تسأل‏:
أين أسلحة الدمار؟!
أطفال بغداد الحزينة
في المدارس يلعبون
كرة هنا‏..‏ كرة هناك
طفل هنا‏..‏ طفل هناك
قلم هنا‏..‏ قلم هناك
لغم هنا‏...‏ موت‏..‏ هلاك
بين الشظايا
زهرة الصبار تبكي
والصغار على الملاعب يسقطون
بالأمس كانوا
كالحمائم في الفضاء يحلقون
في الكوفة الغراء
عطر من عبير المصطفى
فجر أضاء الكون يوماً
لا استكان ولا غفا
يا آل بيت محمد‏..
كم حن قلبي للحسين‏.. ‏وكم هفا
غابت شموس الحق والعدل اختفى
مهما وفى الشرفاء في أيامنا
زمن‏"‏النذالة‏" ما وفى..‏
مهما صفا العقلاء في أوطاننا
بئر الخيانة ما صفا..
بغداد يا بلد الرشيد
يا قلعة التاريخ والزمن المجيد
بين ارتحال الليل
والصبح المجنح لحظتان
موت‏..‏ وعيد
ما بين أشلاء الشهيد
يهتز عرش الكون في صوت الوليد
ما بين ليل قد رحل
ينساب صبح بالأمل
لا تجزعي بلد الرشيد
لكل طاغية‏..‏ أجل
طفل صغير‏..
ذاب عشقاً في العراق
كراسة بيضاء يحضنها
وبعض الفل‏..‏ بعض الشعر والأوراق
حصالة فيها قروش
من بقايا العيد‏..‏ دمع جامد
يخفيه في الأحداق
عن صورة الأب الذي
قد غاب يوما‏ً..‏ لم يعد
وانساب مثل الضوء في الأعماق
يتعانق الطفل الصغير مع التراب
يطول بينهما العناق
خيط من الدم الغزير
يسيل من فمه
يذوب الصوت في دمه المراق
تخبو الملامح‏..‏ كل شيء في الوجود
يصيح في ألم‏:‏ فراق
والطفل يهمس في أسى‏:
أشتاق يا بغداد تمرك في فمي
من قال إن النفط أغلى من دمي؟‏!
بغداد لا تتألمي
مهما تعالت صيحة البهتان
في الزمن العمي
فهناك في الأفق البعيد صهيل فجر قادم
في الأفق يبدو سرب أحلام
يعانق أنجمي
مهما تواري الحلم عن عينيك
قومي‏..‏ واحلمي
ولتنثري في ماء دجلة أعظمي
فالصبح سوف يطل يوماً
في مواكب مأتمي
الله أكبر من جنون الموت
والزمن البغيض الظالم
بغداد لا تستسلمي
بغداد لا تستسلمي
من قال إن النفط أغلي من دمي؟!
Anonymous said…
Salam beautiful Layla :-)

Really you like my style ? How "roguish" of you ! Don't you know that chick writers like me are to be branded as "Ba'athist whores" and their writings dismissed as "flowery", "pompous", "empty" Propaganda ? I urge you to comply with the regulations or you will risk being banned from the blogosphere one of these days !

Thank you from the heart for your appreciation :-)

I promise to think seriously of setting up a blog of my own - after sorting out a few matters pending in my life ..

God keep you.
Anonymous said…
"your prophet was a fucking machine who screwed all his bitches in a single night"

How green with ENVY can your ugly face get, Canadian ?

How dark with HATRED can your heart ?

Why can't you just do like Malcom Lagauche or so many others who chose to be atheist and yet respect and appreciate other people's beliefs, values and traditions and, which is still more important, stand up for their RIGHTS ?

Why do you want to disappear into the "nothing" that death is to you without even leaving anything good of yours that can be of HELP to those who will live after you ?

Or are you really so fucking self-centred as to believe, like good old Louis XV, that "après toi" there will be "le déluge" ?

Just curious ..
Anonymous said…

Why on earth would you be so keen on Canadian's "conversion" ?

History teaches us that vipers like him would only come into the Ummah's bosom to bite it off-guard.

We'd better let them stay to die where they belong - a bottomless pit of illusory almightiness and real loneliness.

My best regards.
Anonymous said…
Forgiveness ???? for mass-murder, fogiveness for mass-destruction,mass-rape,mass-robbery forgiveness for global - enviromental- destruction - calamitous disaster
how do you dare - asking forgiveness go and fuck your ugly ass - you will burn in hell - you rodent I will watch your bones become extinct - God I have to go and puke .....
Angel said…
fifi abdo, the famous bellydncer?
Marty said…
Re CNN Passport
I dont understand your point about seeing Atta's passport. Are you thinking that he was NOT on the plane? I assumed that the airline knows who was and who was not on the airplane. There was no need to find wallets, or passports, on the ground.
Anonymous said…
from what you're stating here one can only conclude that your IQ is way down below the room temperature ...

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