Something about "Liberation"...

This "liberation" has done us in.
There is not one person I know who has not been affected and whose life has not been altered, read - forever changed by so much "liberation".

You don't even have to be an Iraqi. This "liberation" has served as a perfect mirror reflecting the moral bankruptcy of some and the resilience of others...

Those who are faithful to Iraq - the concept of it - (now we are talking about concepts since the Reality of what was Iraq is something of the past!), those who are close to Iraq in spirit and mind lose sleep too...

I have received tons of mails from all over the world. Africa, India, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.

Those who are close to Iraq in spirit feel alienated from their peers. They suddenly feel out of place, they suddenly no longer feel as if they belong to what was deemed a "familiar" environment. This "liberation" has affected them too...
Seems they, too, are as unable to handle so much "freedom"...
But they are a minority. I like to call them the "feeling" minority. These people and all honors to them have not lost the capacity to feel...Praise them for they have become a rare breed.

Some write to me expressing their own pain, some write to me telling me how they feel strangers in their own land and some write to me thanking me for "freeing" them with my them that inner space and permission to express the repressed taboos of the "politically correct", to formulate their own anger vis a vis the lies and the deceptions...
And they write to me expressing their disgust.

Something about this Iraqi "liberation" is viscerally disgusting...

Something about it, something out of this world... Something unseen before, something unfathomable...

As if all the dirt and the scum of the Earth has risen to the surface like the sewage of the streets of Baghdad...

As if this Earth has not stopped vomiting all of its foul bitter acid bile ...covering the whole land of Ur with it.

Never, at least not to my knowledge, has a "liberation" produced so much human filth...
Never has a "liberation" managed to generate so many death mercenaries and contractors being paid up to 5'000 dollars a day with the sole aim of exterminating...and "pacifying".
Never has a country been so openly plundered and pillaged right in front of everyone's eyes and to the utter silence of its spectators...
Never have so many atrocities of an unspeakable kind, not even seen in the worst horror films go by under an aura of such great detached indifference...

When I mention that cadavers are deliberately left lying in the streets until they are bloated by death or chewed at by wild dogs, I am not believed...I am called extraordinary with extraordinary claims.
I am told, surely the civilized world will not allow that!?. I am then asked to prove it.
Like do you want me to send you a corpse by DHL or should I ask one of the mercenaries of Blackwater Inc. to carry one in his suitcase, courtesy of the Crusaders?

When I write to "friends" that some children are seen playing football with the skull of a dead man, something that has been confirmed by the Arab League Ambassador to Baghdad, I am told that I need psychiatric help...Surely no "liberation" will drive children to play ball with heads ?!

When I am told, that some members of a sectarian militias like the Badr Brigades or Mahdi Army of Iran presented a sunni woman with her baby boy roasted and on platter delivered in front of her doorsteps...I say to myself surely this "liberation" cannot give birth to so much cannibalism...and that maybe I do need psychiatric care after all.

When am told that an elderly woman waiting for her son in some street in Baghdad is presented with a plastic bag with her son in it in pieces...I feel I am watching a third rate horror show...and maybe I am having audible hallucinations.

But this is the reality of the Iraqi "liberation".
All these base, bestial, sadistic, psychopathic impulses have been unleashed and encouraged to flourish...

Iraq , the mirror of the West's "suppressed" bestiality? I leave you to ponder on this one.

But whatever you come up with, you must admit, there has never been a "liberation" like this one...ever.

Painting: Iraqi artist, Khaled Thamer.


Anonymous said…
first in again
Anonymous said…
plz can u publish a few of these emails so i can get a better idea of wot theyre saying
Anonymous said…
"When I write to "friends" that some children are seen playing football with the skull of a dead man, something that has been confirmed by the Arab League Ambassador to Baghdad, I am told that I need psychiatric help"


wot kind of friends r those?!!!
Anonymous said…
"some members of a sectarian militias like the Badr Brigades or Mahdi Army of Iran presented a sunni woman with her baby boy roasted and on platter delivered in front of her doorsteps"

these pple have a sick sense of humour......i only hope they dont leave a desert to go with it...
Anonymous said…
"When am told that an elderly woman waiting for her son in some street in Baghdad is presented with a plastic bag with her son in it in pieces"


thats horrible
Anonymous said…
"Iraq , the mirror of the West's "suppressed" bestiality? I leave you to ponder on this one."

hmmmm......its one to think long n hard abt
Anonymous said…
But whatever you come up with, you must admit, there has never been a "liberation" like this one...ever.


cant really say....sorry
Anonymous said…
Salam sister,

Actually, the satanic behaviour you speak of is not new. During the crusades, the “noble” warriors of the West rampaged through the Middle East raping, killing, and pillaging in ways that are very similar to what their grandchildren are doing today in Iraq…They murdered infants by smacking them against walls, they burned and murdered women after raping them (pretty much like what their grandchildren did to Abeer), they gutted open the bellies of men and women searching for gold that the heathen Saracens (our ancestors) may have swallowed to hide from the invaders.

Also, just to show that these “noble” warriors are not racist towards a particular race or people, when they invaded America in the late 1400’s, they proceeded to murder its native inhabitants wiping out millions in the process through warfare and disease. The concept of “scalping” (i.e. removing the human scalp with the hair attached as a trophy) was first introduced by the West into the Americas (the invaders were also known to use the testicle sack of murdered boys and young men as tobacco pouches).

So, in essence, what we are seeing in Iraq is nothing new…It is merely the true colours of a godless people who have used murder and torture ever since they crawled out of their caves in Europe.

Anonymous said…
If 'they' took the time and trouble to find out, they would find the answers... that what is happening in Iraq is the true Holocaust, the real meaning of the word 'Holocaust' which we see before our very eyes, not what is written in books which our eyes and hearts cannot corroborate. The laws of Nature determine 'what goes round comes around' and the mercenaries and soldiers will return to their lands - to continue their 'prized' work among their own. This will come to pass. In the end, 'they' have signed away their own destruction. May this come to pass during our life time.
Anonymous said…
They might as well send engraved invitations:

"Dear terrorist,

"You are cordially invited to Baghdad on March 1, 2008, for a farewell party for U.S. armed forces. By that date the last U.S. service member will be withdrawn from Iraq, and you are invited to celebrate as you see fit. There will be plenty of unsecured weapons to hoard, unguarded borders to cross and defenseless infidels to slaughter."



"The Democratic Congress"

"* Bring Your Own Bombs"
Anonymous said…
An Iraqi artist paints a mural on concrete blocks in central Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, April 28, 2007. Concrete walls are used as blast protection and as separation barriers. (AP Photo/Mahmoud al-Badri)
Unknown said…
thank you for your writings it effects me, has meaning for us far away ,who didn't knew so much about the Iraq war/middle east situation other than the official news,
through you Irak has come out of its obscure place...

(pm. you are a gifted writer/talent and you know it for sure!)

thank you
Angel said…
I am feeling your pain and crying enough tears for both of us.

You don't need a psychiatrist, you need to be rid of the trash that caused this in the first place.

If that happened, Iraq may have a chance.

How I hate those stars and stripes.
G.Gar said…

you make me feel proud for being an Arab.
Layla Anwar said…
Salam Layth,

Correct again. I read Amin Maalouf History of the Crusades some years back and this is exactly what was reported...You said it.

Concerning Blackwater Inc - the info I gave is correct. Not only that, the "director" of Blackwater inc is a born again christian...
Most of his mercenaries come from South Africa, Australia, and of course USA and they happen to be born again . Jesus is free from these people... One can never stress that enough.
Not only that, wait it gets better...They form something called the "forsan Malta" - translated as The "Cavaliers of Malta" ? with a so called state in Rhodes and Malta. The only country that has accepted to recognize this so called Country of Crusaders is Egypt. The other catholic countries of the world have refused to recognize them...
Go figure!
Layla Anwar said…
tette, angel and Amre, thank you for your words of solidarity and support.
Anonymous said…
Yes, we have sunk to a new low. But why anyone is surprised is beyond me.
It's not going to end with Iraq. It will continue somewhere else and you and many on this blog will say they didn't know about it.
This is the pattern that irritates me to no end. The violence around the world that no one cares about, until it's on their doorstep. Then everyone is supposed to stop and take notice. We destroy each other and people decide it's only 'them over there'. We trivialize it all away to remove ourselves from any responsibility. My favorite is when someone says 'I didn't know it was that bad', oh please.
I'm at the point where I don't care anymore. The well has run dry and laughter is all I have left.
When the rest of you get to that point let me know, maybe we can share a laugh or two.

PS. Maybe you should use the term deliberate instead of liberated. I do believe the destruction of Iraq was a deliberate plan long before there was any attempt to liberate it.

Anonymous said…
Born Again? What a delusion. These sheep are living in an
alternate reality. They are
NOT BORN AGAIN, they are brainwashed which is basically
what all religions are-brainwashing
similar to the military in all these countries. You do as we say and do not question. It is a tragedy what the US has done to the
country of Iraq. May you be blessed in your future for the US will be damned.
Anonymous said…
wot abt my kind words of support layla.....don't i deserve a little thank u??
Anonymous said…
One of the things the "liberation" has done is cause two million Iraqis to have to flee their own country, while the foreign invaders continue to make themselves at home.

Now Riverbend will be among the refugees:
Angel said…
No, thankyou Layla, for giving up hope.
Layla Anwar said…

seems you find violence and brutality funny...would you fancy cracking up a few jokes about the Shoa perhaps or is that kind of violence not kosher for you ?
Layla Anwar said…

Giving UP hope ? Yes possibly...:-)
Layla Anwar said…

I have not read one word of support from you- you are good at making a fool out of yourself though and if you want me to thank you for that ' got no problem with it...
Anonymous said…
No, Hope is the last thing to be given up. It is the only thing that gives one the strength to face another tomorrow, however bleak. And when one gives up hope, it means whatever it was, was not worth hoping for..... And Iraq is worth every bit of hope we are capable of feeling, and more. Those who are giving up their lives and blood to save Iraq (the heroic Resistance) deserve all the support they can get, and this only comes through hope each one of us feels at whatever level. The barbarians will be defeated, Layla, only because they want to 'win'. The Resistance wants its land back, its sovereignty back, its freedom back and its security back. And they will get it. Whatever is morally reprehensible is lost at the first step and Bush's adventure was lost the day his troops set foot in Iraq. It's only terribly sad that so many innocent Iraqis have paid, and are paying, the highest price - with their lives.

What kind of thanks do you expect from Layla, Jr.? With all your ridiculous comments, I wonder what it is that brings you to this site????!!! Really, you are a pest...but, I must admit, rather grudgingly, that you do manage to bring the occasional smile..... so I thank you for that, silly person!!!!
Anonymous said…
wot u talking abt layla.......ive been offering kind words of support since day 1 and a polite thank u is well overdue
Anonymous said…
All I can say is i'm sorry.

I know it is a pathetic set of overly spoken words, but it is all I can do.
I wake up at night with images in my mind about the holocaust. The deliberate murder of Iraqi people.
It sickens and shames me that USA is the one to blame for it all, but in my heart of hearts I KNOW that is is only a matter of time before our so called government turns on us.
We may never see the blood letting like in Iraq but the future here is dim, given that the powers that be are focused on a global agenda of dominance and control.

Sooner or later, we the people, will be facing the end of their guns.

Continue your works Layla, and god(where ever he may be)bless you.

Hold tight to who you are, and survive.
That is all thats left....
Robin said…
Marhaba Layla,
Where do I begin? Because I am ANGRY and sometimes that makes me quiet, but currently I am readdy to shout. Why? Because between reading you every day and this
(Which I don't think completely posted-but is a letter from a wife who lost her husband who is railing against anybody and everybody except for herself and her husband-he served several tours, she served one- as marines-she calls him a "hero")I am BEYOND my limit. Why is it that even the so-called anti-war movement in this country, the gamut of them, do NOT condemn our soldiers serving our fascist regime? How is it that you can be against the war and yet still try to project blame onto anybody and everybody except for the soldiers serving? Why is it that people in my country cannot see that our soldiers are committing war crimes against your people? Why is it that people here can just meander through their days and at most "regret" Iraqi deaths. Why is it that they STILL do not have the guts to say it like it is, there wouldn't BE any war on your country if people said HELL NO I WON"T GO AND KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE? Why is it that people here say "Muslims don't condemn terror or they don't condemn it enoough" when they DO and repeatedly say so but there is so LITTLE outcry here over Iraqi deaths and when there IS, there is no outcry over those perpetrating it? Muslims are supposed to decry terror, but NO ONE here will condemn those doing the killing of your people even if they ARE anti-war. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If it were a murder of an American they sure as hell would condemn the killer. Almost one million deaths did NOT just happen because George Bush and company decided to wage an illegal and IMMORAL war, those happened because SOLDIERS AND THE OCCUPATION DID IT. I have been following and involved in a small way, but Layla, this is what I have observed, the LAST reason given by those (not 100% but FAR too many)against this war is the death of Iraqis. Their cute slogans, "No child left behind, war leaves American children behind" make me want to PUKE!! Their reasons, a drain on our economy, the rising deficit, the recruitment of so many underprivilaged youth, it is STILL about America. HELLO you people out there, this is NOT about America, this is about Iraq and all the people we have killed!!! America is the one in need of liberation, liberation from a hubris SO evil it is completely unbelievable.
Anonymous said…
I just got this article from the featured articles on

Layla Anwar hits the big time! Well deserved congratulations.
RJ said…
It is horribly refreshing to hear the raw truth of the results of this war of agression, which cannot be found in my USA's informational penal colony.

Keep writing Layla.
Richard Parker said…
Layla, thankyou. I'm a hard-nosed old bugger, and it's not often that I feel my eyes prick with tears, but your anger and graphic description of what's happening to your country did it for me.
I feel like 'a good German'.


PS One of my ancestors was Richard kalb el assad (Richard the LionHeart) one of the original crusaders, and, until I grew up, I was proud of him.
Anonymous said…
What can you expect from the followers of "Slull & Bones" society who have been the Bushes- from Prescott Bush who financed Hitler through the Holocaust. Of George Sr who arranged to bump off JFK. George Sr. also armed both Iran & Iraq during the war through other countries. Both Iran & Iraq were under huge debt after the war. Saddam's Iraq owed Kuwait alone $14Billion. And in the end the border for which they fought is kept as it is. Regan even pardons Saddam for using chemical weapons during the war. Today the US has a presence in major Oil countries except Iran. & in Afghansthan - growing Opium Poppy, training, financing (through Pakistan) the Al-Qaeada.
Today on 1st May 2007 Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned that persistent violence in Iraq could spill over into neighboring countries, including those that are "supposed to support the Iraqi government." meaning it could spill to Saudi, Kuwait, Jordan & Syria? How come it didnot spill till now? Is he aware of something we dont know about? After all he is put there becasue of his connection with the CIA.
Bush has his eyes on Saudi Oil & Qatar Gas. If the Fat guy in Venuzela (chavez) was not making so much noise & Russia had accepted the Missile stations , he would have invaded Iran.
Our only chance is to remain UNITED.And be ENLIGHTENED about his plans & tell others.
You will not crib & complain about a fellow Arab.
You have to support Iran.
You have to support N.Korea.
There is much information about Bush & his plans for world dominion in documentries films like: Illuminati, Martial Law 9-11, the rise of Police State. 9-11 a lie, etc.
Anonymous said…
The Bushs are Satan worshipers as a family. Not only them a lot of todays prominent Bankers, Businessmen, Celiberities, Publishers etc are satan worshipers. eg. Maddona, Tom Cruise etc.
Angel said…
Stuffed up. Should have been 'us'.

There is an article on an Australian blog about Riverbend leaving Iraq.

Word travels fast doesn't it?
Da Weaz said…
Thank you for your words. I will place a link to you on my blog, a blog on which a few hundred people stop by every day. Some of us are with you, your endeavors and aspirations in spirit. May you continue to thrive.
Great Work Layla, I had to post it to my blog at

Riyadh. KSA
Anonymous said…
Layla, Did you put on a dunce cap this morning? I’ve not known you to have spells of stupidity, but that’s exactly what you are doing when you claim that I find humor in violence. It’s a fact that I, nor you, can or will have any affect on the violence in the world unless we can mobilize thousands of people to do something. I know…I know... you don’t care about the world, you only care about Iraq. So lose all the sleep you want, it won’t change a thing. You see, I live in a world of reality, not in a world that is based on optimism and false hopes. When you or someone else decides to actually do something about the violence in the world, let me know. I’d be willing to join the cause. Right now, we have a plethora of people who sing a great song, but can’t do the tango.

Having said that, I won’t lose sleep on something I have absolutely NO control over

Anonymous said…
The only "liberation" the Amerikan occupation of Iraq will bring is to liberate Iraq from its oil wealth;
liberate Iraq from its proud past by destroying its history and liberating the Iraqi people from the burden of living.

This is the true "liberation" brought to your country by a nation of fat, indolent and apathetic morons who are led by two homicidal maniacs, Bush and Cheney.

Our hands are awash in two colors: One color is red, the color of all the blood we have shed in Iraq and the other color is black. This shows the true color of our souls and the color of the oil which we are stealing from Iraq.
Anonymous said…
jr. always likes to be first, but what he doesn't realize is that the first shall be last, and the last first.

This reflects the future of our two countries, the U.S. and Iraq, in a nutshell. And it is the attitude of people like jr who are bringing it about.
Anonymous said…

My dear sister I just wanted to stop by and say hello and let you know I am still around I have been busy working and with little time I've had left have been reconnecting with nature and our Great Spirit.

Your writing as always touches me and gives me much to think about. You are in my thoughts and my heart, and you don't have to thank me because I don't beg for nothing I earn what I work for. LOL!!!
Love you my sister.

Anonymous said…
Forty eight blood soaked months later, what exactly has been accomplished?

* Possibly as many as one million Iraqi dead, four million fled or displaced internally. The largest exodus since the establisment of the State of Israel in 1948.

* The erasing of the history, monuments, archeological sites of the Cradle of Civilisation.

* The kidnapping and lynching of the President and members of the legitimate government.

* The slaughter of the President's sons and grandson.

* One hundred journalists and thirty seven support workers killed. A figure in order of magnitude higher than any war zone on earth (shoot the messengers of this illegal disaster?) It seemed to be policy from day one, literally.

* Over three hundred academics assassinated and thousands fled. The education of the next generation snatched from Iraq's youth, in the country that brought near every academic subject to the world.

* Overflowing morgues.

* Sectarian gangs roaming hospitals and pulling patients from beds and taking them to their death.

* Over two thousand physicians killed, two hundred and fifty kidnapped and eighteen thousand fled.

* Palestinians who have lived in Iraq for generations, killed, threatened and fleeing again to a no man's land unsafe in Iraq, unable to cross borders.

* Sectarian strife, militias, introduced with the invasion, between peoples who had lived together for a thousand years.

* Ongoing suicide bombings in a country where they were unheard of.

* Rigged elections, the results achieved by threats, including death, bribery, threat of ration card confiscation.

* Abu Ghraib's torture, death, sodomy, naked prisoners, electrodes. For ever 'liberation's' - and the US Army's - image.

* The uncounted numerous other secret prisons across Iraq.

* Falluja, Samarra, Tel Afar, Ramadi, Al Quaim, Mahmoudia, Iskanderiya, Baquba, Haditha, Najav, Kerbala, Basra and the slaughters too many to mention, across Iraq.

* The US troops rape of a child and the burning of her family.

* Kicking down doors at 3 a.m., to humiliate, terrify - and steal family jewellery, money, valuables.

* The disappeared in their thousands.

* The destruction of an entire civil society with every institution and all records of its citizens.

* Attempted theft of Iraq's oil. (Not going too well, with the pipelines being blown up - historically, that happens when theft of it looms.)

* Destruction of schools and hospitals and the inability (or lack of will) to rebuild and restock.

* The missing Iraqi and aid $billions in the grand theft auto that is the USA invasion.

* The illegal rewriting of the constituion.

* The installation of a quisling government with loyalties largely, to anywhere but Iraq.

* The death squads under America's watch and for which she is - as an occupying army - responsible.

* The ghetto walls, razor wire, curfews, road blocks in Mansur's 'Round City' on the Tigris, Baghdad - and across the country.

* The soldiers that sell unthinkable photographs of the dead, maimed, tortured to porn sites in exchange for drooling over the depraved.

* Taking a secular state and attempting to turn it into a fundamentalist theocrocy.

* Committing Nuremberg's 'supreme crime', a war of aggression, based on a pack of lies.

* Demands for impeachment increasing by the day.

* The destruction of America and Britain's image for generations to come - and the inability of their citizens to feel safe anywhere, also for generations.

* A death toll heading towards four thousand dead US troops (admitted to) and thousands horrifically injured.

* A trillion$ plus debt and predictions of the collapse of the dollar.

* Madrid, London, Bali, Sharm El Sheikh .... [Who is behind these terror attacks?]

* Near universal loathing.

* The words 'freedom', 'democrocy' and 'liberation', consigned to shame and history's trash can.

* For ever being associated with hoods, shackles and inhumanity and illegality.

Some accomplishment....
Layla Anwar said…
da weaz and new mexico prince...
Hi and nice meeting you here.
Layla Anwar said…
marhaba and ahlain..
I love your anger...and its good and well placed. Keep it up.
Layla Anwar said…
Savage and Ike,

Good to see you both here . Been quite some time. Thank you as usual.
Stay safe and well.
Layla Anwar said…

Hello to you and am glad you grew up!
Layla Anwar said…

your zionist ways are outdated by the way.
Everytime I write about Iraq and Palestine you do two things.
1- you try to dilute the issue by drawing attention to East Timor, Africa and la la land.
2- the second thing that transpires is your obvious hatred for arabs and iraqis and palestinians...they kind of make you allergic.
Now your stupid ways need to be rehearsed in a more intelligent fashion.
Layla Anwar said…

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for the following :
- for your hacking attempts
- for trying to send me viruses
-for sending me private mails insulting me with words like arab bitch, old hag...etc
- and for occasionally making me smile.

As a matter of fact come to think of it, you owe ME a big thank you for having tolerated you thus far.
G.Gar said…
@Jr there is someone for everyone:)

dont let a failed reltion, no matter how cruel it was, make you hostile against all women.

I'm sure someday a woman will discover your beauty within.

one last tip do some weight lifting. It works on the beach
Anonymous said…
layla where r u getting all this viruses and hacking nonsense from......
Anonymous said…
and i never called u an arab bitch!!! a bitch maybe.....but not an arab one
Anonymous said…
i hope u didnt take those emails to heart...........i was only sending them cos u were blocking my posts!!
Anonymous said…
thanks layla
Anonymous said…
amre el-moron we already have enuf smart mouthed pricks on this msg board.......we dont need another thank u very much
Anonymous said…
lyala r u goin to hold a grudge against me forever just cos i called u a big fat hag?????
Anonymous said…
oh my...
Layla, you are such a little brat..

Anonymous said…
One Day You’re Gonna Wake Up, America.

By David Michael Green
Anonymous said…
no one is reading this thread anymore u moron.....plz post on the latest thread

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